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A Woman in Uniform

Author: Umgaynow
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters... if I did they would certainly have a lot more fun than under the rule of the evil ME empire... I am only using them briefly for my own nefarious and vicarious purposes... I promise to put them back where I found them when I'm done, perhaps slightly rumpled, but not soiled.
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Willow pulled up outside the brownstone and jumped out of her car, flashing her badge at the officer on the door when he stopped her.

"Sorry Ma'am... didn't recognize you out of uniform... third floor on the left... elevator's busted... gotta take the stairs."

Oh goody! "Thanks."

The redhead trudged up the poorly lit stairwell, her mind far from her work. Where the hell is Tara? God, please let her be alright... I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to her... wait... yes I do... I'd find the sonofabitch that hurt her and devote the rest of my life to making him suffer. Her hands balled into fists, the short nails digging into her palms waking her up. Come on, Rosenberg... pull it together... a woman's been murdered here... worrying about Tara isn't going to help anyone but the makers of Rolaids... get your mind on the job, damn it! You're supposed to be a professional... snap out if it!

Finally reaching the third floor, Willow found the apartment in question, all that yellow crime scene tape made it a little hard to miss. Once again she flashed her badge at the uniform on the door, ducking under the tape. She stood still a moment, taking in the lay of the apartment. No sign of a struggle, everything in its proper place, all seemed perfectly normal, if not for the body being zipped into a black plastic bag. Inwardly, she thanked the powers that be that she hadn't had to see that rictus grin again. She still saw the previous five in her dreams every night. Well, every night except last night.

Taking a deep breath, she approached the lead detective, "Hey, Fred... got anything?"

"Hi Will... not so much... same MO as the others."

"Any witnesses at all?"

"Well, there's one guy... says he saw a hot blonde in leather lurking out front, but we haven't got anything else to connect it."

"Did you get a good enough description for a sketch... maybe a mug search?"

"Naaaa... too dark... he didn't get a good look at her face."

"Let me guess... he was looking at something else."

"Yup... kinda hard to put out an APB on a hot blonde with great tits."

Willow shook her head, "Forensics been in yet?"

"They're in there right now."

"Any security cameras in this building?"

"Uh-huh... Harris is downstairs getting the tapes now."

"OK... I'll check those out... anything else for me?"

"Nothing we can do right now... you got a lead?"

"I wish... just something I need to check out."

"Alright then... go ahead... I'll let you know if we get anything interesting."

"K... g'night Fred."

"And Rosenberg..."


"Get some sleep... you look like hell."

"Gee thanks, Fred."

Willow flew down the stairs, jumped into her Mustang without opening the door, made an illegal U-turn and burned rubber toward Tall Oaks. Please be OK, baby... please! I couldn't stand it if I lost you now... I only just found you... grrrrr... stupid red light... oh man, come on! Thank you... I'm gonna find her... oh yes... and when I do I'm going to take her in my arms and never let go... I'm gonna make her stay.

Pulling up to Tara's campsite, Willow's worst fears were confirmed. There was no sign of life. She took her flash and peered in through the back window. No Tara. Shit! Checking the truck, she found the hood stone cold and Tara's bike was nowhere to be seen. Damn it... it's been hours... where are you, baby? "Fuck," she grumbled out loud, "What do I do now?"

The redhead pulled out her notpad and scratched out a message, tucking it under the wiper blade.

Where are you, darlin? I checked The Pump and then here and no Tara <pout> No Tara is never a good thing. I'm really kinda frantic here, me! I love you, Willow
PS - Gus is really pissed

Willow spent the next few hours slowly driving every street in and around Sunnydale, keeping an eye out for any sign of Tara or her bike. She checked her messages time and again, but the blonde hadn't called. When there was nowhere left to search and the sky was beginning to lighten, she stopped off for a mocha, taking secret pleasure in seeing a very flustered Gus talking to a guy with a clipboard. After a quick pee call, she checked her messages fruitlessly one last time, then headed back to Tall Oaks.

The redhead was both thrilled and a little terrified when she reached her destination. There was Tara's bike, leaning against a tree, but the front wheel was horribly bent and the handlebars were hanging askew. She leapt out of the car and ran to the back of the truck, pounding on the door. Nothing. She checked around front, the note was still there. Aaaarrrggghhh...

Willow was back in her car, digging frantically in the glovebox for her lockpicks, when she heard a door slam. She turned toward the sound and saw Tara limping toward her, dressed in only boxers and a tanktop, a towel wrapped around her head. As she drew nearer, Willow could plainly see purple bruises and scrapes all over her right arm and leg. She ran to the blonde, throwing her arms around her and holding her tight, tears in her eyes.

"OW... OW... easy there..."

"Sorry, baby," she loosened her grip a little, "God, Tara... where have you been? I was so worried... I've been out all night looking for you... I've been going crazy... I don't know what I'd do if... oh, I love you so much..."

