Author: Salamanda
Rating: NC17 - PWP - Kink ahot - don't complain to me if you ignore the warning.
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Notes: A little kingfic that I started a while ago but was never happy with - however on second looks - with minimal tweaking - I'm not so sure - so you lot tell me what you think!
Summary: Willow and Tara cast a li'l spell to amuse the redhead...

The magic swirls; blue coruscations, sparks of gilded fire, sinuous tendrils of smoking silver, flickering lightning. It twines around us; lazily at first but gaining speed to rush faster, until it hurtles around in a vortex of witchcraft, a whirling wall of incandescence, shimmering as it surrounds us. Then... stopping, it crashes instantly, to form a spinning ball of mage-light that rises above my head to bathe me in ethereal light.

My skin prickles as the light sweeps the length of my nakedness. Your eyes are black, shining, coals of passion and night that burn with the dark fires of your power.

And then it's gone, leaving us gasping in the aftermath of the spell. You sag at the expenditure of forces from deep inside you. Hands reach for you, to support you. I sit stock still, shocked despite our preparations, at what I see.

She cradles you against her. Her features so familiar, yet so strange, her voice as it hums words of comfort in your ear sounds odd. Her dark blonde bangs hang down, hiding her eyes. Her lips are full, kissable. Her curves are full, voluptuous almost, her breasts heavy as they raise and fall with her breathing. Her hips swell femininely from her waist promising the full curve of her buttocks behind. Between her legs the naked mound of her pubis curves towards the pouting lips of her cleft. Her legs are slim but strong as she sits cross legged beside you.

"Mmm... so it worked..." You smile as you revive, sitting up in her arms.

I nod in silent agreement as she turns to me. I swallow nervously. It's an eerie feeling to look into your own eyes.

Her eyes reflect my troubled stare, familiarity and confusion flaring in her gaze. Her mouth works uncertainly, unable to form words.

Meantime you are virtually bouncing with excitement.

"Oh it worked, it worked... this is going to be sooooo cool... I am sooo going to enjoy this!"

A shiver runs down my spine as I recall your plans.

"Wha-what happened" She finally manages to speak. Her timorous voice is still mine, but heard by other ears it is confusing, bizarre.

I look at you uncertain, unwilling to reply. I needn't worry. You are smooth despite your excitement as you take control, your weariness almost gone now, replaced by wolfish anticipation.

"Ahh... we conjured you..." You hesitate briefly as if savoring the word. "...Tara. We conjured you as a double. The Doppelganger spell. Yes?"

She nods her face forming a frown.

"Y-yes I-I remember it..." She trails off, memory flooding into her. Her eyes widening in recollection she turns to me as if searching for confirmation. I nod to her my own unease rendering me mute.

"Oh cool..." You repeat yourself, your voice singing with joyful self-satisfaction. "It worked... all your memories are intact?" Your grin turns lascivious, almost a leering with lust as we nod, an uncertainty as to who is which sweeping over us.

She and I share another troubled glance.

"Well ladies shall we begin?"

Her lips are soft, full, luscious against mine, tasting of our blueberry lip gloss. Her tongue is strong. It coils its way into my mouth as mine pushes into hers. Her hands are gentle on my back. I sweep my hands from her shoulder blades to the curving swell of her buttocks. She sighs into my mouth.

We clasp each other tight. I writhe on her thigh. She paints my leg with the scented oil of our arousal.

"Mmmm... very nice..." Your voice is hushed beside us as watch us sway.

Our breathing is heavy, fevered as I feel your caress.

The strap burns as it drapes itself around my flanks. I gasp, whining softly into her mouth. She swallows my sighing moan before reflecting it back at me when the skein of leather switches like flame across her flesh.

We rock, thrusting against each other, our liquor spills, spreading like liquid fire to coat thighs and groins. Each stripe a shuddering jolt of sweetly aching agony.

I moan, or is it her, as hands find their way between our bodies to search the softness of identical flesh. Her hand slips between my legs to stroke over my labia whilst I weigh the flesh of her breasts. The nipples are full, dusky pink, erect amidst the large darker pucker of her areolas. Her breasts bounce, heavy, pendulous as I buck under each new blow.

I gasp, I know it's me this time, as she enters me, her fingers finding the centre of my pleasure with the unique skill of her particular, magical knowledge. Her fingers thrust deeper as her buttocks flatten, reddening, flushed with suffering.

My fingers find her nipples to roll them, pinching gently at first, then harder in the way I know will set her gasping, sagging with pleasure.

We become as one, mirroring each other, my hand searching for her to enter her, while her hand rises to tease my nipples. Unable to distinguish which side the strap falls or which fingers pleasure whom we wince and moan and cry and thrust at each blow.

