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Author: Reallybigpineapple
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: BtVS belongs to the Evil Angst Monster that took possession of the person formerly known as Joss Whedon, making him our own Mutant Enemy, somewhere during the hiatus between season five and season six.

Tara woke up very early, before Willow. The morning sun was seeping in through the window, filling their love nest with heat and bright yellow light. They had obviously been too busy to draw the curtains the previous night. Their bodies were hot both from the sunlight and sleeping on top of each other. Tara's right shoulder was fast asleep, sending painful pins and needles through her as she very carefully moved her fingers to get the blood flowing. She didn't want Willow to wake up.

She felt a sting of overwhelming emotion as she looked at the tiny shadows on her cheeks cast by the eyelashes. The gentle waft of Willow's breath caressed her shoulder. The fairy queen had cast her covers off in the hot sun and lay next to Tara in her naked delicate glory. The mezzo tried not to make a sound breathing and trying to bring her aching arm back to life. She relished this opportunity to just stare at the woman she loved. She smiled as her eyes drank in every detail.

I can't believe that this really happened...

She thought in amazement as she drew their combined scents into her nostrils. She felt the slightly sticky residues of their mutual arousal on their thighs, one of Willow's legs resting between her own. To her, it was the most romantic feeling ever.

But she also felt fear. If Willow woke up in the sickly pallor of regret, she just wouldn't know how to go on...

The soprano inched very slightly closer and mumbled something inaudible in her sleep. She grew increasingly restless, flexing her feet and shifting her leg between Tara's. The mezzo couldn't resist the temptation of moving her hands soothingly over the enticing white limbs next to her.


Willow murmured and unconsciously tried to shift her body away from the light that bathed the room. Gradually, her eyelids started moving more and more decisively. A contented purring in the back of her throat signalled that she was on her way to wake up. When she finally opened her eyes, she couldn't make a sound for several seconds, dumb struck by the sapphire lakes in front of her and the memories of the previous night flooding back.

Tara held her breath with a wildly beating heart, waiting for her reaction...

Willow felt her mind and body fill up to the brim with happiness. Tara was here. With her. Being hers... She couldn't hold back a huge smile from spreading on her face.

Tara's breath caught in her chest at sight of the radiance of Willow's smile. No doubt could be seen on her features. Tara felt a sigh of relief escape her lips.

"G-good morning..." she mumbled, feeling suddenly shy, cursing her returning stutter.

"Good morning..." Willow answered in a different tone of voice, over flowing with sensuality. She turned Tara's head back to face her, falling helplessly into the blue eyes.

Willow's smile, so full of satisfaction and happiness made Tara forget to be shy. It made her forget who and where she was. Nothing but the look in the soprano's eyes and the thought of kissing her lips remained. Willow desperately tried to convince her mouth to produce more saliva to get rid of potential morning breath. At first their kissing was slow, tentative and sleepy, but the small amount of sleep they had was obviously enough to recharge their mutual desire. Breaths became heavy as the kissing increased in intensity and passion. They moved closer together, craving more skin. Laboured breathing filled up the room as the sun rose higher in the early morning sky. Soon, they were soaked with sweat and the heat was becoming unbearable.

"I think we need a cold shower, quite literally..." Willow broke the kiss to smooth away hair from her sweaty brow.

"Come on!" She tugged at Tara's hand to make her rise from the bed. Tara made a disappointed little noise when the embrace ended, but she was as hot as Willow and saw the sense in the idea. Naked, they tip-toed across the hall into the bathroom.

Tara felt almost reluctant to wash of the scent of their first joining. It didn't last for long, however, as all thoughts but the present left her head at her first chance to really look at the naked Willow in daylight. The bathroom was brilliantly lit by a skylight. The light of the sun made the bright white of the soprano's body contrast dramatically against her flaming hair. The mezzo ran her hands over her shoulders, feeling the hunger take over her body again. But first she wanted to touch, and feel, everything, again and again...

She felt an incredible high rush through her veins as they looked at each other. She was drunk and drugged by the look of desire in Willow's eyes. Her confidence soared as the soprano's hand trembled slightly when she ran it along her hip.

"Should I get you a towel or do you just want to share mine?" Willow's breath was heavy against the crook of Tara's neck.

"I always want to share..." Tara grinned as she was pulled into the shower by Willow.

They made a synchronized noise of pleasure as the cold water hit their over heated bodies. Willow poured shower cream into her hands and surprised Tara by kneeling down.

