Return to Butterfly Chapter Eight


Author: Reallybigpineapple
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: BtVS belongs to the Evil Angst Monster that took possession of the person formerly known as Joss Whedon, making him our own Mutant Enemy, somewhere during the hiatus between season five and season six.

Tara looked into her eyes and nodded slowly.

Then the frame froze as Willow realised that she and Tara would actually have sex. She was going to go to bed with a woman.

Correction: She was going to go to bed with THE woman. Was the thought strange to her? No it wasn't, she realised. She. Just. Wanted. Her. So. Much.

Tara never seriously considered turning down the invitation. Her insecurities made their tormenting little voices heard, but she pushed them away. She was going to be a good lover to Willow, because she loved her more than anything. She just had to show her just how much with her body.

Willow took her hand and led her towards the stairs. Tara felt the hand tremble a little. She felt her heart swell with pride that Willow Rosenberg wanted her.

'I am Tara Maclay. I am desired. I am the woman she wants. I am the one.'

She felt like a giant, like nothing could touch her now. She reclaimed her territory by putting her arm around Willow's waist while they ascended the stairs as one creature. Willow's walking was made more difficult by the repeated turning of her head to kiss Tara.

The soprano's room was at the end of a shadowy passage with a low ceiling. The top floor was really a converted attic. Willow and Buffy had loved the flat and bought it even though they couldn't really afford it. They could now, of course. Willow's room was comfortably cluttered and decorated in soothing warm colours.

Tara had no clue about all of this, however. During the walk down the passage she was too busy kissing Willow, who was walking backward toward her room. As they entered, the distraction continued when the room's owner kicked the door shut and threw herself at her and kept kissing her as if her mouth were the last oasis in the Sahara. Tara's senses where too overloaded with Willows skin, her body heat, her scent and movements for them to process any other information.

They ended up sitting on the side of the bed, almost on top of each other, trying to touch as much skin as possible. Willow started to unbutton Tara's white shirt to reveal the hidden treasures inside. A tantalising preview had been offered to her hungry eyes all evening by the slight transparency of it.

As more and more skin was revealed, Willow's motions became slow and deliberate. She finally stopped moving.

"Is s-something wrong?" Tara asked anxiously, trying to calm her ragged breathing down.

"Of course not, baby. Just trying to make the moment last..." Willow said, eyes filled with wonder at the sight in front of her.

"You don't have to." Tara placed tiny feather light kisses along her jaw bone.

"What do you mean?" Willow breathed anxiously.

"You don't have to make this moment last... Because after this one, there'll be another..." She entwined her fingers with Willows.

"And another..." Her other hand ran around Willow's waist to her back.

"And another..." She leant forward and pressed her upper body against Willow, who gasped and let her other hand slide inside Tara's shirt.

Willow became more focused on the desirable goal of a naked Tara. The shirt was soon unbuttoned all the way. Willow reverently slid her hand down Tara's stomach, marvelling at the sensation. Her eyes followed her hands down to her waist, feasting on the sensuous curves, so deliciously different from her own petite and svelte body. A moan escaped her as one of Tara's hands found its way inside her trousers down to her bottom. Tara cupped her in a warm hand and pushed her closer. The feeling of the hand on her flesh with nothing but her panties in between drove her crazy.

Her own hand sought out another coveted goal: The soft white mound of Tara's breast. Her breathing was suddenly fast and shallow as she made contact with the delicate lace of her bra. It was an extravagant little thing, which didn't leave much for the imagination. She didn't know that Tara had bought it only days ago, grasping at the thought that Willow might spend the night in her room again. Not that she had expected anything to happen if she had, but the soprano had made her feel like she was a woman who belonged in underwear like this.

Willow realised how different it was to put your hand on another woman's breast to cupping your own. Like practising kissing with yourself in front of the mirror compared to kissing the love of your life. She moved her palm over the lace and felt the nipple harden underneath. It quickly joined the entering of Tara's tongue into her mouth as a joint number one on the list of the most arousing experiences ever. She couldn't suppress her soft moans as she moved her hand. She had discovered Nirvana...