Tara stopped the babble with her lips, "I love you too, honey... it's been a rough night though... and I'm not so sure about PDA out here... let's take this inside, OK?"

"Oh, Sweetie... I'm sorry... let's get you inside and into bed... are you OK?"

Tara smiled at her nervous, yet nurturing lover, "I'll be alright in a few days... don't know if I'm quite up to the bed thing though," she teased.

Willow lifted the blonde into the truck, despite her protests and helped her over to the futon couch. Tara scooted over, making room for her honey.

"No... you lay down... I'll sit here," the redhead insisted, sinking to the floor.


"What happened,Tara?" Willow asked, tossing the towel aside and brushing her damp hair, wincing at the closeup view of her battered body.

"Mmm, that's nice."


"I had a bad night," the blonde was being stoic.

"You have a real gift for the obvious... did you know that?" she said kissing her gently, "Please... tell me, baby." "Would you believe me if I told you that I spent most of the night stuck in an elevator?"

"Was that before or after your failed foray into stunt riding?"

Tara chuckled painfully, kissing her redhead, "Before... I was going to see this guy with a band about a more longterm gig... I figured I could get an audition in... between sets, you know... and I ended up stuck in that damned elevator for like four hours... I've never had to to pee so bad in my life."

"Did you say longterm?" Willow asked hopefully.

Tara flashed her that adorable crooked grin, running her fingers through red hair. "I knew I couldn't slip that one by you, my little Sherlock... but that's out of the question now."

Willow pouted, studying the floor, "Why is it out of the question? Did I do something? Is this because of last night? I'm being too possessive aren't I? Am I moving too fast for you? I'm such an asshole."

"Darling... breathe... no, it's nothing you did," she pointed to the mangled guitar on the floor, "And you're not an asshole... I don't make a habit of falling in love with assholes, as a rule."

"Oh, Tara... your beautiful guitar... I'm sorry."

The blonde shrugged, "It's not your fault... if anyone's to blame it's that stupid rabbit," Willow tilted her head like the RCA dog. "Your so cute," Tara patted her like the puppy she resembled. "It ran out in front of me when I was on my way home... I swerved to miss it... hit some soft sand... and got into an argument with a tree... obviously I lost... then I had to walk three miles home."

Willow laughed out loud.

"I'm glad you find my pain so amusing."

"Oh no, sweetie... it's just... well, Anya... she's convinced that bunnies are evil... I'll have to tell her about this."

"OK, that's really weird... and yet, somehow considering the source, not at all surprising."

Willow stroked Tara's bruised arm gently, "And I don't find your pain amusing, baby... I hate it. I was a wreck last night... thinking that something had happened to you... I haven't even been to bed yet... I was too busy plotting revenge against whoever it was that hurt you."

"I love you too, Willow," The blonde tugged at her lover's hand, pulling her up on the couch, "Revenge huh? What were you planning? Maybe flay the guy alive then try to end the world? See how idiotic that sounds?"

"I'm so glad you're OK... well, sort of anyway," she ran her fingers lightly along Tara's banged up leg.

"Yeah, I'm great... no bike... no guitar... no job... then again, I do have you," she smiled.

"Well, I plan on having a little chat with your buddy, Gus... he said some things last night that I won't repeat... he's just lucky it was over the phone or I would have gone all police brutality on his ass... anyway, don't worry... when you're all healed up and ready to go back to work, you'll have a job... I"ll see to that."

"My hero... you're so cute when you're tough," she kissed Willow's forehead, "But it's kinda hard to perform without my guitar... incidentally, I don't recall a certain hot redhead showing up at my gig last night."

"Yeah, well... you're not the only one who got a visit from The Shitty Day Fairy... I got stuck at work, buried under a mountain of reports and then when I was getting ready to come see you I got beeped again," she took a deep breath and let it out as a heavy sigh, "There was another murder last night," she started to cry and was immediately enveloped in loving arms. "I hate this... I hate that another woman had to die because I'm too stupid to figure out who's doing this."

"Oh, sweetie... no... you are the last person on earth anyone would call stupid... you'll solve this... I know you will... one of these days, whoever is doing this is going to make just the tiniest mistake... and my baby'll be right there to bust their ass... I know how tenacious you are... oh yeah, I do... and I know that if anyone can crack this case, it's my redhead." She rubbed Willow's back, trying to quiet her sobs. "Oh, honey..." Tara whispered, holding her lover tighter in her arms, "You're so tense... we need to do something about that... think you have the strength to help me up the stairs?"

With no small amount of groaning and effort, the pair made it up to the loft. Once they'd reached their destination, Tara slipped the jacket off the redhead's shoulders, stepping back when she saw the holster.

"Yikes, I'll let you take that off... guns give me the willies," she shuddered visibly, "You know me, stereotypical hippie pacifist."

Willow slipped the harness off, hanging it over the back of the chair. "Yeah, well... this gun has saved my life on more than one ocassion."

"Oh, OK then... I love guns... this one, anyway," she teased, unbuttoning her lover's pants.

