The cemetery was calm as dawn broke on the horizon and slowly warmed the slightly chilled air. Two women walked in a meander, finished with their night's work and feeling a peace as prevalent as the environment around them.

"Faith?" The blonde asked as she holstered a wooden stake in her stylish boots.

"Yeah, Buffy?"

"After a long night of slaying..."

"What?" Faith looked up from the dewy green grass.

"After a long night of slaying do you..."

The pause was long and poignant in the serenity.

"Need a nonfat yogurt?"


"Need a good uh-huh," Faith responded as she lewdly thrust her pelvis.

"Um, no," Buffy responded, adding a more noticeable shake of her head. The blonde slayer swallowed and gazed into Faith's dark, curious eyes.



"Do you ever get that not so fresh feeling?" Buffy asked slowly and sincerely.

Faith looked to the morning sky, her eyes softening with every moment.

"I used to, but now I use Spring's Sunrise."

Buffy cocked her head thoughtfully. "And that works?"

"Honey, with the way you bang the undead left and right...I can't recommend anything else."

The sun slowly lifted into the sky, bathing the pair in the glory of a new day as they walked the land without a care in the world.

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