Tara had stopped moving for a moment when the other woman touched her breast. Her breath caught. She leant back and arched into Willow's heavenly hand. She felt herself trembling as a thumb very lightly moved over the hard nipple and the mezzo realised she was whimpering gently at the touch.

Willow pushed the bra strap off her shoulder and bent over to kiss the mark it had left. Then she put her lips on the collar bone. She stayed completely still, just trying to memorize exactly what it felt like: the structure of the skin, the temperature and the shape against her lips.

Tara agonizingly slowly ran the tips of her fingers over Willow's bent neck, marvelling at the transparency of her love's skin. She discovered that Willow liked having her earlobes kissed and that the spot of soft skin just behind her ear made her squirm restlessly. As she ran her hands over the material of Willow's top, she realised that she wasn't wearing anything that would leave marks. She inched the thin cotton T-shirt slowly upward.

Willow's white stomach still held the same fascination for her. She slid her flat palm gently over the skin, following the structure of the ribs, the navel and the hips. She continued to push the material further up, until a mesmerising glimpse of the curve of a breast showed. With a feather light touch, she ran the back of her hand along the edge of the perfect little hillock. Willow seemed to concur with her opinion that it was quite enough of clothes now. She pushed Tara's shirt off her shoulders and removed it.

Half naked, no-one would think to call Tara a girl. She was just all woman. With parted lips, flushed cheeks and eyes burning bright in the half lit room, Willow stared at the vision before her.

Tara looked at Willow's face and thought it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Sensually, she dragged her fingers along her love's sides and coaxed the material off her upper body. She lost her ability to think at the sight of the half naked form in front of her.

Chest heaving, Willow leant forward and reclaimed Tara's lips greedily. They moaned together as their skin touched. As she passionately caressed Tara's tongue with her own, Willow's hands went around the mezzo's back, trying to unclasp her bra without looking.

Again, she kissed the collarbone which she found so irresistible before moving down to Tara's breast bone, leaving a trail of butterfly kisses. She took a few breaths to calm herself down before tentatively placing a light, closed mouthed kiss on the outside on one of the creamy hills she desperately wanted to devour. Her other hand gently shaped itself around the other breast, researching its weight and texture. She placed kiss after kiss on the delightful flesh, never getting enough.

"Tara, lie down?"

Her body couldn't handle kissing Tara's breasts and concentrate on staying upright at the same time.

Trembling, Tara obliged her request quickly, feeling like even rudimentary muscle control would be beyond her.

They lay down together; Willow half on top of Tara. Willow gasped audibly as her over sensitized sex came to rest on Tara's hip and thigh.

'Ok, don't move for a few seconds and everything will be fine...'

Her attempt at self control was ruined by the sight of Tara's naked breasts in front of her. She kissed the right one lightly, willing herself to take it slowly.

The enormous Tara database in Willow's head rapidly gained an extensive new chapter in the book entitled "How to touch Tara". Willow learned in that moment that she and Tara had yet another thing in common: They both loved it when she kissed her breasts. The mezzo's breathing was heavy as she moved restlessly against Willow, burying her hands in her hair. The soprano's mouth got closer to the appetizing pale pink of Tara's nipple. Willow's second attempt at self control was also ruined, this time by the gentle first kiss on the aureole and subsequent tasting of the centre of the mound. The waves that went through the mezzo's body when Willow hungrily opened her lips to take the nipple in her mouth were matched by the soprano's trembling from desire. As Tara's back arched involuntarily an inch off the bed, Willow's assault became more and more passionate. She couldn't imagine getting enough of Tara's breasts. She had never thought twice about her own, and was intensely surprised to discover that her most erogenous zone was located on another woman's body. Tentatively she researched what Tara liked having done to her. Her lust soaked brain noticed proudly that whenever she moved her tongue on the stiff peak, it provoked the same level of enthusiasm from the divine, soft and supple body beneath her. In amazement she realised that she could feel every single ridge as the peak constricted between her lips and under her tongue. She opened her mouth wider to taste more of it. She was becoming so wet it was almost uncomfortable.