"Uh, Tara... it's not that I don't want... um... I mean... do you really think you're in any shape to be..."

"Not really what I had in mind, love... I just find it's easier to relax without the confinement of clothes."

"Oh... OK," the redhead started lifting her t-shirt, when soft hands stopped her.

"I'm not sure my willpower is that strong, sweetie...better leave the tee and undies, I think."

Tara kissed her gently and pulled her down onto the bed, lying flat on her back, the redhead falling on top of her. "Now I want you to lie right here," she patted the spot beside her, "Just like last night, only in reverse... put your arm around me here... and your head on my chest." Willow did as she was told, nibbling at her lover's neck. "Oooooo... I mean... hey... none of that... we're supposed to be relaxing here... oh... that's good... but definitely not... mmmm... relaxing... quit it!" Tara scolded playfully, taking hold of the small hand that rested on her stomach and reaching her other arm around the redhead's shoulder to rub her back.

"Mmmmm... this is nice."

"Well, yes... that is the general idea... now I want you to do something for me... oooh... not that! It's a sort of meditation exercise."


"Very funny," Tara gave her a playful swat, "Now I want you to put your ear to my heart... can you hear that? I want you to try and empty your mind... breathe slowly and deeply... just like I am... don't think about anything but the sound of that beat... then try to get your heart and respiration to synchronize with mine, OK?"

"Is it cheating if I do something to make your heart speed up so it matches mine?"

"Later, baby... when we're both feeling better... I promise... now concentrate... I'm trying to help here... but it won't work if you fight me... let me help you, Willow." she whispered, lovingly.

As the redhead fell silent and synched her breathing with Tara's own, the blonde resumed rubbing her back, doing her best to infuse her lover with good, healthy, calming energy.

"I love you, Tara."

"I love you too, sweetie... now shhh."

Soon both women were out like a light... sleeping like babies... well, except for the whole peeing and drooling thing.

A few hours later, Tara was awakened by the sensation of Willow kissing her booboos.

"Mmmmmm... hi lover... feeling better now?"

"Best sleep in a long time, baby... thanks... speaking of time, how late is it?"

"Around noon... you have to go?"

"Well, I don't have to be at work for a few hours yet... but I have a couple of things I need to do before then... you feeling up to a trip into town?"

"What did you have in mind?"

"Well... I have a wee bit of shopping I need to do, maybe grab a bite somewhere and then I have a little surprise for you back at my place."

"A surprise at your place huh?" Tara teased, quirking an eyebrow, "This isn't one of those cheezy come back to my place and see my etchings lines is it?"

"Cute... but no... how would you feel about getting a little power between your legs?"

"Willow! You vixen... I think I may still be a bit sore for that yet."

"You'll love it... I promise... now get dressed."

"Yes sir, officer sir," the silly blonde saluted her lover, "You're so cute when you're commanding."

As they walked into the Radio Shack, Tara asked, "So, what are we shopping for today?"

"A little something for my mental health."

"They have do-it-yourself electric shock treatment now?"

"Close... but no... after last night, I figured it was time to break down and get my very own cell phone... and I'm getting one for you too."

"Willow... I don't..."

"Listen, Maclay... I don't care if you're a techno-phobe or a Neo-Luddite or if you think there are little men in the phone who steal your thoughts... I never want to go through another night like last night," she said a little more forcefully than she intended, "I'll feel a lot better knowing I can reach you when I need to, OK?" she softened.

Tara smiled at her protective and devoted lover,"Can we get the kind with text messaging so I can send you naughty notes at work?"

"Vixen... text messaging it is."

As they walked out into the blazing early afternoon sun, Tara stretched mightily, commanding the redhead's full attention. "You know, if I didn't know better, I'd swear I could feel someone staring at my ass," she teased.

Willow blushed, "So, is there anything else you need while we're here?" she asked sheepishly.

"Nothing I can buy in a store," the blonde purred seductively.

"Hey... now none of that... Miss Walking Wounded."

"I know... I know... can I help it if you're irresistible?" she sighed, "Actually, is there a music store around here someplace? I need to see if I can find a cheap guitar... gotta keep food on the table somehow, ya know."

"I think there's one a few blocks up... can you handle the walk or should we take the 'Stang?"

"Mmmmmm... let's walk... it's such a beautiful day."

"Not as beautiful as you, my love."

"Oh Willow... you're so corny... that's one of the things I love about you."

"Oooh, look at that one," Tara pointed to a guitar hanging on the wall behind the counter, "It's the same color as your hair."

"Excuse me, sir," Willow called out to the clerk, "We'd like to see that one please."

"Willow!" Tara screeched through her teeth," That is a Martin D-5... as in vintage... as in four digit price not including the pennies."

"My baby deserves the best... besides, it can't hurt to look at it."

"I'd have to sell my truck and my body to afford that thing."

"Well, I really don't need a truck, but..."

"If you finish that sentence I'll kill you." she teased.

