Return to Stratagem Chapter Two


Author: Willow Watcher
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters of BtVS, they all belong to Joss Whedon and those others out there who have a claim in the series and all other things dealing with Buffy, but I wrote this story. The other characters are mine (copyright 2005 Robbie Kelly)

The rest of the day went on without any more incidences. Willow and Tara talked and felt a stronger bond with each other. Almost all day, the two held hands. With the final bell of the day, Willow waited for Tara outside, standing along the line of school busses.

"Hey Tara!" Willow called out.

Tara walked briskly over to her, "H-hey."

"I thought maybe, if you wanted to, I could drive you home unless you have something else to do." Willow asked. <Please say yes. Please say yes. Please say yes.>

"I w-would love f-for you to d-drive me h-home Willow." Tara said with a smile.

<Yea for me!> "Great!" Willow said with a little more enthusiasm than necessary.

Tara giggled, "Then l-let's g-go."

As they got to Willow's car, Faith was standing there leaning up against it.

"Hey Red, care to give me a ride?" Faith asked.

Willow looked over Faith's shoulder, "Faith!" Faith looked behind her.

"You think you can just do that to me. You think I would let you get away with that! Think again!" Warren started charging towards Faith with a baseball bat held above him. Willow walked calmly in front of Faith. Warren came down with a swing but Willow caught the bat right above her head. She twisted it around, jerked it away from Warren's grip and threw it on the ground.

"I thought Faithy told you not to piss me off, Warren? You'll never learn will ya?" Willow drew back her fist and hit him square in the nose. Warren looked at Willow puzzled, rolled his eyes and fell to the ground with a loud thump.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" Willow waved her hand around.

"I don't understand you Red. You can catch a ball bat in mid swing without a whimper but when it comes to punching out pussy boy, you complain. Strange Red, real strange." Faith looked at Willow's hand, "You'll live. Let's get going."

A tall boy came running up to them, "Hey Faith, can I come with?" He looked on the ground at a passed out Warren, then walked over him.

"Yeah Red, me and Slink here have plans." Faith said while grabbing the boy and kissing him passionately.

"It's alright with me, how about you Tara?"

Tara looked dumbstruck. She slowly turned her head away from Warren to Willow. She shook her head and slowly got in the car.

When everyone packed in the small car, Tara looked over at Willow, "I j-just have one f-favor to ask. W-when you t-take me h-home, could t-they s-sort of d-duck down? I d-don't know if m-my dad is h-home," Even though Tara's father told her that he wouldn't return until late tonight, he has shown up earlier that expected before.

Tara turned around. Slink was licking and sucking on Faith's neck and she was grinding her body against his.

"I'll take Faith home first but they'll probably be ducked down before we pull out of the parking lot anyway, if you know what I mean." Willow said wiggling her eyebrows.

Tara blinked once, then again as if doing a double take. <Oh god, I hope not.>

Tara leaned over to Willow and whispered, "Why d-do they c-call him Slink?"

"Because his dick looks like a slinky." Faith said from the back seat.

Slink pulled back from Faith's neck, "Goddamn it Faith, why do you gotta tell everyone that!?"

Faith screamed in his face, "Shut up Johnny! Don't you cuss me you fuck!"

"I'll show you a fuck, bitch!" He grabbed Faith by the hair and pulled her down in the seat. He ripped open Faith's shirt sending buttons flying everywhere. His hands grabbed one of her breast so hard it looked like a balloon going to pop.

<Oh my god! There not going to...oh yes they are! Oh my god!> Tara couldn't believe what was happening.

"Here they go again." Willow said leading Tara's attention towards her.

"Wh-what?" Tara asked confused.

"They do this all the time. They fight so they can fuck. Hand me one of my CD's. Maybe I can play it loud enough to drown out all the groaning." Willow said pointing to her glove box.

Tara jerked the box open as fast as she could. Apparently things were going to get real heated up.

She handed Willow a CD not paying attention to the one she picked up.

Even with the music playing loud and the noise from the back seat, Tara listened to every word that Willow was telling her. Stories about how her and Faith met, the friendship they shared and some of the problems they have encountered with Warren.

Fifteen minutes later, Willow turned down the music and looked into her rear view mirror. "Are you two done yet?"