Tara thought through the haze of her passion, as she arched her upper body against Willow's wonderful mouth, that she was behaving selfishly just taking this earth shattering pleasure from her lover, but she just couldn't resist. She was so close to her own climax....

Regretfully, she withdrew from the magic of Willow's tongue and gently pressed the soprano's shoulders back into the mattress. Willow whimpered in protest as her lips lost their bounty but silenced quickly as Tara straddled her and kissed her ravenously. Willow pressed her self against her, raising her body slightly off the mattress. Tara started to make her way down her neck. Her hand moved slowly up Willow's stomach, finally and infinitely gently cupping her right breast in her elegant hand. It seemed to be made to fit her hand perfectly. The nipple moved and hardened immediately against her palm. She covered every available inch of skin with warm kisses. The room being half lit by the street lights allowed her to admire the startling contrast of the snowy white skin, bright red hair and darkness of the lust hazed eyes. Willow tugged at her and made her lie down on top of her properly. Tara marvelled at the strength of this delicate looking body as Willow roughly pressed her against her own naked skin and possessively reclaimed her lips.

She wouldn't let Willow stay in control, however. Her whole system demanded to get to finally show her how much she loved her and craved her. She put her cheek against the snowy hillock of Willow's breast and marvelled at the contrast between skin and the almost scarlet aureole. The sight of her hard nipples and heaving chest made her centre ache with arousal. She wandered if Willow shared her sentiment that they were wearing way to many clothes?

It was her turn to take Willow into her mouth and relish the feel of the tight nipple against her tongue. She learned that Willow was impatient and whimpered in disappointment every time her lips left the nipple naked and bereft of her warm tongue.

She started to kiss her way down the firm stomach, running her hands down Willow's sides, along her ribs and toward her slim waist. Now she learned that Willow was ticklish. Very ticklish... Cruelly, she ran the pads of her fingers back up the path, lovingly tormenting the squirming body. Willow gathered herself enough to rise herself from the bed, vengeance on her mind. Now it was Tara's turn to squirm, as Willow kissed her and ran her fingernails down her back and pressed their naked upper bodies so close it was almost painful.

Tara's hand sought out her original target of Willow's obstructing jeans. Willow apparently did share her sentiment that they were wearing too many clothes, since her hands mimicked her motions as she slipped her hands into Tara's less resistant linen trousers. She loosened the drawstring and moved her hands further down. Looking into Tara's eyes for approval, she tentatively slipped her hand beneath the soft fabric of her underwear and sighed raggedly as she cupped Tara's bottom with one hand as the other was pushing the material down past her hips.

Willow's senses felt like they went into overdrive as the beauty of the feminine body in front of her was revealed. She slowly started to ease her new lover's underwear down her hips. Her hands trembled with the effort of holding back her impulse to just rip them off. It seemed unreal that she soon would experience the miracle of feeling this woman against her naked skin. The thoughts of what they were going to do with each other rushed through her head. Her mouth became desert dry. She groaned when Tara's hand gently caressed the skin that was bared as she unzipped Willow's jeans. Looking attentively at her for any sign of discomfort, she slid them over her hips. She lowered Willow back onto the bed with infinite gentleness and finished her task of undressing her.

The woman of the cream coloured skin let her blue eyes sweep over the lily white body. She had to take a deep breath and swallowed with great effort as her eyes rested on the woman she desired so much she thought she could already taste her on her tongue. She stretched out a trembling hand and ran her fingertips along her cheek bone, forcing herself not to be self conscious in front of her Fairy Queen. Tara thought that she had never seen anything as beautiful as these huge forest green eyes looking at her with such desire.