"An excellent choice ma'am," the clerk crooned obsequiously as he approached, "Would you like to try it?"

Willow pointed to Tara. "It's b-b-beautiful," the blonde stammered, "But really, I'm looking for something a little more... um... how shall I put this... utilitarian."

"Oh... go ahead... just try it," Willow goaded.

Tara took the Martin in her hands like it was the Holy Grail.

"Ah yes, the Rolls Royce of acoustic guitars," the clerk wheedled. Somebody's working on commission.

"I'm afraid to even touch it, let alone play it," Tara whispered.

"Oh, go ahead," Willow and the toady said in stereo.

Gingerly, Tara launched into the lead in of At Last shooting Willow a sexy half grin. The music that flowed from her fingertips made her old guitar sound like a rubber band stretched across an oatmeal box.

"Wow!" Willow exclaimed, "With the exception of your voice, that is the moist beautiful thing I have ever heard."

"Madam is quite talented." Oh, give it up buddy... go lick someone else's ass for a while.

Tara blushed, handing the guitar back to him, "Thank you very much... but really we're just looking."

The clerk walked away sulking over his lost commission and Tara walked out of the store, leaving Willow to catch up.

"Let me buy it for you," Willow pleaded as they walked, "A voice like yours deserves a guitar to match."

"I can't, Willow... thank you... but it's too much... I'd feel weird."

"Aw, come on... what good is being a trust fund baby if I can't spoil my sweetie?" she pouted.


"Can I ask you a question?"


"Do you believe in soulmates?"

The blonde looked at Willow with absolute love in her eyes, "Oh yes."

"OK then... well, I believe you're mine and I'm pretty sure you feel the same way... otherwise I can't imagine you would have slept with me when we'd only known each other one day... we belong together you and I."

Tara nodded in agreement. "In that case, would you refuse if I bought you a diamond ring?" Tara stared at her, dumbfounded. "Well, that costs a lot more than a guitar, right? I mean, if you love me as much as I love you..."

"You know I do baby, but..."

"Well, the way I look at it... you and I are a permanent couple... it doesn't matter how long we've known each other... I think we both know that's true," Tara nodded, "So couldn't we just think of it as an engagement guitar? I know it doesn't fit on your finger... and OK, so technically it's not really an engagement... cuz hello... two women... can't get married... well not legally anyway, but..."

Tara shook her head in frustration and got into the car.

"Tara? Baby?"

The blonde leaned across the seat and kissed her lover deeply and sensually, which had the desired effect of leaving the redhead speechless.

"I love you, Will... and I understand that you want to help me out...I know you don't have some dark ulterior motive or something... well, except maybe taking it out in trade," she winked, "But it's getting late... we'll talk about it later, OK?"

A still Tara-kiss dazed redhead mumbled, "Talk... later... yes... more please."

"I think you've had enough," the blue-eyed beauty teased, "You're driving."

"What if I let you drive?"

"You'd let me drive the 'Stang?" Tara asked truly amazed.

"More," Willow pouted, closing her eyes and waiting to be kissed.

"Keys first."

"You know me too well, damn it."

"Actually sweetie... I barely know you at all... but I do get you."

"I know," the redhead sighed dreamily, "Isn't it cool?"

Tara smiled at her besotted lover, "We really do need to spend some quality time vertical one of these days and do the getting to know you thing."

"Uh-huh," Willow mumbled, still waiting for another kiss.

The blonde snatched the keys out of Willow's hand and delivered a searing, soul-stealing smooch that left her lover staring into blank space, still as a statue. Tara nudged her catatonic sweetie over to the passenger side and slid in behind the wheel, revving the engine and checking her coolness factor in the sideview. Ooh, hot Mama... look at you! Now this I could definitely get used to... oh yeah.

"Buckle up, baby... t's time to jet over to your place and see about that surprise you promised me."

After a few blocks, Willow regained the ability to process thought. "Damn woman, what do you do... put novocaine in your lipstick?"

"Maybe it's magic... naaa... not really... just pure raw talent," she teased.

"Well, you certainly have that raw part right," she squirmed in her seat uncomfortably, unable to miss the blonde's self-satisfied grin.

As Tara drove, Willow played with her new toys. "These are so cool... look... there's all these songs you can program as ringtones... and games too... oooooo... and you can even set it to vibrate."

"Willow... don't even think about it."

"What?" the redhead asked guiltily.

"You are not going to carry it in your front pocket and give everyone you know the number, just so you can get cheap thrills."

"Uh-uh... I wasn't gonna," she whined, like a child who'd been caught with her hand in the cookie jar, "Anyway, they wouldn't be cheap thrills... this phone was expensive."

When they got to Revello Drive, Tara was like a giddy child, "Ooh, I get my surprise now, right?"

"Oh, I don't know... I might need some kisses first."

Tara pouted a little then gave her redhead another scorching kiss, "OK... surprise now."

"Um... what?"