Tara took a glance over her shoulder. Faith was zipping her pants and fixing her shirt as best she could to cover her chest. Slink handed her one of the two cigarettes he had lit in his mouth.

Tara pulled out a cigarette and lit it too. She definitely needed this one.

"Red, you're just jealous because the only lay you get is with your finger." Faith said.

"Kiss my ass Faith. You only wish I would lend you my finger. Here's a big one for ya."

Tara looked over at Willow holding up her middle finger laughing.

"Hey Red, why don't you let Blondie borrow it? You both look so lonely. Me and Slink can sit up there and you two can find out how fun this back seat can be."

Tara turned around with wide eyes and looked at Faith who was licking her teeth and had a seductive gleam in her eyes. Tara quickly turned around as Willow rolled her eyes.

The car pulled into Faith's driveway. Slink opened the door and walked towards Faith's house. Faith was sliding out the car when she stopped. She leaned forward between the two bucket seats and looked at Tara.

Hey Tara, I was just joking with ya, but if you and Red ever decide to...ya know...I'd totally understand." She patted Tara on the shoulder and continued out of the car.

"See ya Red." And with that she closed the door.

"What w-w-was that a-about?" Tara asked as Willow pulled the car back onto the road.

"Well, heh, like I told you before, Faith is bold and brazen. She's a little out there with some things, but she's a great friend." Willow said as she reached over and took Tara's hand. Willow just couldn't get enough of touching the blonde. Her skin was like silk.

Tara smiled when Willow took her hand. Willow was so kind and beautiful. The day's events were unusual to say the least, but as long as Willow was there Tara felt like everything was perfect.

"Umm, so, where do you live?" Willow asked.

"I-I live on B-Bernan Street." Tara said nervously.

"Cool! I live on that street too. I live in the apartments at the lower end." Willow said excitedly.

Tara was relieved to know that Willow lived so close.

Willow turned on to Bernan Street. "Which house?"

"The t-third on the r-r-right." Tara was hoping that her father wasn't home. He didn't like surprises and Tara, regardless if it was her fault or not, would always suffer the consequences.

"Fuckin' b-bullshit!" Tara mumbled.

"Bullshit. What? Don't I have the right house?" Willow said as she pulled into a driveway.

"Huh? Oh...y-yeah. Y-you have the r-r-right house." Tara said embarrassed.

Tara exited the car and stood outside. "T-thanks Willow. T-today's been g-great."

"Well, it doesn't have to end. it alright if I come in? I promise I won't stay long, ya know just to talk. My place is pretty empty considering my mom works late and I don't get to see her much. But, you barely know me n'all, and I really shouldn't have asked that. I...I don't know what I was thinking. Umm...never mind." Willow took in a deep breath and smiled at Tara. <You've screwed it up now. GOD! What an idiot! 'Oh sure Tara, can you just let me in your house? I'm not a crazed maniac or anything like that. You can totally trust me.' You're sure stupid sometimes, Rosenberg.>

"W-Willow, if y-y-you want t-to come in, I w-wouldn't s-s-say no." Tara smiled her signature crooked grin. She was nervous about Willow being there. She definitely didn't mind spending time with the redhead, but it was her father she was worried about.

"Thanks! Like I said, I won't stay long." Willow turned off the car and got out.

The key turned over in the rusted lock. The door squeaked open.

"Neat house." Willow stated looking everything over as she followed Tara inside. "Where's your room?"

"Upstairs." Tara replied pointing in the general direction.

Both girls ascended the staircase in a rush. Tara was in more of a rush. She wanted to get the visit over with as soon as possible.

Tara opened the bedroom door. Willow walked past her. She jumped up and plopped down on the bed.

"This is comfy. Come over here and sit." Willow patted the mattress.

Tara walked over and casually sat down, kicking off her shoes.

"So, you said in class this morning that you moved here from Oregon. What part?" Willow asked. She wanted to find out as much as she could about the beautiful blonde.

"Baker C-City." Tara replied.

"Wow. I've never been out of Sunnydale. Just a small ordinary girl from a small ordinary place." Willow said. "Have you ever lived anywhere else?"

