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Into the Stars

Author: bluemote
Rating: PG to R
Disclaimer: I acknowledge that ME and JW own the characters of Willow and Tara. However, this is very AU, so, yeah, well, any silliness is mine...

Imagine the room is frozen.

Imagine two figures in the doorway, watching the occupants of the room. Inside, one kneels, her arms outstretched, head tilted up to towards the other sitting on a couch. The room is dark, but the two girls are lit by a slight glow from where their hands touch. The light is blue, then green, then some impossible and beautiful middle colour. It shifts without moving, but is never the same. It is mesmerising- it is impossible not to watch.

The pair in the doorway watch.

They know what they see. The see a connection, they see a link. They see something stronger than they had hoped. But most of all, they see magic. Strong magic.

Alide tries not to breathe. Her tall frame is absolutely still as she watches Tara and Willow connect. Her shock is ebbing, replaced by a wild hope. She feels rather than sees a tiny glance from Tobias and nods her consent that this is, in fact, what they have been waiting for all along.

'There is a connection, a strong one. There is hope for Tara to realise what she might do, what she might be. And now there is a path for Willow, a need, a reason for her power.' Alide reasons slowly in her mind, silently communicating her thoughts to Tobias. 'There is hope against the conglomerate. They will give us hope.'

There is the tiniest of movements and then the doorway is empty, its two figures leaving in respect to the scene playing out in front of them.

Willow watches Tara, unable to move, unable to comprehend the feelings crashing inside her. She is barely aware of the changing light surrounding them as she watches Tara's eyes and feels their fingers twine and spark.

Tara is stunned, her eyes darkened with emotion and magic. Willow's hands on hers are the most right feeling she can know, the beginning of knowing anything.

'This is it. This is it. This is what I was looking for. What I need, what we all need.' Tara blinks as her thoughts return and tears drip quiet down her cheeks as a huge pressure lifts from her heart.

'Willow,' Tara's smile spreads as she breaks from the spell of Willow's eyes. Her heart is dancing, her whole body tingles in the air of magic. 'Willow?' she asks again, gently waiting for the younger girl to become aware.

Willow's eyes widen further at Tara's question. Her mouth opens but no sound emerges.

'Willow, it's ok, it's all ok' Tara continues, her grin widening, her tears flowing with relief. 'You're, you're... Well, it's a long story, but you're the end, I think, um, I think we're the end. Well, I hope, I know, I'm sure...'

'Tara', Willow is frowning as she stumbles back to reality. 'You're crying. Oh, that's bad. Don't want you to cry, don't want you to...'

'It's ok. It's, um, good crying, it's all good.' Tara interrupts. 'And I can tell you now, I can tell you why I'm here, why we made you do all those tests, what they mean. I'm sorry I couldn't before, I'm really sorry, I never meant to hurt you, never...'

'Tara?' Willow's voice is quiet.

Tara nods, waiting for the question.

'What... what's this light? What's happening when we touch? I mean, it's good magic, I know that, I can feel... I can feel you, I can feel us, but I don't understand how...' Willow asks gently, not stopping their contact.

'It's our connection - it's magic, but an especially strong magic. I've been looking Willow, I've been looking so long and now here it is, here you are.' Tara falters as the immense relief floods her again. 'I... I can't explain how that feels, how good it is, how much hope we have now...'

'Hope?' Willow questions, her mind working quickly. 'Hope against the Conglomerate?' At Tara's nod she continues. 'But what can I do? I'm just a kid, just an apprentice, I mean, and you're a famous hero, you know, very brave and fighty and everything and I'm... I'm, well, I don't even know where I come from - how can I help you?'

Tara's heart lurches as she hears Willow's doubt. Her feelings are new, but so strong, she is amazed at Willow's questioning. She knows now that Willow is special, knows that her role in fighting the Conglomerate will be crucial, knows that she gives them all a chance.

She moves closer to Willow so that she can feel the shallow breath from the redhead's lips. She grasps Willow's hands in her own, feeling the spark between them grow, feeling her own emotions rise above her duties in the fight against the Conglomerate and become certain. There is more than a spark; there is more than strong magic.

'Willow', she breathes, and the distance between them is almost gone. 'I have powers to fight against the Conglomerate. Magic. It's old magic, magic that needs two to make it work. Everything you do can help me. You are... you are everything I've been looking for. More than I ever could have hoped. I know... I know you are. I... I just know.'

Willow nods, feeling the emotion tangible in the air between them. She has never felt anything so strong, so true. She begins to know.

'I want to be, Tara', she whispers. 'Whatever you need, I am'

PART 12.5

There was the blue-green light.

There was time.

There were minutes curled upon themselves.

There were endless hours, pulsing quickly with heartbeats.

Then there were just two girls grasping hands tightly, falling and holding, pulling and landing. There was their connection. There was their breath.

A pale circle drew itself in the air thin as smoke. Looping, it moved around the two and grew stronger. Soon it was a thin paleness, then a strong silver. It vibrated with their breathing, sparkled in their eyes.

The blonde tore herself away from the other woman to watch the circle. She smiled slightly - a crooked pleasure.


"Tara" The answer was tiny, made a flicker in the magic circle.

"That's us Willow. That's what we can make - just the beginning. It's... it's beautiful"

"Tara" Willow's attention swung back towards the blonde. "Tara. We? Us? We made that? It is, its beautiful, but... you..."


"You're more beautiful." Willow's eyes poured into Tara, her voice quiet and sure. Tara's heart danced at the words, span and rose until she had no choice but to ask.

"Willow," she paused, but she still knew, "Can I... could I... kiss you?"

The answer was given in red as Willow's hair trembled yes, but Tara didn't see, she could only see the green shade of Willow's eyes, the beginning of a marvellous story.

Closer and closer until lips met, and then such a kiss that the stars sang into the wind.

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