A Fire Of Sorts

Author: Shadowygirl AKA April
Rating: PG-13 to NC-18, so if you are to young please don't read or get caught reading!
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Buffy people Joss does, so please don't sue me! PLEASE!
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Summary: Tara and Faith are best friends, firefighters, Willow and Buffy are best friends, both medics, you'll see.
Author's Notes: A.U., I think I'll only be having a few of the Buffy people in this fic, Willow and Tara of course, Buffy and Faith, maybe Giles but Giles is Buffy's dad in this fic and Joyce is Buffy's mother, Xander is Willow's BROTHER! not best friend, and Dawn is Faith's sister, but she won't be in here much, I'm not a Dawn fan really. Please don't be confused, this has nothing really to do with Buffy, but it does have the people.

"FAITH YOU BETTER GET THE FUCK IN HERE AND HELP ME NOW!" Tara screamed through her face mask. The fire they were fighting was burning to the point of painful heat, she was on the second floor and could hardly see anything past the smoke that consumed the house, and Faith, her partner, was on the first floor. They had been working together for nearly 10 years now, they knew each other's every move, and right now Tara needed help. She had one woman down and pretty much dead at her feet as well as what she assumed was the ladies that was nearly dead baby in her arms, trying in vain to perform CPR on the baby that couldn't be older then six months.

She was trying to drag them both down stars and out the door when the stairs collapsed beneath her feet and she couldn't make it any farther. She had nearly lost everything including her life, but she jumped just a fraction of a second before the stairs gave way.

"TARA FLASH LIGHT ME!" Faith yelled back from her position down stairs, trying in vain to find her partner and friend. Tara did as asked and flashed her flash light in the air a few times so the other firefighter could tell where she was.

"COMING!" Faith screamed and jumped up pulling herself and all her gear to the second floor, moving swiftly towards her friend.

"What we got?!" Faith said rather loudly, making sure Tara could hear her.

"Baby about six months, not breathing, and mother over there" Tara nodded coughing slightly, she had taken her mask off so she could perform CPR and had inhaled too much smoke, but she didn't seem to give a shit since she had brought the baby back, she put the mask over her face making sure she would get enough oxygen. After a few moments of coughing she managed to finish: "Mother over there, not breathing as well, we need to figure a way to get them out and fast, this place is about to blow!" And just as Tara got that out another part of the floor about three feet from them gave way and collapsed straight into the basement which was a good 100 foot drop, which no doubt would cause a rather painful death if any of them happened to fall through.

Faith merely nodded and headed towards the fallen lady, she yanked her mask off and placed it over the woman's face, she had no clue if it would help but she knew it couldn't hurt. Faith pointed towards the stairs, knowing full well she could manage to jump down with the lady on her back, but wondering if her partner would be able to without hurting herself.

Tara nodded, she could make it down it was about a ten foot jump but it was a lot easier, without having to worry about grabbing the other person. After a few seconds and both women being very careful as to where they stepped, they managed to make it to the stairs. Tara nodded and within two seconds Faith jumped.

Tara smiled and shook her head, her eyes were burning and her nose felt like it was filled with acid-filled cotton as did her throat, she knew a few more moments and she wouldn't be able to get out, so she carefully tucked the infant into her chest, zipped up her jacket, held on tight and jumped, rolling onto her back. Due to the pressure of Faith's jump just as Tara was about to jump the floor gave way sending her crashing onto her back, she managed to land rather softly though blocking the infant from getting hurt, even though she herself was pretty damn banged up.

"TARA?!?!" Faith screamed as she scrambled to help her partner up off the ground. "You okay?!" she asked her voice filled with concern.

Tara merely nodded, she wasn't sure at the moment if she was alright or not, she was pretty damn sure though that she had broken a few ribs, Tara then once more nodded towards the door of the house, Faith nodded back, knowing full well the house was about to blow any moment.

They had just made it to the road, Faith handing over the not-breathing woman the to medics, and Tara just having enough time to crawl her way to waiting medics, falling on her back and unzipping her jacket to reveal the baby on her chest who was breathing though not all too well, when the house went up in a huge explosion. Faith and Tara's eyes popped out of there head, knowing they had just made out in time.

Faith shook her head and grabbed Tara by the arm pulling her to her feet. "You need to get checked out," she stated firmly, grabbing the nearest non-busy medic and making Tara go with her to get a full check out.

Tara rolled her eyes and chuckled slightly but stopped instantly when it caused an extreme pain to shoot through her back and ribs, taking the breath right out of her.

"Good idea" she whispered, it hurt to move in any direction nodding her head to Faith who was smiling and nodding back to her, knowing full well they kicked ass once again.

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