"Just making sure you're not dirty, baby..." she smiled cheekily up at her new lover.

"Except for my mind, looking at you naked like this, you mean?" Tara smiled back at her.

Willow had a powerful sudden urge to say "I love you," but swallowed and held back. This was perfect and she couldn't risk making Tara feel crowded. She settled for reaching for her hand and kissing it. With the razor sharp focus that was typical of Willow Rosenberg, she motioned for Tara to lift her foot up. She lovingly washed it, running her fingers probingly over every inch before putting it down. Tara ran her fingers through Willow's damp, wavy hair, feeling like she might break from tenderness. The same procedure was executed on the other foot.

"Maybe I should dry them with my hair..."

She smiled up at Tara, thinking of Parsifal. Tara ran the back of her hand across Willow's cheek. The soprano leaned into the touch.


The mezzo sang the sorceress Kundry's seductive call with the sensual warmth that had put goose bumps on Willow's arms the first time she heard it. She answered with a line from the chorus of flower maidens who surround the sorceress. Willow felt the customary shivers run through her body when they sang together.

"You make me all goosebumpy when you do that, baby..." She stood up and showed Tara her arms.

She had intended to wash all of Tara as thoroughly as she had her feet, but she lost her concentration when Tara cupped her breasts with her soapy hands. She made little circles, closer and closer to her nipple. Willow's body, just the night before woken from hibernation immediately wanted more, closer, firmer. Tara ran her slippery palm over her nipples until they ached. Then she lovingly washed the white hills under the running water. She bent down to kiss a blushing nipple. When Willow saw the entranced look on Tara's face when she touched her, she decided that subtlety could go to hell for the time being. With a move so swift it surprised the mezzo, she assaulted Tara's body with her own, pressing her against the transparent wall and kissing her passionately, wildly, like she wanted to merge herself with her. The kissing lacked her usual elegance, but her desire was too great to be controlled. She just pressed against the wonderful body and full lips with total honesty and abandon.

Tara started to respond in kind and they sank deeper and deeper into each other, as the chilly water mercifully kept the fire to the inside and cooled their heated skin on the outside. The fierceness of her own desire surprised her. She behaved dominantly, possessively as she pressed Willow into her own body and claimed ownership to her lips. She wouldn't have guessed that this behaviour was even in her character before meeting her. She used the sensations coursing through the body to battle the demon of low self esteem and despair within.

I'm alive. I'm awake now, and there's nothing you can do about it. I'm wanted....

She smiled triumphantly against Willow's lips. She stopped thinking when Willow cupped her bottom in her hands and pushed herself into her flesh. Willow felt moisture other than water when she pressed her thigh against her lover's centre. A fleeting thought passed her mind that she never wanted anyone else to touch Tara like this. She whimpered against Tara's lips when she felt her hand slip between her thigh and her sex and start to caress her peak. One of her hands landed on the wall behind Tara's shoulders for support as her own hand followed suit. The mezzo kissed her neck ravenously as Willow's hand found her sensitive place. The soprano thought that she could feel the blood flow through her lover's body; thought she could feel her pulse pounding against her fingers when she caressed the heated silk. Tara's breath was becoming heavier and Willow could feel her lover's chest heaving against her own. She felt so close to coming already and gently increased the pressure on Tara's swollen peak to make her climax before she came herself. She watched Tara's flushed body and her own hand intently. She wanted to feel Tara come against her hand so badly she could almost taste her in her mouth. She needed the reassurance that she could satisfy her and that yesterday wasn't just a fluke. She wanted to be able to love her like no-one ever had or ever could. The look on Tara's face kept her entranced. Her eyes closed, the mezzo seemed to totally have blocked out all other sensory experiences but Willow's hand on her sex. Every breath matched the soprano's motions against her. The look of total abandonment on the other woman's face made her breathless and throbbing with arousal. She varied her hand movements and increased the pressure ever so slightly. When Tara came against her a few minutes later, Willow rejoiced in the delicious pain of her fingers digging into her shoulder and forced the mezzo's smouldering eyes to look into her own before putting her lips on Tara's and swallowing her sounds. The waves crashing through Tara's body and her helpless moaning reaffirmed Willow's faith in her self as a lover. When the tremors subsided, Tara put her head on Willow's shoulder and hugged her close. She rested like that for a few seconds. Willow ran her hands over her back and through the wet waves at the base of her neck.

