Tea Time

Author: Wiccanbotanist
Rating: G (for goodness this is boring)
Disclaimers: Let's see I forgot how this goes, oh yeah... BTVS does not belong to me, they are merely playthings and this is all in good fun. Besides good luck suing me as I have 26 cents in my bank account right now.
Summary: Willow and Tara, in the past, some sort of exciting front-page newspaper thingy going on.
Apologies: It has been a while since I've written and I know this is not one of my finest. In fact I think it sucks big time... just consider it as I'm easing my way back into it.

Boston, Massachusetts 1773

It was yet another dreary December day but the dullness of winter was beginning to stir up trouble in Willow's mind. The monotony of her job, working in the print shop... picking up a template, filling the ink, loading the paper, pressing down, taking out the paper, adding more, pressing down until the group would be done and she'd start a new template and do it all over again! Well the monotony of that, had just gotten to be too much. It was time for a little mischief.

And she knew just where to find it as she overheard her landlord earlier as he came into to grab a hatchet, some leather, and Tara's good feather pen. He was a decent man, renting them the modest flat on the second story. To the outside world Willow and Tara were two ‘old maids', whose families had given up on getting them married had found each other and became roommates for an easier life. But their landlord Mr. Alexander Harris, of the Harris' of Scotland known for their tweed, had known it was much more than that. So had some of the other tenants, such as the Summer's sisters, who had lost their parents at too early an age, that lived just across the hall. In fact, it was a nice set up, a family like atmosphere which Willow and Tara could not ask for more.

Except for a bit of fun and excitement now and then. And Willow was not going to wait for it.

"Tara, my sweet, darling, wonderful...." Willow started.

"What is it I can do for you?" Tara interrupted, eyebrow raised but smiling as she knew she could not deny Willow anything.

"I thought we might take a stroll down to the Wharf...." The redhead pouted.

"Is that all, really? The way you started up it sounded like quite a large affair. Or is there something you are not telling me?"

"Just a stroll is all. I merely heard Xander mention he'd be down there, and I just need to get out of the house."

"As long as we're not out to late darling, tomorrow is Friday and a big day at the grocery when a lot of items come from the ships." She paused as if thinking. "If Xander will be down there, do you think we should invite Buffy and Dawn?"

"Sounds splendid." Willow said, although she was unsure. She preferred for it to just be her and Tara, but there was always safety in numbers as they were women and there was more going on at the wharf this evening than just boorish fishermen.

They had knocked on the door to no avail. They thought to leave a note, indicating where they had gone for either them to join or for them to have knowledge of their whereabouts in the event something happened and they had not returned.

"Have you seen my pen?" Asked Tara.

"Here just use mine."

And they set out for Griffins Wharf.

They had been talking. They had only been walking a short while, but because they were paying attention to each other and not their path when they realized they had not reached the wharf.

"How'd we end up here?" Willow asked, looking around animatedly as if she'd fall over if she didn't get her bearings.

"I'm not entirely sure. I thought I was following you."

"Well apparently I was following you, as we are near your grocery."

"How do we get to the wharf from here?"

"Hmm....Here is southeast from the apartment, correct?"

"I believe so." Answered Tara, she really hadn't kept track. Lines and measurements and directions where things Willow noticed and catalogued in her head. Tara mostly just ‘felt' for stuff.

"And the wharf is northerly on the water's edge.... So we want to go that way" Willow pointed.

"Are you sure?" Tara asked, not ‘feeling' right about the direction of travel.

Willow paused and then started looking around again.

"It would help if we could see the water from here. Do you have a compass? I seem to be turned around."

"Now why would I carry a compass?"

There was silence as the two continued looking around.

"Why don't we ask someone?" Tara said.

"I'm not going to ask anyone." Willow was frustrated because she didn't want to miss any of the excitement, but she was also stubborn.

"I'll just go into the store and talk to Mr. Giles."

Willow allowed Tara to go, but did not follow. She waited, trying not to look like she was lost and confused, until Tara came out with a map that Mr. Giles had drawn. And they were on their way to the wharf.

"Willow! Tara!" they heard from an unusually large crowd as they neared the water.

They had spotted the Summers sisters walking towards them, arms waving in the air.

"What is going on here?" Tara said out loud but mostly to herself.

"We got your note, and it mustn't have been a few minutes after you had left. Why have we arrived before you?" asked Buffy.

"We thought to take the scenic route." Willow said, giving a quick glance to Tara to see if she'd tattle.

"Look there is Xander." Dawn pointed out.

It was then Tara noticed a large group of Indians. Mohawk Indians to be exact. And they were preparing to board the large English ships filled with tea.

The group was as hushed as the crowd was raucous as they stared in awe at the tea being thrown overboard. Over the noise they could hear the distinct whooping of Xander and saw him twirl his tomahawk in the air.

Tara commented chuckling to herself, "Tea time anyone?"


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