Author: Wiccanbotanist
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine (you know the drill) just playing with them.
Summary: A little vacation in San Francisco.
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"Oh look. That's us. Our name on a sign! Look at that. How very exciting." Willow babbled as she spotted a tall man in a black suit and driver's cap holding a sign that said Rosenberg-Maclay.

"Honey, we've had our name on a sign before."

"Yeah but Xander holding a sign obviously made by Dawn and Buffy when we got back from our honeymoon was not the same. I mean look at this guy, the suit and the hat." Willow said pointing to the driver. Although he did not smile, the amusement would have been obvious in his eyes, that was if he wasn't wearing sunglasses.

Tara smiled at the memory when the gang picked them up at the airport. "The rainbow colours were nice."

The entire limo ride to the hotel Willow and her curiosity poked and prodded everything inside the spacious vehicle babbling the while about the things she encountered. "Oh, minifridge!" Tara just smiled. Willow may have been acting like a 5 year old but at least she was relaxed. The last month had been hell. Willow had another big project, the car broke down, and bunch of other little things seemed to break or disappear. They really really needed the vacation.

Although Tara would be getting a little bit of work done while in San Francisco, Willow wasn't even allowed to bring her palm pilot, which was quite the task. But that was now forgotten as the limo provided an adequate distraction. Tara was also hoping to get in some other quality distract-Willow time during this vacation. Even the driver recognized a smile like what was now plastered on Tara's face.

When they arrived at the hotel they were met by a familiar brunette.

"Delaney." Tara said with a nod of acknowledgement.

"Tara and Willow. How was your flight?"

"Uneventful." Willow responded. She received a raised eyebrow, so the redhead continued. "Which is my way of saying it was fine because an event on a plane is usually a bad thing, and since there was no badness, and thus no events it was therefore uneventful."

"Gotcha. But not all events are bad things. The event tomorrow I would classify as a good thing."

"Right." Willow nodded.

"So you're the welcoming committee?" Tara asked.

"That would be correct. I've been told to take care of everything for you while you're here. I'm your official tour guide and vacation planner."

"Do you have an itinerary?" Willow asked.

"Sorry but no. I haven't planned your vacation for you but I have a few options for you apart from the few things you have to attend. Such as the party, you can't get out of that one. I've also been told that you have to come to the office sometime before the big to do tomorrow night. But you can pick when. There are also a number of touristy destinations including the piers and the parks. And we can't forget the shopping in there somewhere. And don't feel like you are forced to do any of these because I'm sure you'd like to relax and have some time to yourselves."

You could almost see the wheels turning in Willow's head as she sorted in her mind the options to work out an effective schedule, with the most efficient use of the time they had there, and including backups for any potential problems that would throw them off of the original schedule. She was cut short when a hand grabbed hers. One of the many magic pause buttons Tara had discovered on Willow.

"We should probably hit the office today. I would imagine there'd be more people in today. Tomorrow everyone is going to be preparing." Tara stated.

"It will be more like 'running around like chickens with their heads cut off." Delaney stated with a giggle.

"Everyone thinks that is an amusing image but in reality it isn't." After the look she received Tara decided to clarify. "What? I grew up on a farm."

There was a pause. "So what is the plan then?" Delaney broke the silence with her question.

Before Willow's brain got started again Tara voiced her plan. "Can we have a couple of hours, get settled in first?" Delaney nodded. "And then we can visit the office."

"Will two hours be enough?" Delaney asked.

"That should be fine."

"I'll see you in a bit then."

Tara placed her reading glasses on the bridge of her nose and reached for the stack of tourist maps and advertisements waiting patiently on the desk of their room while Willow performed her poke and prod process of the room. Tara was halfway through a pamphlet on an Alcatraz tour when she realised that Willow had stopped moving. She turned to find the redhead sitting on the bed staring at her.


It was then Tara noticed that look in the green eyes and the smile on Willow's lips.

"We don't have time."

"She gave us two hours."

Tara gave Willow a look that could only be interpreted as 'Like I said, we don't have time.'

"That isn't helping."

Tara still peering over her glasses raised an eyebrow.

"You with your sexy glasses. I kept thinking naughty thoughts the whole plane ride over."

That had not gone unnoticed by Tara by the certain way Willow's thumb would stroke the back of her hand. Tara had found it very distracting and ended up having to reread almost every paragraph. And they certainly hadn't been able to do anything about it. The flight started its descent shortly after ascending. It was just enough time to get up in the air, get your complimentary soda and get back on the ground again. Besides they officially got their membership in the 'Mile High Club' when they were younger when Giles had taken the gang to London 'for a holiday' as he called it.

