Wrong Time, Right Girls

Author: Tabula Rasa
Rating: PG-13ish
Disclaimer: So yeah I own nothing don't bother but my parents are pretty well off get them!
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The new semester of U.C Sunnydale was starting and no one was more excited than Willow Rosenberg. She had moved into the dorms and with her best friend Buffy Summers as her roomate nothing could be better.

Pouncing on the bed next to hers the red head shouts loudly, "Wakeup Buffy class starts soon...we have to brush, eat, floss, shower and maybe not in that order. Such a busy day Buffy!"

Rolling over in a sad attempt to avoid the budding energy that is her best friend Buffy only manages to burrow tighter in her cocoon of blankets. "Why are you so excited? Do you know what today means? It means the start of essays, midterms, and all nighters."

Willow grabs hold of the side of the blankets and rips them off the bed leaving the blonde without cover. "Well I was thinking maybe I could go and talk to Mischa and just try and smooth things over. I mean she may not be that mad anymore and I can handle her, I mean what she did its... it's not the end of the world."

As soon as the words escaped from her lips Buffy sprang up, " Mischa...are you kidding me after what that bitch did to you? She left you Willow why do you keep going back to her?" she snarled.

"I-I- dont Buffy..she said she was going through some things and its just a rough patch for us. And like I said, I can handle it." Willow responded sitting down on the floor.

"Yeah rough patch...sleeping with other girls I see your point Will, just find another person ok? Someone who is better, you are so much better than her. Just think about it Willow ok? I'm gonna go take a shower and then we can go get some breakfast." Willow looked up, "Its 11am, you slept through breakfast." Buffy glanced over at her clock, "Oh...well then brunch?" Willow shook her head slowly, "I cant I have class soon but dinner for sure Buff." Her best friend nodded and went about searching for her shower items and left without a word.

Willow felt like such a loser at that moment. She was used to Buffy always telling her that her ex girlfriend was no good. But Willow never listened and always took Mischa back. Willow glanced up at her dresser to see a photo of her and her ex-girl and broke into tears. She stood up and picked up the photo and crumpled it up and threw it into the trash. As soon as the photo it the trash Willow immediately dove for the trash can and pulled the piece of newly made trash out of the garbage. She stared at it crumpled in her hand before smoothing it out best she could and placing it carefully in her underwear drawer. She took a couple minutes to compose herself, she reaplied her makeup to hide any signs she had been crying and trekked to her first class, Sociology.

Being the person she was she was naturally early so she decieded to swing by a coffee stand and pick up a mocha. But while paying for her drink of choice, she heard a familiar laugh and saw Mischa with another girl. The girl was tall with long dark black hair and blue eyes. Quite the opposite from the fair haired brown eyed Mischa. From the glint in Mischa's eyes Willow could tell her ex planned on talking this girl home. She took her mocha to a table a bit closer to the laughing girls, but far enough away as to not draw attention to herself. She saw her Ex place her hand on the girls back and drag it lower to rest on her lower back, and she leaned in close telling her something only the other girl would hear. The new conquest giggled and flashed her a flirty smile and nodded her head. Willow strained to hear what they were saying but failed completely and watched as her ex-lover walked away hand in hand with another girl. So she did the only thing she could do, walk to class alone.

She arrived a few minutes before anyone else so she had her pick of the seats, which secretly Willow had a thrill about. She choose a seat in the second row and set her things down and watched rest of the students to file into the class. She watches each person walk through the door hoping to see a face she would recognize, but never did.Soon enough one by one the class fills the room until it is filled with noise of papers rustling and voices laughing.

A blonde girl walks in wearing light blue jeans and dark blue t-shirt that didn't quite meet the top of her jeans leaving a strip of tanned skin showing. The girls hair was long reaching halfway down her back and she had sunglasses on top of her head which gave her the typical "california girl" image. She walked calmly over past Willows chair and sat in the chair next to her. She set her phone on the desk and pulled out a pen and paper to write down anything the professor said.

Willow looked over to see a gorgeous girl sitting next to her. Duhhh..whaaaa..pretty girl.

