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Imagine this.

A roaring fire dancing in a solid fireplace.

A majestic tree covered with sparkly ornaments.

A hearty "Ho, ho, ho" reverbating from the skies.

Lighting the first candle to honor the season's miracles.

Cheesy Christmas movies.

Children singing carols.

Family coming from near and far.

Wrapping presents. Giving presents. Receiving presents. Unwrapping presents.

This is the time of year for traditions. Every family, every community, every country has its own special tradition. Here on the Kitten Board, the Holiday season means it's time for another collective offering from the RKT writers.

We believe that good things come in small packages and so this year we give you:

Stocking Stuffers: Little Gifts from RKT

Each week we bring you, dear readers, a little surprise. It may be a story from a familiar universe; it may be a swashbuckling adventure where our beloved heroines save the world; it may be a re-telling of a seasonal tale.

Imagine a Christmas Stocking stuffed full of goodness. You don't know what is inside, and what it will bring. You don't know how many gifts you will get. You don't know who they are from. You feel anticipation, excitement building up. You only know that it will be wonderful.

Are you ready for the first little gift?

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