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Author: Jasmydae
Rating: G
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Disclaimer: Joss / ME / etc. owns these characters. This story is just for fun and not for profit.

Me: It was a gray, rainy afternoon.
Stephanie: in Miami, too
Chris: It is a hot and sunny afternoon in Switzerland
Stephanie: not lucky on the hot, but lucky on the sunny

Me: Slender droplets of water spattered the window, leaving a series of vertical streaks.
Stephanie: that it did
Me: From her perch on the upper shelf, Dawn stared glumly at the glass. She turned and poked Buffy's horn.
Stephanie: Buffy's horn?
Stephanie: oh

Me: "Stop it," said the unicorn. She was busying herself working a tangle out of her tail.
Stephanie: it's a bed time story!
Chris: *pretends to go to bed*
Stephanie: i'm in my bed, bring on the story

Me: "But I'm *bored*," Dawn complained. She idly played with the zipper on her pouch, whipping it back and forth frenetically. Zip! Zip! Zipzipzipzipzip ...
Me: "WILL YOU CUT THAT OUT!" Buffy bellowed, fixing a stern gaze on the kangaroo. Dawn sprang backwards, teetered on the edge of the shelf, then secured herself by grabbing one of the supports.

Stephanie: poor Dawnie
Me: She could tell Buffy was a lost cause. With a sigh, Dawn moved to the far end of the shelf, in search of other entertainment.
Me: ===
Me: Momma removed the thermometer from Simon's mouth and frowned at the reading. "Still too warm," she said to herself. She gazed out the window, seemingly lost in deep thought.
Me: Finally she shook her head. "That's it. I'm taking you to the doctor's. It's been too long."
Me: Simon groaned. "I don't wanna."
Me: "I know. I know, sweetie. But Dr. Beaumont will be able to help you feel better."
Me: "Can I bring Tara?"

Stephanie: Tara makes everything better
Chris: no argument there

Me: Momma smile warmly. "Of course you can." She moved to the shelves and scanned them for the faded blue bear and found her on the top shelf with a cat and kangaroo beside her.
Me: When she lifted Tara from the pile, the cat rose, too, and dangled by her tail from one of Tara's paws. Momma inspected the fusion of stuffed animal and found a wad of gum between them.
Me: ===
Me: "Don't go!" shrieked Willow. "They can't take you to the hospital! They'll jab you with needles!"

Chris: lol
Stephanie: that's what i tell my mother -_-

Me: "Willow! Help!" Tara clawed at the bedding and managed to find the tip of Willow's tail. She clung on for dear life.
Me: ===
Me: "Ew," said Momma. She poked at the dried gum, then looked at Simon. "Don't you think one of the others would like to go, instead?"
Me: "I want Tara."

Chris: Don't we all?
Me: She sighed. "Okay, dear. Well, it's a package deal, then."
Me: ===

Stephanie: ^^
Me: Willow couldn't remember ever being in a car. It was both frightening and exciting. She darted from one end of the seat to the other, scrambling over Simon's lap every few seconds.
Me: Tara managed to keep her from bonking her face against the glass on either end. After a few minutes, Willow started to feel nauseous from all the moving scenery.
Me: She wobbled, listing to one side, then flopped heavily onto the seat. "Urggh ... I don't feel so ... " She hiccoughed wetly.

Stephanie: now she's making me nauseous
Me: "There, there, honey," Tara cooed. She rubbed circled on Willow's underside with her free paw. "Keep your eyes on something standing still and think of, um ... "
Me: "All I can think of is the dryer," the cat whined.

Chris: Me?
Me: "Think of a nice, warm bed. A stationary bed. With crisp sheets, still crackling from the dryer."
Me: Willow purred. "Mm. That does sound nice."
Me: "Doesn't it? You can crawl under the covers and poke just the tip of your nose out, like you always do." Tara smiled at the thought. Willow was a creature of habits, and she found each one endearing.

Stephanie: aww
Me: Willow's breathing became a deep, steady thrumming, and soon she was sleeping soundly. While they were stopped at a red light, Momma glanced back from the front seat.
Me: "Simon, can you see if you can get those two apart?"
Me: Lines creased the space between his eyebrows. "But Momma, they love each other."
Me: ===

Stephanie: ~)
Chris: awwww
Chris: out from the mouth of babes

Me: A whiskered face planted itself against the cold glass panel. Willow peered outside.
Me: "That's ... that's it?" She sounded unimpressed.
Me: "It does seem rather small," Tara agreed. She had imagined a several floors, each lined with windows, and vehicles with flashing lights teeming on the grounds.

Stephanie: sounds like my doctor's office
Me: Instead, they were looking at a squat building with a parking lot that could hold maybe two dozen cars, but was nearly empty.
Me: "I told you we weren't going to the hospital," Willow hissed. "She took us to the ... " she glanced warily into the front seat, then lowered her voice to a whisper " ... the *vet!*"
Me: Tara shuddered involuntarily, and tried to keep her voice even. "W-well, Momma's probably worried that we've caught Simon's cold."
Me: "Come on, sweetie," Momma called. She tapped on the window, and Willow leaped backward a foot.
Me: Beside them, Simon groaned, then scooched over. He got a hold of Tara, and the animals trailed behind him.
Me: Willow frantically tried to bolt in the other direction. Her paws raced furiously over the pavement, but they could not find purchase.
Me: "Oh, Simon! You're getting them all dirty!" Momma scolded. She stooped down to lift the cat, and placed her into Simon's outstretched arms.
Me: They entered, and the gaping maw of the building snapped shut behind them.

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