Our mouths still joined, our hands busy, strumming indistinguishable pleasure centers, the strap bathes us in pain. Swinging from one side to the other, the scorching leather sets us bucking, thrusting, trembling onto each other. Our cries rise quickly, moaning, gasping into each others mouths as we share the torment. Our passion builds rapidly to a searing crescendo as we drive each other on under your strokes. Her thumb grazes my clit sending shudders down my spine as my stomach turns and my inner walls tighten against her fingers. She quakes, clasping around me, as, simultaneously, I chafe her button.

The strap falls time after time, metronomic in its rhythm. My flanks burn.

We discover a peculiarity of making love to yourself. Unlike masturbation there is no sense of patient build up, no self control, just breakneck pressing of buttons, triggering of responses. Each little touch effects the other so that the cascade of sensations builds at break-neck speed to an erotic critical mass that leaves both gasping, bucking, screaming as the power of our orgasm crashes through us like a tidal wave, leaving our bodies weak and inert.

The searing strokes of the heavy strap serve only to impel us to newer heights.

Our condition is perfect for you. Limp, quiescent, our recent performance stirs your need, but leaves us vulnerable.

Denied our necessary recovery time you drag us both to the bed. We slump onto it, still enervated and weak as you position us. Lying on our sides you place us head to toe so our heads rest on each other's thighs. Mouths adjacent to our centers a thigh resting on each cheek we curve into one another.

She is sweet, salty, honeyed, strong in my mouth. Her tongue is strong and sinuous probing, hungry, into the potently fragrant humidity of my core. Her cunt swallows my cry of pleasure as she gasps at my invasion. I ooze, my sap trailing over her tongue, to course across her throat and I swallow, lapping, hungrily, to drink her nectar.

Her tongue plunges hard, a stabbing thrust of muscle inside my core as the smack of leather paddle, muffled by the pillows of her thighs, stings her flaming cheeks just near my head. I writhe on her tongue before you force me to reciprocate as the paddle flashes, hot and angry across my chastened rear.

The alternating rhythm begins again. First she then me, over and over you spank us, harder and harder as our tongues work a magic of the most ancient kind within the clasping, rippling liquidity of silken flesh.

Each stroke across our heaving, throbbing fesses triggers tiny quakes against our tongues. She fucks me, as I fuck her, as you punish us. Perfection, we match each other flawlessly as we quiver to blows delivered with absolute equality.

I burn as she does, she throbs as I do. Our reactions are identical. We move simultaneously, without words to suckle on the crux of our pleasure. She bucks. Her pip is firm and hot. It throbs between my lips. I jerk, thrusting, as she takes my nub into her mouth to suck it in, flicking it with her tongue.

Each of your swipes is a blazing shot of agony that sets us bucking, magnifying the sensation of lips on clit to a brain shattering intensity. There are no words for the ecstasy, the agony of our moment. The knowledge of each other, down to the tiniest particles of our being coupled with your loving cruelty commits us, crashing, tumbling over the edge into the abyss of our climax. We spasm, a paroxysm of pleasure/pain intense beyond imagination sets us crying each in to the other, hungry clefts tightening, contacting, seizing as we gush, spurting spilling onto each other. Her liquor is hot and tart in my mouth. Her mouth is hungry, receptive at my center.

We lie, deathly for time unmeasured before you separate us to slide between. I right myself so that my face and hers can flutter grateful butterfly kisses of love on you.

You wriggle, sighing as, with unspoken co-operation, each mirroring the other, we ease you from your clothes to explore your nakedness; a breast each, a nipple to each mouth, two hands coiling in the russet curls at your groin, a pair of fingers swirling in the heated molten flesh of your coral pink womanhood, entering you, lifting your hips from the bed as two thumbs stroke and play with the needy jewel of your clitoris.

You sigh, moaning, gasping, crying, pleading, groaning towards your release before your body tenses, rigid, all sound abated to crest; quaking, spasming to your peak.

You body releases your throat to groan soft and deep.

"Ohhhhhhhhh... Ohhhhh... Ohhh... Ohh... Tara..."

Sleep comes; we curled either side, bookends to your perfection, our mouths nuzzled at the nape of neck and shoulder, gathered in the warmth the strength of your embracing, circling arms.

An age later.

You stir, breathing softly and we wake attentive, adoring.

Your eyes melt as you kiss us each in turn. Your tongue so strong, commanding in our mouths, leaves us shaking. Your lust rumbles in your throat. We shiver, eyes lidded, in silent expectation.

"Mmmm... very nice ... mmmm... two Taras... twice the pleasure... twice the pain! Endless possibilities... as you spank each other, or I fist you both, or you pump on the two headed dildo... mmmmm... perfection."

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