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A Woman in Uniform

Author: Umgaynow
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters... if I did they would certainly have a lot more fun than under the rule of the evil ME empire... I am only using them briefly for my own nefarious and vicarious purposes... I promise to put them back where I found them when I'm done, perhaps slightly rumpled, but not soiled.
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After an ovation that caused her to blush and hide behind her hair, Tara made her way to Willow's table.

"Oh my God, Baby... you were so amazing," Willow gushed.

"If you think that was amazing, just wait 'til later."

"I see applause agrees with you."

"Yeah, that and having a certain hot redhead undress me with her eyes all the way through my set."

"Well, I kinda figured the management might object if I did it any other way."

"So, whaddya say we blow this pop stand and go someplace where we can discuss this in a little more depth?"

"Just how deep are we talking here?" Willow waggled her eyebrows.

"You are so bad," Tara took the redhead's hand, pulling her to her feet, "Let's get out of here."

The two women stepped out into the sultry Sunnydale night, sunset had done little to cool things down.

"So, where are you parked?" Willow asked. Tara pointed to the bicycle rack in the alley. "Call me crazy but I remember your truck being a lot bigger."

"Yeah well, I washed it in hot water and it shrank."

"You dweeb."

"Yup... that's me... I'm a dweeb, you're a spaz... together we're the perfect couple."

"You got it, baby," Willow replied, kissing Tara's hand. "Anyway, I'm parked across the street there," she pointed to a red convertible, "We can just toss your wheels in the back."

"Damn, Willow... that's yours? The '64 Stang?"

"Guilt gift from my parents... they were in Japan when I graduated from the academy," she shrugged, "I got a laptop when they missed my high school commencement."

"I'm sorry, Sweetie... but you have to admit, it sure beats a savings bond."

Tara bent over to unlock her bike and Willow stood very still, trying her best to remember to breathe. Mmmm, nice assets.

Tara pushed her hair back and exhaled audibly as she stood, fanning herself with her hand. "This weather is unreal... is Sunnydale always like this? I am so hot... how about you?"

"Baby, you have no idea." Willow grabbed the blue-eyed beauty by the shoulders and pushed her up against the wall, kissing her thoroughly.

"Oooooh," Tara sighed, breathless, "I've been wanting to do that all night."

"Really? I was thinking about something more like this." Willow ran her tongue down Tara's graceful neck, imagining she could feel the rush of blood under the skin, kissing her way along her collarbone until she arrived at a throbbing pulse point. She sucked lightly at the tender flesh, a hand clutching the back of her head and a low moan vibrating against her eager lips.

"Oh my," Tara gasped, pushing her away a bit, "I do love the way you think, but... isn't this just a tad, um... public?"

"You have a point there," Willow laughed nervously, "We should get out of here before I'm forced to arrest myself for public lewdness... so... where to now, hmm? Are you hungry?"

"Oh yes," Tara purred, lust burning in her eyes.

There goes another pair of underwear. "What did you have in mind?" She asked, praying that she'd get the answer she wanted.

"My place?" Tara said, coyly. YES!!!

Willow tried very hard to concentrate on the road as they drove out to the campground. A feat that would have been immeasurably easier had Tara's fingers not been tracing tiny circles on the inside of her thigh. She couldn't believe the effect this woman was having on her. All it took was one smile from her to make the redhead wetter than Atlantis in the rainy season. Damn, if she sticks around I'm gonna have to start buying panties by the gross.

Frankly, Willow was feeling a little overwhelmed, although admittedly not in an entirely unpleasant way. No one had ever awakened such a sexual fever in her before. Sure she'd had the odd hot and heavy fling, but nothing like this. Never in her life had she experienced such a visceral need to be inside someone. In the span of just a few days Tara had become like oxygen to her. Outwardly, she was managing to maintain a mask of relative calm, but deep inside her was a little girl screaming Are we there yet? Are we there yet? at the top of her lungs.

"You know," she said, stilling Tara's hand with her own, "If you keep doing that I'm going to have to pull over."

"Doing what?" she teased, feigning innocence. Wresting her hand from Willow's grasp and moving it higher, her knuckles brushed against the spot where all the seams of the redhead's jeans met, drawing a gasp from her chauffeur.

"Tara!" she jumped, supressing a moan none too successfully, "Are you trying to plow us into a tree?"

"I know... I know... I'm being naughty... I promise, no more hands below the waist while you're driving... cross my heart." With that she slipped her hand under Willow's arm, lightly stroking the side of a pert breast with the tips of her fingers.

"Oh yeah... that's so much better," she whimpered sarcastically, although in truth she was only protesting on principal. "How much further is this place anyway?"