<Oh Willow, you are far from being ordinary.> "J-just here a-and there. N-not any p-place special."

"Well, if you've lived there, they are definitely special." Willow smiled while taking Tara's hand in hers.

Tara blushed and lowered her head finding a piece of string very interesting. "N-no I'm nothing s-special."

Willow lifted Tara's chin and looked in those baby blues, "Oh you are, and don't let anyone else tell you other wise."

"T-t-thank you. S-so, l-live w-with your m-mom. Where's y-y-your d-dad?" Tara asked changing the subject.

Willow looked away from Tara. "He died years ago when I was fifteen. Things haven't been the same either. Mom has gone down hill. She works all the time and when she doesn't she's at home drinking or doing drugs."

"Oh W-Willow, I'm s-s-sorry. I l-lost my m-mom when I was s-seven." Tara felt so bad for Willow. She knew how it felt to loose one parent and the other one messed up bad.

"Well, shit happens, ya know. Can we go outside and smoke? I suddenly have the urge for a cigarette." Willow stood up from the bed and headed out the door.

Tara was a little taken back by Willow's actions but she followed her out the door.

When Willow got to the bottom of the stairs, she waited for Tara. "Which way?"

Tara stepped in front of Willow and led her out the back door.

Tara sat down on the back steps. Willow reached in her pocket and retrieved her pack of cigarettes and handed Tara one. She lit hers then lit Tara's for her.

"So," Willow continued with the conversation, "what's your dad like?"

Tara was afraid that Willow would ask, but they were sharing things very personal so Tara complied, "H-he's alright I-I g-g-guess. N-nothing o-o-out of th-the o-o-ordinary."

Willow noticed that Tara's stutter had increased. "That's cool."

Willow looked down at her watch, "Oh hey, I really have to get going, but it was nice talking with you. I haven't felt too comfortable talking about my personal life with anyone other than Faith. She knows how it is."

Tara put out her cigarette. Walked over to the fence and flicked the butt. If her father knew that Tara smoked, there definitely would be hell to pay.

This didn't go unnoticed by Willow, so she put out her cigarette, walked over to where Tara was and flicked hers over the fence as well.

"Your ol' man doesn't know you smoke, huh? I know how it is. My mom doesn't know about me either." Willow smiled, took Tara's hand and gave it a squeeze.

Tara made the boldest move in her entire life. She kissed Willow on the cheek and hugged her tight. Willow was shocked but she returned the hug, but not too tight.

Both reluctantly pulled back. Tara looked deep into Willow's green eyes. "T-thanks for everything."

Willow cleared her throat, "For what?" She said in a squeaky voice. She cleared her throat again.

"For b-being m-my friend." <And for being a sexy goddess.>

"Ah shucks ma'am." Willow giggled. "But, I really have to get going. I'll see you tomorrow. Do you want me to pick you up?"

Tara smiled, "That w-would be great."

"Alright, see ya then." Willow walked around the house.

Tara heard the car start and the tires squeal on the road.

She wrapped her arms around her and walked back into the house with a dreamy look on her face.

Willow entered her apartment. She threw her keys and mail on the coffee table and sat down on the couch. She reached for the phone and dialed.

"Hey Giles, it's me." Willow reached over and turned her laptop on.

"Yeah, it's definitely her."

She tapped her foot impatiently on the floor waiting for her computer to boot up.

"Oh yeah! Good work Giles."

Willow's computer finished.

"Hey I'm going to put you on speaker."

Willow pushed the button and returned the receiver to the base.

"Are you there Giles?"

"Yes Willow." A strong male English accent came over the speaker. "Are you logged on?"

"Give me just a sec...there. Yep got it." Willow looked at her computer screen.

"Now Willow, if you would go to the third page, second paragraph, you will see the calculations you requested."

"Holy shit that's a lot of cash!" Willow exclaimed.

"I would have to agree with you, dear. However, there is quite a bit more we need from your end."

"I'm working on it Giles. These things take time, ya know."

"Willow, my dear child, you are not getting emotionally involved. You cannot allow yourself to be put through this, knowing what is going to happen."

"Giles, I know." Willow sounded defeated.

"All I am asking for you to do is keep a clear head." Giles said with concern.