"I don't think so... I need more kisses... plus I want to go in and change, come on," she tugged the blonde's hand, pulling her out of the car.

"This is a really beautiful house, Willow," Tara whispered in her ear as she hugged her from behind, greatly inhibiting the redhead's attempt at unlocking the door.

Willow turned in her arms and gave her a sultry stare. "Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly."

"You doofus," Tara giggled, nipping at her neck as they walked through the door, "And, Will... I wanted to thank you... for my phone... I have to admit, it was a good idea."

"Would you expect anything less?" She pulled the blonde into her arms, kissing her thoroughly. The two women were standing in the foyer smooching heavily, when Buffy came in.

"Aha! Rosenberg, you little rat... did you steal my phone again?"

The lovers jumped apart like two magnets with matching poles. "Ooops, hi Buff... sorry... emergency type thing," she apologized, handing it over.

"No sweat... you must be Tara... or rather, considering what you were doing when I came in, you'd better be Tara," she teased, extending her hand in greeting, "I'm Buffy."

Tara shook the hand shyly, loking at the floor, "Hi..."

"It's OK, baby... she's nothing like those other two." Tara relaxed visibly.

"Already met Faith and Anya, huh?" The taller blonde blushed, hiding behind her hair.

"Well, it's good to finally meet you after all the babble I've heard from Will, here." Tara shot her lover a look. "Oh no... all good... I promise... goody good good... yup," she assured her, winking. "Anyway, I need to get down to the stationhouse... I hope we get a chance to chat again when there's more time."

"Um, Thanks Buffy... me too."

"Anyone who can make Wills smile like that in the morning is definitely worth knowing... but maybe, if you have that kind of influence, you could talk her into not singing quite so early?"

Willow stood there speechless, staring at her best friend, not that she could have gotten a word in edgewise, anyway.

"Seeya later, Wills," the petite blonde stepped out onto the porch, "Keep an eye on this one for me, OK Tara? I really wouldn't like it if she got hurt... bye now."

After the door closed, Tara turned to her lover, "Um, baby? Was that a veiled threat or am I just being paranoid?"

"No veil... but don't mind Buffy... we've been best buds since high school... she's just being protecto gal."

"Is she always that... um... energetic?"

"I keep telling her that many decaf brands are just as tasty but she won't listen."

"And which are you today, my love? The pot or the kettle?"

"Which would you prefer?" the redhead waggled her eyebrows.

"So... Buffy mentioned getting to the station... is she a cop too?"

"Firefighter... EMT."


"You got a thing for women in uniform or something?"

"Just one, baby... just one."

"Come on up to my bedroom, lover." She took Tara's hand, leading her up the stairs.

"Oh... am I gonna get it up there?"

"You never know, you might get lucky... but I thought you said you were too sore," the redhead teased.

"My surprise, you goof," Tara realized she'd been set up, "Oh, you are just mean."

"You'll get it, don't worry... I just want to change first... I thought I might even have a quick shower, if you'd like to watch...or join me."


Tara sat on the bed and watched as Willow disrobed, "You really are a tease... it doesn't take that long to pick up a pair of shoes."

"Oh yeah... I'm sure you really minded that a lot."

"Well, if I'm forced to admit it... it is a very nice view."

Down to her bra and panties, Willow ran and leapt at Tara, pushing her down on the bed and straddling her.

"Ooooh... frisky Willow... I like this... but... OW... watch the booboos, OK?"

"You know I'd never hurt you, baby," she said between nibbles at Tara's neck, "Unless of course you asked me to."

"Oh my... what's got into you?" she giggled.

"I think it's more a case of what hasn't... not in several hours anyway... I need a Tara fix."

"You do, huh?" the blonde teased, sucking at her lover's lower lip.

"You want to see the note from my doctor?"

Tara laughed at her silly redhead, "Do you know how much I love you?"

"Why don't you show me?" Willow whispered huskily, slipping her hands under her lover's shirt, running her palms over erect nipples through the silky fabric of Tara's bra.

"What about my surprise? I know this isn't it... you wanting sex just isn't surprising at all."

"Perhaps not... but it's fun isn't i..."

Tara stopped Willow's lips with a searing kiss, "I seem to recall you saying something about needing more kisses first..." she sucked at the redhead's pulsepoint. "Was there any... kiss... particular... lick... place... nibble... that... kiss... you wanted... bite... them?"

"Mmmmmmmmm... I'm not... oooo... picky... what you're... oh... doing is just... mmmmm yes... fine... oh yeah."

"Well, you know... I do want my prize," she pinched Willow's nipple through her bra, her lover doing the same right back to her, "Ooooh... so I really want... Oh Willow... to do this... mmm... right."

"Well, there is one problem I can forsee," she ran her tongue around the whorls of Tara's cute ear.

"Uh-huh... and what might that... uh... be?"

"Too many... clothes," she moaned huskily.

"Now we can't have that... clothes in the shower... well, that's just not right."