"Patience, Sweetie... you're almost there."

"You have no idea, Baby... you have no idea," she moaned, squirming in her seat and taking a few deep, calming breaths. Note to self... the deep breathing thing... only good for panic... useless for rampant horniness. "Hey... you're a witch, right? Couldn't you just blink us there or something?" Willow teased, it was after all, her turn.

"Unfortunately darlin' real life isn't like Bewitched... although I've often wished it was," she chuckled, "Think about it... just twitch you nose and whatever you want... it's yours... never mind the fact that two thirds of the population would be gay."

Willow tried the nose thing, but it didn't work. Tara still had her clothes on. Ah well, I guess I'll have to take care of that little problem the old-fashioned way.

As soon as Tara closed the camper door, Willow was on her. In the darkness, two pairs of hands roamed and explored, two pairs of lips finding their mates by animal instinct alone, tongues probing. Their bodies fit together like two puzzle pieces, soft against firm, curvy embracing svelte, meshing to form a perfect whole. So close that Willow could feel Tara's heart pounding against her breast.

"Ow!" Tara cried out as she hit the floor, "Are you OK baby?" In her literally blind passion, Willow had tripped over the guitar case and sent them both crashing down. "Don't move honey, I'll get the light."

There was another small crash, followed by a grumbled shit then the fairy lights flickered on. Tara took one look at Willow and burst out laughing at the expression of surprise still frozen on her face. "Really, darlin' this isn't quite what I had in mind when I said I wanted to get you horizontal," she teased.

"Very funny," the redhead said, her face showing just the opposite, "Now come over here and help me up." She reached out her hand and as soon as Tara's was firmly in her grasp, she pulled her back down. "Ooooh, you are in so much trouble... " she jumped on top of Tara and straddled her, "I'm gonna get you for laughing at me like that... now lets' see... hmmm... which spot looks the most ticklish?"

"You wouldn't."

"Well, I don't know about that," Willow grinned evilly, "You certainly deserve some payback for teasing me so unmercifully on the way out here."

"Oh please... you know you loved it," Tara giggled, struggling in vain to extricate herself.

"That's beside the point... yup... the way I see it, you owe me."

"Excuse me?"

"Well, by my count, you've already ruined at least three pairs of my undies... it seems only fair that I take yours." She wriggled a bit on Tara's pelvis and undid the top button of her captive's jeans.

Tara looked deep in thought for a moment, "Now that you've explained it," she bumped Willow right back, making her whimper, "I can see your point... there really should be some form of restitution. Let me see... do you need any bras? I have a lovely one right here if you'd like to take a look."

"I must say, I do like to examine the merchandise before I make any deals, may I?"

"Please," came the reply with a little more urgency than she intended. Suddenly Willow forgot all about the game.

Releasing Tara's hands, the redhead leaned down and kissed the full lips... softly, teasingly... and then with more purpose. Her tongue tracing the tender flesh, seeking entrance, and that granted, moving beyond into warm wetness, stroking and caressing its twin. Soon, what had begun slowly and sweetly escalated, becoming more passionate, more fulsome... moaning into each others mouths... tongues wrestling... hands wandering under clothing. Then something changed. It was nothing physical, but suddenly it was so much more than just a kiss, it was about tasting her mouth, swallowing her breath, taking in a part of this woman's soul and giving back her own in kind. Another moment of this and she'd faint. Willow pulled away, gasping for breath, "Wow... that was... " she sighed, resting her forehead on Tara's.

"Yes... wow," Tara smiled wistfully, reaching up to caress the redhead's cheek, sapphire eyes gazing into emerald, lost in each other... yes, utterly lost. Then, a little shaken by the intensity of the moment with this woman she scarcely knew, Tara broke the spell.

"Willow, darling... "


"I think I'm lying on the remote," she squirmed awkwardly, "How about we take this someplace a little more comfortable?"

"I think I'd follow you anywhere," Did I say that out loud?

Tara smiled at that, "How does the bed sound?"


Willow moved off of Tara and got to her feet with some effort, wobbly as her legs felt. Then she reached down to help her up, pulling the woman she could no longer deny she was falling in love with, into her arms. It was impossible to resist those luscious lips in such close proximity and several minutes passed before Tara could no longer stand it... or rather no longer stand.


"Yes, beautiful?" she asked, tucking some hair behind Tara's ear.

"Take me... "

"Oh Tara," she moaned, nibbling on her ear, "Baby, you don't have to ask."

"Mmmm... I mean, Wi... Willow... oh Willow... oh hell... I was trying to say take me to the bed... but I like your idea better... oh yes... mmmmmmmm... oh God, Willoooow!"

