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Cats and Bats

Author: Rei and Chris
Rating: R for now, violence, language. Knowing us, it'll probably be NC-17 later.
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"I'm all ears Mr. Mears." Angel had spoke out to this young... businessman, looked quite flashy too, good for the fee at least.

"I'm sure that you know of one Willow Rosenberg?"

Angel had shrugged, the dyke had fallen on her feet it seemed since Warren's father had had him take care of Ira and Sheila, oh yes, this wasn't the first time that a Mears had come to him for his... services, "redhead, yay high and more out than Elton John, yeah, I know her."

Warren took in the dark haired vampire in front of him, he stood a head taller than him and his face was passive, his eyes were unreadable, granite. Warren smirked, "well, big companies nowadays, they are... 'cutthroat' businesses... if you get my drift."

Inwardly, Angel had rolled his eyes, "ok, no more beating around the bush, Mears, seems to me that you want the dyke dead, and with Rosenberg Industries putting money towards the police service, it would be in my best interests also... if certain actions were taken by the new chairman, and a certain amount of money were to change hands."

"How much?"

"Nothing much for a soon to be Billionaire, I assure you. Two million."

Warren had baulked at that slightly, but then smiled, "do make it bloody."

The Batmobile had roared into the Batcave, and by the revving of the engine, Giles could tell that Willow was more than a little... tetchy. "good night, Willow?"

Willow had sighed as she pulled off that cowel and ripped off the patch from her throat. "I stopped the robbery at least," Willow slammed her fist into the wall, "she owned me though."

"If I may, are you sure you didn't just let your guard down?"

Willow sighed, "that's probably it, still, I don't think she'll be out for a few nights after this close call, I'll just do a few sweeps over the next couple nights, see if I can pick her up. Anyway, I'm beat, I'll just shower and get to bed I think. Night G-man."

Willow had smirked as she heard his mild protestations and could picture him cleaning his glasses as she walked up the stairs.

Tara had looked quickly around before slinking into the apartment block and quickly into the bathroom where she had locked herself into a cubicle. She had planned for every eventuality when she had started down this path, there was always a bag hidden nearby with less conspicuous clothes. Whenever she had been rumbled or the apartment block had looked too busy for comfort, she could just pick this bag up and get to the nearest place to change.

Tara slid off the hot leather that had left glistens of sweat on her skin, most of it on this occasion being from the adrenaline rush that had come from Batman catching up with her. Her black underwear had been soaked in her own sweat, no one had come that close to capturing her. She had known the risks though, what she was doing was illegal, but like the rich snobs couldn't afford to lose a few grand anyway. Tara had sighed as she had changed into a pale blue shirt and some denim jeans, 'time for a change in MO, he nearly got me there, I must have fallen into some sort of pattern.' Tara had shrugged to herself as she had shoved the leather suit and high-heeled boots in her bag, zipped it up and walked up the stairs.

As Tara had walked into the room, Faith cast an eye over her, "didn't go so well tonight?" Tara had given a tired shake of her head before petting Miss Kitty, "meh, better luck next time, eh?"

"S-sure." Tara had walked over to the cupboard, "You didn't tell me we were out of cat-food, Faith."

"Well you fed her last, want me to go get some?"

"Nah, I c-could do with a walk, just need to shower first."

As Tara had left the building, Angel had flipped from the roof and in through the open window to find Faith looking at him. Faith raised an eyebrow, "what happened to T tonight?"

"She just got unlucky, Bats caught up with her this once. What have I told the two of you about heading for the same sort of area each time? Anyway, I have a job for you."

"Job? What kinda job?"

"I need you to follow Ms. Rosenberg around, see what she gets up to during the day if you can, I rarely see her out at night."

Faith snorted, "what? You plannin' on pickpocketing a Billionaire or something?"

"No, I have been asked to... take care of her."

Faith had downright shook her head at this, "nuh-uh, T says that red lady has been ok with her, you want me to help you kill her?"

"For a share of two million, yes."

Faith had considered this for a moment, but shook her head. Sure, robbing the bigwigs, like it hurt anyone, really. But murder, that was one line that once crossed... "I don't feel comfortable with it, ok?"

Angel had expected this at some time from his two pet criminals, his hand had lunged out and grabbed Miss Kitty by the back of her neck, "I wonder if cats landing on their feet will save this little one from the top of Gotham Tower, look, kid. I'm doing this job, and I need your help, is there anywhere that Willow is likely to be?" Angel had pressed home his advantage, "I can tell when you lie to me Faith."

"Ok, ok damn you! Two weeks, they hold a big charity ball, she's sure to be there. Other than that, I don't know, ok? Now put the cat down."

Angel had put Miss Kitty down, "thank you, now keep your ear to the ground, the sooner this can be done, the better. Oh, and not a word to Tara about this."

Angel had swooped out of the window as Faith shakily sat down, 'fuck, what have I done?'

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