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Art Appreciation

Author: MissKittys Ball O Yarn
Rating: NC-17
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The walk to Tara's apartment had only taken twenty minutes; given that the girls were walking extra slow... Just enjoying each others company. Willow had opted to leave her car parked outside the art building "I'll come back for it." She had told Tara. She'd offered to drive, but the night was so pleasant that they had decided to walk.

They entered Tara's place, Willow saw that it was a rather large studio apartment. The floors were cement with sporadic rugs strewn about. Canvases of all sizes lined the floor against the walls. Willow noticed the bed was nooked away against the far wall, in its own private space with a folding screen the only thing separating it from the rest of the room.

Tara flipped the switch and nothing happened... she flipped it again... still nothing happened.

"It must be out for the whole neighborhood," Tara apologized.

"We could go somewhere else... if you prefer... I mean... it might be kinda hard to see what you're painting in the dark."

<That's a good thing,> Willow thought.

"I don't mind... if you don't," Willow said setting her portfolio down next to the door. A smile lingered on her lips as she watched Tara walk further into the room.

"I have candles..." Tara suggested.

"Perfect." Willow said.

"Y-you can set your stuff up over there..." Tara pointed to an easel set up in the center of the room. "Would you like something to drink?... I have..." Tara paused, trying to think of something that wouldn't require electricity to make. <Coffee and Tea definitely out...> Tara thought. Which was a shame because Tara could've really use a soothing cup of tea right about now... "Um... Kool-Aid?" Tara asked.

"That sounds great..." Willow answered, Stepping a couple inches closer to Tara, she brought her eyes up to meet Tara's.

"What flavor?" Tara was breathlessly aware of Willow's nearness.

"Um...." Willow tried to get her brain to come up with an answer... Suddenly she couldn't remember the name of a single flavor. "Um... Red," Willow said, too caught up in Tara's eyes to be embarrassed by her answer.

Tara didn't even notice that "Red" Wasn't a flavor. She licked her lips, subconsciously, as their bodies seemed to gravitate closer to each other by the second. Tara blushed, stepping to the side, she smiled as she headed off toward the small kitchenette.

She watched Willow through downcast eyelashes as she found a packet of "Red" Kool-Aid. The red head walked lithely to the easel and begin to set her paints along the small Table next to the easel. <I was right. By color,> Tara noted, with a small smile as Willow bunched her different reds together and then her blues and so forth down the list of colors. Stirring the liquid one last time, Tara set the spoon down into the sink. She picked the glasses up and carried them into the living area.

Willow felt Tara's eyes on her... The blonde's gaze creating a warm spot on Willow's back, sending a tiny shiver along her spine. Willow kept her focus on the task before her, pretending not to notice the way Tara's eyes caressed her body from behind. Even though she couldn't see Tara, she could feel her and it was very intoxicating.

Tara set the two glasses down on the Table next to Willow's paint tubes.

"Here..." Tara said, reaching down she picked up a fresh canvas and placed it on the easel in front of Willow.

Willow smiled appreciatively.

"What should I paint...?" Willow asked.

"Um... oh!" Tara said. Jumping into action, she raced back to the kitchen, grabbing an orange, apple, banana and a pair. Putting them into a bowl, Tara set the whole bowl onto a stool she'd moved in front of the picture window. The moonlight creating a glow on each piece of fruit.

"Still life." Tara said coming back to stand next to Willow. She didn't really know Willow's expressions... but if Tara had to guess she would say that Willow was wearing a look of relief on her face. <She's so adorable.> Tara gushed secretly.

<Fruit... that's easy...> Willow was relieved that Tara had chosen something so simple. Looking over the easel, she picked up a pencil from her box of supplies. Sketching the fruit first, before adding the bowl around it. <Sketching isn't so bad,> Willow thought, as she looked over what she'd just done... <Yep... my banana looks like a banana all right.>

Tara's eyes widened a little as she looked at Willow's drawing. <That banana looks kinda like a sailboat.> Stifling a little giggle, Tara tried to keep her Teacher frame of mind in position But it was just so hard not to smile. After all, Willow looked so cute with her tongue poking out of the corner of her lips in such total concentration.

Tara was suddenly overcome with the urge to feel Willow's tongue slipping in between her lips. <What are you doing! You don't even know if she's gay... She could be straight...> Tara chastised herself for getting so caught up in the thought of Willow's lips.

Having finished sketching, Willow picked up her paintbrush and uncovered the pallet of paint she'd brought with her. Scooping some yellow onto the tip of her brush, Willow applied it to the canvas. <Okay... easy now... look like you know what the hell you're doing Rosenberg!> Willow was concentrating so hard that her fingers started to shake.

Tara saw Willow's fingers shaking.

"Here... try this..." Tara said, coming to stand shyly behind Willow, she placed her hand over the red heads. And together they moved the brush gently against the canvas.