Somehow Tara managed to climb the stairs, despite the fact that Willow was pressed against her back the whole time, nibbling at her neck, hands softly kneading her full breasts. Once they were back on level ground, Tara turned in the redhead's arms, devouring her lips and pulling the petite body tightly against her own, Willow's firm ass grasped in her strong hands.

I could really get used to this... oooooh... and that... damn, where did she learn to kiss like that... never mind... I don't want to know... so long as she keeps doing it... oh yes... I think I could really fall for this one... ooops, already did that... downstairs, remember? CRASH... BOOM... uuunnngh... her tongue is so demanding... and so soft too... oh God... In spite of how much she was enjoying what the smaller woman was doing, Tara burst out laughing in mid-kiss, the moment she realized she was Willow-babbling in her head.

"Mmmm, I'm sorry, Baby," Willow whispered in the ear she'd been busily nibbling, "Did I find a ticklish spot?"

Tara hid behind her hair, "No, it's not... it's just... "

"What, Baby? You can tell me."

"You're gonna think I'm crazy."

"Tara... "

"Well, um... do you babble in your head?"

Willow looked somewhat puzzled, "Yeah, I guess so... but isn't this an odd time to be playing 20 Questions?"

Tara laughed again. Yes, I could definitely love this woman. "Well... the babble... I think it might be catching."

"You're wonderful... do you know that?"

Tara tangled her hands in Willow's hair, lost in those beautiful green eyes and suddenly the lighthearted moment was gone. Running them down the redhead's lightly muscled back, she took hold of the bottom of her shirt, hiking it up, wanting it off. Then she felt hands on top of her own, stopping her. She looked at Willow confused and contrite. Oh shit... I'm moving too fast for her... you just met this woman, Maclay... put the brakes on for chrissakes! "I'm sorry."

"No, Baby... no... it's not that at all," she said caressing her cheek, "I just... I want to see you." Tara nodded her head, silent with desire.

Willow kissed her softly then, gazing into those hypnotic blue eyes as she lifted the hem of her shirt, exposing soft, ivory skin. Leaning down, she covered each inch of newly exposed flesh with small kisses. The only sound to be heard was a duet of ragged breathing, both women trembling with desire at the intense emotion of the moment. Perhaps a little spooked as well... apprehensive... neither realizing that the other's feelings ran just as deep.

When the shirt was off at last, the redhead stepped back, staring in mute awe at the sight before her. Suddenly shy, Tara hung her head, crossing her arms across her chest. Willow reached out for her and placing a hand underneath her chin, raised her eyes to meet her own. "No, Baby... don't... don't even think that," after a gentle kiss, she lowered the arms obstructing her view, "God... you are so beautiful."

Trailing her fingertips up Tara's sides, she brought her hands to her voluptuous breasts, thumbs stroking erect nipples through the sheer burgundy fabric, causing a shiver to run through both women. "Hmmm... you were right... this is a very lovely bra," she leaned down and ran her tongue briefly over a turgid nipple, "And tasty too," she winked, "But I'm afraid it's going to have to go."

A crooked smile graced Tara's full lips as Willow reached behind her to unfasten it. Sliding the bra down her arms, the redhead tossed it back over her shoulder, where it landed on the lamp. "Now let me see... where is it?"


"The freckle... the first time I saw you, all I could think about was how much I wanted to kiss that freckle."

"That's a wish I'd be more than happy to grant." she chuckled, slipping her arms around Willow's waist.

Then suddenly she felt warm, soft lips brushing the flesh just to the right of her cleavage. Ooh... she found it! One hand slid into Willow's hair, holding her there, steadying herself as the redhead worshipped her breasts with her mouth. Mmmmhmmm... I'm thinkin' I got me a breast gal here.

"Oh God... mmmmmmm... Willow darling... if you keep doing that, I may fall down again," but the redhead wasn't listening, she just moaned against the nipple in her mouth, eliciting a gasp from her beloved, "And I'm definitely going to if you do that again... ooooh... mmmm... please Baby."

Willow pulled away, a little pout hanging on her lower lip, which Tara immediately attempted to suck off of it. She kissed Willow deep and slow, the long, sensual sort of kiss that you feel all the way down to your toes. She ran her hands down her Baby's back, fully intending to remove her top as well, needing the heat of skin on skin. Then she got a little shock, not a surprise, but rather the static sort and as hard as she tried, she couldn't keep from giggling. The redhead halted the kiss and quirked an eyebrow at her silly lover. Lover... well almost... any minute now... if she can just manage to stop laughing for 5 seconds... hmmm, maybe she's nervous... I should be more gentle.

