Willtaralympics 2007

We've tackled the days of the week; the classical elements; a couple of Christmases and even ventured into the world of multi-media television. What next? Well dear readers, just in case you thought the RKT writers have collectively contracted Garbo-itis ("Ve vant to be left alone!"), fear not! We're back with another collective series (which is significantly better than a collective groan...though I think I just earned one).

We racked our brains (and we're talking many brilliant minds here) to come up with the common theme for our next series. So we called a group meeting. Imagine this scenario:

Chris: What about Giant Robots with obligatory tail/dragon/angel/*other unconventional pairing* sex?

Debra: I think we should do a Guide to Parenting.

watty: no, I want a series where each writer takes an Apple product. As long as I get the iPhone.


Cam: I'll go along with any theme as long as I can make a joke out of it and be a slacker.

Car: I'll post the intro.

But of course we are too cohesive for that. (Some might even say "sticky".) We came to an agreement fairly quickly. And our theme is ... Sports. Perfect for summer. Plus, we were sold on the image of our favorite witches in short -- very, very short -- tennis skirts and cleavage-accentuating, push-up sports bras (patent pending); sweat glistening on their toned thighs and biceps, gliding down their well-defined abs.

Now think about that image even more.

Keep thinking.

You can stop now.

No, really...you can stop now.

Whew! Okay...yeah...back to the series. Ahem. What are the sports and who will be writing? In a poor imitation of Jeopardy!, we have:

Willow and Tara soaring high on long thin sticks. -- What is JustSkipIt's Quidditch?

Willow and Tara roaring away on a big metallic machine. -- What is Kaia's Superbikes?

Willow and Tara poking each other with sharp pointy weapons. -- What is Artemis's fencing?

Willow and Tara gliding down a wet slippery slope. -- What is watty's skiing?

Willow and Tara guiding a brightly-colored ball through a tight round ring. -- What is AntigoneUnbound's basketball?

The Sports Event of the Year commences this Saturday August 4th. We are also planning a surprise or two along the way. So make sure you secure the best seats on the bleachers, wear your loudest team colors, have plenty of hot dogs and big gulps at hand. Let the Games Begin!!

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