"Shower, huh?" the redhead kissed her slowly and sensually, grabbing hold of her firm ass and grinding against her.

"Eventually," the sultry blonde purred, capturing Willow's lips again, launching a concerted attack with her tongue, she reached up to unfasten the clasp on the front of the redhead's bra.

Pulling her tongue back into her own mouth, Willow's following, the blonde hooked her fingers into her lover's panties, pushing them down over her ass, as their tongue battle continued at more of a skirmish level. Suddenly, Willow found herself on her back, Tara skimming her panties down her legs, following them with her lips. Oh my... take charge Tara... OK. The blue-eyed beauty threw the panties over her shoulder and moved back up the redhead's body, taking one teasing lick at her dripping curls, before rising up on her hands and knees, feasting on the small pert breasts.

"Oh... oooh Tara... baby... mmmm... wait... oh God."

Tara stilled her tongue, looking up at her, "Is there something wrong, sweetie?"

The redhead gestured between her own nakedness and Tara's fully clothed body, "I'm noticing a certain inequity here."

"Not working for you, huh?"

"Clothes... off... now," she looked over Tara's shoulder, "You might want to close that door, too... people are always traipsing in and out of here... you woudn't want Buffy... or eeeww Faith and Anya watching us would you?"

Tara shuddered and hopped off the bed, shedding her clothes as she walked to the door. Willow watched the impromptu striptease appreciatively. Just as she got to the bed, the blonde untied her wrap skirt, which fell in a pool around her feet.

"Tara! Is this no panties thing getting to be a regular habit with you?"

"Only when I'm with you, baby... otherwise I'd never have any clean undies."

"I wish I'd known that earlier, we could have had fun during lunch.

"Oh really?" her eyebrow shot up to her hairline, "You are a naughty one aren't you?"

"Come back down here and I'll show you just how naughty."

Tara crawled up the bed, straddling her lover once again. She wriggled atop her, her hot juices dripping on Willow's stomach.

The redhead reached out for the source of the wetness and Tara moved away, just out of her grasp. "I don't think so... I need my surprise, so there's still those kisses I owe you." She descended on Willow's lips, kissing her possessively, small hands tangling in her hair.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm... OK then... ooooooooo," the redhead acquiesced.

Her lips never leaving Willow's, the blonde seized her lover's breasts, kneading the supple flesh, pressing into the nipples with her thumbs, her pelvis grinding into the one beneath her. Running her fingers over the pebbled skin, she caught the pink buds between each pair of digits, squeezing them relentlessly. The redhead's hands travelled to Tara's firm behind, pulling her closer with her legs, grinding against her wet center as she moaned into her demanding mouth.

Tara, however, had ideas of her own. Pulling away from her lover's lips, she ran her tongue down the redhead's neck, along her collarbone and into the valley between her breasts. She laved the soft pillows with her tongue, taking in mouthfuls of flesh, sucking and nibbling, then running her tongue around the achingly erect nubs one at a time, flicking at them with her strong oral muscle, while her hands travelled lower. Sliding off to the side a bit, she slipped her hand between their bodies, tugging at the wet coppery curls, fingers running between Willow's swollen lips, collecting her juices, her lover crying out as the blonde grazed her throbbing clit. Much sooner than Willow would have liked, Tara pulled her hand away, fingers shining with the redhead's luscious cream. Then she painted a line from Willow's navel up to her breasts, coating her bruised nipples with her own wetness. Gazing into emerald eyes that were several shades darker than she'd ever seen them, Tara licked and sucked the remaining juices from her fingers with gusto.

"Mmmmmmm yummy... and it's all mine," the blonde purred in a tone Willow had never heard her use before, but somehow it made her think of their first meeting and all that leather. GULP

"Whose is it, baby?"

"Yours Tara... only yours."

The blonde grinned wickedly, then began retracing the path she'd made, this time with the full breadth of her tongue, her thigh pressing hard into the dripping source of her luscious treat. The redhead was moaning loudly and clutching at the sheets, her full concentration focused on not cumming. Tara hadn't said anything, but somehow, she had the feeling she was supposed to wait.

When Tara arrived at Willow's glistening nipple, she slowly took it between her lips, sucking at it like a piece of candy. "Oh, baby... you taste soooo good..." she licked at it again, locking eyes with her lover the whole time. "Do you want a taste?" she purred.

"Oh yes," Willow gasped.

Tara reached down between her own legs, rubbing at her dripping center and moaning, fingers slipping between her slick lips as Willow watched in aroused awe. Just when the redhead was sure that her lover was going to masturbate herself to orgasm, Tara pulled her hand away and brought it up to Willow's face.

"Do you want to taste me, baby?"

"Please Tara... please..."

"OK..." The blonde ran her tongue along the tips of her fingers, licking at the abundant juices that had collected there. "Mmmmmm... almost as good as yours."

