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A Fire Of Sorts

Author: Shadowygirl AKA April
Rating: PG-13 to NC-18, so if you are to young please don't read or get caught reading!
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Buffy people Joss does, so please don't sue me! PLEASE!
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"Willow help me out here, this dude is huge!" Buffy ducked as the angry biker swung and nailed her right in the side of the head. She didn't duck in time, he knocked her to the ground splitting her brow slightly, but not enough for stitches, just a nice thick Band-Aid would work.

Willow turned just in time to miss the next blow that was coming straight for her head. "You mother fucker!" Willow growled. "We're here to help you, so you might wanna stop fuckin' hittin' us before we load you up with enough drugs to knock you out for six fucking years!" She growled as she slammed the drunken biker into the back of the ambulance, strapping him to the bed.

"PISS OFF BITCH!" he growled and tried to swing again, but his arms wouldn't move. Willow smirked, "Now relax so we can see how bad you're hurt." She knew she shouldn't have said half the stuff she just said, but she was pissed, which brought her back to her friend who was just pulling her self off the ground.

"You alright Buff?" Willow called and smiled at her partner.

"Ya, I'll fuckin' live, what about him?" Buffy pointed to their patient, rather pissed off at getting knocked down once again.

"He'll be fine, we'll take him in and give him over to the docs and cops," Willow laughed when the angry man swung again and missed her by a hair.

"You want some help with him on the way?" a cop asked as he walked up behind the back of the truck.

"Frig, now you show up?!" Buffy laughed. "Hey Spike," she smiled, she knew the cop and knew he would help. "Ya you sit back here with him as we drive," she said and Officer Spike jumped in the back of the bus.

"I wouldn't piss them off again man," Spike smirked, knowing full well Buffy and Willow could handle themselves.

"Right," the angry biker snarled spitting at Spike.

Spike reached out and popped him right dead in the mouth, sufficiently shutting him up for the rest of the ride. "Now that'll teach ya," Spike smirked and wiped his hands on his pants.

Willow and Buffy grinned and jumped in the front of the bus and headed towards the hospital.

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