The vision in front of her was so stunning in the lamplight that the woman of the green eyes felt a pain in her chest and her lower abdomen. The assault on her senses when the other woman looked at her with heavy eyelids made her breath catch. She still couldn't quite grasp the fact that these delights were being offered to her. The lethally seductive Delilah in front of her looked at her like that because she had been touched by her...

Tara ran her hand lovingly along Willow's slim hip, in awe of the fact that she offered herself so freely. She hadn't sensed a single moment of hesitation in the woman she adored and she was fairly certain that Willow had never been near a woman romantically before. She tried not to rush things, but the sweet scent of the soprano's arousal made her heart rush madly in her chest.

Willow ran her hand along the inside of Tara's thigh, getting closer and closer to her centre. She swallowed audibly as she let her hand wander tentatively along the soft skin, rejoicing in the sound of Tara's breathing becoming more and more erratic with the touch. They started kissing again, telling their partner with their lips and tongues how arousing the sight of the other person's naked body was.

Willow decided as her arousal was becoming more and more difficult to keep at bay that she needed to know what Tara felt like. She let her hands wander along the insides of the mezzo's thighs again, only this time not stopping. She heard her own ragged breathing echo through the room as she felt Tara's heat even before the hand was placed very gently against the core of the woman she had realized during this day that she loved. She felt to her amazement how Tara's wetness almost covered her palm. She stopped the motion of her hand.

"Is this me?" She whispered. "Am I doing this?" She looked at Tara, wide-eyed with wonder.

"Oh, god, yes honey," Tara moaned. "Every time you walk in to a room, or smile at me or hold my hand, you do this".

She took Willows hand and pressed it gently against her wetness. Willow hadn't known that it was possible to get so sexually aroused that it was painful until today. The throbbing in her lower abdomen became an ache at Tara's words.

"So soft..." she moaned hoarsely as she let Tara's excitement lightly coat her finger tips as she moved them reverently along her sex. Tara's felt her thighs fall apart involuntarily and as she moaned helplessly into Willow's greedy kiss, she decided that this was enough of taking it slowly.

She brought Willow gently back against the pillows. The soprano made protesting noises at the loss of her warmth against her fingers, but she soon realized where Tara was going and stopped the protests. The mere thought of her lips on her made it almost impossible to lie still. She ran her fingers agitatedly through the blondish brown mass of Tara's hair as the mezzo made a short detour to Willow's dainty white breasts which were just screaming for attention.

Tara made the journey down the soprano's body with infinite tenderness. Willow looked like a woman who could break if she wasn't handled with care, but Tara knew better. She rested her forehead for a brief moment on her stomach, to regain her focus before continuing to cover it in kisses.

Willow whimpered like she was in pain when Tara's warm lips retreated and then started to make their slow way from her calves up to her knees and along the silky soft skin on the insides of the white thighs.

When she got close to Willow's centre she smiled an introverted smile to herself as she ran her hand gently over the dark patch of hair. She thought that her love might enjoy this, since Tara, despite her notoriously bad self confidence, knew deep down that she was going to be very good at it. She tried to disregard her own raging arousal and focus all her attention on making the woman she loved feel better that she ever had before.

Willow cried out in pleasure as Tara's lips ascended on her sex. Even a closed mouthed kiss there was enough to make her tremble and loose her ability to breathe. She had never experienced anything like having these full lips on her own most sensitive place. As Tara's lips parted and tenderly let out a hint of tongue, it took all of Willow's willpower to not just beg to get release. She would have done anything to feel more of it. She buried her hand in the mezzo's hair and tried not to apply any pressure. She would have to let her do this at her own pace, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the roar of her body.

Tara had a theory that a woman's sex should be kissed no differently than her mouth. The knowledge of what had excited Willow when they were kissing was etched on her memory forever. She parted her lips a little further and let her tongue tentatively touch her centre. She thought of how Willow's tongue had felt when it had entered her mouth for the first time. She mimicked the slow, deliberate motion from their first kiss and delighted in the sounds of pleasure coming from the soprano. Kissing the velvety folds, she felt her passion cover her lips. She hadn't been prepared for the taste of her... It filled her senses and made her so unbearably hot she found it difficult to take it slow, or think, or breathe... The clean, bright scent of Willow mixed with something raw and primitive and unmistakably female made Tara groan in unison with the woman underneath her. She parted her lips further and kissed Willow's sex in earnest, as the hand in her hair became an iron hard fist.