Willow laughed, "Now you're starting to sound like Anya. That's not a good thing."

Giles cleared his throat, "Yes, well our dear Anya can be smart on rare occasion. I am just telling you this for your own benefit Willow."

"I understand your point Giles, but I know what I am doing."

A sigh came over the speaker.

"Giles, I'll be careful. I promise and quit cleaning your glasses. You're gonna rub a hole in 'em." Willow smiled looking at the phone.

"Oh hey Giles, I have to tell you that Faith Lehane came through with flying colors. So take care of that little incident for her, will ya?"

"I am a man of my word Willow. I will take care of everything. Call if you need anything. Goodbye."

Willow heard a click and then a dial tone. She reached over and pushed the speaker button and reclined back on the couch. She smiled and rubbed her cheek.

<I can't believe she kissed me. She has the softest lips. Oh what I would give to kiss those luscious full red lips. Shit! I can't do that. I can't even think like that, but god she is so gorgeous. Damn it! No Willow!! Why do Giles and Anya have to be right? I want to look at them and say 'nanny nah nah nah nah! You were wrong and I was right. You've got it bad Rosenberg.>

Willow sighed loudly and threw up her hands.

"I need a beer."

Tara walked in her bedroom and lay on her bed and stared at the ceiling.

<I can't believe I kissed her. OH MY GOD!!! I kissed Willow Rosenberg. The most sexiest goddess I have ever seen. Shit! I kissed her. What have I done?> Tara started to panic. Her breathing became erratic. <What if she doesn't want to see me again? It was only a friendly peck on the cheek, but I wanted to kiss those lips. What if she thinks I'm a freak? No! Willow's the type that would say something. I think you're falling hard Maclay.> Tara screamed with excitement and kicked her feet.

She hopped up from her bed and went to her closet. She pushed her shoes to one side and lifted up the piece of carpet in there. She had pried loose two boards when she and her father moved in the house. There she kept her journal.

She went to her nightstand and retrieved a pen. She opened up her journal and read the last entry that was written over two years ago:

April 11,
I was standing outside enjoying the first warm day of the year. I heard a slight meow from underneath the storage building. I looked and there was the cutest black and white kitty. It was so small and pitiful looking. I took it inside and gave it some leftover meatloaf from last night's supper. I barely had time to put it down before it started eating. It was making all sorts of noises. After it cleaned the plate, I walked back outside and sat on the porch swing. The little thing fell asleep in my lap. I sat there petting it and sang to it songs that my mom sang to me when I was little.

I knew I couldn't keep it, but I gave it a name. I had to find out if it was a boy or girl. It sure didn't like me disturbing it, but I found out it was a she. I named her Miss Kitty. O.K. Kind of lame but it's all I could think of in short notice. She lay down on my lap again purring, until HE came home. Miss Kitty apparently sensed what kind of a bastard I have for a father. She arched her back, hissed and growled when he walked outside. I couldn't believe what he done. He just picked her up and kicked her out in the yard. She ran so fast. I wish I could have gone with her. He turned to me and...

Tara didn't like write about bad occurrences in her journal, but sometimes they just slipped in. She turned the page and began her new entry:

