Author: Verdant
Rating: NC-17.
Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: The characters Willow and Tara are the property of Joss Whedon and/or Mutant Enemy.

Wrapped in the embrace of warmth and sleep, Tara dreamt. Willow holding her down, kissing her hard, fucking her harder. She dreamt of magic swirling around her, filling her, connecting her to Willow. Strong magic beyond her control, wielded by a woman she trusted with her life. She awoke with a gasp, her body jerking sharply disturbing the sleeping redhead next to her.

"Take it, Tara. Take it," Willow muttered intensely before opening her eyes.

Tara woke more fully and looked at Will.

"What?" she asked, still breathing hard from her own dream and filled with images of Willow's thrusting hands, not sure what she just heard.

"What, what?" Willow asked back, breathing hard herself and coming full awake.

"Were you just having a sex dream?"

Willow gave a guilty smile. "Yes. How'd you...?"

"So was I," Tara grabbed Willow's head kissing her deep. Their lips pressed and parted, tongues met and lingered, slid around and met some more.

Willow rolled on top of Tara and continued kissing her, sucking her tongue from between her teeth and capturing it with her own mouth, pulling Tara's head up to meet her insistent need until Tara had to pull back for a breath.

"Willow." She inhaled sharply as the redhead wrapped a hand around her full breast and kneaded, grinding her palm into the already hard nipple. Tara arched and lifted her head to continue the kiss but Willow gripped her hair tighter and pulled her head back down on the bed, all the while rolling and twisting Tara's nipple between her fingers. Tara whimpered and writhed with desire, closing her eyes. She felt the hot breath of her lover close on her cheek and another bolt of sensation as Willow pinched her nipple hard.

"Look at me."

Tara's blue eyes snapped open to meet the green ones inches from her face. They kissed again. Passionate, wet. Lips sliding, tongues meeting. The redhead re-positioned her hold on Tara's hair, holding it tight to the scalp and controlling the motion of her head to turn her mouth away and gently bite her jaw, her ear, her neck, leaving a trail of sensation down her collar bone to the top of the breast she wasn't currently tormenting.

Tara moved her hands up to find the pert breasts of her lover gently angled down at her. Willow sat up quickly and gripped Tara by each wrist, holding her hands apart.

"Did I say you could touch me?" she demanded.

"No," Tara breathed, looking up at the powerful witch straddling her, luminous in the ambient light coming in from the street. This was the lover she'd just been dreaming about. Willow's hands briefly crackled with mystic energy. "You're my girl, Tara. Mine."

Tara felt the magic tingle on her wrists, felt the greater questions beneath the spoken words. Do you give yourself over to the game we are playing? Do you surrender your control for the intense pleasure you know it will bring to us both?

She looked up at the red hair, the pert breasts, the set line to her lover's jaw, and her own wrists being held firmly apart, framing the glint in the smoldering green eyes that looked back at her with lust and love. Their emotions were high and the magic was building needing a place to release.

Tara smiled. "Yes. I am. Yours."

Willow smiled back and brought Tara's wrists together, whispered something unintelligible, then let go. Tara felt her arms pull across the bed above her head as if they were tied there. With the mischievous half-grin and an arched eyebrow that Tara loved so much, Willow reached down with both hands to work the blonde's nipples.

"Tell me about your dream," she said.

Tara whimpered again at the request. She was flushed with desire already, she wanted Willow inside of her this instant, but she had agreed to the game. It was a game she played well. After almost two years, she knew just what to say and do to spur her lover on.

"I-It was a sex dream," Tara said.

"Yeah?" Willow asked, knowingly, "About who?"


Willow twisted her nipple hard sending pain and desire through her body. "Aaaaa," Tara cried out as Willow did it again to the other one.

"Don't lie. It displeases me," Willow said sharply and hopped off the bed completely. Tara did her best to keep a straight face until she felt the magic release her hands. Uh-oh. Now things were going to get interesting.

"Sit up." Willow demanded. "On your knees. Face the window."

Tara complied immediately and positioned feet near the edge of the bed the way she knew Willow wanted her.