"What's wrong, Sweetie? More babble?"

"Uh-uh... I was just wondering how many Muppets had to die to make this shirt."

Willow shook her head, smiling, "What am I going to do with you?"

"Oh... I can think of so many things... but first," She pulled Willow's shirt off in one swift motion, "Oh Willow... no bra? What would your mother say... you naughty, naughty girl."

"Uh-huh," The redhead purred evilly, pulling Tara into her arms. A motion which elicited a chorus of gasps at the sensation of bare skin on skin, erect nipples rubbing together, breast pressuring soft breast. They kissed ravenously, breathlessly, tumbling onto the bed, Willow somehow ending up on the bottom.

Tara got up on her hands and knees, hovering over the redhead, "Oh my... look at all the freckles I get to kiss." Then her full lips descended on Willow, devouring the as yet untasted flesh like some delicious confection... sucking and nibbling at her earlobes... tracing her tongue around the whorls of her shell like ears... moving down... raining kisses all over her neck... lips... tongue... and yes, teeth... biting Willow high up behind her ear. Ooh, that got a good response... almost bucked me off on that one... tongue trailing along her collarbones... sucking at her pulse point. Oh God... it felt so good when she did that to me in the alley... concentrate Maclay! So many freckles to get to... oh yes. All the while she was stroking and kneading Willow's breasts, pinching the nipples, pulling at them, tweaking even, making her redhead into a symphony of sound. Moans, gasps, groans, calling out to deities, as well as several variations of Tara's own name. Somehow she couldn't quite recall ever hearing it pronounced with quite so many A's in it.

So, the honey-haired temptress decided to take pity on her captive and began kissing her way down to the pert breasts, Willow's hands pushing on her shoulders, obviously agreeing with her decision. Tara tongued her way down the valley between them, then began work on a deliberate trail of kisses. She worked her way around one breast at a time, starting on the underside, then tasting in ever diminishing circles of kisses until she reached the prize in the center. Tracing around it with her tongue, she took the pink morsel between her lips for just a second, just long enough to make it wet. Then she pulled away and blew across it, watching the pebbled flesh tighten and strain toward her. Willow groaned in both pleasure and frustration, digging her nails into the shoulders her hands rested upon.

"Tara... please... uungghhh... no... .more... teasing... I need... your mouth... please Baby!"

As though that was the cue she had been waiting for, Tara took as much of Willow's breast into her mouth as she could and sucked hard, pressing her tongue firmly into the nipple. The redhead grabbed onto her lover's hair, for she certainly had earned that title, and held her there, arching up off the bed in an orgasm that surprised them both. Tara grinned like an extremely self-satisfied cheshire cat. Mmmmm, that's why I love the little ones... they're sooo sensitive. Then she retraced the path her lips had followed on the way down, making her way up to Willow's again and was kissed with such intensity that she thought she might cum herself. When oxygen started becoming an issue, she pulled back, but not away, running her fingers through the damp hair that clung to her Sweetie's forehead, kissing her there, then staring lovingly into lust-clouded eyes.

"OK... you win," Willow breathed, "When you said amazing you weren't just doing the ego thing, were ya? Damn, Baby!"

"Yeah, well... I know some stuff."

"I guess... traveling around the way you do... you must have... "

Tara put a finger to Willow's lips, silencing her. "Shhh Sweetie... no... absolutely no... I was just teasing... it's just... well... it's you... I can't think of when I've ever been this aroused in my life... it's a little unnerving to be honest."

"You wanna stop?"

"When precisely did I utter the word stop?" she teased.

"Well then... you think you're aroused now? Just you wait... it's my turn."

Tara took Willow's hands in hers and swiftly pinned them above her head, "Uh-uh... I'm just getting started... I am not even close to through with you yet."

GULP. "Whatever happened to Willow... take me?"

"Later, Sweetie... later," she purred, once again taking a taste of Willow's neck, "Mmmmmmm... much later."

Geez, Tara... vixen, much? Oooh yeah... riiiiigght theeeeerrrre.

Tara pinned Willow's hands above her head, kissing her with abandon... taking possession of her lips... suckling at her tongue as though the very essence of life might be drawn from it... her muscular thigh pressing rhythmically into the redhead's core.

Ooooh Take Charge Tara is back... oh yes... I could sooo get used to this.

Fingers trailed down her trembling arms, laying siege to her nipples, squeezing the right with unrelenting pressure while she pinched and twisted at the left, then switching her technique the one to the other, over and over again until the smaller woman thought she might explode. Her head felt like it was about to fly off and aside from her hands clutching at the pillow and the bottoms of her feet, very little of Willow's body was actually touching the bed.

