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A Fire Of Sorts

Author: Shadowygirl AKA April
Rating: PG-13 to NC-18, so if you are to young please don't read or get caught reading!
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Buffy people Joss does, so please don't sue me! PLEASE!
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"Ya sure you're alright being here?" Faith asked as she flopped down beside Tara on the bed, totally forgetting that the sudden movement would jar the blonde and cause her pain. Both of them inhaled sharply, Tara gave a small smile and Faith cringed. "I'm so sorry T," she shook her head, scared to look at the blonde.

"It's all good Faith!" Tara reached her good hand out to pat Faith on the shoulder.

"Now back to what I was saying, are you sure you're alright to be here?" Faith asked again, this time moving ever so slowly to make sure she didn't jar the bed and hurt her best friend once again.

"I'm better off here," Tara shook her head and sighed softly. Her eyes closed for a moment. When she thought about how close they came today to losing everything she had a chill go straight through her body.

Faith knew exactly what Tara was thinking, and she sighed also. "Close call today," she nodded, and lay on the pillow beside Tara, rolling on her side so they were face to face.

"Too close," Tara agreed, wrapping herself up tightly in a ball, the blankets pulled up to her chin.

"I agree," Faith smiled and pulled the blankets over herself as well. They had been friends for years, they had been through everything together - they met in grade three, some boy pushed Tara to the ground, stealing her lunch from her, and making her cry at the time. Faith was right there, a little eight-year-old Faith popped the little boy right in the mouth and took the lunch back, then she grabbed Tara's small hand and pulled her off the ground, handed her the lunch, then she wiped the tears from the blonde's face and smiled at her. Tara smiled back, and from that day on they hadn't spent more then a few days apart.

Tara moved closer to her friend; Faith had rolled onto her back, and Tara rested her head on Faith's shoulder. "I hate days like today," she sighed again. It was long and drawn out, scary as hell, though they did kick ass and save two people's lives it was still scary as hell, made you think about your life, made you take everything in and notice every little thing that was missing from it.

Faith ran her fingers through her friend's clean wet hair - Tara had a shower when they got to the house, Faith helped her get dressed and put her in bed. "Me too, T, me too," the dark haired girl sighed.

"I really need to get laid!" Tara laughed, even though it was painful.

Faith chuckled as well but didn't full-out laugh at her friend's remark. "Me too," she agreed.

"Why haven't we just ever slept together?" she asked her tone soft and light. Tara knew she was only kidding, they always kidded like this.

"Because once you have me Tara, you'll never want another and you know me, I'm a heart breaker!" Faith winked and Tara chuckled yet again, her breath catching this time.

"I gotta stop laughing," Tara shook her head softly. They lay there in silence for a few moments, Faith running her fingers through Tara's soft hair, soothing her woes away.

Tara finally spoke up. "Thanks Faith," she whispered, and then yawned.

"Don't thank me T, you'd do the same for me," Faith smiled, and yawned as well. "But I should be going to bed," she stated, and went to get up, but Tara wrapped her arm around her stomach holding her in place.

Faith looked at her a little quizzically, then Tara spoke up. "Stay here tonight - I'm not trying to get you to have sex with me, I just don't wanna be alone." Tara half smirked, and Faith understood, sometimes after a scary day they just needed the comfort.

"Okay T," Faith smiled and kept her fingers running through the blonde hair.

Tara yawned once again and before Faith could say goodnight she was out like a light, sound asleep curled up against her best friend.

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