In an attempt not to stare to hard Willow stared down into her lap and waited for their professor to start the lecture. Every once in a while she would sneak a peek at the girl and use all her willpower to get her to look her way. Willow was even starting to sweat a little bit. She watched every movement this girl did and it was as if she was an angel.

Looking at the clock and realizing class was coming to an end Willow decided to make a move. I can just say hi..complement her sunglasses or something make small talk..learn her name..well I can call her Beauty in Blue..shes soo pretty.

Once the class was over she scrambled to gather her things before her new object of affection did. Hoping engage in some sort of conversation with the girl she chucked her things into her bag.

She grabbed her satchel and she watched in horror as all of her things were dumped out and fell to the ground cluttering up the floor.

In a hurry she grabbed each object and randomly stuffed them in her bag and random pockets of the bag and was about to reach for her spiral notebook that managed to slide the farthest away when someone else grabbed it and handed it to her, when she looked up she saw the clearest bluest eyes she had ever saw. "Um here, I think this is yours," came the sweetest voice.

"Uh..," Taking the notebook in both hands she puts it in her back setting the bag on the desk to organize it. Turning back around to look for her Willow found the girl was gone.

"God she slipped out of my fingers." She angrily stomped out of her class and walked around the campus to the rest of her classes but her thoughts were on the Beauty in blue. Once Willow came home she told Buffy of her problem as they walked around the campus waiting for Xander to pick them up for a movie and after dinner.

"God Buffy she's so gorgeous, she makes everyone out there look like...like...mud!!"

"Glad I look like mud to you Will," her best friend smiled and pretended to be offended.

"You know what I mean, its just she...she...smells good." Willow smiled dreamily.

Lifting up the neck of her shirt Buffy takes a sniff, "you trying to say I don't Will?"

"Buffy I'm serious I really cant get this girl out of my head," Laying down with a flop she sighs, " I just really would like to talk to her."

"Well you had the chance Will, you tanked."

"Shut it! I need to know her name, I never figured it out. I did a major crash and burn today and i had to exit fast and by the time I came back to talk to her she was gone." Willow sat down with a loud grunt on the grass and let herself fall over. "God I wanted to die I totally embarrassed myself in front of her."

"Oh sorry Will but tomorrow its a new day what do you say we go out and have fun with our friends huh?" The two girls noticed their friend pulling up into the campus lot and trudged over to them to enjoy the rest of their day.

In the movie Willow was unable to pay attention. All her thoughts went to two women filling her senses. She thought of Mischa and the two years she spent with the girl wondering if it was worth it at all, then her thoughts would go to her new object of interest and without realizing it totally Willow missed the entire movie.

A few hours later the group found themselves at Sunnydale Steakhouse were all getting seated by the hostess. " Your server will be in with you all in a second," she happily told them while giving them each a place to seat.

"Why ya so down Will?" Xander asks puzzled as to why his best friend isn't talking so much.

Shaking off the question Willow attempts to join in all the conversations but her mind keeps wandering to that girl. Lifting up the menu she looks at all the different foods and tries to decide what to get when she hears a familiar voice bringing her out from behind the menu.

"Hi my name is Tara what can I get you guys?"

Leaning over and whispering into Buffys ear she says, "ITS HER."

Earlier that same day...

Tara MaClay was sound asleep in the confines of her sheets when she heard the screeching of an alarm clock rip her from her peaceful rest. Shutting it off and awkwardly shifts out of the bed and shuffles out of her bedroom and into the second bedroom of her two bedroom apartment. She approaches the bed in the room and lays down on it making the person in it shift their weight and scoot to the side.

"Time to get up sleepy head it's the first day of school don't wanna be late get dressed I'm gonna shower," she mumbles while ruffling the hair of the other occupant of the bed.

"Mmmm," the lump under the covers mumbles.

The blonde closes her eyes for a moment to get used to being awake but instead ends up falling asleep on the bed along with the lump next to her. A half hour rolls by and she wakes up again.

Shaking the clump of blankets "We need to get up now we are seriously late." She urges trying to get the lump to a conscious state.

"Uhhhh," it moans

"Jaydon Christopher, now!"