Willow was throbbing all over in previously undiscovered places deep within. She wanted to scream at the top of her lungs in pleasure, press Tara closer and beg her for something she couldn't put a name on. But she held back and instinctively silenced her self, a little afraid of this insatiable animal that she had become, afraid of what Tara would think of her extreme reaction. She tried to make her body stay still. Willow had always liked to stay in control in sexual situations. Surrendering her self and admitting her ferocity of her need was a little frightening to her.

Tara sensed the change as Willow's breathing was forced back to regularity and her body tensed with the effort of not moving too much against her.

"Don't hold back, darling... Don't hide...," Tara whispered lifting her mouth briefly from Willow's sex.

She ran her hands soothingly along Willow's legs and met her lovers gaze. Willow felt like an electric shock was going through her at the combination of the endearment and the look on Tara's face. Her lover's moist parted lips, flushed cheeks, heavy eyelids and tousled hair was so sexy she felt her chest constricting with the impact. Her naked look of abandonment before the task made Willow let go of all pretences of control. She watched Tara's lips return to their bounty. Gently but deliberately she ran her agile tongue along the soft lips of Willow's sex.

"Oh god, baby, you make me crazy," Willow panted as the sensation of Tara's velvety tongue caressing her wetness made her fear that she would break in two with pleasure.

Tara closed her lips on the sensitive peak just below Willow's dark curls and the words left the soprano's head. She heard the sound of her own moaning fill the room up, as Tara's tongue moved expertly on her.

Her lips gently closed on Willow's sex, Tara ran her tongue around and over the peak. Smiling inwardly, she started spelling out the letters of "I love you" with the tip of her tongue.

Or she would have, if Willow's body hadn't been hit by the avalanche of her orgasm on the letter y. She screamed Tara's name as wave after wave of pleasure crashed through her body. Tara just kept kissing her. She felt Willow's taste in her mouth and felt genuinely smug for the first time in her life. She also felt sexy, desirable, invincible. Her beloved had just come against her lips, screaming her name... She was sick from love. If she died right this moment, she would die completely happy.

She kept kissing Willow's sex very gently to bring her back down from her amazing high, caressing her hips and legs. As the tremors in the soprano's body stopped, she kissed her way back up and was pulled into a passionate embrace by her satisfied lover.

Willow felt a strange mixture of satiety and feeling like her body had just woken up to an unquenchable hunger. Her mind still couldn't grasp the fact that Tara had just made her come with an intensity that was almost painful. Right now, it felt like if she just kept touching her, she would want nothing more in this life. As she felt Tara's light kisses fall on her body like rain, she feared she would start crying from the tenderness she felt for this woman. She wanted to touch her again and again, until exhaustion lulled them to sleep. She pressed Tara close with an almost predatory fierceness.

"Did that feel good, baby?" Tara murmured gently in Willow's ear.

Deliberately slowly, Willow kissed her deeply, running her fingers through her hair. She tasted a little of herself on her tongue, but she didn't mind. Her breath was still laboured and her heaving chest matching the motions of Tara's, as she kissed her with overwhelming passion and tenderness.

Tara was acutely aware of her own centre pressed against Willow's hip and the roaring of her own unreleased body. Willow just kept kissing her and running her hands down her back and along the elegant feminine curve of her hip. She felt how wet and warm Tara was against her thigh. She wanted to do everything with Tara, touch every inch of her body and almost didn't know where to begin.

"I want to show you how good it felt..." she whispered as she removed her thigh and hip and replaced it with her hand.

