Teach Me Teacher

Author: Rose
Rating: NC-17
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Disclaimer: I own nothing. But I wish I did! I would be rich!
Summary: Willow is an 18-year-old senior at Sunnydale High, and Tara is the 24-year-old art teacher. They meet and sparks fly.
Notes: This fic is based on my own art class fantasies. I would like to thank my art teacher for being really hot and inspiring my wrong lusty feelings, and to all the other smut writers on the Kitten board for making me realize I was a true smut whore!
Thoughts in italics.

"Willow, I don't understand why you're taking Art One. You can't even draw stick figures! And don't give me that look, you know you can't! Wouldn't you be better taking Art Appreciation? Less work, more reading! It's an easy A!" Willow Rosenberg's best friend Buffy Summers was saying. The pair were walking down the hallway of Sunnydale High School discussing their classes for Senior year while heading toward their lockers.

"Buffy you know I enjoy reading as much as the next person..." Off Buffy's look. "Ok except you of course. But I want a challenge. This year is all about exploration. You know, diving into the quest for new knowledge and the appreciation of different things. What good will READING about Art do me? I'd like a hands on approach thanks." Willow says, stopping at their lockers.

"Alright Will, point clear. Got it. Besides, if it doesn't work out, you can always take Introduction to Foods, with Xander and me." Buffy says with a smile. Willow had to laugh at her friend's obvious chagrin for food. They started discussing other classes when Xander, along with his brown haired, very sarcastic, yet fashionable girlfriend Anya, came striding up to them.

"Guys! Have you seen that new Art teacher? Yowza!" He smiles at Willow. "Now I know why you're taking that class Wills. She's a hottie!" He says, winking at her. Willow gives Xander a slight eye roll.

"We just passed her in the hallway. She's very young with nice breasts. Willow you would like them, I've noticed your liking for boobs." Anya says in that flat robotic tone of hers.

"Anya!" Xander says, nudging her.

"What? Did you see that girl Willow dated in June? Her breasts were enormous!" Anya says. Buffy laughs and looks at Willow.

"She's got a point there Will." She says. Willow slams her locker shut, picking up her school bag, slinging the strap over her shoulder.

"Ok! If we're done discussing my personal life, we should get to class. And Xander, just because I'm gay, doesn't mean I'm going to boink every chick I see. Tongue in your mouth please!" She says.

"Yeah she's right Xander. Those type of fantasies should be kept in private." Buffy says with the slightest nod.

"Or in the bedroom." Anya says with interest. Xander just looks at her with an awe like, shocked expression on his face.

"Um..." Was all he managed to say.

"See you guys at lunch!" Willow says cheerily and heads off to class. Excited and very interested in seeing this new and supposedly "hot" Art teacher.

Willow had known she was gay almost her entire life and had come out to her friends and family when she was in the 8th grade, she had fallen in love with a girl named Briana. When she had told her friends, Xander and Buffy had surprised her by saying "Well finally!" And had actually thrown Willow a sort of "Coming Out" party in Xander's parents' basement. When Willow had told her own parents, she was relieved at how very accepting they were about it. Even offering to drop Willow and her then girlfriend off at the movies or the Expresso Pump on dates. But then everything went wrong. She had caught Briana cheating on her, with a guy no less! Since then Willow hadn't been in very serious relationships, ending it as soon as things got that far. She dated girls often, had one night stands even, much to Xander's pleasure. It was just Willow's way. And she liked it.

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