August 23,
Well, I should begin with what happened yesterday. I met the most amazing woman. Her name is Willow Rosenberg. I met her at the mini-mart in town. She was so nice to me. She just came up and introduced herself right out of the blue. No I just never expected someone like her to do that. I couldn't stop thinking about her and still can't. Today she took me to all my classes and I met her best friend Faith. She seemed alright. Kind of out there, but she's cool. Anyway, Willow held my hand almost all day. I don't think I could have made it through. There was this one prick in first period. I think his name was Warren. He first came up to us and was hitting on me and saying stupid things like 'do I need a real man' (yuck!) and other stuff that made absolutely no sense what so ever. Then BAM! Willow slammed him against the wall. I couldn't believe it. That cute little hot delicious babe was a wildcat. He! He! He! Then Faith came in and stopped her. Damn it! I really wanted to see Willow in action. BUUUUTTTT! After school he ran up to Faith with a ball bat. Oh My God!!! That was scary, but Willow jumped in front of Faith, took the bat right out of his hands and punched him right in the nose. Now that was something to see. He just fell down. Didn't say a word, just hit the ground. Big K.O. for the beautiful redhead. Well, when we all got in the car, Faith and her boyfriend Slink, I might add that it is a fucked up name, started making out in the back seat. I thought that was going to be it but NOOOOO! Full blown sex session right there, they didn't care who saw it. It surely didn't affect Willow. Apparently she's used to it. I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE!!! Didn't happen. I got through it. Oh and then Faith said something about if Willow and I wanted to go back there. Just ain't gonna happen, not that I don't want it to. Well, after we dropped Faith and Slink, still a fucked up name, off at Faith's, Willow brought me home. We talked and she said that her dad died and her mom was really messed up. I wanted to tell her about what happens here but....NO! I'm not writing about that. Everything is good. Anyway, we went outside and smoked and talked some more. Then it happened. It happened and I did it. Me Tara Maclay kissed Willow. O.K. it was only on the cheek but I kissed her anyway. That's got to count for something. For once in my miserable life, I made the first move. I did something I thought I would never do. But I don't know if she is gay. Faith said something about me not the only one to drive stick and APPARENTLY Faith wasn't talking about herself. But gay or not I kissed her. It seems like little Miss Rosenberg brings out someone in me that was always screaming to get out, coming out as a stuttering whisper, but peeking out the door at least.

Well, gotta go for now. Yea for me!!!

Tara closed her journal and held it close to her. She went back to her closet and placed the book back under the floor boards. She put the carpet back in place, then arranged her shoes in the order she had them. After checking that everything was in place, Tara got up, left her room and went back downstairs.

Willow noticed how dark it had gotten outside. She had sat on her couch almost the evening away thinking nothing but about Tara. How she smelled, how she felt, how soft her lips felt. Her breathtaking smile and those deep blue eyes that reminded Willow of the sea and her hair the color of sun. She was an angel. Willow didn't know if she fell asleep, but the vision in her mind the entire time was Tara.

Willow shook her head, got up and went to the bathroom. She turned the water to a warmer temperature than normal. She had been stressed out from the day's events, her muscles were tense. She wanted to relax as much as possible. She lit some candles and slipped into the water. The only thought on her mind was Tara.

Tara went into the bathroom and ran herself a bath. This was the most enjoyable time Tara had. Time alone, just by herself. She lit candles and guided her body in the water. When it surrounded her, the tingle crept up her body and to her center. This took Tara by surprise. She has never experienced this feeling before. Following her instinct, Tara touched her hardened clit. It sent a surge of electricity up and down her body. Tara rolled her eyes in the back of her head. Her finger starting moving as if it had a mind of her own. Her hips started slowly move back and forth. It felt so good, but she needed more. The pressure inside was intense. She took her other hand and placed her finger outside her opening. It heated her up even more. She slowly pushed her finger inside. Tara groaned out in pleasure. Her heart was beating fast. Sweat began to form on her forehead. She rubbed her clit even faster, harder, pushing her finger inside. She slid another finger inside of her. Tara's breathing was fast, her heart beating hard. Her finger pressed harder on her clit, finger's pumping fast and hard inside her. Tara closed her eyes, her mind was a complete blank except for one vision.

"Willow! Willow! Oh my god...yes!"

She wanted Willow more than ever. Fingers pumping, hips bucking, the muscles in her tightened around her fingers. Tara thought she was going to pass out. The feeling was closer and closer. Stinging and burning feeling the best she has ever felt.


Bright lights flashed behind her eyelids. Tara rubbed her clit slowly to feel the last contractions.

Her breathing slowed down. Her heart beat returned to normal.

Tara took her fingers out of herself, jerking one last time.

<Dear god in heaven!!! So that's what it is. He! He! He!> A smile spread on Tara's face.

<Now that was fun. I'll just have to remember how to do that and keep Willow in my mind. And with that little redhead, it definitely won't be a problem.>

Tara felt slightly light headed, but continued to take a bath.

Willow put a washcloth over her eyes.

<I have to stop thinking about her. No thinking of Tara. Not thinking of Tara. Tara. Tara. TARA!!! Damn it to hell! What is wrong with me?>

Willow flung the washcloth across the bathtub. She reached up, pulled the drain plug and got out of the water.

