Author: Trixx
Rating: NC-17.
Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: The characters Willow and Tara are the property of Joss Whedon and/or Mutant Enemy.
Note: My BTVS KINK assignment. Not beta'd. As a m-mslash writer, couldn't find anyone willing to beta *sigh*.

Dark leather hissed as it fell through the air, landing with a resounding crack on the slightly reddened buttocks. A small whimper escaped the woman kneeling on the floor.

Small tears trickled from the woman's tightly closed eyes, her head lowered in submission; a small moan trickling from her lips as her tormenters hand lightly caressed the raised wheels. Nimble fingers danced over her flesh, trailing down into her soft downy curls, flicking the dildo buried there. An expert hand plucked it once, twice, a third time, causing the kneeling girl to keen and sob.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, pretty girl... none of that now. Mistress loves the sounds you make, but the pretty tears? You want this don't you my girl," the Mistress waited until she saw the small almost imperceptible nod, "well then... no more crying... no more sobbing." Her words cut off as she brought the small flogger down on the aching bum again. "Be a good girl for me... don't you want to please your Mistress?" The question seemed to hang in the air.

"Yes Mistress, I am here for your pleasure Mistress." The slight woman replied her voice still choked with tears.

Mistress dropped the flogger to the floor, kneeling between her girl's legs, her agile fingers going to the base of the dildo; she slowly withdrew it before slowly pumping back in. "I can see it you know... all your juices flowing around the cock, the way you squirm while I fuck you." The dildo pumped mercilessly into the tight heat of the girl's channel. "Would you like it to be me? Do you want to see me fucking you? Watching as I enter you sooo slow and deep, filling you, making the ache go away?" Mistress watched as the dildo disappeared and reappeared between the glistening folds, faster and harder.

The slave girl gasped her voice stilted with repressed pleasure, "Yes... want you; want you in me fucking me." gasping loudly as the dildo slammed once more into her cunt before being jerked out roughly and thrown across the floor. Her head bowed down, as she felt a much larger cock entering her from behind, the gentle caress of a hand across her back, as the bulbous head made wormed its way into her dripping slit.

The strap on, finally made its way deep within the recesses, before being pulled slowly back and thrusting forth once more. "Put your head down and open your eyes, watching me filling you." Mistress's voice came out hoarsely as she thrust the small dildo inside her causing her own voice to crack.

"Yes Mist...ress..." Voice choked and hoarse with emotion, the girl looked down to see the very large, black cock entering her, and pulling quickly back, she gasped at the double sensation, seeing it and feeling it.

"You may cum when you are ready dearling." Mistress gave permission grandly, her voice choked as her orgasm neared.

The woman gasped, as her orgasm rushed through her, her grasping channel clenching tightly around the intruding cock, her juices dripping out and down her thighs as she came. "Missstressss!" She wailed, as the black cock filled her, thrusting hard, prolonging her orgasm.

Mistress put her hand on the back of the slave girl's neck, pumping harder as her own orgasm assailed her, pressing the slave girls face down against the floor. Once, twice, then she held still as she came, her own juices coating the black leather harness, before she slowly relaxed forward, crushing the slave girl to the floor.

"Guh," she grunted as the soft body beneath her wiggled, she rolled them so they were lying on their sides.

"Boy... you're sure getting good at this." Willow whispered to her gasping Mistress.

"I... I like having the control." Tara blushed lightly as she kissed Willow lightly on the lips.

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