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Summer of Love... 1969

Author: WillowTara Addict
Rating: R to NC-17.
Disclaimer: I don't own Willow and Tara, I am only taking them back to the future, the year of 1969... Joss, if you were a kid back then, they were always yours.

"You fuckin' Fascists!" shouted a young woman with long flamed hair parted in middle held down by a rainbow-colored beaded headband was being dragged by a couple of police officers. The redhead got even angrier when one of the officers accidentally ripped one of her favorite lavender colored flowing peasant shirt's sleeves.

"Are you fucking trying to strip me naked?!" They signaled the truck to open its door which was already filled with some anti-war protestors and threw the redhead inside. Before she could lunge, the doors were slammed in her face; she pounded her small hands against the metal, almost rattling the doors. "Assholes!"

"Don't worry, Red. We will get out in an hour anyway." A male voice said.

The redhead couldn't see anything but knew there were at least half dozen people in there and replied, "We better! Who are you anyway?"

"My name is Top-X but you can call me Xander, yours?" Xander asked, his voice sounding quite confident as if he is a true leader.

"You just called me that but my folks slapped me with Willow but I prefer Red anyway. Nice to meet you when I actually can see you." Willow responded, sitting down against the cold metal floor and felt the truck began to move.

"Nice to meet you, Red." The numerous of voices greeted.

"Mine's Faith." A female voice introduced.

"My name's Jadez." A young male voice spoke, he couldn't be more than fourteen Willow figured.

"Razz is the name," a smooth male voice spoke.

"Razz is the hippest musician I have ever known. He would be the second Jimi Hendrix." Xander said, praising his long time friend.

"Thanks, man!" Razz thanked.

"Hey, my name's Anya... Top-X is my boyfriend!" an odd female voice said loudly that almost echoed.

"Nice to meet you, Anya." Willow said, already certain she is the oddball.

"You a Digger or Flower child?" a female voice asked which wasn't familiar to Willow.

"A hard core Digger." Willow said seriously, proud of her reputation. "Who are you, anyway? I don't think I have heard your voice before."

"Red, I am Buffy." Buffy replied.

"What kind of name is that?" Willow asked half jokingly.

"Figured my parents were too bummed when they got a girl but I wouldn't go in there." Buffy said dismissively.

All of sudden, the doors open almost blinding them with high noon sunlight.

"You Hippies get out and go into the station!" A gruffly voiced police officer shouted, motioning the officers to proceed gathering them. The police officers roughly took the protestors out of the truck and pushed them into the station to book them for civil disobedience.

Willow took a good look at everyone in sunlight and when she was shoved forward, she glared at the officer with blazing green orbs angrily. If looks could kill, it certainly put some effect on the young police officer.

"That was so fuckin' jive!" Willow hissed.

"Whoa, easy..." The police officer almost backed down but quickly recomposed once he saw his commanding officer was watching him.

As they got booked and thrown in the jail cell along with other protestors from earlier time in the day. They were told to stay there overnight and they will be let go the next day that everyone groaned in unison.

"Hey! Get us some food!" One male voice shouted.

"If you weren't too busy running your mouth, you would have eaten!" The guard shouted back. With that, he turned and murmured, "Hippies."

The silence began to surface for a few moments, apparently allowing the protestors settle and do some self-mediation in their minds.

"When I get out of here, I am heading for Woodstock to party! I heard Jimi Hendrix will be there. It would be the most party ever! Wanna come with when we get out. I got my bus, man!" A blue-eyed, twenty something male sporting a long dirty blonde hair said with a white toothed smile.

"Oh yeah, I am coming!" A numerous voices shouted.

Buffy was awestruck by that male and shouted almost nasally, "I am going with you!"

'Hmm, Woodstock? Good music, a break from jail cells and hmm girls. Girls... Girls... Girls... Oh yeah! Right on, I am so IN!' Willow thought with a smile.

"Are you going?" Xander asked, eyeing the redhead knowingly.

"Oh yeah! I am so going! After all I got my own personal crash pad, my baby, '68 Volkswagen bus! If you want to come with, only gotta have 4 people." Willow signaled 4 fingers to emphasize.

"I am in!" Razz grabbed the first chance.

"We are in!" Both Xander and Anya joined.

"I am in!" Faith said.

"Great, y'all get the grease!" Willow prompted, receiving accepting nods.

"Food and tents!" Razz suggested happily.

"Right on! Tents too!" Faith high-fived Razz.

"Woodstock, here we come!" The numerous voices shouted happily.

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