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Too Famous To Get Fully Dressed

Author: Coopster5000
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

"So what's been going on with you and Kennedy?" Buffy asked sitting next to her friend on the living room couch.

"Well for the last couple of weeks she keeps going out with Amy more to bars. I mean... she's drinking a hell of a lot more. She comes home piss ass drunk, smelling of smoke and.... and," tears started to fall down Willow's cheeks. "O god Buffy I think she's cheating on me."

Buffy had to take a couple of deep breaths herself to calm her nerves. She couldn't believe Kennedy would sink so low and cheat on her best friend. It took everything in her to stay sitting on the couch and comfort Willow instead of finding Kennedy and kicking the living shit out of her. Grabbing her shaking friend in a tight hug the blonde did the only thing she could do, she whispered "I'm so sorry Will. O god I'm sorry."

On Monday Willow greeted Tara into her office for her interview. After thirtyfive minutes the redhead was showing the blonde a tour of the studio.

"Okay, so this is where we shoot the photos. Make up is around the corner, I'll take you there next," said Willow coming to a stop near a bunch of cameras in front of a studio set up. "Well as you know, Buffy's the photographer so after your done with hair and make up and you have them in the right close," she pointed to the models posing on stage, "send them out to Buffy."

"Check," Tara commented as if she was going over a check list with Willow.

'Cute' the redhead thought, 'too cute.' "Next I'll bring you to you to Anya's office," Willow said leading Tara down one of the brightly lit hallways.

"Anya?" Tara asked with a puzzled look on her face.

"Yeah, our accountant. You might wanna become really good friends with her," Willow added as she turned to stair at the blonde. "She can be a bit forwards and aggressive and never now when the hell to shut up but she sure does know how to save you money. Any my god not only am I babbling I sound like her," blushed the redhead. "God I haven't babbled in ages. I'm so sorry," she deeply apologized.

"O no really you were fine. You looked so cute," know it was Tara's turn to blush.

"Uhhh....thanks. Nobody's ever thought my babble was cute. Always annoying or boring."

"Well if you ever need to babble you can come to me," the two women just stood in the hallway smiling at each other for a couple of minutes until Willow's cell phone went off playing "Wild One," very load startling the two young women from their stare fest.

"Oh Anya's wondering were we are. Come on,"said Willow grabbing Tara's hand and leading her into the accountancies office. "Tara Maclay meet Anya Jenkins, Anya meet Tara our new fashion designer/director."

"So what happened to Kennedy?" asked the accountant.

"She's still her. I'm just hiring Tara for some extra help and plus she has a new sense of style that we need."

'Suurrrrree!' thought Anya with a wicked grin. "Well it's nice to meet you Tara. Hopefully we can get to know each other but right now is not a good time. I have a lot of work that needs to be finished today."

"Okay, well we'll leave you to your work then. Bye," said Tara. Outside in the hall, "Well she seemed nice."

"Yeah, okay. If you call hell eating demons nice," Willow said sarcastically taking Tara's hand again with out realization and walking down the hall to the models lounge.

"Okay this is the models lounge. I find it easiest to take a big breath in then let it out," she demonstrated for the blonde a couple of times, "before going into the bitches layer. And this one you better believe me on," said Willow giving Tara a stern look. "Ready?"

"As I'll ever be," Tara said kinda nervous about entering the lounge.

"Just remember you're the stylist. They fuck with you...." she paused as if she was going to let Tara finished, "you put them in the ugliest fucking thing you can find for their shoot."

"Hehehe," Tara giggled by Willow's joke or what she thought was a joke but happened to be a 100% truth if she were to peak inside the redheads head.

"Okay lets go in."

"Hey sweetie," said the tall brunette walking into a rather large office with a few changing rooms, "Anybody else in here," she asked as she crossed over to her lover.

"Nope. All ours," came the replay.

"Good cause I locked the door," laughed the brunette as she rapped her arms around her girlfriend.

"Mhhh, and what would you have done if there were people in here?"

"I guess we just would have to be very quit," smiled the brunette removing some reddish blonde hair from the neck in front of her. Gently she started to kiss the neck from top to bottom until she was kissing the women's shoulder. She started pulling the neck of the shirt down further so that she could get to the back of the neck but to no avail.

"O god Kennedy just take it off," moaned the women becoming weak in the knees.

"Yes baby, yes," Kennedy growled yanking the t-shirt off. "Your turn," she smiled at the brown eyes in front of her."

"Goodie," smiled the brown eyed women zipping of Kennedy's sweatshirt. "What no under shirt. What a naughty girl."

"Just how you like them right babe," smiled Kennedy going for the bottons on the girls jeans. Unzipping the zipper the brunette stuck her hand in the fake blondes pants messaging her crotch. "Feel good babe?"

"Oh god Kennedy don't stop," the brown eyed women whimpered as she grasped Kennedy's hair in her fist and brought their faces together for a heated kiss.

Lowering the panting women to the floor, Kennedy removed her pants and underwear till she was just laying in her bra. "Ready," growled the brunette before shoving two fingers into the other women and pumping frantically causing the women to scream unrecognizable words.

"O god Kennedy, Kennedy," she panted as she reached her peak.

"That's right come for me," Kennedy said adding another finger causing the women under her to shutter and cum all over her hand.

"O god Kennedy you wore me out," whispered the fake blonde stretching her hands above her head.

"To bad, its my turn," Kennedy growled at her.

Upon opening the door Tara noticed about fifteen to twenty models in undergarments and robes sitting around the lounge talking to one another. Some had cigarettes in their hands others had their hair in curlers.

"Alright everybody listen up," shouted Willow as she clapped her hands three times. "I'd like to introduce you to our new fashion designer, Tara Maclay. She officially started today so half of you will be assigned to her half will stay with Kennedy. I'll be back later with your schedule at noon. Tara would you like to say something?"

"Um yeah. Uhh hi...umm if anybody has any questions for me or anything I would love to answer them. So I guess I'll see half of you later."

"Aaahhhhh," Kennedy shouted in ecstasy as she reached her climax and surpassed it. She laid on the floor panting for several minutes before pushing the women on her chest off her and getting up. Reaching for her underwear and jeans she put them both on as quick as possible.

"Kennedy what's the matter?" asked the women wondering if she did something wrong.

"I'm going to work," said Kennedy in a flat tone.

"Don't you want to snuggle," asked the innocent women.

"No I don't want to fucking snuggle," snarled Kennedy, "god you sound like Willow."

"But I though we have something," she was about to cry now.

"What we have is a quicky in my office every once in a while," smirked Kennedy locating her sweat shirt. Walking towards the door as she zipped it up she quickly turned around as something crossed her mind.

"Oh and Kate, you breathe one word of this to anybody...especially Willow," she narrowed her eyes at the crying women who could barley look at her, "I'll make sure you'll never work in this line of business again," with that said she walked out of the room slamming the door behind her.

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