A leather wrapped aluminum spacer bar was laid across her shoulders behind her neck. She raised her hands expectantly and let Willow place them near the ends about three feet apart. When her fingers wrapped around the bar she felt the magic sealing them down. She couldn't let go even if she wanted to. Now her chest was stretched tight and her tits thrust out. Willow grabbed the bar in the middle and lifted it off of her neck, raising it so her arms stretched out fully above her head. She felt the magic again and the bar stayed solidly in place even as Willow let go of it and grabbed a handful of hair, pulling her head back so they could see each other. Willow looked down with her lip curled into a sexy snarl. "I hate Spike," she said and pushed Tara's head forward keeping a tight and painful grip on her hair.

Tara felt the handle of a whip being pushed between her thighs from behind. She spread her legs to accommodate and felt her body stretch even more against the bar. The handle slid along the surface of her wet cunt, gently parting her lips, testing the water as it were. Willow dragged the whip handle along her crack and lodged it vertically between her ass cheeks.

"Keep that close. I'll want it later."

Tara clenched her ass to hold the whip in place. Whatever else happened, until Willow said let go, her ass would be clenched on that whip. She imagined it must look like an exotic tail. The flogging straps were tickling her skin. Then she felt Willow's breasts against her back as the young witch pressed close and pulled her head up straight.

Tara felt the collar slip around her neck and buckle firmly. High, thick leather that kept her chin raised. She was burning up. Every inch of her wanted this. To please her love, to serve her love, to do whatever was demanded of her. Willow loved to take her time, set the scene. It was like preparing for a ritual, everything had to be in order, every little thing played its part. Tara knew the best was still to come and waited patiently.

Willow grabbed the bar above her head and moved it back a bit causing Tara's breasts to arch, then walked around to the other side of the bed and hopped on. Tara's eyes fell to the small tailed whip Willow brushed over her thrusting tits.

"Spike would never treat you so well. He'd just fuck you and suck you and leave you dry. But you know I'll always give you what you want." Willow reached out and tweaked both of Tara's nipples again.

"Now count."

Tara held her breath waiting for the first delicious blow. It fell on the top of her tit, hard and stinging.

"One," she said sharply.

"Two, three, four," she said in succession as three more blows fell fast, blanketing her tits with pleasurable pain. More whipping, more fondling, more nipple twisting. She could feel her cunt seeping, swollen, wanting. She called each number with increasing humiliation. Willow kissed her lips and stepped off the bed to circle behind her. Willow's hand touched her face and slid a finger into her mouth, feeling her tongue, her teeth, then cradled her chin, still resting a finger across her lips. From behind Willow let one more slap fly with the small whip.

"How many?" she demanded, taking her hand away.

"Twenty-five," Tara answered quickly.

"Very good. You deserve a treat."

Tara felt the spacer bar lower slowly onto the back of her neck. Willow's hand dipped between Tara's thighs and scooped through the wet curls. Tara heard her lover's low moan and smiled. She knew Willow was as wet as this if not more so. Then her own sweet taste was in her mouth as Willow's fingers coated her lips with the hand that had just been between her legs. Tara sucked greedily at the offering, licking them all clean. Willow's other hand came to her mouth and offered a taste of redhead. Tara greedily sucked all four fingers into her mouth.

"That's my girl."

Willow retrieved the whip from Tara's crack and let a blow fly across the top of her ass shooting pain through to her cunt.

"Tell me what you deserve right now," Willow said. "What does my naughty girl who lies about skinny white vampires really want?"

"To please you, Willow" Tara replied.

"What would please me is watching your ass turn the color of my hair. Is that what you want?"

"Yes. Please."


Saying it made it so much worse. Tara forced the words out through the desire and the humiliation and the pain.

"Yes. Please. W-whip my ass. F-fuck me. Please."

The spacer bar moved on its own above her head and out in front, stretching her arms forward and pulling her body until she felt as if she were leaned over a barrel, but there was just air. And magic. Willow leaned over and pinched both her nipples but when she took her hands away the pinching sensation stayed as if she were wearing nipple clamps that kept changing pressure. Willowhand coated her lips with Willowwet and slid a thick piece of leather into her mouth. Tara bit down to secure it. Willow's nails raked across her back and down her ass. A finger trailed down her crack and circled her ass hole, gently pushing but not entering. Tara moaned. Then the whipping started. A hail of pure pain raining welts on her generous ass. Pain pushing at the boundaries of pleasure and desire.

