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Author: Ghost of Eternity
Rating: PG
Copyright: I do not own the Buffyverse, Joss does. I do, however, own this story and this idea, so there!
Note: Thoughts appear in italics; Tara and the animals speak to each other like this < > and magic spells like this ~ ~.

That evening at dinner...

As everyone ate their soup, Xander, Anya, Buffy and Dawn noticed the uncomfortable silence between Willow and Tara. It was becoming unnerving. The two hadn't even said hello when they had returned.

Finally, Anya slammed down her bowl, her soup sloshing out of it as she said, "All right, the two of you either make up, or kiss, one of the two!"


"What? They're driving me crazy with the silence and the not talking and everything!" She snapped.

Willow and Tara looked at each other. They both knew Anya was right... maybe not about the kissing part... maybe she was right about that, too.

Willow watched as Tara sat down on the boulder. The two of them had gone outside the cave to talk, and Willow was incredibly nervous. Her heart sped up as noticed that the moonlight brought out Tara's features, and her eyes seemed to reflect it.

The silence between the two of them now seemed impenetrable as they gazed at each other. Willow kneeled in front of Tara and took her hands in hers. She looked up and became lost in her eyes.

Tara inwardly gasped as Willow's hands touched hers. After a few moments, she finally broke the silence, "I'm s-sorry."

"For what?" Willow asked. "F-for my r-reaction this m-morning when I-I saw y-you ch-change." Tara replied.

"Oh, that? Well, uh, of course, you'd be freaked out. I mean, who wouldn't be? You followed us and then all of a sudden, poof, we're animals! And I'm so sorry, I should've told you, I was just worried that you'd go and tell on all of us, but now that I think about it, you wouldn't. I just didn't want Ethan to hurt you because I'm in love with you, and-"

"W-what?" Tara asked suddenly. She heard every word of Willow's babbling, but at that moment she wasn't entirely sure she'd heard her say what she thought she said.

Willow blanched as she realized she'd let it slip that she was in love with Tara. Her mind told her to apologize, but then she saw the look in Tara's eyes. She looked so hopeful all of a sudden, and Willow wondered if she should tell her how she felt. She began gently stroking the backs of Tara's hands with her thumbs.

"Tara," she whispered softly, "I've got to tell to you something."

Tara's breath came quicker as she realized that Willow was going to-

"Well, well, well. What do we have here? Ah, a tender moment between two people in the moonlight. Willow, dear, you didn't tell me you'd met someone." came a sarcastic voice from the dark trees.

Willow stood up and said, "Tara, get behind me." She called to the darkness, "Come on out Ethan, or do I have to drag you out of there myself?"

Tara watched over Willow's shoulder as a man stepped out from the shadows. He was wearing a black tunic and breeches, with boots to match, and a hooded cloak. If it weren't for the moonlight, Tara would've only see his eyes, and that would have been frightening in itself, for they were a glittering ice blue with an evil glint to them.

"Now, Willow, dear, is that really a way to speak to an old friend? I mean, after all, we've known each other for so long." The voice sent shivers up and down Tara's spine. Oh goddess, she thought, We're not going to make it out alive...

"Leave." Willow said in a cold voice.

"Not until I get a better look at your new friend here," said Ethan, "And might I say, she's lovely, Willow. Quite a stunning-" his voice stopped short as he stepped closer. There was a new tone in his voice as he said softly, "There's a lot of power in this one. Yes, a lot of power."

"Ethan, I suggest you leave now, or I'll make you leave." Giles suddenly appeared, and an angry-looking Xander, Buffy, Dawn and Anya were with him.

"Very well, brother. I'll see you soon, Giles, sooner than you think. Farewell, mademoiselle." And with a puff of smoke he was gone.

"Willow, Tara, are you all right?" Xander asked worriedly.

Tara and Willow looked at each other. Willow felt Tara take her hand and squeeze it as she answered, "We're fine."

"Willow, w-what was it you wanted to tell me?"

"I love you. I'm in love with you, Tara."

"I... I love you too, Willow."

Willow leaned down and gently captured Tara's lips with hers.

And from that moment on, Tara would still remember how the moon seemed to shine in Willow's eyes, and the softness of her lips during their first kiss.

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