Tara was standing so close to her that she could smell the chamomile shampoo Willow used in her hair that morning. <She smells... heavenly...> Tara inhaled Willow's scent, at the same time abandoning her effort to guide the brush in Willow's hand. She simply couldn't summon the strength to move her arm anymore.

"Willow's breath caught as she felt Tara's silky hand cover hers. A spark of something warm and intimate passed between them then, causing the brush to stop in mid-action. Willow's hand stopped shaking as the brush fell from her fingers, It made a loud crashing sound which echoed in the silent room. Willow's fingers started to move of their own accord, caressing the back of Tara's hand.

Tara felt the dance begin as fingers laced and unlaced, Tara pressed soft circles into Willows palm as their fingers nearly pulled apart, just to return to the unspoken dance.

Willow's knees became weak, threatening to collapse underneath her, she swayed slightly.

Tara felt Willow rocking back and forth. Instinctively, Tara wrapped her arm around Willow's slim waist, pulling the redhead tightly into her body.

Willow could feel Tara's breasts pressing against her back, and she couldn't fight the need to lean back into Tara's warmth. No candles had been lit, but the room seemed to be bathed in warm light. Willow felt the heat of Tara's body seeping through her clothes, warming her skin.

Tara's skin flushed. She wanted nothing more then to run her fingers along Willow's neck, sweep the strands of red hair to the side and press her lips to the heated skin that lay there. Tara swallowed hard as words like... "straight" and "gay" lost all meaning. All that mattered was this woman in her arms... The way she was pressing closer into Tara said more than any spoken words ever could.

Willow breathed heavily with the effort it took to turn in Tara's arm. She wasn't sure why, but she needed to see Tara's eyes.

Tara felt Willow moving, before Tara could release her hold on the redhead, she found herself face to face with Willow. Tara stopped breathing.

Willow's gaze came to rest on Tara's full, pink lips, as she realized what she'd wanted all along. Letting go of every inhibition, Willow brought her lips the inch it took to close the distance between them. Willow didn't push the contact though, she pressed gently to Tara's smooth lips allowing Tara to get accustomed to the contact. Willow's breath became shallow as She felt Tara moan against her breathlessly still lips.

Tara couldn't help as the moan that started in the back of her throat became audible at the first touch of Willow's lips. Unable to keep her eyes open, they closed. Tara tentatively pressed more firmly into Willow's mouth, the need to be closer overpowering her senses.

Willow's heart beat sped up in her chest, they were holding each other so tightly that Willow was certain Tara could feel it beating against her body. Opening her mouth slowly, Willow took Tara's bottom lip between her own, sucking it gently before releasing it.

Tara could remain still no longer. She ran her hands up the length of Willow's back, Tangling her fingers in red hair, Tara deepened the kiss.

This time it was Willow's turn to moan, as Tara's tongue traced a path across Willow's lips. Willow parted her lips immediately allowing Tara's tongue entrance. The sweetness of the blonde's taste was intoxicating, causing yet another moan to escape .

Not wanting to go too fast Tara reluctantly pulled away from Willow.

Willow felt Tara pull away, and confusion clouded her mind. <Oh God! I did something wrong...Maybe she didn't want to...> Willow started to panic.

Seeing the panicked look on Willow's face Tara realized what Willow must be thinking. "No...Willow... I..." Tara tried to explain that she'd only wanted to take things slow, but Willow wasn't listening.

"No... It's okay Tara... you don't have to explain... I shouldn't have... assumed..." Willow's voice trailed off as she turned around and headed toward the door.

"Willow... wait..." Tara breathed, catching up to the red head just as she was pulling the door open.

Willow stopped, but didn't turn around to face Tara.

"I didn't want..." Tara was trying again to tell Willow that she hadn't wanted to stop... just to go slow, But Willow interrupted her.

"I know..." Willow said, her eyes downcast.

"No... you don't Willow... you're not even listening to me." Tara's voice sounded the frustrated despair she was feeling. "I didn't want to stop..." She continued.

"But..." Willow said, still facing the door

"No..." Tara whispered. Taking Willow by the arm she turned her around.

"Tara... I..."

"Shhh..." Tara placed her finger to willow's lips. "I want this..." Tara said, gently pressing her lips passionately to Willow's. "More than anything." Tara breathed before pulling back. "But I want us to go slow..." she finished.

"You mean you still...?" Willow couldn't get the words out through the lump in her throat.

"Oh yes..." Tara smiled lopsidedly understanding Willow fully.

"Um... Tara... There's something that I have to tell you..." Willow felt it was the time to come clean.

"Yes...?" Tara asked, her eyebrows rose amusedly .

"I can't really paint... In fact I'm kinda awful at it... horrid even." Willow looked sheepishly at the floor.

"I already know..." Tara smiled. "I recommend private lessons..." Tara said, kissing Willow's lips lightly.

"Definitely private lessons..." Willow sighed into the firm pressure.

"Well... are you free tomorrow...?" Tara grinned.

"Very free..." Willow pulled Tara into another kiss.

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