Then Tara moved her thigh back in touch with Willow's centre. Her fingers soon followed. Willow felt so aroused by the feeling of Tara's climax that her own hyper sensitized centre responded to her touch as if electrified. She covered the white hand with her moisture right away and when Tara let her fingers move inside of her and out again, slowly alternating pressure and sucking on the beating pulse on Willow's neck, she crashed over the edge with something akin to a sob.

With bodies heavy with satiety, they kissed slowly underneath the streaming water until they had cooled down again.

"I guess this wasn't totally effective for the whole 'getting cleaned up and cooling down'- theory," Willow said.

"But the feel-good factor was very high..." Tara smiled a crooked smile that was so sexy that Willow had to fight the temptation to starting to touch her again.

"That is so true..." Willow smiled back and thought to herself what a different woman Tara was when they were alone. Open, joyful and unreserved.

I make her like that... Willow felt a roller-coaster sensation in her stomach at the thought.

"Ok, right maybe it's time to think about getting cleaned up. I believe I didn't quite get to finish what I started," she said as she put shower cream in the palm of her hand.

"I'm not sure I agree," Tara teased, feeling like she could fly if she really tried.

Willow giggled and kissed her.

"Maybe we have to wash ourselves to get it done..."

Willow tried to be sensible, but their valiant efforts to keep to touching their own bodies failed miserably as Tara smeared soap suds on Willow's nose. Entangled soapy limbs ensued. Willow felt childlike and carefree in a way she never had when she was young.

When they finally made it out of the shower, Willow wrapped them both in a huge fluffy red towel.

"We're colour-coded," she explained. "Buffy's white and I'm red. So when you need to borrow stuff, just go for the red... Not that Buffy would mind, but I'm kinda hoping that you will prefer to share saliva with me rather than with Buffy..."

"Or your toothbrush gets jealous?"

"Maybe not, but I would definitely get jealous if you preferred to share saliva with Buffy..."

Willow started to dry Tara off with the thick terrycloth of her colour coded towel. Tara smiled a secret smile. No-one had ever wanted to take care of Tara Maclay before... That was always her role and now she relished the change.

She gets jealous...

Tara adored the idea of a jealous Willow. Did this amazing woman really want her so much that the idea of her wanting other people was distressing to her?

No chance, baby... You're the best thing that has ever happened to me...

She decided not to respond to Willow's comment since she was really anxious for them to establish the nature of their relationship before she started to make declarations of fidelity that might not be wanted.

Well, you can save yourself the trouble, since you have to go away. Selfish...selfish... the demon said.

She ignored it. She was getting really good at that.

"I suppose I have to leave soon so I won't be late for rehearsals..." Tara said regretfully.

She hated for this moment and this morning to end. Suddenly, she got a surprised look on her face. "You know, I haven't got the foggiest idea where we are, and no idea how far it is to the opera house from here? I was kind of distracted yesterday in the taxi..."

Willow smiled sensuously at her. Tara just had to bend forward to kiss her...

"Actually, it only takes about ten minutes by taxi, so we have a little while still before we have to go."

"I thought your rehearsal didn't start until after lunch today?"

"I thought I might come with you? We could have breakfast together in the coffee break. Besides, I could use the extra time to rehearse the... Ok, never mind. I admit it. I really want to come and take the opportunity to hear you sing. Besides, I might get lonely..." She said in a mock trembling voice.

Ok, dangerously close to clingy, there... she cautioned herself.

She never used to be clingy. She used to like a lot of space in the beginning of a relationship. If someone would be too demanding she used to feel trapped and uncomfortable. She wanted absolutely no space today. She wanted to sit in the same chair, eat from the same spoon and sing only together.

Nice going. Needy and possessive already...

"I'd love it if you came..." Tara caressed her cheek gently.

Tara wanted to borrow something to wear, since she felt like her top from yesterday was getting a little ripe. Willow went to look in her closet and choose one of her favourites. When she came back into the bathroom she found Tara putting lotion on her arms. Willow just stood and stared at the naked Venus running her hands over herself. Then she walked over and took the bottle from her hands.

"I think that should be my job..."