Oh yes... amazing is definitely the correct word for this situation.

Just when the redhead was sure she couldn't keep from cumming for another second, her lover took it down a few notches. Kissing her gently... nipping at her lips... running her fingertips agonizingly lightly over the softness of her small breasts.

"God, Tara..." she moaned, "You're... mmmm... oh yes... right there... hey! That tickles... unnngggh... damn... you're good at this... oooh... did you... umm... major in... oh... sex in... mmmm... college... or... something?" she teased, playing keep away with her tongue.

Tara pulled her mouth away, moving lower. "Oh sure," she answered between licks, tracing the outline of Willow's now hyper-sensitive nipple, "Major in sexual technique... minor in art history... I must say... it's paid off... here I am... with my very own Venus in my bed... Botticelli eat your heart out," she chuckled, taking the pink bud between her lips. Nibbling lightly, she flicked at it with her tongue, sucking at the same time, eliciting a noise from Willow that sounded suspiciously like a growl, short fingernails digging into her back. The slight pain only seemed to spur the blue-eyed temptress on as she switched to the other breast, again pressing her strong thigh hard against the redhead's center.

Willow pushed down on her shoulders, gasping for breath, "Oh... baby... please... unnngh... neeeed you... oh God... please... no... more... teasing."

Tara smiled against the soft flesh, releasing the nipple and grinning wickedly up at her. Then, caught by those beautiful emerald eyes, she stopped, still as a statue, scarcely remembering to breathe. No... I can't do this... I can't just have sex with this woman.

"Willow... I... I need to..."

"Yes, Baby?" she breathed, running a hand through silky golden hair.

"I... I... I h-have to tell you... I know... I know w-we haven't... I mean it's only been... and... well... I just... no... I can't..."

"Just say it, Baby."

"Oh, Willow... I know I shouldn't... it's too... too soon... but... but I need to say... I mean I think... I th-think I'm..." she hung her head, taking refuge behind her hair.

The redhead smiled, caressing Tara's cheek, "Darling... it's OK... I know... I'm falling in love with you too."

The blue-eyed beauty kissed her softly then, lovingly, "We must be crazy... it's only been what... two days... or is it three now?"

"Maybe we are... who knows... love will make ya do the wacky... all I know is I've never felt this way before... but... tonight... when you sang to me..." she drifted off, sighing wistfully.

"Tell me."

"It was... like... there was no one else in the room... in the world even... I... I mean... I never believed... well... the whole love at first sight thing... really, how likely is that... that only happens in movies... oh... and those books with Fabio on the cover..." Tara kissed her, putting the babble on pause, "Thanks... I needed that... anyway... when you sang that song... and you said those beautiful words... your voice... oh Tara... it was like you were holding me in your arms... even though you were onstage... and I was... well... not... and I... I just knew... I fell in love with you right then."

A single tear escaped the corner of Tara's eye, Willow caught it with her thumb, kissing the damp cheek. With those simple, beautiful words, her aggressive alter ego had vanished, packed away in the closet next to her leathers. She didn't know how to respond to the redhead's eloquent confession, her heart soared with joy, but she was, in a word, speechless. Then, without realizing she was even saying it out loud, she replied, "I love you, Willow."

"Make love to me, Baby... I need to feel you," Willow barely whispered.

Tara kissed her deeply, her lips saying all the things she hadn't been able to give voice, but once again she found herself spooked by the intensity of her feelings and took refuge behind that other, bolder self.

"The pleasure is all mine, Baby," she purred seductively, "But not for long."

Tara set about mapping the terrain of Willow's neck with kisses... sucking hard at her pulse point... marking her as her own... hands traveling below to pert breasts... stroking them... kneading softly... teasing the bruised nipples... then moving down to take each between her lips in turn... soothing them with her tongue... the redhead's hands tangling in her hair... anchoring her to the spot... the rest of her arching into the talented mouth.

"Please, Baby..." she moaned, with a distinct edge of desperation to her voice.

Unable to resist her lover's plea, Tara charted a winding path of kisses down the redhead's torso... her hot tongue delving between sensitive breasts... trailing down to and around her navel... dipping in... drawing a ticklish giggle from her partner. Raining butterfly kisses all over the muscles of her taut abs, she moved her hands to the fly of Willow's 501's, looking to her for approval. The unveiled lust clouding the green eyes left no question whether she should continue. Grabbing hold of both sides of the waistband, Tara pulled the buttons open in one smooth motion, softly kissing the newly exposed flesh, drinking deep the wondrous scent of her lover. Mmmmm... my lover... I like the sound of that.

