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A Woman in Uniform

Author: Umgaynow
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters... if I did they would certainly have a lot more fun than under the rule of the evil ME empire... I am only using them briefly for my own nefarious and vicarious purposes... I promise to put them back where I found them when I'm done, perhaps slightly rumpled, but not soiled.
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The two women had been walking for about fifteen minutes, talking about nothing and everything, laughing like lunatics and yes, flirting a little... OK... a lot. Things had gotten to the point where Willow could scarcely take it any more.

"Are you sure we're going the right way?" she whined, "We've already gone like fifty blocks."

"More like ten, Sweetie" Tara laughed. God help me, she's even cute when she's whining. "And yes, I'm sure this is the right way, we're almost there."

"Define almost."

"Oh, it might be another five blocks or so," Tara said coyly.


"OK... ten." Was that a growl I just heard? "Alright, alright... I confess occifer... it's more like fifteen."

"Are you sure you don't want to go back and get the car?" the redhead wheedled, wetting her lips, arching her back and stretching, trying to look as tempting as possible.

"Some big tough cop you are."

"Hey! I've been out in this heat all day... in a polyester uniform and plastic shoes, I might add... walking!" Willow was in full pout.

"Aw, poor baby," Tara teased, "Is dere anyfing I can do to make 'ou feew betta?"

"Well," the petite pouter flirted, "I do have a pretty good history with positive reinforcement."

"Are you seriously telling me that you want a bribe?"

"What?!?!" Willow tried to look appalled, it didn't work. "It's not like I'm on duty or anything... I'm not even in uniform."

"And here I thought the pleasure of my company was reward enough," Tara sighed theatrically, looking all around her as if trying to figure a good escape route. "However, if I'm not mistaken, we are only a couple of blocks from the Espresso Pump."

"Mochas?!?!?" the redhead squealed like a kid on Christmas morning. OK, so maybe not Christmas... cuz hello... Jewish... anyway...

Try as she might, Tara couldn't seem to keep her eyes off a certain transparent area of her new friend's shirt, as it bounced up and down with the joy of caffeine anticipation. "Mmmm, mochas good," she purred under her breath, as Willow ran on ahead, practically skipping. It provided her with a view that she didn't mind in the least. Mmmmm, mochas very good. Suddenly, it seemed like the temperature had gone up a few degrees, odd for this time of day, "Hey Willow, do they have iced mochas?"

Mocha in hand and Tara at her side, Willow fairly floated down the street. Oh yeah... chocolately caffeiney goodness... beautiful, hot, sexy woman... who needs that air conditioner anyway... I don't think anything short of a sno-cone down the front of my pants could cool me down at this point... unless of course Tara was the one with the sno-cone. A shiver ran from her toes to the top of her head. Evil thoughts! Evil thoughts! Mmmmm...delicious.

She was brought back to reality by a soft hand on her shoulder, signaling her that it was time to turn right. Off in the distance, Willow saw what could only be described as a pickup truck with a small house on the back. "There she is," Tara said, beaming with pride of ownership, "See... not so far."

"Tara... that's not a truck... that's a condo on wheels! Is it even legal to drive that thing?"

"Yeah well, my dad's a carpenter." Now that they were out of the sight of the general and potentially homophobic public, Tara took Willow's hand. "So, would you like a tour?"

"We've only just met and already you're inviting me back to your place?"

"Well... not if you take that attitude," Tara huffed in mock indignance.

"Please forgive me M'lady... for I am but a lowly public servant and know not your pretty ways," Willow fawned, getting down on one knee and kissing Tara's hand.

"Get up, you big doofus!"

Tara pulled Willow to her feet and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. She pulled a keychain the size of a small anchor out of her pocket and unlocked her condo. Being a detective and all, Willow couldn't help noticing a large pentagram painted on the inside of the door.

"Aha... so that's it... I knew you were too good to be true... you worship Satan!"

"Not quite, honey... in fact, not even close... I'm a Wiccan."

"You're a witch? I just had mochas with a witch?"

"Yup... seventh generation," Tara proclaimed proudly.

"Cool... so you can do like spells and stuff?"

"Sure... how else do you think I could manage to wear all that leather without sweating?" The blue-eyed beauty teased, "But enough about me... you coming in or what?" She stepped up into the truck, pulling Willow in behind her.

The redhead was quite dumbstruck by what she saw, it really was like a small house, much more spacious than you'd ever think possible, looking at it from the outside. There was even a staircase leading to a sleeping loft above the cab.

"This is amazing," she said in awe.

"Isn't it though? Way better than Motel 6."

Tara flicked a switch and the room was bathed in a soft glow, emanating from several strings of fairy lights, threaded across the ceiling in an elaborate weave. The walls were painted black, there was an oriental rug on the floor and a wonderful array of artwork and funky little pieces on every wall and surface. It was like a little museum.

Willow felt a tug at her hand and found herself being led up the stairs. "Come on, I want to show you something I know you'll just love," Tara cooed in that soft, sexy way of hers, "Just lie down on the bed."

Willow was a bit taken aback to say the least. "Um... Tara... this is only our first date... not even a date really... and I don't want to... OK, so I do... I mean I would... oh yes, I would... but not... well... I don't want to rush, and... hey! I know it's been a while... and I do like you... well, obviously... but what makes you think I can be had for the price of a mocha?!?!"

Tara flashed her that sexy crooked smile again and burst out laughing. "Willow, you goof!" She pushed the redhead down on her back and laid down beside her, "Just watch." She flipped a lever on the wall and Willow was shocked to see a skylight appearing before her eyes.

"Wow... I would love to spend the night here!" Tara's eyebrow nearly shot up to her hairline. "Oh no... I don't mean that... well, yes... I would... but... not... arrrrgh... this must be amazing at night... what with the stars and the moons and all that."

Tara rolled onto her side, so that she was facing the redhead and reached out to her, cradling a soft cheek in her hand, gazing deeply into those bottomless emeralds, "At the risk of being redundant, Sweetie... you are adorable."

Willow blushed furiously, trying to look away, but she was trapped in sapphire. "Well, yes... redundant... I remember... you said before... and then... again... when we were..." she trailed off, caught in the moment.

"Willow?" Tara stifled a giggle. Could she be any cuter... I think I could really grow to love WillowBabble.


"Shut up and kiss me."

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