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Hi folks. You've probably noticed by now that there hasn't been an update in a while - unfortunately, that's going to continue for the forseeable future. Due to a big change in circumstances I'm spending far less time at home in front of my PC than I used to, with the result that I no longer have the free time to keep up with reading and archiving stories. Looking-glass will not shut down, and the 400+ stories here will remain available for as long as I can pay for the hosting (which is pocket change - it's just text, after all, the bandwidth use is negligable compared to most websites), but unfortunately there won't be any regular updates for, well, some time at the least.

Luckily there are other places to find Willow/Tara stories:

Willow/Tara Fiction Archive for W/T stories specifically,

The Mystic Muse for a wide range of Buffy/Angel stories,

and The Kitten Board, and its 'Different Colored Pens' fan fiction section.

Thanks to all the authors who've contributed over the years, and all the readers who have enjoyed their work and encouraged them, as well as those who've contacted me about the site - it's with great regret that I'm drawing this chapter to a close. Best wishes to you all, and wherever you are, spare a moment now and then to send Willow and Tara a mental hug for making us all a little bit happier in our lives.

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