She motioned for Tara to sit down. She started with the white shoulders and worked her way down. She hadn't really meant for it to get sexual again... No, really, she hadn't. She just found it so wonderfully sensual to run her lotion covered hands down the soft, sweet smelling body. Just as she was moving her hands over the fair skin on the inside of the thigh, she looked up at Tara's face. Her breath hitched in her throat as she saw the parted lips, flushed cheeks and bedroom eyes that revealed how this was affecting her. Willow's irregular breath suddenly sounded loud in the quiet room. She put lotion in her hand and slowly cupped Tara's left breast. Moving in small circles, she reached the nipple and watched the aureole contract at the slightest touch of her lotion covered fingers. She moved the hand over to the other breast, getting the same passionate reaction. She continued down Tara's stomach and stopped just before she reached the curls at the apex of her thigh. The temptation was too great and she placed a few light kisses on the inside of her thigh. She felt the excitement grow in her own body and it looked like Tara felt the same.

We should be getting dressed... she thought as she kissed Tara's centre, already wet from the light touches. Tara gasped and pulled gently at her hair. Willow loved the feeling of Tara's hands in her hair. The taste of her wasn't exactly as she remembered it, them having just washed. As she moved her lips over the pink folds the taste of arousal started to overwhelm the tastelessness of soap. She remembered every moment of the previous time she had done this, and exactly what had made Tara squirm and loose control. As she took the hard nub between her lips and ran her hands up and down Tara's legs and hips, she felt the aching in her own body return undiminished. She loved looking up at Tara like this, sitting exposed in front of her face. She embraced her hips and made her slide a little forward to get even better access. Then she resumed her attentions and made her lips and tongue proudly display its new mastery at this art. Tara whispered her name between moans and laboured breaths. Soon, the well modulated sounds of Tara's climax reverberated around the white tile walls of the bathroom. Willow took the fluffy towel, wet it slightly and lovingly wiped Tara clean of her arousal. She started to wipe her sticky hands on a corner of it..

"Don't bother, you're about to get dirty..." Tara shot her an intense look from behind her curtain of hair.

Again, a jolt of arousal ran through her lower stomach. Tara took her hand and led her back to the bedroom and smoothed out the duvet before kissing her until she needed to lie down. Tara lay down almost completely on top of her. Willow moaned with pleasure at the feel of the silken nakedness against her and wrapped her legs around her waist to get closer. Tara adjusted the angle to press down on Willow's centre. They moved together breathlessly. The soprano already felt like she was close to the edge when Tara kissed her way down her body.

Like her fingers, Tara's tongue was an instrument of precision. With her gentle, sensual motions she touched all the places deep within and Willow didn't even bother to strangle her own moans and cries as Tara let her tongue slowly slide all the way along her folds until it reached her hard peak above. She encircled it with her lips and moved her tongue across the tip of the nub over and over again, bringing Willow crashing over the edge and into the free falling of climax.

"I think maybe we need to wash by ourselves this time," Tara mumbled as she held an exhausted Willow in her arms.

"You're right... Do you want to go first, since I need a few minutes to recover from this earth-shattering experience?"

Tara smiled like a brilliant sunrise and disentangled herself from Willow with a chaste kiss on the forehead.

When it was Willow's turn to wash her self, she picked the towel up from the floor and felt the scent of Tara's arousal fill her nostril and set her heart speeding in her chest.

Oh no, you don't! she told her body sternly. She left the bathroom to get dressed.

When Tara turned around, wearing Willow's top, the soprano stopped dead in her tracks and smiled a "cat-who-just-ate-a-canary"-type smile. Tara looked down on herself and again at Willow. The soprano chuckled to her self under her breath.

"Something wrong? I can wear something else...?"

"Oh, no you can't... This is the way this shirt was meant to look..." She walked over to Tara.

"You should always wear my clothes..."

Willow ran her hands over the soft cotton of her own comfortable top, so deliciously different on Tara, hugging her body in all the right places. On Tara, the top was suddenly revealing, showing off the swelling pale skin of the upper side of her breasts. Willow knew that this sight would delight her endlessly through the day.

"Can I wear your sweater from yesterday? I want to wear something that smells like you..." Tara put her head on Willow's shoulder and inhaled the mixed scent of skin and shampoo.

"Well, that seems only fair considering I actually took your sweater to bed with me when you were gone..." Willow admitted sheepishly.

"You did? You took my sweater to bed with you?" Tara looked at Willow with an open jaw and slightly moist eyes.

"Yep... Oh, it's still in my dressing room, actually. I forgot to give it back to you... I put it on the pillow next to me, so it would smell like you. I wanted to feel like I was back in your bed room again... Does that seem all stalkery-creepy to you?" she asked a little anxiously.

"No...That's the most romantic thing I've ever heard..." Tara snuck her arms around Willows waist and kissed her sweetly, again and again... The tenderness was so strong it was a pain in her body.

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