Moving it slowly up the supple, creamy thigh she felt traces of Tara's wetness against her fingers. Once again, she placed her palm against the hot centre. She moved her hand gently, exploring the sensational feel of Tara's warmth on her fingers. It already felt like coming back to an old friend when she closed her lips around her nipple. How she had come to adore the sensual breathy sounds that Tara made when she kissed her breasts...Tentatively, she started to move her hand. She could see Tara's pulse beating wildly and she kissed it. Tara's eyes fell shut and she moaned softly as Willow moved against her. The soprano had to know what she tasted like. When she removed her hand to bring it to her mouth, Tara opened her eyes and looked at Willow with an almost pained expression. The mezzo's over heated body ached from several hours in this state of arousal. The sight and sound of Willow groaning as she put her fingers in her mouth to taste her did nothing whatsoever to calm her down.

Willow had thought that another woman's moisture might feel strange to taste, but it wasn't. It was intoxicating and arousing. Tara was so rosy and clean and everything about her caressed Willow's senses. She put her hand back and let it do some gentle exploring. She would have guessed before hand that it would make Tara feel good when she touched her like this, but she had had literally no idea that it would make herself feel so much. Feeling the heat and moisture cover her hand made the need surge back up to the surface, renewing her desire like she had never been satisfied. She really wanted to enter her, but she wasn't sure if she would like it.

Tara moaned against her warm neck and ran her hand restlessly down Willow's moving arm. It was the soprano's turn to gasp when she felt Tara's hand slip between her thighs and start to mirror her motions. As they moved their fingers and palms against each other, kissing and tasting every inch of skin available, the unreleased and the reawakened bodies rushed towards a climax.

"I want to be inside you, Willow," Tara moaned as they moved close together.

"Yes..." Willow gasped, as Tara's hand read her body like an open book.

"Do you...?" Willow whispered hoarsely, wanting to feel all of her against her hand.

Tara nodded and slowly slid into Willow. Her finger explored every tiny spot of soft wall, reaching deep inside.

"More...?" She breathed out, nibbling on Willow's earlobe.

"Oh, yes..." Willow's fire was raging just as hotly as before and she couldn't get enough of Tara's hand.

The mezzo entered her with another finger, moving them to the spots which her instinct guided her to. Willow whimpered and buried her hand in the heavy tresses in the nape of Tara's neck. Kissing her passionately, she followed her lover's example and let her fingers slide inside, groaning against Tara's lips as they were enveloped by her flaming hot arousal. She raised one of Tara's knees to her hip and wrapped her leg around her own waist to get better access. She learned gradually how to move inside of her for Tara's body to tremble and feel her moaning against her lips as they kissed. She let her hand slide out and caress the glistening peak repeated times before entering her again, still keeping the pressure on her sensitive spot. Suddenly, her mouth was devoured by the mezzo before she threw her head back and screamed Willow's name as her body tensed and then erupted against the fast learning hand touching her. The waves flowing through her and cresting against Willow's hand seemed to go on forever. Willow lovingly smoothed the hair back from her hot, sweaty brow as she calmed down. She soared high as a bird as the fix of knowing that she had provoked this reaction in the object of her desire rushed through her veins.

"I love you," she mouthed silently against Tara's shoulder, not daring to say it out loud. A huge grin spread on her face.

'I made the woman I love scream my name...'

"Oh, honey..." Tara mumbled against her neck.

Slowly, she started to move inside of Willow again, adding the heel of her hand to her hard peak. The grin disappeared from the sopranos face as she felt her body respond with a jolt of pleasure to the touch. She gasped as the fingers moved to touch places she hadn't realised she needed to be touched in. She sunk her fingers into the soft flesh around Tara's hip bone and pushed her closer. Tara bent her head and took one of the scarlet nipples in her mouth and moved her slim fingers over the spot inside Willow that screamed to be touched. Her second climax didn't take long to arrive; the waves going through her making her cling to Tara so hard she was afraid she had left bruises.