Willow lifted her slim hips, allowing Tara to peel away the denim cocoon, revealing a silky purple thong, made several shades darker by the redhead's copious wetness. Her mouth watering in anticipation, she snaked out her tongue, running it along the wet spot, shivering at the first taste of her Willow, who gasped loudly, answering her beloved with a shiver of her own. Hooking her fingers into the straps of the thong, she slid it down Willows' legs, following it with her lips. Then, draping one leg over her shoulder, kissed her way back up, making a brief pit stop to nibble at the back of a too-cute-to-resist knee. Tara took a few deep breaths then, trying to cool her passion addled brain. She wanted to savor this moment, take it slowly, committing each movement and sensation to memory. With infinite gentleness, she wrapped her arms around the redhead's thighs, her tongue lapping at the juices that had run down their insides, like a kitten with a plate of cream. Willow held her breath, trying with all of her considerable strength of will to keep from cumming. It was too soon, she hadn't even felt the blue-eyed goddess's touch where she wanted it most. NO... not yet.

"Tara..." she gasped.

"Yes, my love?"

Willow held her arms open, beckoning. Tara crawled up her body and cradled her in her arms, kissing her deeply, yet with no force, giving her back the taste of herself.

"Are you OK, Baby?"

"Oh yes..." she kissed her, slipping her hands into Tara's back pockets, "It's just a little..."


"No... not exactly... more like... intense... overwhelming... but in a good way." She smiled and kissed her again softly, caressing her cheek.

"Do you need me to stop?"

"Oh no, Baby... I think I'd die if you did... it's just... well, I was about to..." she blushed a little, "And I didn't want to..."

Tara smiled her crooked smile, "I get it, Baby... to tell you the truth, I was about to myself."

They spent a few minutes lost in slow kisses, hands roaming, learning the feel of each others bodies, grinding against one another in that dry-humpy teenage sort of way, the rough denim of Tara's thigh rubbing against Willow's exposed center. Suddenly, the redhead pulled back from her lover's lips, tugging at her jeans.

"I think you better take these off before they get all wet," she teased.

"Trust me, Darlin'... that is definitely a moot point," she purred, rolling on her back to unbutton them and before Willow even had a chance to make a move for them, Tara's pants were off and lying on the floor.

"Oh my..." Willow teased, "I never figured you for going commando."

"Yeah, well...I haven't had a chance to get to the laundromat."

"I know what you mean... I seem to be running strangely low on clean panties myself... I can't imagine why."

Tara grinned, shaking her head and rolled on top of her redhead. "Willow darling..."


"At the risk of repeating myself..." She was about to say Shut up and kiss me, but her lover did just that before she could even get the words out. This was no gentle, airbrushed, vaseline-on-the-lens kind of kiss... it was full of animal passion and heat. Willow raised her knee, pressing her thigh into the damp honey blonde curls, moaning as Tara returned the favor. Both women gasped at the sensation of finally feeling the wet heat of the other on bare skin. Lips never separating, they swallowed each other's moans as Tara's insistent hands once again found the breasts they loved so well. Willow ran her hands slowly down the lightly muscled back, grabbing hold of her luscious ass, nails digging into soft flesh, guiding her lover as they rode each other like supermarket ponies, the air heady with the musky perfume of their blended juices and stereo cries of passion.

"Oh... Willow... Baby... I... oooo... so close..." Tara gasped, with no small amount of effort, her brain not exactly focused on things verbal.

"Mmmmm, Tara... oh God YES... mark me, Baby... oooo... make me yours."

With that, Tara bit down on the redhead's white neck, in the same spot that had gotten such a reaction the first time. Immediately Willow cried out, arching off the bed as much as she could with the other woman's weight on top of her... bathing Tara's thigh in her wetness...pressing her own that much harder into the golden curls.

"Oh... Oh God... Taaraaaa... I love yoooouuu."

All it took was hearing those wonderful words and the feeling of Willow's orgasm splashing over the hot skin of her thigh... dripping onto her own overflowing center... oh God that's hot... and Tara could no longer hold back her own release. She came soooo hard, the lights flashing behind her eyes, all her bones melting and re-forming only to melt again.

"Wiiilloooooooowww..." she screamed, collapsing on top of her, both of them gasping for breath and unable to speak, holding each other through the aftershocks.

After a long while of gentle kisses and caresses, Tara broke the silence. "Wow, that was..."

"Wasn't it though?" the redhead smiled goofily, stroking her lover's hair.