The lump reveals himself, kicking off its blankets it turns out to be a little boy no more than 6 years old. "Not my fault you fell asleep Mom," he complained wiping the sleep from his eyes and sitting up. "You always do that."

"I know sweetie I'm sorry," she responded getting the clothes he would wear to school. "Ok Spiderman or Batman?"


Tossing the clothes on the bed she grabs his shoes and hands them. "Hurry up hun get all your stuff ready and meet me in the kitchen, we gotta book it so breakfast will be quick." Running down the hallway Tara is already tossing off her clothes, and hurredly searching for her clothing for the day, grabbing a shirt out of the closet and a pair of jeans she throws them on and goes into the kitchen, "Hurry up Jay!"

Jaydon finishes getting dressed feeling pretty accomplished, he had tied his shoes himself and walks down the hall picking up the clothes his mother dropped and leaving them in the hallway bathroom then goes to the kitchen.

Tara goes into the kitchen and sees her boy walk in and sit down at the table. "Want the regular?"

Nodding his head Jaydon smiles and watches his mom get to work. Grabbing the peanut butter, plain cheerios and bread Tara slaps them together. Putting the peanut butter on the bread then the cheerios inside then cutting the crusts off and then serving it to him. Serving herself the same thing and making coffee Tara rushes to her bathroom, grabbing 2 toothbrushes, toothpaste, and hair product she rushes back to her son who had been eating quietly awaiting his mother. She runs the brush through her hair and while her son is eating she runs it through his blonde hair and gels it spiking it into his fohawk the way he likes. Once he was done eating she sat him on the sink and they both brush their teeth in the sink of the kitchen. Pouring herself a cup of coffee and then grabbing her books and keys she finally feels ready to go.

"Ok bud...looking hot, you will catch all the girls at school!" she laughed grabbing his bag and batman lunch box she prepacked the night before.

"You too mom," he smiled running to the car. "I drive."

"Not today bud we are on a tight schedule how about next time when you are 16," she laughed buckling him in the back. "Ok here is the plan you are going to the new babysitters after school, she's gonna pick you up and I will pick you up from her house after work.

"Ok bring me back cake from the restaurant."

"I will try to remember." she nodded pulling out of the parking lot and driving to his elementary school. After a 5 minute drive she pulls up to the front of the school and turns around to her son who has already unbuckled himself and is about to jump out of the car.

"Want me to walk you in?" she asked him wishing the answer would be yes.

"Nope I'm cool mom I know where it is we came when there was orien...orie...oreos."

"Orientation." Tara corrected " Ok bye love of my life can I have a kiss?"

"Mom what if someone sees me?"

"Fine break your mother's heart... it's ok sweetie I know you have to have a reputation as a major stud but come here I have to tell you something." she says softly.

Leaning over Jaydon comes closer to her when he is the perfect distance from her she grabs him planting a big kiss on his cheek. "Ok out of my car!"

"AHHH cooties!" he yells wiping of the kiss. "Bye mom...remember cake!" he opens the door and sprints inside the school.

After watching him to make sure he is ok, Tara drove to the Sunnydale University and was almost late to her first class but managed to walk in on time but couldn't seem to find a seat in the back which is what she usually prefers to sit. And was awarded with a second row seat next to an antsy red head.

As Tara walks by her she takes a closer look at the girl. Wow she's a pretty girl.

But as Tara tries to make eye contact for a friendly hello the girl looks down at her lap.

All through the class Tara could have sworn the red head was looking at her but shyness took over the blonde and she avoided looking back at her and concentrated on her professor's lecture. Once class was over the girl was in such a hurry to get away she packed all her stuff warp speed but only managed to send it all flying to the ground.

Tara tried to initiate contact and pick up her spiral notebook and say hi but the girl just grabbed it and ran away. She even grunted at her.

After all her classes Tara started her new job at Sunnydale Steak House and it was a pretty good job. The pay wasn't horrible and it had accommodating hours, so she could still be there for her son. Her boss was kind and understood her situation.

She saw some new people go to one of her tables and gave them a few minutes to figure out what they wanted and then walked over to them. One of them had the menu up so high she couldn't see their face. When the menu was pulled down she saw the face that was hidden.

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