Art Appreciation

Author: MissKittys Ball O Yarn
Rating: NC-17
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Summary: Tara is the instructor of an art class Willow is attending... should be interesting huh?
Disclaimer: I don't own Willow and Tara... blah blah blah.

"Buffy where in the world are you? You were supposed to meet me here 25 minutes ago! Class is about to start." Willow spoke into the tiny cell phone.

"I just don't have anything to go with a smock Will... you understand don't you?'

"What? You don't have to wear the smock Buffy! Willow argued, trying to keep her voice down.

"But everyone else will be wearing a smock... I don't want to be the only one without a smock."

"Well... how can I argue with logic like that?" Willow said, sighing. "Look Buffy, I'd better go, class is about to start. I'll talk to you later ok?"

After assuring Buffy that she wasn't angry with her... Even though, secretly she was fuming, she would never tell Buffy that of course. Willow just wasn't the confrontational type, but she was awfully good at being irritated at Buffy without Buffy actually being there.

Willow thought back to how just two weeks ago her best friend had begged her... pleaded with her... brought up embarrassing childhood memories and threatened to go public with them... how she'd done absolutely everything in her power to get Willow to take this adult art class with her... They'd signed up together for God sake!

"Yes indeed I'm mad! I'm maddy mad mad." Willow muttered under her breath.

Willow walked into the large classroom literally cursing Buffy's name. Okay maybe she wasn't cursing her name exactly but she was definitely defiling it. <I'll drag it through the mud!> She thought smugly.

Willow flashed a little smile to herself at the thought of Buffy's name all dirty and torn, with weeds growing out of it. Willow was so busy with her own musings that she failed to see the beautiful blonde woman standing in front of her.

"Um...Hello... ?"

Willow looked up clearly embarrassed that someone had been witness to her patented Willow babble and her jaw nearly dropped to the floor. Standing before her was the most gorgeous woman she'd ever seen in all of her 26 years. <Wow... she's so beautiful... oh uh... say something you spaz... she's waiting for you to say something! Think of something witty... can't manage that? Okay... say something stupid! Just say something will you!?> Willow willed her mouth to move and form words but the cord that connected her brain to her mouth must have been severed because all she could manage was a couple of muffled gurgling noises.

"Hi... are you alright?" The blonde goddess inquired.

<Oh my god! She's still here... and you haven't said a thing! Say something right now!> Willow thought, panicing.

"Yeah... Uh I mean yes... yes I'm fine... great in fact... fabulous even... " Willow rambled, unable to stop herself.

<Fabulous?! Oh great I sound like an idiot.> Willow silently kicked herself for being such a dork.

"So... What can I do you for?... Do for you!" Willow corrected herself quickly, after realizing her use of insinuating vocabulary. Willow laughed nervously.

"Oh uh..." The Goddess blushed.

<She's waving a pencil at me.> Willow mentally drooled at the sight of the goddesses creamy white arm... Then her brain finally decided to kick in... <She's waving a pencil at me?>

"Pencil sharpener..." The goddess said, gesturing next to Willow.

Willow looked down at her hand, which happened to be resting on one such pencil sharpener. Willow immediately snatched her hand away from it, and stepped to the side. The blonde smiled sweetly and inserted her pencil.

"Hi, I'm Tara." She said extending her hand to Willow.

"Willow..." Willow replied placing her own hand into Tara's.

"I like your name... It's um my favorite kind of tree." Tara smiled.

They were still holding hands, and it was absolutely unnerving Willow to no end.

"You taking the class?" Tara inquired.

"Yes... I love art!" Willow blurted out. Blushing, Willow took note of the fact that Tara still hadn't taken her hand away yet.

"I'm glad, art's important." Tara spoke softly.

<I could get lost in your blue eyes and never even care if I found my way out> This is what Willow thought.

But this is what Willow said. "Yep... yes sir-E art is good."

"Class is about to start... We should..." Tara motion toward the center of the room where about 24 easels were set along long desks.

"Right... " Willow reluctantly withdrew her hand from Tara's.

The two women smiled nervously at each other then parted ways.

Willow made her way through the moderately small group of mostly women and chose an easel near the back. <No use flaunting my untalented artistic abilities.> She reasoned with herself. Willow glanced around the room looking for Tara, but she didn't see her. Frowning, she began the task of organizing her paint... by color of course.

"Okay everybody, my name's Tara Maclay and I'll be your instructor for this course."

Willow's head shot up at the sound of the familiar voice, her eyes going immediately to the front of the room. And there, to her surprise, looking directly at her was Tara.

"I think I could learn to appreciate art." Willow said quietly to herself.

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