"Take it, Tara. Take it. Yes."

Tara clenched down hard on the bit, crying out with each blow until she was just crying. Finally she felt the rhythm slow and fracture until a few beats came at irregular intervals. Fingers pressed through her sopping cunt, inside her, filling her. More fingers, in and out. She rocked back to take more in.

Smack. Another blow landed hard. She cried out and when she exhaled she felt Willow's hand slip all the way in. She came instantly, stiffening, crying, riding the wave that surely would have knocked her over if not for the magic holding her up.

She felt Willow's other hand rubbing on her ass, over the welts, down the crack and into her tiny hole -- circling lube all around and stretching it with her thumb. The hand inside her began to move ever so slowly. But the sensation was huge. A giant wave started to build. She felt the smooth tip of silicone press against her anus, slipping in slowly, past her already spent defenses to lodge gently against the dividing wall that brought so much pleasure. The hand inside was picking up rhythm and every move jostled the dildo in her ass as well. The two together were overwhelming. The wave continued to build. She could feel it rising all throughout her body. Willow moved her hand faster, increasing the pace and thrust.

Tara clenched hard on the bit then let it go completely as she cried out again and again. The wave broke all over her, surrounding her, filling her. She yelled as she came and pushed against the hand inside her. Then in a moment of calculated cruelty right after Tara came with such intensity, Willow withdrew. Everything. Her hand, the dildo, the magic, everything.

Tara collapsed on the bed gripping the spacer bar tight, tears of intense emotion and pleasure streaming down her cheeks. Willow spooned behind her and unbuckled the stiff collar then kissed her neck, stroked her long hair and sent soft trails of caressing magic over the blond witch's beautifully spent body. As Tara lay in the afterglow, drifting into bliss she heard her lover mutter softly, "Spike, my ass." Tara smiled at the inadvertent pun.

Hours later the two awoke to sunlight streaming through the upstairs window. Tara found herself entwined behind her lover, face buried in red hair and the smooth skin of Willow's back pressed against her breasts. She thought of the torture those breasts had endured the night before and her nipples were instantly hard.

Poor Willow. Tara had fallen asleep immediately after leaving Willow unsatisfied. But it was now Saturday and the game did not have to be over yet. She glanced at the clock and slowly disengaged from her sleeping lover. Willow murmured unintelligibly and settled into deeper sleep. Tara slipped on a robe and crept downstairs to the kitchen.

After twenty minutes of concentrated work, she carried an aromatic breakfast tray with a perfect setting for one upstairs to the bedroom. She left food behind for herself later. This was all for Willow.

Tara disrobed completely and buckled a red and black leather collar around her own neck. The stiff collar from last night was fun but she needed full range of motion this morning. She fingered the D-Ring centered on her throat and placed a leather leash on the bedside table next to the breakfast tray-just in case. She put on red leather restraint cuffs on her wrists and ankles, not sure if her lover would want to utilize them, but very sure of the aesthetic it created against her pale skin. She wanted to serve Willow completely this morning and made sure she was prepared for anything.

Tara checked the mirror. She looked great. Dark blond hair falling over her shoulders, leather adornments complementing her nakedness. She looked around the room. Everything was perfect. Food close, toys close, sunlight illuminating her red headed lover half covered by satin sheets. Tara warmed her hands on the coffee cup then knelt on the floor started gently massaging Willow's shoulders, trailing her hands over the cool skin, finding the dips and curves she was so intimately familiar with. Gently she traced the lithe body before her. She was rewarded as Willow turned over flat on her tummy without opening her eyes and arranged herself in a position that made it obvious she was waking up to the massage and wanted more. Tara willingly complied, letting her hands massage deep into the muscles of her lover's neck and shoulders that were too tense, too often. She ran her fingers through the lengths of red hair then followed the curves of her spine down to her ass and massaged her lower back, her hips, her ass - careful not to touch between those pale thighs. That was off limits until she had permission. She slid the remaining covers back and rubbed Willow's legs and feet.

