Return to War Chapter Eleven


Author: Vamp_fangs
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

Author's Note: Sorry folks, broke rightie, kinda of extra hard to type hehe. Hate it when cars win fights, don't you?

Kathryn and Oz trailed quickly behind Giles as the librarian strode in a fast pace through the library and the halls, in search of Mistress Tara. They were frantically trying to stall him, knowing how Mistress Tara would react if Giles came to her in a huff. They were both stark naked as they tried to impede the older male's steps.

"Stop, Giles, come on! Please!" Kathyrn sputtered, stepping in front of the librarian. The older man balked and quickly sidestepped the young woman, quickening his pace.

"No. You almost damaged priceless heirlooms, you damn nearly did destroyed my library and you surely did scratch the wood on both my table and floor!" Giles barked pushing the large doors leading to the blonde Mistress open with a boom.

"Willow! No!" Tara watched as the redheaded Cougar-Hybrid leapt off of the bed and onto the Owl-Hybrid. Giles had just burst through the doors, startling the redhead and the blonde Mistress awake from their nap. The Cougar-Hybrid immeadiately jumped to protect her master, oblivious to the fact that the intruder was non-threatening in everyway, including his current scent.

Willow bared her teeth, growling as she bit down on the male's neck, hard enough bruise but gently as to not break the skin. The scent of fear curled from him in waves, her nostrils flared as she breathed. His scent of fear made her shake with desire to kill, slowly making her change into her feral form. Noises of bones shifting, breaking, to allow change filled the air along with whimpers of pain. "Willow, get off of Giles now!" Tara ordered

"Oz! Get Joyce, tell her to bring sedatives... No, just tell her to bring something to calm Willow down! Kathryn, get Nichelle! Go, go, go, go!" Tara ordered quickly, swinging herself off of the bed, swiftly making her way to cinnamon coloured Cougar.

"Joyce, Mistress needs you! She said to bring something to calm Willow down." Oz cried as he slipped through the infirmary's door. The avian-hybrid looked up from her desk, her glasses hanging at the edge of her nose.

"What happened?" She questioned as she moved to the medical cabinet to retrieve the medication.

"Giles is in danger." Oz uttered, his hands shaking a bit as he watched Joyce hurriedly grab a kit full of medical supplies. "I don't think Mistress Tara can hold her back, Willow's not responding to any of her orders."

Oh Goddess. Why does Giles have to do something stupid on a regular basis? Joyce thought as she flew out of the room, Oz following closely.

Kathryn glanced at the courtyard and frowned as she saw her Bovine-mate lying on the ground with her arms crossed and her head tilted in an awkward position as she stared up at the clouds. "Nichelle!"

The Oriental woman lifted her head as she heard her name being called and smiled languidly as her lover came to a stop at her side. Her smiled dropped as she saw the look on Kathryn's face.

"It's Willow. She's got Giles in her mouth." Nichelled blinked and frowned. That doesn't sound naughty at all. She thought absentmindedly as she took her lover's offered hand.

Willow could feel hands trying to pull her away from her prey. She growled threateningly. The prey entered her territory without warning with the scent of anger trailing it. It was her right to attack. It was a danger to Mistress. Her training took over, forcing her into change. She saw nothing but the prey.She could hear the prey howl in pain and heard the crunch of the bone as she bit down. She could the taste warm blood flooding her mouth. It tasted as sharp, acidic, harsh as those she tasted before.

Another Hybrid.

Suddenly, the overwhelming scent of fear and blood made the Cougar-Hybrid flinch, breaking away from her prey momentarily. Enough so that the hands that were tugging her away were successful in their goal.

Willow wailed internally, she had failed her Mistress. The threat became all too farmiliar and she failed to subdue it. She was oblivious to the fact that she had crushed Giles's shoulder or that he was close to blacking out because of the pain.

"Change, Giles! You stupid, dull, dim-wit of an owl!" Joyce whispered loudly as she and Oz pulled the librarian further away from the cinnamon coloured Cougar-Hybrid. Willow was chained to Mistress Tara's bedpost, making noises of sorrow. "You'll heal better if you change!"

The blonde Mistress was at the Cougar's side as she watched Joyce work on the limp, bleeding Giles. Joyce and Oz had arrived as Tara managed to pull the terrified Cougar off of the old man with Nichelle and Kathryn following them a few minutes after. Nichelle was assessing the scene and frowned as she saw Willow cower away from Tara's touch.