Willow was struck speechless by this vixeny temptress who had somehow replaced her shy lover, not that she was complaining, mind you. Her own juices coating her tongue, Tara slipped it into Willow's waiting mouth, kissing her forcefully, playing keep away so that the redhead could just barely taste her.

"So... what do you think?"

"Oh God... Tara... moooorrree..."

"Aren't we the greedy little thing, though," she teased, painting her wetness onto Willow's mouth like lipstick. The redhead moaning loudly at the scent of her lover right under her nose.

"Oh baby... soooo hot... you smell so good."

Tara kissed her slowly, her sweet juices smearing over both pairs of lips, tongues tasting and licking, Willow practically hyperventilating. "You like that, baby?"

"Mmmmmmm... Tarajuice."

"Yes... mmmmmmmmm," she took the remaining wetness on her fingers and painted over the Willow flavored nipple that she had not yet tasted, then descended to take it into her mouth, sucking hard so that the redhead had to bite her lip to keep from cumming. Mmmmmmmmm Tara flavored.

"We taste good together," she smiled.

The blonde lightly traced Willow's nipple with her tongue, then bit down hard, suddenly shoving three fingers into the redhead's core.

"Oh Tara... so good... baby... yes..." Willow cried out, arching up off the bed, "More, baby... please."

The blonde slipped a fourth finger into her lover and started pumping hard, all the while kissing her neck and sucking at her earlobes. She was driving Willow crazy. So strong... so demanding... so freakin' hot! The redhead's eyes were clamped shut, colors flashing behind them as tidal waves of pleasure coursed through her straining body.

"Willow," the sultry voice commanded, "Look at me... open your eyes... I want to show you something."

The redhead opened her eyes to see that Tara, while she relentlessly pistoned in and out of her, was playing with her own center at the same time. Willow could see the wetness glistening half way down the insides of the blonde's thighs.

"Oh God, Willow... you make me so hot... it's like you turn me into a whole other person... some crazed sex kitten... mmmmm... unnnggghh... oh yes... and I like it... see what you do to me, lover? How wet you make me..."

"Oh Tara baby, please... please... I want to taste you... please," she pleaded.

The blue-eyed temptress pulled her hand from her dripping core and rubbed it all over her voluptuous breasts, never stopping her motion inside the redhead for a second, then leaned down and fed them to Willow, who more than gratefully feasted upon them. The redhead's tongue was all over Tara's full breasts, sucking at them, licking them, trying to get every last drop of the blonde's delicious honey. Raising her leg between Tara's, she ground against the dripping golden curls, causing her lover to buck and pant so, that the sweat from her sodden hair sprayed all over Willow's hot skin.

"Oh Willow, baby... sooo good... oh God... so close, baby... so close... cum with me... my love... mmmm... ooooo... uuunnggh... Willoooow... yesss..."

The redhead bit down on her lover's nipple just as she felt Tara pinch her clit hard, thrusting into her like a madwoman. Willow couldn't hold back for another second, she exploded like a volcano, lifting the blonde all the way off the bed with the force of her arching.

"Oh Taraaaaaaa... oooooooh... sooo gooood... ungh... oooo... I love you, baby... oh... oh... mmmmmmmmm."

As soon as she got the words out, Willow felt Tara's hot cum drenching her thigh, dripping onto her own soaking wet core. The blonde collapsed on top of her, fingers still inside her redhead's clenching channel. Breathlessly, she kissed her lover, pulling out once the aftershocks ceased.

"Oh, Willow baby... I love you so much... you're the best."

"MMmmmm... I love you too Tara... that was... um... well..."

"So much for behaving until I'm healed, huh?"

"Definitely a moot point."

"Mooter than moot... hey, what are you laughing about?"



"Oh sorry... I was just thinking... she used to think it was a moose point."

"Are all your friends insane?"

"Yup... you'll fit right in... so... um... Tara..."

"Yes my love?"

"Does this vixeny alter ego of yours make frequent appearances? I kept thinking I ought to be calling you mistress."

"Oh Willow..." she hung her head, blushing, "I'm sorry... was it too much? Sometimes I just... well... sometimes I get nasty when I'm horny."

Willow lifted Tara's chin, forcing her to look her in the eye, "Baby... you don't have to apologize... I love you... I love every part of you... anyway, that was the sexiest thing I've ever..."

"You liked it?" the blonde smiled crookedly.

"Couldn't you tell?"

"I love you Willow Rosenberg," she kissed her tenderly, "So tell me..."


"Are those handcuffs strictly for work usage?"

Willow burst out laughing, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"OK fine... forget I mentioned it."

"Oh, baby... no... I didn't mean... not at all... I was just thinking back to the first time I saw you... in all that leather... let's just say I was having similar thoughts."


"Uh-huh... so Tara?"

"Yes?" she purred.

"Is that leather just for festivals?"

"I have a feeling we'll be spending more time at your place... after all, I don't have a headboard... maybe when I get some work I can buy one."

The redhead smiled, then her eyes shot open wide, "Oh shit... work!"