"I love you, Willow," Tara nearly whispered, gazing into soft green eyes.

"Mmmm... I love you too, Baby."

"So... do you have anywhere you need to be? Can you stay?"

"There's only one place I need to be... and that's right here in your arms, Beautiful."

Tara snuggled in, resting her head on the pillow of the redhead's breasts. With a wicked look in her eye, Willow reached around and pinched one of her nipples.

"Ow!" Tara squeaked, opening her eyes drowsily.

"Hey, don't you fall asleep on me yet... I mean, you're welcome to fall asleep on me anytime, but... we still have that Take Me thing to settle." Oh yessssss.

"Please baby, I just need a minute to catch my breath," Tara groaned, rolling onto her side, "Cuz you done wore me out, woman... not that I'm complaining mind you."

"Anything you say, beautiful," Willow whispered, spooning her sweetie and draping an arm over her waist. Fingernails gently tracing patterns on the blonde's tummy, she nibbled at her graceful neck.

"Mmmmmm... feel free to keep doing that."

"No problem whatsoever, darlin" the redhead purred, snuggling in closer, so that Tara's smooth flesh was kissing her own along the full length of their bodies. I could definitely get used to this... oh yeah... mmmmmm... OH!

The blue-eyed beauty had taken hold of Willow's busy hand, moving it to her voluptuous breast. Then she began wriggling back into her, teasing at the redhead's center with her firm ass.

"Ooooooo... somebody's awake."

Tara giggled naughtily, trying to turn in her arms.

"No, baby," Willow protested, holding her still, "Let me."

The blonde started squirming again, resisting the confinement of her lover's embrace, endeavoring mightily to flip the smaller woman onto her back.

"Please, my love," Willow pleaded softly, nibbling at her shell-like ear. Then she felt the supple body grow still in her arms. "Thank you for trusting me, baby" she purred seductively, "I promise you won't regret it."

With the same light touch she'd been using on her tummy, the redhead trailed her fingers along the breast in her hand and then all the way down to Tara's knee, grinning at the duckbumps that followed her path. At an achingly leisurely pace, she ran her fingernails up the back of one thigh and then down the other. When she could reach no further, she nudged her lover's legs apart and repeated the sweet torture on her inner thighs, kissing and nibbling the blonde's neck and ear all the while. Just as Tara was on the verge of being relaxed into slumberland, she felt Willow stroking her golden curls, so lightly that she wondered if she might only be imagining it. Then a shiver of reality shot up her spine as the redhead, with infinite slowness and gentleness, entered her with two fingers. Tara sighed audibly with the joy of completion.

"Oh God, baby... you're sooo wet," Willow moaned.

"Mmmmm... I'm in bed with Officer Rosenberg, how else would I be?" she teased, squeezing the digits inside her and looking back over her shoulder in search of a kiss.

Willow groaned lustily as her lips parted from Tara's, "Not exactly large with the Sahara Desert action myself."

"Willow, honey?"

"Yes, my love?"

"Take me..."

"Well... a promise is a promise," she chuckled, wiggling her fingers for emphasis.

Tara raised her knee, opening herself more to the redhead, rolling a little onto her stomach, the weight of her lover on her back not lessening a bit as she moved with her. She reached back, running her hand all over Willow's small ass, as the other woman began moving inside her.

Soon the blonde was gasping and moaning quite loudly, as her lover was being very firm and strong with her.

"Oh God, Willoooow," she cried out, with no small degree of effort, grabbing onto the side of the bed for leverage, pushing back against the pistoning hand with gusto. "Oh... yes... ooo... I... unnngh... need... oh God... mooore..."

The redhead slipped another finger inside the blonde's firey core, putting her whole body into the motion of her thrusting, at the same time biting and kissing all over the moaning beauty's muscular back.

"Mmmm... Tara... you are sooo beautiful," she groaned, adding a fourth finger, since her lover was so wet that only three made for very little in the way of friction, "God, I love your body... the feel of you under me... so hot baby... so hot... oh yes..."

Tara cried out in pleasure, grinding against Willow like some desperate animal, shivering at the sensation of her lover's thumb running up between her cheeks with every thrust, her wetness running copiously down the redhead's wrist. Nearly panting, she turned her head, searching out her beloved and capturing Willow's soft lips, kissed her with consuming passion, thrusting her tongue into the welcoming warmth and sucking its twin with the same rhythm the redhead was using inside her. She swallowed her lover's moans, feeding her own back to her.

Breathless, Tara pulled away from the soft lips. "Oh, baby... you are so... oh God... so close, baby... so close... I need you... all of you... Take me, My Willow."

