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Author: Elizabeth
Rating: A saucy PG-13... cause that's all I can write... and no more, else you'll be highly disappointed with my knowledge thereof.
Disclaimer: I wish I did... but I don't... wish I was one of the official writers, but I'm not... and never will be <sigh>... so, is that good enough to disclaim my non-existent ownership of W/T?

Willow had been tired for the whole day. Waking up achey made it hard for the redhead to be refreshed and ready. But then Tara came and... there was the kiss...

The moon was slowly rising above her head outside of the small hut. Her leg was no longer latched-Tara gave her the key to use at will-so she was able to finally look out the window...

She said I could see the stars now...

Yet Tara's eyes were far more beautiful to her; they reminded Willow of the universe above her head far more than a few measly stars. They sparkled deep blue, tempting the redhead to fall into them. It was impossible not be fascinated, and yet they were untouchable, the she was a great mystery... she could sense there was pain hidden within the sapphire. Yet it was impossible to get near, Tara would have to be the one to let her in-and it felt like everyday that became impossible.

She wouldn't even tell me what had made her upset...

But tomorrow was the last day...

She hadn't even told Tara that she wanted her to come with her - she left in a hurry after their time together, something about going to see some one... the name she said... it did end in an "a," that she knew.

And that narrows the selection down by zero...

Willow had tried to ask her; she had planned a monologue that involved a small chart she could draw in the floor with a stick she found on same said floor. But then the blonde walked in and all was forgotten-as usual.

She wouldn't want to come with me anyway, hello! Rude! We just met six days ago. So, of course you'd want to run away with me. Stupid. It's just stupid.

But Willow wouldn't admit that she was at the same time concocting another monologue that involved bribes of real sketch books, food that wasn't alive ten minutes ago, and beds with feathers for insides-instead of wood.

Would she want to go, though?

Anyone in her right mind would prefer goose to oak.

But would she want to go with me?

Tomorrow... tomorrow she'd ask... that is, if she survived the last day...

She touched her lips again and she was reminded for the one thousand and seven hundred and seventy first time that night.


Caranthia had been preparing her armor for the past several hours, making ready for battle. If the tribe wished to diminish what she had worked so long to create, all the better that she go down fighting. But, perhaps she could destroy what was causing everything to go wrong... then they'd see, then they'd see how she was protecting them. She would not turn against her tribe so readily, no. Better fight the usurper before going on total offense.


Tomorrow would be the final day of the Sacrament. Tar'airah would finally have to show her true colors.

Blood doesn't betray.

Hers had been bubbling for so long, so long. But you can't kill what others love. Not tactfully, anyway.

So she waits- She has waited for too long.

Her day of vengeance had finally come.

"Yes, Perhamia, what is it?"

"Caranthia, you told me it was nothing..." The older woman was walking in slowly, as if it was unnatural to walk.

"Perhamia...?" The younger brunette paid no attention to the figure, as usual, until she saw the reflection of the woman stumbling forward in her shield, "what's wrong?"

The woman wouldn't answer right away. She walked forward, practically lunged for a grasp of the young brunette's arms, "You told me it was nothing... just a slip in the weather... .'nothing', you said..."

"What?" The brunette was starting to get agitated. She looked over the woman's trembling body, and she could see scars, bruises on the woman's face and arms.

"The walls - they're breaking..."

"WHAT?! How is that possible? You're lying!"

An eerie sound slowly sunk into the small hut - a slow, dying giggle from the older woman.

"So that's what you were trying to hide..." Perhamia coughed violently with her small chuckle, Caranthia noticed a speck of blood slowly growing on the rim of her lower lip, "You, above all, should know magic can only conceal, it can never undo what the world has decreed... and now it has erupted in anger... it will come for you too..."

"Perhamia, I order you to-"

"To what?" She coughed again, unable to control the shaking any longer, "My body will be only one of the clues left for them to find. They will recognize the marks, they will know to find the trees... see my blood..."

The brunette stared on in fear at the woman.

"Remember this face... Caranthia..." She wheezed, "this is the face you shall wear one day... death will come for you too... Goddess, I have paid my debt, let me die in-" the woman hacked and blood dribbled down her chin, "...peace..." as she slowly sagged in the brunette's arms.

Caranthia stared for a split second and let the body drop to the ground in disgust.

One night.

She only had to wait one more night, after all these years... and she would stop it.

She would stop her... and what had already begun...

She would stop it.


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