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Spark to a Flame

Author: Auburn
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters but the story is mine.

Willow stared down at the woman beneath her, her warm body moulded perfectly into Tara's and her skin tingled in every place they touched, her heart was racing, but it wasn't through nervousness or anticipation. It was the sheer closeness of the woman she loved that was having an affect of her, and now she had Tara where she wanted her, Willow wasn't sure if she should continue.

"I want to." Willow finally answered, "but if you don't then that's OK."

"Willow, every time I look at you I want to make love to you, but like you said, you've never done this before, I really want you to be comfortable."

"I don't care that you're a woman." The redhead blurted out sensing perhaps that was what Tara was worrying about. "Well I do, but... I don't. I want to make love because you're Tara, my Tara. Not my woman Tara, just my, well, Tara. I don't want to wait until the perfect time, because whenever I'm with you is perfect, wherever I am is perfect as long as I'm with you, and if I've learned anything from my accident it's that I shouldn't put off until tomorrow, the things I really want to do today."

Tara tentatively listened as her girlfriend babbled out her thoughts and gently turned so they were laying side by side facing each other, she lovingly ran her fingers through soft red hair, her full attention on her girlfriend's pro sex speech.

"There were so many things holding me back before and now there's nothing at all and I feel like if I don't touch you I'll die of needing to... can people die of needing to touch somebody?" Willow's face suddenly scrunched up as if she was seriously thinking about it.

"I've never seen that on any Discovery specials." Tara said softly and gave a teasing half smile to ease Willow's busy brain.

The redhead couldn't help but grin at her girlfriend's subtle teasing and she relaxed as Tara gently repeated the motion in her silky tresses.

"Tara." She whispered and lifted her hand to gently take the blonde's and hold it to her chest.

"Yeah Wil?"

The redhead just stared at her girlfriend for a moment, taking in the soft features of her beautiful face, long lashes fluttered as the blonde blinked, her hair hung loose framing her face, lips slightly parted and cheeks tinted red. Willow knew she was doing the right thing.

"Make love to me." She smiled and guided Tara's hand down her body. "Don't hold back, I want all of you."

"Anything you want." Tara whispered huskily and took control, slipping her body on top of Willow's her instincts took over and she gently nudged the redhead's legs apart so she could lay between them, the feeling of Willow's moist center pressing against her lower stomach made Tara's head spin.

They both took a sharp breath as their breasts brushed together, Willow had no idea such a simple thing could be so erotic and her eyes closed of their own violation as intense arousal made it difficult for her to contemplate anything at all. When she opened them, deep blue eyes were looking down at her and Willow was so lost in the blonde's gaze that the hand that snaked between their bodies went completely unnoticed until it gently cupped then squeezed her breast.

Tara enjoyed the immediate reaction as the redhead's body lifted slightly off the bed and lowered her head to place feather light kisses along the expanse of Willow's soft, creamy neck, slowly making her way to the redhead's mouth whilst lifting herself up slightly and straddling Willow's right thigh, pushing her own into her girlfriend's center.

Their lips parted with a pop as Willow turned her head to catch her breath, her heart racing, head spinning and skin on fire. She was weak with need and allowed Tara to set the pace as the blonde began a slow insistent rhythm with her hips, thrusting then grinding into Willow causing her own center to connect with the redhead's thigh.

Tara held her weight with her arms either side of Willow's body and watched as the redhead's eyes closed and lips parted as she concentrated on the intensity of what she was feeling. The blonde locked this picture of her girlfriend in her mind, knowing she would never, ever forget it.

Willow's hands tangled into long blonde tresses and urged Tara to kiss her, Tara didn't hesitate, her tongue thrusting into the redhead's willing mouth and exploring with enthusiasm, the thrust matching the rhythm of her hips as they played a game of give and take and Willow's hands slid down the expanse of Tara's soft, defined back stopping at the base of her spine and trying to coax the blonde into a harder rhythm.

The redhead was disappointed when Tara ignored her plea for a harder rhythm and pulled their lips apart, she was even more frustrated when Tara stopped moving altogether and her mouth opened, but instead of letting out words of protest it sucked in a great deal of air in a gasp of pure pleasure as Tara's warm wet mouth wrapped around a sharp, sensitive nipple.

"Oh. My.... Ga.." Willow was unable to finished her words as the blonde's tongue flicked and teased the hard nub, coaxing out intensity that spread within her. Her mind briefly wondered how such feelings could be possible, but the rest of her body told her to shut up and enjoy it.

The redhead didn't have much choice as her hips moved involuntarily trying to find something to connect with as her center throbbed. Tara smiled inwardly moving from one nipple to the other, enjoying the feeling of the pale pink nub stiffening between her lips. She was fully aware of the redhead's need further down her body and slowly began to kiss the underside of Willow's breasts, past her ribcage, around her cute belly button, over her left hip and slowly down the crease of the redhead's thigh.

As Tara got lower Willow realised where the blonde was going and her legs parted in anticipation, she was nervous, excited, curious..... and when the blonde teasingly ran her maddeningly soft tongue along the expanse of Willow's center, past her entrance and gently over her clit the redhead was lost, nothing had prepared her for the indescribable feelings that would run through her veins and take every part of her captive, reducing her to nothing but a thrusting heap.

Her hands reached above her head and gripped the back of the pillow she was resting on, but when Tara gently pulled away from her target and crawled up the redhead's body capturing her lips, Willow felt a sense of desperation needing more than the air her hips were meeting with. Tara's hand rested softly on the redhead's stomach, calming her, when she was sure Willow had caught her breath, her hand moved lower and she slid an eager digit expertly back and forth against the redhead's clit eliciting guttural moans and unintelligible sounds that were uniquely Willow.