Realizing what her lover was asking of her, the redhead kissed her gently, stilling her fingers inside her for a moment, which drew a frustrated groan from the blonde, "Are you sure, baby?" Willow had never done this before and it scared her a little.

"Oh... yes... please baby... make me yours..." she moaned desperately.

Kissing Tara slowly and deeply, the redhead tucked her thumb and slid fully inside her lover. The blonde screamed into her mouth, involuntarily arching away from her, her voluptuous body glistening in the moonlight that streamed through the skylight. Willow pulled away from her lips, giving her room to breathe. "Are you OK, baby?" she asked, concern filling her countenance, placing small, gentle kisses all over the blue-eyed beauty's face.

"Oh yes..." Tara gasped, clenching around Willow's fist, "Just... give me... a second... to... adjust..." she breathed, kissing the redhead softly, "I... love... you... Willow... Rosen... ah... berg..."

"I love you too, baby," she whispered, caressing Tara's sweaty brow with her free hand, raising her eyebrows questioningly as she gazed into sapphire eyes.

The blonde nodded, followed by a sharp intake of breath as Willow began moving inside her again, knuckles raking against her sweet spot. From then on Tara lost the ability to make any sound other than those in the moaning and screaming family. Her redhead was so deep inside her that she felt she might grab hold of her heart. Talk about redundant.

Then she felt Willow's lips on her neck, sucking hard on her pulse point, at the same time, stretching out her fingers to stroke her cervix. Wailing her lover's name, Tara exploded, her world turning to stars. She came harder than she ever had in her life, filling Willow's palm with her wetness, grateful for her lover's strong arms cradling her boneless body. She squeezed the redhead's hand, holding it inside her, riding out the aftershocks in her loving embrace.

"Oh, baby," Willow whispered in her ear, "You're incredible... I love you so much."

If Tara had possessed the energy to speak, she would have said the same. Leaning in to kiss her, Willow noticed tears in the bottomless sapphire eyes. A little panicked, she pulled out of her lover, who gasped at the sudden void.

"Oh God, Tara..." she wrappped her arms around the fragile beauty, turning her so that she was nuzzled into her side, her head pillowed on the redhead's chest. "Did I hurt you, baby? Oh God... I'm so sorry... it was just so... and I got so... I didn't mean to... I would never... you know that, right? Tara?"

The blonde raised a finger to the smaller woman's lips, trying hard to find her voice, despite the apparent loss of her lungs, "Shhh darling... it's not that... you were wonderful... demanding yet gentle... that's a very special thing... it's just a little..."


Tara nodded, "It's hard... for me to... feel so... vulnerable," she practically swallowed the last word, hiding behind her sweat soaked hair.

Willow held her a little more tightly then, "I've got you, baby... I'm right here... I'll keep you safe," she promised, putting her hand under Tara's chin, raising her lips up to kiss them lovingly.

"I know, darling," she sighed contentedly and smiled.

"I love you, Tara," she kissed her forehead, running her fingers through sodden hair, "Thank you so much."

The blonde glanced at her sideways. "What are you... thanking... me... for?" she teased, "I'm the one who... just had... the most incredible... orgasm... of my life." She took a little nip at the breast she was resting on.

"Oooh, " Willow squeaked, "Hey... not that I mind what you're doing, sweetie... but... I want to say this."

Tara looked up at her, gazing into the emerald eyes, which she had just noticed, became several shades darker with arousal. The redhead smiled, caressing her cheek with the back of her hand. "Thank you for giving yourself to me like that... for trusting me that much... you're amazing."

"I'm amazing?" the blonde teased.

"God, I love you," the redhead beamed.

"Oh Willow... me too... so much... forget the falling thing I said before... I'm right there with you... I'm yours, baby."

"Really?" the redhead asked like a little kid with a new toy.

Tara laughed, "Yes... really, you goof... with all my heart," she said drowsily.

"Does that mean you're staying in Sunnydale?" Met with a befuddled stare, Willow regretted the words as soon as they passed her lips. "I'm sorry, forget I said that," she whimpered, hiding behind her hand.

"It's OK, Baby... really," Tara pulled the hand away, kissing her softly, "But let's talk about that another time," she yawned, "Right now, I really need to sleep."

Willow pulled her a little closer, tugging a blanket over them. "You go right ahead, baby... you've earned it," she kissed her lovingly, worshipfully, "Goodnight, my Tara... I love you."

"Mmmm... I love you too, Wi..." before she could even finish the word, Tara drifted off into dreamland.

The redhead tried very hard to keep still, not wanting to awaken her exhausted lover, but on the inside she was doing the mother of all snoopy dances.

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