"Yet another itinerary bites the dust... struck down by spontaneous lovin'..." Tara teased, "Sorry baby."

"Oh... you so don't have to apologize... but I'm thinking separate showers might be a good idea."

"But what about my surprise... is there still time?"

"I'll show you on the way out," Willow kissed Tara lovingly then ran for the bathroom like The White Rabbit on his way to the Queen's garden party.

Once they were both showered and dressed, Tara in one of her lover's tops, which was definitely too small but oh baby! and Willow in some deceptively respectable looking work clothes, the redhead escorted her lover out to the garage.

"Close your eyes, baby."

"You keep your sex toys in the garage?" Tara teased.

"Who needs toys when I have you, my little Energizer Bunny," she patted Tara's ass. "Hey... no peeking!"

The blonde heard Willow futzing around with something that sounded like a tarp, "OK baby, you can look now."

When Tara opened her eyes, the redhead was dangling a set of keys in front of her face.

"Oh... you're giving me the 'Stang?"

"Nice try... but no," she gestured toward the corner, posing like a game show hostess.

"A scooter? How cute."

"I thought you might like to borrow it... since your bike is all trashed and everything... and look... there's even a sidecar for your guitar... well, if you had one."

"You're so sweet, baby... I love it," she kissed her for emphasis, "Thank you, darlin'..."

"Of course I was all with the geekin' when I drove it in high school... but if it can make my baby smile like that... then all those years of teasing... well worth it."

"Oh, I bet you were adorable... anyway, I've always had a thing for those geeky intellectual types... so tell me..."

"Yeah, baby?"

"Chess club or Mathletes?"

"Um... both."

"Oooh... hot mama... you're gonna make me wet again," she teased, "I so would have been crushing on you back then."

"Is it any wonder I love you?" WIllow smiled, kissing her gently.

"So... shall I give her a try?"

"Start 'er up."

Tara climbed onto the seat and turned the key, it started up on the first try, purring like a kitten. "Cool," she giggled.

"Great... I hate to say it darlin', but I really should think about getting going... you gonna be OK on that thing? Should we take a spin around the block so I can show you how it works?"

"I think I'll be OK... I used to drive my brother's Harley... I don't think a scooter is gonna be a problem."

"Mmmm... you on a Harley... maybe in your leathers... now there's an image that'll get me through the rest of the day," the redhead sighed wistfully.

Tara shook her head, smiling at her redhead, "So... am I going to see you tonight?"

"I'm not sure... depends on whether we get any leads... I'll call you later, OK?"

"You better," she purred in the same voice she'd used in bed.

"Well, I better get going, lover... do you have your phone?"

"Yes dear."

"And your helmet? Make sure you wear it."

"Yes Mom."

Willow stuck her tongue out at her lover, who promptly grabbed her and sucked it into her mouth, caressing it with her own tongue, while she squeezed the redhead's asscheeks like she was checking produce at a farmer's market.

"Oh my..." Willow sighed, "So anyway... I programmed my number into your phone so that you only have to hit speed dial... I did the ringtone too... I hope you don't mind."

"Of course not, baby... thanks... you know how I feel about all that tech crap... now go... before I'm tempted to ravish you again."

"I'm afraid that disclaimer isn't really much of a deterrent, sweetie... but you're right... damn it... I'll catch you later, sexy woman."

"I love you, baby."

"Mmmm, I love you too, Tara," she kissed her one last time and hopped into her car, waving as she backed out of the driveway.

Willow was sitting at her desk watching yet another interminable tape of an empty hallway in the brownstone. If it weren't for the mochas she'd been mainlining, she'd undoubtedly be passed out from the tedium, drooling on her blotter. Suddenly, she was pulled out of her boredom spiral but the opening tones of At Last. Oooh... my phone... my first call... MY TARA... yes! She punched up the text message...

Hi Sexy

Who is this?


Just kidding... how you doing, lover?

My thumbs hurt :o(

OK... and why is that?

Did you know this thing has Tetris on it?

Evil game... the russians put subliminal messages in it to get us addicted

You're adorable

So... what's up?

Are you coming over after work?

I may be real late

I don't care... I'll leave the door unlocked... I need my Willow <pout>

Actually... I was thinking...


How would you feel about staying at my place tonight?

Gee Will, don't know if I'm quite up to the handcuffs yet...

That really wasn't the scenario I had in mind...

Convince me...

I only have 3 words for you...

Willow... you say "I love you" all the time

Long... hot... bath...

Oh yes!

I'll pick you up when I get out

Or I could meet you there

You're diggin' the scooter huh?

Well, you could say that... I know why you drove it all the way through H.S.

Enlighten me

It's a vibrator on wheels

Like I need that with you around


Well, I better go... Giles is giving me the hairy eyeball

I love you, Baby

I love you too, Tara... see you later

I'll meet you in the tub


You have no idea

I intend to find out

OK, better hang up now... byebye


Yes, my love?

Don't forget the handcuffs ;o)~

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