Willow put her head down on her shoulder, exhausted and sweaty. The corners of her mouth were turned up in a wide Cheshire cat-grin. Her heart pounded like a jackhammer in her chest. She drew little circles on one of Tara's breasts with her finger tips.

Tara was running the back of her hand along her shoulders and down her back. They lay in silence like that for a few moments. Willow looked up into Tara's sapphire eyes and felt her chest constrict at the sensual look in them. She had learned today that the look on Tara's face could turn in seconds from sweetness to predatory sensuality. Tara exuded constant sexuality, at least in Willow's opinion, but there was a certain look on her face that made Willow feel like she wanted to be her slave.

Tara, on the other hand, adored the naked look of wonder and honesty during their touching. She loved it when Willow showed so openly that she desired her and wanted to touch her. She had never felt as confident before in her life as she did now when she saw the smile on Willow's face. Their lips met and they kissed slowly and sensually.

"Willow, that was..."

Tara wasn't quite ready to start looking for the words to describe her experience, so she didn't finish the sentence. She just went back to the kissing.

"I hope you don't think I'm going to stop touching you?" Willow mumbled against her lips between kisses. "I want to feel all of you, taste all of you..."

She gathered her strength and started to kiss her way down Tara's body.

When Tara realised where Willow was going, she was suddenly apprehensive, thinking that perhaps Willow thought she had to do everything even though she wasn't ready for it.

"Honey, are you sure? You don't have to feel that... You know, just because I did?"

"There's no part of you that I don't want to feel against my lips," Willow answered firmly.

She lavished attention on the full breasts before kissing her way down the soft stomach and shapely hips. She knelt between Tara's legs and slowly ran her hands up the insides of the calves and thighs. She continued her caresses until she felt signs of restlessness in the body under her hands. Tara's eyes looked feverishly bright in the dark room and her cheeks were blushing pink from the blood rushing madly through her veins. Seeing Tara's desire for her was every bit as delicious as being touched, which was something else that Willow had discovered that night. She settled herself on the bed and placed a few fleeting kisses on the insides of Tara's thighs. She made a new entry in the Tara database that every single bit of her was beautiful, before leaning down to kiss the sensitive peak beneath the honey coloured patch of hair.

"Baby, tell me if I'm not doing this right..."

Willow favoured as always the method approach, researching until you find a formula for the best result.

"I doubt that there's anything you wouldn't do right..."

Tara managed to get out before ascending to the peak of sexual ecstasy. One of her hands was running through Willow's hair and the other was clasping the sheet, making it into a miniscule ball in her fist. She moaned softly and her breathing became laboured and shallow as Willow ran her tongue agonisingly slowly along the length of her sex. She closed her lips around the peak and sucked on it as gently as she had done with her nipples. It seemed like the things that she liked having done to her also gave Tara pleasure, so she decided to trust her instincts. She swirled her tongue repeated times over the peak, reducing the tense body underneath her lips to a defenceless trembling and moaning. She still didn't feel it was enough, she wanted everything at the same time. She wanted to feel the hot, pulsating walls surround her and gently entered Tara again. The mezzo gasped in pleasure and threw her head back with closed eyes. As Willow moved inside of her while continuing her passionate kissing of her most sensitive place, Tara shuddered and screamed Willow's name for the second time that night. As she licked Tara's juices from her lips and moved back up to bury her face in the crook of her new lover's sweet smelling neck, she was completely exhausted. Her body felt sated and heavy.

The room fell silent. The new lovers kissed very slowly and lightly, over and over. Tara let her hand run a feathery course up and down Willow's back. Willow played sleepily with Tara's other hand, kissing each finger in turn and then entwining them with her own. Their breathing evened out as they travelled towards sleep covered by tangled sheets.



"Can we just have a tiny little nap and then do this all over again? And then again after that?"

Tara chuckled sleepily and snuggled closer to Willow.

"Anything you want, honey," Tara mumbled, meaning it whole heartedly.

Two minds decided almost simultaneously that they didn't want to put pressure on their new lover by saying "I love you".

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