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A Fire Of Sorts

Author: Shadowygirl AKA April
Rating: PG-13 to NC-18, so if you are to young please don't read or get caught reading!
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Buffy people Joss does, so please don't sue me! PLEASE!
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Faith grinned as she finished making up Tara's plate. She had woken early the next morning and untangled herself from her best friend, quietly enough as not to wake the peaceful blonde, and went downstairs and made breakfast and coffee. She called their boss, Tara got sick time and so did Faith due to stress. Faith laughed when she hung up the phone, she didn't need time for stress but she knew she wanted to be around the next few weeks to help out Tara.

They both got six weeks off, which was perfect, a nice paid vacation - sucked for Tara due to the fact that she wouldn't be able to enjoy most of it, because of her injuries. But it was a nice break; neither girl had time off for at least three years now, it was much needed.

"Mornin'." A very groggy Tara came wandering into the kitchen, limping majorly on her right leg, and holding her left side.

Faith turned and saw the condition of her best friend this morning, she looked like she was hit by a truck. "You look a mess T." Faith shook her head and pulled out the chair for Tara to take a seat.

"Thanks," Tara croaked, the smoke had finally made her throat stiff and scratchy.

"Sorry T, you just look like you were hit by a truck." Faith shook her head and smiled, she knew Tara didn't mind the comment - she was used to it. If Faith did one thing, it sure as hell wasn't dance around the truth.

"It's all good," Tara shook her head softly, though tried not to shake it to much because of the extreme pounding in the back of it, where it had smashed into the ground the day before.

"Breakfast?" Faith asked as she set the plate filled with fresh fruit and meat and eggs in front of the blonde.

Tara smiled softly, her throat might have been sore but she was freaking hungry as all hell. "Thanks," she smiled, and started digging in slowly, making sure she chewed really well, so it wouldn't hurt as much to swallow.

"So I got us six weeks off work," Faith grinned around a mouth full of food. She was never one for classiness.

"No shit?" Tara laughed softly, then grabbed her side to stop the shooting hot pain that went right through it.

"Yup, both of us." Faith took a swig of her OJ. "So I'm gonna go over to your place later on, gonna grab some of your stuff, and your damn cat, and bring them here. You're staying with me for the next few weeks," she finished, and Tara knew she had no chance in arguing so instead she nodded and smiled.

"Make sure you grab Miss Kitty's toys." She wiggled her eyebrows, knowing just how much Faith hated cats, she was more a dog person then anything.

"Fine fine fine, but if that cat bites me once I'm getting a Great Dane!" She stuck her tongue out at the blonde, and grinned as she took another bite of her breakfast.

Tara once again held in a laugh, knowing full well how much it would hurt, and they finished their breakfast in rather silence.

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