Willow finally stretched and rolled over on her back. She looked up at Tara with love. The blond watched as her lover's eyes slid appraisingly over her body, noticing the collar with a half smile, lingering on her full breasts then darting to look at each of the restraints with approval. Then she sniffed the air and turned to notice the breakfast tray and the leash beside it.

Tara anticipated the request before it was voiced and handed the cup of coffee over to her lover before sitting back in the waiting position with her head down and her hands behind her back. Willow drank deep and rolled on her side to better view her willing servant. She reached out with a long arm and tipped Tara's chin up then fingered the D-ring on the collar and smiled wide.

They sat still for a moment, drinking each other in, both smiling and basking in the intense love that radiated between them. Then Willow slowly pulled on the D-ring until Tara was inches from her face.

"I love you, my Tara." Willow pulled Tara closer still and kissed her gently on the mouth.

"Willow," Tara breathed.

Willow kissed her again, more passionate and clipped the leash onto the D-ring.

"Let me serve you," Tara said.

Willow arched an eyebrow and scooted over to the center of the bed.

"I can feed myself. Entertain me." She gave the leash a quick yank and Tara climbed up after her. Willow set the breakfast tray so she could eat from it, and pulled Tara's head down so the blond was laying on her back in front of the redhead, also in easy reach.

She lazily ate some fruit while slowly twisting Tara's nipples with her other hand until the blush of desire darkened her skin and her eyes became heavy with want.

"Touch yourself," Willow said, before starting on the omelet.

Tara's hands moved toward her dark blond bush.

Willow used the grip of the leash to smack them back.

"Tits first."

Tara cupped both her breasts and kneaded them firmly, then rolled her nipples between her fingers. Willow watched while she ate.


Tara increased the pressure on her nipples. Squeezing, twisting and pulling on them until it shot tendrils of pain and pleasure down her body making her wet and creating a tickle in the back of her throat.

Willow fished an ice cube from the juice glass and handed it to Tara.

"You're too excited. Pace yourself. Put this inside you."

Tara did as she was told and ran the ice cube between her breasts, down her tummy and over her mound then firmly lodged it inside of herself. It melted instantly, seeping cold water down her ass crack. She breathed in sharp at the sensation.

Willow slipped her another ice cube. "Tits," she said through a mouthful of food.

Tara rubbed the ice on her already swollen nipples making them rock hard nubs of sensation. Willow pushed the breakfast tray toward her and Tara set it aside. Quickly wrapping the leash around her hand, she pulled Tara short and close so they were face to face. They kissed hard and

Willow palmed and pinched Tara's cold nipples.

She pulled Tara's head to her own breasts and moaned as the blond immediately ate them up-licking, sucking, biting. Willow arched and grabbed handfuls of blond hair grinding Tara's head into her chest. Tara felt the redhead writhe underneath her, felt her hair being cruelly pulled tight as Willow pushed her head down, down past that flat tummy to the nest of copper curls. The heady smell of Willow overloaded Tara's senses. She quickly buried her face in the wet cunt spread before her, trying to match the grinding rhythm being set by her lover's forceful hand still gripping her hair tight. She licked and sucked at Willow's clit, enjoying each jump of the redhead's hips underneath her, taking gasps of air when she could and licking away moist flow of Willow's growing excitement.

Willow bucked hard and ground into Tara's face harder and harder until the redhead yelled loudly and pulled her off all together, as if tossing her aside. Tara smirked at her own prowess and was about to wipe her face off when Will tugged on the leash again, pulling her up close, face to face again. Eyes heavy with afterglow, Willow rubbed her face against Tara's, licking the full length of her slick cheeks, her lips, the top of her nose. Tara felt like a naughty kitten being washed up.

Willow stopped licking and kissed her proper and unhooked the leash. Tara lay beside her, holding her lover close, languishing in the afterglow, as Willow ran fingers through her long blond hair.

Tara looked at the crooked smile on Willow's face, realized she had one of her own, and snuggled in closer. The look between them said it all.

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