Tara's finger stopped and Willow felt the digit rest just outside her entrance, she opened her eyes and nodded eagerly at expectant blues, rising her hips as the blonde slowly slipped inside.

Willow's head pressed back into the pillow as her lower body met with Tara's gentle thrusts. The blonde was insistent, dragging every possible feeling from Willow's smaller body, watching and learning as the redhead responded to her touches, her inner muscles tightening and releasing around the blonde's finger and the hot, wet muscle surrounding Tara's digits ignited her own passions.

The redhead's breath came in gasps, her eyes tightly shut, mouth agape and a thin sheen of sweat glistened in the soft light of the bedside lamp, Tara watched the beautiful sight of her girlfriend teetering on the edge of bliss. The endless hours of imagining and dreaming hadn't prepared her for the intensity of the moment and as Willow's body throbbed beneath her, Tara's center throbbed in kind.

Willow was close. So close, and she knew Tara was purposefully keeping her hanging on, she thought she would die if the blonde didn't let her go.

Grasping the back of Tara's head, Willow pressed their lips together, begging into the kiss for the blonde to do what was needed and no sooner had she done it, Tara's thumb gently brushed against the engorged nub that she had been avoiding. Once.... twice.... on the third time Willow gasped, her entire body exploding as a rush of pure intensity gripped her. Oblivious to anything around her, feeling nothing yet feeling everything.

She lay panting, her body in utter shock.

Tara shifted slightly, gently slipping her fingers from between her girlfriend's legs and smiling softly as satiated green eyes opened and a lazy smile graced the redhead's playful lips. Breathing hard, Tara touched her lips to Willow's softly, unrushed and full of love.

Willow snuggled deeper into the softness next to her, her mind unconsciously trying to block out the insistent high pitched noise that continued to annoy her and pull her from a very peaceful sleep. The redhead's body felt sluggish and satiated, and her arm felt heavy as she lifted it to cover her face from the intruding daylight. It's brightness feeling harsh against her unprepared eye.

"Urgh!" She groaned snuggling deeper into the lump beside her, it's softness more inviting than the harshness of the noise and bright daylight, but her ears picked up on a different noise, something more familiar and comforting.

The redhead opened her eyes, fighting to keep them open as they blinked several times to adjust to the light, she lifted her head and saw what she thought had to be the most perfect sight, ever.

Tara sat with her back leaning against the headboard, her face scrunched up in concentration, tongue poking out slightly and eyes dancing as they followed her hand across the page. Her hand manipulating the pen that was between her fingers. Willow knew what those fingers could do and her mind momentarily filled with the memory of just where those fingers had been.

The redhead laid still for a moment, her head resting comfortably on her pillow, she took in the unguarded sight of her girlfriend realising that Tara had every part of her now, emotionally and physically. Tara had it all and that didn't bother Willow at all, it made her happy..

Willow shifted slightly to get a better view of the paper the blonde was holding in her left hand, her fingers spread across the back of the pad and held it steady as her other hand was busy writing. Such talented long, lithe fingers Willow smirked remembering the things they did to her, the way they made her squirm, she then turned her attention back to what Tara was writing, the letters curled and swirled, dipped and curved as the blonde wrote them down, the images in her head materialising onto paper.

Willow followed Tara's fingers as they wrote the words that were coming from her mind. She was fascinated as the blonde effortlessly brought characters to life but...but those words didn't fit.


As the redhead read her name she realised she was busted and looked up to see blue eyes framed by raised eyebrows, Tara's playful I saw you' glare was aimed at her and Willow could do nothing except laugh as the blonde tossed her pen and paper aside and attacked the redhead's side with her talented, and now evil, fingers.

"I give in!" Willow surrendered trying to catch her breath between giggles, "I'm big with the giving in. You totally win."

"I win?" Tara settled next to her breathless girlfriend and propped her head up on her hand. "What's my prize?"

"Prize? I never said anything about a prize, there should be no prize for you attacking me and then winning." The redhead huffed and shuffled closer to Tara "But.... maybe we can come to some sort of arrangement? How about, anything on this bed you can have."

The blonde looked up as if she was thinking about what she wanted, then looked down at her girlfriend covered only by a blanket and smirked. "The blanket, I want it."

"The blanket?" Willow's brow knitted together, she hadn't been expecting that answer, but as Tara slowly pulled it away from her body the redhead figured out why. "Oh," she chuckled, "but if you take the blanket I'll get cold."

"Maybe we can figure out some way to warm you up?" The blonde said innocently although her half smile gave away her mischief as she stole a kiss from Willow's lips.

"Mmm hmm I'm sure we can." The redhead agreed as Tara's finger began to trace light circles on her skin.

The blonde began at Willow's jaw, lightly running the tip of her finger over the soft, freckled skin then down her neck. Little marks were the evidence of their antics the night before and the blonde blushed knowing that somebody would probably spot them. She then made her way along the pale freckled chest, her finger rising and falling as the redhead took each breath. Willow giggled a little, the touch tickling her sensitive skin.

"How do you feel about, uh... last night?" Tara asked, her finger never ceasing it's gentle caress.

The redhead thought for a moment, her eyes looking up at the ceiling as she came up with her answer. "Wonderful." She said honestly. "I stayed up late having naked yummies with my girlfriend, what's not to love?"

Tara laughed at the smug smirk on Willow's face. The girl in the park was finally all hers.

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