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Author: Elizabeth
Rating: A saucy PG-13... cause that's all I can write... and no more, else you'll be highly disappointed with my knowledge thereof.
Disclaimer: I wish I did... but I don't... wish I was one of the official writers, but I'm not... and never will be <sigh>... so, is that good enough to disclaim my non-existent ownership of W/T?

"Tar'airah, BUALAICKA OPPUI ALAS!" The fierce brunette wielded her long knife-sword-thing, and threateningly walked towards the two surprised figures. But before Willow could react, she felt Tara's arms pull her behind her body - shielding her from view and harm.

"Fa'aithlia, menah."

"Tar'airah..." the brunette seemed to plead, albeit angrily, "misha bualaicak oppiu alas. MIUISA. PRAS!"

"Naya," Tara's whole body tensed with her firm reply; Willow felt her arm constrict with the squeeze she felt by the blonde's hand. The brunette's knife stayed still, and no one moved for several moments. Willow stayed silent, as she watched the young amazon's face contort in hatred for, she guessed, her.

I haven't even talked to this one yet and I've already pissed her off. I must have a knack for this.

The brunette seemed torn between following through with her violent plan and the possibility of confronting her friend. Willow didn't seem to notice, though. In fact, she had just registered the thought that Tara had saved her from danger - yet again. Looking down she noticed the warm limb carefully placing her out of harm's way.

Tara's arm... soft skin, very soft... I wonder if her hands are as soft? Willow internally shook her head. Focus, Rosenberg, FOCUS: there's a psycho sword-wielding woman within a few feet of you - do not think about the incredibly soft, incredibly creamy skin Tara has. Damn!

The psycho finally moved though, holding her sword up in front of the two girls, in an attempt to prevent their escape from the small hut. She called out through the curtain.


Tara's breathing quickened with this outburst - Willow could feel it - and she tried to intervene the brunette's yelps with some of her own.

"Fa'aith, Fa'aith, naya proadica ihkia - Fa'aith, wei upa kieto!" she hissed, all the while keeping Willow well hidden behind her.


"Fa'aithli-" Tara cut herself off with the sudden entrance of the one other amazon Willow recognized from earlier this evening. The figure of the smaller blonde amazon strode into the hut with a confused look on her face.

"Fa'aith, ukhia sastra?" she questioned, fearfully looking at Tara to the brunette, and back again.

"Buf'aneah, umbraia Tar'airah mabakljai..." the amazon seemed to be explaining, exasperated, "mabakljai CIN IASTA BRAG!" she pointed directly at Willow through the cracks between Tara's arms and waist.

That probably doesn't translate to "beautiful, but shy redhead."

"Naya... naya, Tar'airah niayas li proadica... veras, Tar'?" the small blonde shook her head and then turned to Tara, questioningly.

Tara said nothing. Willow noticed her head didn't waver once - she was standing strong, and unmoving.

"Tar'?" came a pleading voice.

"Buf'aneah, wei... yuiua polkeah jaju," Tara said softly.

"Tar?!" the blonde cried out.

"ISHA?" the brunette shouted at the small blonde, who at the moment was inching over to her comrade, ever so subtly.

"Tar'airah, quealak kamu jesaa? Ai mu?" the blonde seemed less enraged as her friend. To Willow she seemed more hurt than anything.

"Buf'aneah, trati ouiya, niaya proadica cadas olia malis," Tara said calmly.

"Malis? MALIS? PEDRASTA AHI CIN IKHIA!" the brunette shouted.

"Fa'aithlia, jenas ija..." Buf'aneah looked at the brunette, and then back to Tara again, "vai?"

Willow had stayed silent for most of this turbulent argument save for the squeak that came out when the brunette, also known as the psycho sword-wielding woman, had entered. But it did not mean she was going to stay the whimpering maiden in distress for much longer. She tugged on the blonde's arm, and softly whispered.

"Tara..." Willow croaked out, "Please, let me talk to them?"

"They won't understand you. Besides, it's better that I talk, and you stay where sharp objects can't penetrate your body," she replied tersely, "for you and for me."

"I know, but, just," Willow sputtered at this.

"Willow, no. They won't listen to you, they see you as the scary man that's brainwashed me, I don't think anything you have to say behind my back, through my words is going to instantaneously persuade them."

"Then they can listen to my words and see me," she said stepping from out of the protection of Tara's arms.

Slowly, as the young redhead stepped into the flickering light, Fa'aith's sword fell to her side, limp.

The two amazons gawked.

"Fa'ith... no hia brag..." the smaller blonde stared dumbly, pointing.

"Tar'airah, GET AWAY FROM THAT!"

"Fa'aithlia, calm down."

"Tar'airah..." Fa'aith strained her voice, but demanded again, "I said get away. MOVE. NOW!"

"No," her friend, her FRIEND, damn it, was protecting the scum. Fa'aithlia glared, nostrils flaring at the impudence of her friend. The fact that the weakling was hiding behind her comrade pissed her off even more.

What is she DOING?

But she couldn't make a move. Every plan that formed in her head ended with her making violent contact with her childhood friend. And hurting Tar'airah, even if it came with the death of the creep behind her, was not on her to-do list. She was pissed. As it was, Tar'airah was making her choose. But, ever the war tactic, she easily slipped into her backup plan - her only backup plan.

If you can't go on offense, always go on defense.


She saw the horrified look on her friend's face and inwardly cheered at her one advantage.

Yup, always go for defense.

"Fa'aith, Fa'aith, I wasn't doing anyth - Fa'aith, please, shut up!" The amazon hissed. Fa'aith knew she had found a nerve.


So she hit it - repeatedly.

"Fa'aithli-" Tar'airah stopped with the entrance of the subject of Fa'aith's screeches.

Buf,' get over here, don't look at Tar'. Don't feel sorry for her like you always do. Get next to me. Right. Now.

"Fa'aith, what's going on?"

Oh no, not the Buf' pout...

"Buf'aneah, I saw Tar'airah... I saw HER" she breathed in raggedly, "WITH THAT BASTARD!"

That's right, little man, I see you. I see right through your evil magic. I can see what you've done to my Tar'. And you won't get away with it, you fucking bastard.

"No... no, Tar'airah wouldn't... she would never... right, Tar'?

Great, now I have to fight a two front war. I can't convince Buf' Tar's gone insane...

Tar' stayed quiet, though.

...unless, of course, she does it for me.


"Buf'aneah, please... listen to me."


Ahah! See?

"See?!" Fa'aith shouted at the small blonde.

"Tar'airah, you lied to us? To me?"

"Buf'aneah, I'm trying to explain, I wasn't doing anything wrong."



"Fa'aithlia, let her speak..." Buf' looked back at her friend, "Well?"

Fa'aith saw Tara's mouth begin to form words, but then stopped with the small croak behind her. Apparently, lover boy was attempting to talk. Tara didn't seem any happier about the "brag's" words though, and quickly cut the boy off. Fa'aith internally smirked at this.

At least she isn't completely under his control.

But the little bugger continued to argue with the blonde. Tar'airah replied again, this time firmer to the body she held behind her. Fa'aith was torn. Part of her admired Tar' for her outstanding resistance to the brainwashing they had all been pre warned of. Another part wanted to hit her in the head for getting duped in the first place. But generally, all of her wanted the wuss dead.

No arguments with that.

Without warning the very last thing Fa'aith expected happened. The "wuss" came forward.


"Fa'aith..." her friend said slowly next to her, "that's no man..."

Oh crap.

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