She picked up a towel and headed for her bedroom.

Willow patted her body dry. When she dried between her legs, she let out a long sensual hiss.

<O.K. I think something has got me a little riled up.>

Willow ignored the growing wetness. She went to her dresser and pulled out a night shirt and a pair of panties.

<Just gonna go to sleep. That's what I'm gonna do. Lay my little head down on this nice comfy pillow, curl up underneath my warm little blanket and go to sleep. Yep, sleep is good especially when you have to face the next day, which is going to be another long day and since I get to spend the day with Tara...uh oh. Damn it!>

The wetness between her legs increased. The elated feeling in her core was getting to her.

<Oh what the hell. No one has to know.>

Willow moved her hand to her breast. She pinched the nipple making it harder. She moaned out slightly at the increased pressure inside her was building. She moved her hand down to her clit, slightly massaging it. Wetness was pouring out of her onto the sheets. Willow moved her other hand and plunged two fingers inside. She bucked her hips off the mattress forcing her fingers even deeper to her sweet spot. She slowly began pumping her fingers in and out, rubbing her clit with increased pressure. She rolled her head to the side and let out a pleasurable sigh. Her hips bucked harder, her fingers pumping harder, her finger rubbed her clit harder. Her breathing becoming faster, irregular heartbeat. The sensation of her orgasm began in her thighs, overtaking her core. Heat pressure building more and more.

"Oh Tara, Tara, TARAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!" Willow came as she thought of the gorgeous blonde being there, ridding out her orgasm. The angels face behind the flashes of light surrounded the room.

Willow laid on her bed, weak and feeling absolutely spent. She forced herself from her bed, back into the bathroom. She washed her hands and face. Looking up into the mirror, Willow felt embarrassed and unsure about herself.

"That was...intense." She looked away unable to face the person she saw.

Willow walked back to her bedroom, put on her nightshirt and panties, laid herself under the covers. Not a thought entered the redhead's mind. Only the image of Tara.

She smiled and sleep quickly took over.

Author's note: Remember when I warned about rape. Well, this is it. If you don't want to read it then skip to the next Chapter. Believe me it was hard enough for me to write it.

As quick as she could, Tara dried her hair, slipped into her night shirt and panties and got in her bed. She set her alarm for in the morning and turned out her lamp on the nightstand.

A beautiful redhead's face was all Tara could see. She was brought out of her thoughts when headlights shone upon the ceiling in her bedroom. The front door slammed shut. Tara's whole body jumped in fear. She heard the sound of footsteps walking to the front of her bedroom door. Tara closed her eyes and wrapped herself tight in her blankets.

"Tara, are you awake?"

Her father entered the room and sat down on the edge of the bed and turned on the lamp. He moved his hands up and down the shape of Tara's shaking body.

"Daddy wants to talk to you Tara. I had a bad day and I need you to make me feel better like you always do."

Tara kept pretending she was asleep, hoping that he would just go away.

"Tara, I know you are awake, now turn over and look at me."

Tara slowly turned over. She looked in his eyes. They looked so evil, as if the devil himself were sitting there. He lowered down and kissed her on the head, "I need you Tara. Just for a little bit."

Tara looked at him, "Why d-d-do you d-d-o this t-t-to m-m-me. I'm y-y-your d-d-daughter."

"I know who the fuck you are, you just don't forget who I am."

He reached his hand down underneath the blankets, feeling the outside of her panties.

Tara reached her hand under the covers and forcibly removed his hand and flung it away.

"Don't you fight me you little bitch! Now come on Tara, open up for me." He moved his hand back on her crotch and started rubbing roughly.

Tara grabbed his hand again, but he kept it in place. She tried to fight him but he was too strong. He had his sleazy hand between her legs.

"P-p-please d-don't d-d-do this t-t-to m-m-me!" Tara yelled out.

Her father jumped up from his position. All Tara felt was the back of his hand hit the side of her face. He undid his pants revealing his hardened cock. He flung the covers off of Tara who was trying to move away. He jerked her back in place, ripping her panties off, "I told you not to fight me. Now, come on baby, make daddy feel better."

Tara closed her eyes and cried out in pain and fear.

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