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A Woman in Uniform

Author: Umgaynow
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters... if I did they would certainly have a lot more fun than under the rule of the evil ME empire... I am only using them briefly for my own nefarious and vicarious purposes... I promise to put them back where I found them when I'm done, perhaps slightly rumpled, but not soiled.
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Willow was in a foul mood, she'd searched for over an hour, until the crowed thinned out and there had been no sign of Tara. I think I'll have a talk with the desk sarge and see how Officer Harris would like a month's worth of traffic detail. She rounded the corner into the alley where she'd parked her cruiser, cussing and muttering under her breath, utterly miserable in her sweaty polyester and just plain pissed off at the world.

"Oh man..." she cursed, "I am so not in the mood for a confrontation right now."

There was someone sitting on the hood of her black & white. Tiedyed tee shirt, baggy fatigues, combat boots... must be one of those damned skate punks... doesn't anyone teach their kids respect for the law anymore? As Willow neared the car, she bellowed in her best long-arm-of-the-law voice, "Off the car... NOW!" Hand on her nightstick, she cautiously approached the offender. The kid jumped down and turned to face her. Hmmm, awfully nice boobage for a skate punk. Willow did a double take, "Tara?"

"Hi," she answered shyly, hiding behind her hair.

Is this the same woman who was cruising me like a cat in heat not two hours ago? "Wow, I didn't recognize you without your cow."

"Excuse me?"

"Um... the leather... you look different... well, obviously... cuz hello," she rambled, gesturing towards Tara's outfit like a game show hostess.

"Quite the change, huh? Anyway, I was waiting for you."

"I see that... didn't Mommy and Daddy ever teach you anything about the proper way to behave where Law Enforcement is concerned?"

"Naaa... they never quite got over the '60s... I guess maybe it's genetic," Tara chuckled, tugging at her tiedye, "Anyway, I just wanted to apologize for running off like that before."

"Well, I was kinda bummed that you disappeared so fast..." I said bummed, very '60s of me, no? "It was something of a cold shower I must say... what happened? Not that it's any of my business... unless it's illegal of course... not that you're required by law to tell me where you went... but you could if you wanted to... I'd like it if you did... but like I said, it's up to you... far be it from me to deprive a sister of her choice," Willow babbled, her face turning rapidly redder.

"I'm so embarassed... I feel like a fool... I thought you were just in uniform for Pride... you know, like a costume... like me... but then when that guy came over and I realized I'd been coming on like that to a real cop, while she was on duty, no less... I never would have if I'd," Tara took a deep breath, "Hmmm, I'm thinking WillowBabble must be catching... of course it's much cuter when you do it."

"Oh... so once you realized I was really a cop, you didn't like me anymore," Willow said dejectedly, staring at the ground.

"Oh no... it's not that at all... I think you're adorable... I just felt like an idiot," Again she hung her head, hiding behind a curtain of silky hair, "I don't know what it is... it's like when I put on the leathers I become a different person."

"I noticed that... split personality or just an evil twin thing?" the redhead teased rhetorically, "Anyway, you were kind of right... the uniform was just for today... actually, I just made detective a couple months ago."

Tara buried her face in her hands and blushed furiously, "Excuse me, I'll just go crawl into a hole now."

Willow reached out and took Tara's wrist in her hand. The blue-eyed beauty slid her own down and they stood there silently for a moment, hand in hand. "It's OK... no biggie really... but I must say I did like the leather... not that you don't look great now, but... well, these baggy clothes just don't do your beautiful curves justice."

"Well, the leather's only for special ocassions... a... and special women... and Willow?"

"Yeah?" she replied softly, swinging their joined hands.

"Do you think you could go a couple of minutes without making me blush? I'm starting to feel a little dizzy."

"Me too," the redhead grinned like a cheshire cat, reaching out with her free hand to push the hair out of Tara's beautiful eyes, "But I think it may be the company."

The pair stood in awkward, but companionable silence for a minute or five, emerald eyes gazing into sapphire. Then Willow broke the spell. "So... uh... Tara..." She asked softly.

"Yes?" There's that adorable crooked smile again.

"You think maybe I could get your number?"

"Uh... no... I don't have a phone... I'm kind of living out of my truck right now... I'm on the road a lot."

"Oh," Willow replied, sounding as disappointed as she was, "So, what do you do?"

"I sing... stereotypical lesbian with an acoustic guitar I'm afraid," Tara giggled at her own joke. How cute. "For the past couple of years I've been driving around the country hitting as many festivals as I can."

"How very Better Than Chocolate of you," Willow teased, "What do you do when there are no festivals?"

"I grab a gig here and there when I can... in the winter I head for San Francisco... perform on the street... do odd jobs when there's nothing else."

"So, I guess you're not going to be here for very long, huh?"

"I'm not in any big furry hurry... I might be persuaded to stay in Sunnydale a while with the right incentive," she fixed Willow with those sapphire eyes and grinned seductively, "As a matter of fact I picked up a two night gig just this morning... some place called the Espresso Pump... generic coffee house... know it?"

"Know it?!? I'm positively addicted to their mochas."

"That good, Huh?"

"Oh yeah... chocolatey goodness... caffeine... heaven," she crooned a little too enthusiastically, bouncing on the balls of her feet.

"Did I mention how adorable you are?" Tara asked positively beaming.

"You know I think that no more blushing rule could work both ways." she raised their joined hands to her lips and kissed Tara's knuckles, a mischievous smile dancing in her eyes. Then she caught a glimpse of Tara's watch. "SHIT! DOUBLE SHIT!!

Needless to say Tara was somewhat surprised by this and let out a little squeak, "What? Is something wrong?"

"I didn't realize how late it was... I really have to get this baby back to the stationhouse," she patted the hood, "I'm surprised they haven't sent a patrol out after me."

"Wouldn't they just beep you or something?"

"I was a bad girl... you see, I was trying to find this incredibly sexy blue-eyed goddess and I didn't want to be interrupted, so I shut off my radio when I went off duty," Willow admitted sheepishly.

"So... did you find her?" Tara asked, trying to sound way cooler and calmer than she really was... inside she was doing her very own touchdown dance.

The redhead shook her head and laughed, "You're such a tease."

"Not always," Tara purred suggestively.

"Are you sure your name's not Trouble?"

"Naaa... just my middle name... Tara Trouble Maclay... it's an old family name... goes back centuries," she was failing miserably at keeping a straight face.

Uh-huh. "So, beautiful... can I give you a ride back to your truck?"

"Nope." Willow pouted. "Walk with me," Tara tugged at her hand.

"Afraid to be seen riding in a cruiser? Protecting yourself so the Enquirer has nothing to print when you get famous?"

"Not really," Tara reached out and caressed Willow's face, "It's just that if we walk, I'll get to spend more time with you... you got time, baby?"

Hmmmm, it's seems vixeny Tara is making a return engagement. "For you? Oh yeah... I got time," Willow purred, "Just give me a sex... I mean a sec... to radio in and let 'em know everything's OK." Oh God... I swear that crooked smile of hers is gonna be the death of me.

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