"Mistress? Please step away from her for a moment." Nichelle took a step forward to take her place at Willow's side as the blonde Mistress moved to the Doctor's. Out of the corner of her eye, Nichelle saw that Kathryn had moved closer to her. The Oriental Hybrid offered her hand to her mate before kneeling in front of Willow. Giles had changed into his feral form and was bundled up in a large blanket, cradled in the Doctor's arm. Tara nodded at Joyce and gently stroked the top of the Owl's head. The shifting to their feral forms helps Hybrids heal quicker, because after each bone that is broken, hollowed, lengthened, or thickened, their body adapts to the injury and heal according to the amount of damage that has occured. Giles cooed lightly, shaking his head, still dazed.

"Goddess... well... Since you have everything settled down now... I'll take Giles to the Infirmary." Joyce voiced as she pushed off of the floor with one hand. The blonde Mistress nodded, giving a glance to Oriental woman petting and whispering lowly to her Cougar-Hybrid. She saw Oz stand and gave him a nod as he made a subtle movement that he should follow the Doctor. He trotted out the doors.

"I'll kill Drusilla for doing this to her." Tara muttered under her breath, a snarl twisted her face as she left the room. Kathryn moved to follow her Mistress, hesitating slightly to glance back at her lover. The Oriental woman waved for her to go on.

"Shh... It's alright." Nichelle whispered soothingly as Willow rocked back and forth on her knees. They had moved her from Mistress Tara's room to Nichelle's bedroom, in hopes to calm the Cougar-Hybrid. Willow had shifted back into her human form, terror shone brightly in her green eyes, her lips forming the word 'bad' again and again. The blonde Mistress had left her side with the encouragement, or rather forcefully removed, by Kathryn. This is just a mess.

"Willow. Willow, look at me." The Bovine-Hybrid ordered the redheaded girl. Willow paused in her rocking and closed her lips tightly, giving the Oriental woman a look before shaking her head and resuming her rocking, now a small whine emitted from the back of her throat. Nichelle frowned, sighing lightly before she stood up from her crouching position and moved to the window ledge. The Oriental Hybrid stroked the petals of the blue azaleas blooming on the windowsill as she tried to think of a way to get the poor girl out of her rut. Gotta give Drusilla credit. She knows how to skewer the brain until it's just a mass filled with holes. The raven-haired woman turned, leaning against the windowledge. What can we do to fix that? Ideas suddenly popped into her head, making her stand up straighter. She glanced at Willow to make sure the redhead was securely bound by the bedpost before rushing out of the room.

"Mistress... Please calm down. Giles is going to be alright, and Willow will be too." Kathryn tried to reason with the blonde. The Wolf-Hybrid was struggling to pacify her Mistress as the blonde paced vigorously throughout the armory. The strawberry blonde had just finished wrestling the weapons away from her Mistress tried to pick up in her rage. You are so lucky, Dru. If it weren't for us you'd be dust blowing in the air by now. "Slow down, you're gonna start a fire doing that."

The blonde Mistress jerked her gaze from the floor, halting her footsteps as she glared icily at Kathryn. "You are my subordinate, you are nothing more. I am the Mistress of this land and I am the leader of these people. You do not tell me what to do. Understood?"

The Wolf-Hyrbid blinked in suprise and grinned, "Yes, you are the Mistress of these lands and the leader of the people, and a subordinate I may be, but that is not all I am. I am your friend... And I suppose you forgot that, in a second that any of your subordinates even think you have commited a crime you dictated unnessessary and evil, we could overthrow you. Faith, Anya. You made it that way. That would be your downfall. So don't get angry with me." The strawberry blonde leaned back on a crate, letting her hands take the weight. Hazel-green eyes watched the blonde Mistress as her shoulders sagged, the look on her face made her look more vulnerable then ever.

"I hate that I'm not the same as the other Masters." Tara whispered, hugging herself. "If I were like Drusilla --"

"But you're not. Don't even think about it Tara." Kathryn spat threateningly. "I'll call Joyce and Nichelle right now and either medicate you or beat some sense in you. We love you the way you are, Mistress. Strong, kind and willing to fall this far for a Hybrid... It's alright to let yourself go every now and then, Tara..." Just be able to bring yourself back...

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