Willow got up off the bed and headed towards Tara. "The idea has been planted. You won't be able to think of anything else. You don't want to be distracted while we visit The Magazine do you?"

Tara gulped. Resistance was futile, especially now that Willow was straddling her in the chair. But Tara really didn't mind the fact that she couldn't resist Willow.

"No, I really think it is in your best interest to le me ravish you right now." Willow's voice had softened towards the end of the sentence because her lips were now positioned next to Tara's ear, and they reached out starting to suck gently. Tara shivered, it passed through her spine and landed between her thighs starting a trickle of moisture, the first sign that a dam would soon be bursting. Maybe it wouldn't take long at all. Willows lips made their way along Tara's jaw line then up to capture Tara's. Tara broke the kiss and reached to take her glasses off.

"You can leave them on. I want you to be able to see me." Willow said as she pulled Tara's hand away from their destination.

"Honey even if I were blind I could still see you."

Willow reached for Tara's glasses and gently laid them down. "Have I ever told you how much I love you?"

"Every time you look at me."

Their lips met in a gentle but passionate kiss, their love flowing into each other at every point of contact. The hunger from before began to build once again, magnified by their declaration of love.

Lips began to press harder. The soft kisses turned into nips, stroking became pawing and hips started to grind. And the clothes need to come...

"Off." Willow said as she began to pull at Tara's shirt, and her lips went immediately back to nibbling on Tara's ear. There was difficulty in removing Tara's shirt because Willow's lips were quite reluctant to leave Tara's flesh. The bra was removed more quickly as Willow's lips realised they wanted better access to Tara's breasts.

Willow stood up slowly pulling Tara with her. When they met Willow's arms went protectively around Tara as she nuzzled the blonde's neck. Then, in a surprising swift movement Tara found her jeans on the floor, her back connecting with the soft mattress and hungry Willow lips upon her breast.

"Oh... Goddess..."

The redhead sucked greedily on each nipple, one then the other as her hands made their way to rid the last layer keeping Willow from her prize. Willow and the thin layer of cotton made their way down respectively. Her hands trailed back up Tara's legs until they too await the entrance. The nimble fingers toyed with the soft hairs before opening the moist lips.

Willow sat entranced at the sight of Tara open and waiting for her. She always paused enjoying the sight and smell until Tara would whimper with anticipation signalling Willow to dive right in.

She knew time was limited so her favourite past time of teasing Tara on the edge of orgasm would have to wait. Her tongue sought the swollen bundle of nerves immediately pressing and flicking then sucking. As Tara's hips began to buck Willow changed it up her wet muscle delving deep into Tara as her thumb tapped a beat on her clit. Tara was moaning loudly now and Willow could feel the muscles begin to grasp at her tongue.

The orgasm hit Tara fast and hard and the sweet juice flowed onto Willow's tongue. She greedily lapped up her favourite taste in the entire world. Willow cleaned the area thoroughly making sure not to let a drop go to waste. She slowly kissed her way back up Tara's body and settled in her arms where they lay a brief while.

"Uh, sweetie?" Willow asked.

"Hmm..." Replied Tara too satisfied to respond with words.

"We should probably take a shower."

Delaney sat in the lobby of the hotel, her cell phone pressed to her ear and looking at her watch.

"I gave them two hours and it has been two hours and..." She paused until the second hand crossed the 12. "...33 minutes."

"Did you really expect they'd be on time?" The voice on the other end said.

"No. Trust me I'm more amused than I am upset. Actually I'm glad. I'm thinking they need the vacation. They were looking a little ragged...."

Just then the elevator went 'ding' and Willow and Tara exited the lift.

"Well they certainly look happier and refreshed now."

"Just came in?" came from the phone.

"Yeah, I guess I have to get back to work now."

"You were working. Don't forget to ask Tara about what time we should meet on Saturday. Actually have her call me before you leave the office."

"Not a problem. You're on speed dial."


"Bye." Willow and Tara had reached Delaney as she pressed 'end' on her phone.

"Who you talking to?" Willow enquired.

"Police." Delaney said receiving worried looks. "I was about to file a missing persons report." But she couldn't hold a straight face for long.

"I'm sorry we're..." Tara started.

"Don't worry about it." Delaney interrupted. "And I was just joking. Lana wants to know when we should meet on Saturday. We can call her back at the office."


"Come on, the driver's waiting."

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