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Spark to a Flame

Author: Auburn
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters but the story is mine.

The heat of the water felt soothing against her skin as Willow lazily relaxed in the tub covered in suds that smelt divine as the steam filled the room and everything dripped with condensation. The redhead sighed contentedly, soft light illuminated the room from candles perched on the edge of the tub and she rubbed her right hand gently up her left arm feeling the silkiness of the water seep into and massage the skin that had been hidden for so long. Another sigh escaped her lips as her eyes lightly drifted shut.

A chuckle behind her brought her back to reality and Willow smiled sleepily, snuggling deeper into the soft form behind her.

"No laughing during bath time, bath time is strictly snuggles only."

"Actually Wil, bath time is for hygiene purposes." Tara said mockingly, her lips only inches away from the redhead's ear as Willow's body resting fully against her. Gently stroking her hand down the smaller woman's arm Tara interlaced their fingers and rested her chin on Willow's shoulder.

"Boring people only have baths for hygiene purposes." The redhead retorted, she could feel Tara's breasts pushing into her back and tried not to think about it, that's not why she had coaxed the blonde into the tub with her, but Tara's warm breath on her ear sent tingles down her spine and she shivered slightly.

"Are you cold?" The blonde asked concerned, she reached for the sponge that rested on the side of the tub and dipped it into the water.

"Not cold." She answered honestly. "Probably a little too over-heated if you get my meaning."

Another chuckle escaped Tara's lips as she lifted the sponge from beneath the water then squeezed it above the redhead's exposed breasts making the warm liquid trickle down her skin.

"I get your meaning." She agreed then ran the rough texture of the sponge between Willow's breasts and down her stomach into the water that settled just above her belly-button.

A few minutes of comfortable silence passed between them as Tara gently used the sponge to caress the redhead's skin until Willow let out a slight giggle that shook them both.

"What?" The blonde smiled at Willow's infectious mirth and ran the sponge over the smaller woman's shoulder.

"Your face when I said 'your turn,'" Willow teased "I thought you were going to faint or run."

"But I didn't."

"No you didn't." The redhead agreed "You shocked me right back by removing your clothes." A blush formed on the redhead's skin as she remembered how Tara had disrobed, how her body had looked, the inviting curves that captivated her vision and made her unable to look away. Tara had seen the way Willow watched and studied her body, she had also seen the flush of red upon the woman's skin and increase in breath, that gave her confidence and affirmation that Willow was attracted to her, sexually.

The redhead's awareness of Tara's center pressing lightly against her lower back increased and she breathed in deeply feeling her arousal heighten at the sheer closeness of Tara. Willow rested her head on the blonde's shoulder feeling weakened by the intensely growing feeling in her lower stomach, she turned her head away and closed her eyes to try and regain her composure.

"Is this too much?" The blonde asked tentatively, thinking perhaps they had gone too far too soon.

Willow shook her head and sat forward then proceeded to twist herself around in the tub to face Tara, she was eternally grateful of the tubs abnormally large size as she scooted back then gripped the blonde's hand to pull her forward so she could put her legs either side of Tara's hips. Careful not to nudge her still healing limbs, the redhead settled comfortably. "It's just enough." She reassured with a shy grin.

Tara smirked back, enjoying the flush of her girlfriends skin... the word 'girlfriend' echoed around her mind and her smirk turned into a goofy grin that didn't go unnoticed by the redhead.

"Share." The Willow instructed with a playful pout and then giggled as Tara ran the sponge down her sensitive waist effectively triggering her ticklish spot to spasm. The blonde took note of where she had inadvertently touched so she could use this new piece of information to her advantage later.

"Sorry." She apologised feebly. "And I was just smiling because... well it's lame, but I was smiling because you're my girlfriend. I'm taking a bath with my girlfriend Willow. Willow my girlfriend... Willow Willow Willow..."

"I got it I'm your girlfriend." The redhead giggled again then lifted her arms for Tara to reach around her and run the rough texture of the sponge over her smooth back. "Oh this feels so good." She moaned lightly wrapping her arms around the blonde's shoulder's to pull her closer.

"I'm glad you're enjoying it." She declared honestly and placed a light kiss on Willow's ear. Pulling back the blonde gently scooted backwards putting some distance between them so she could carefully rest Willow's still sore leg along the length of her thigh, dipping the sponge back into the water Tara then gently ran it along the redhead's shin.

"I like the way you touch me." Willow said thoughtfully, her head cocked to one side as she watched the blonde's hand carefully guide the sponge along her sensitive skin. "It's like you know you're doing it, but you don't know how you're doing it."

"How am I doing it?" Tara asked a little self consciously watching her own hands move.

"It's subtle and seductive." She explained with a warm grin, her brain also said 'arousing' but she kept that to herself.

Tara blushed and abandoned the leg, pulling the redhead closer to her. She gently pressed her forehead to Willow's and did her signature half smile. Inevitably the redhead couldn't resist;

Her kiss was slow and gentle yet full of heat, conveying the way she felt inside at having Tara so near. Moaning into the blonde's mouth as their lips parted and tongues met, connecting in one smooth motion, neither controlling the kiss as it flowed between them, natural and loving.

Willow lay on her back with the sheets pulled away and her head resting comfortably on a pillow. The shirt she was wearing sat just above her knee, it's size too large as she had taking it from Tara. When the blonde pulled it out of her bag Willow decided she just had to have it, so she pouted playfully until Tara gave in.

Tara carefully rubbed moisturiser into the redhead's injured leg, making sure every area was covered and that the knee was particularly well moisturised so the skin didn't pull if Willow were to bend her knee. She then gently put the support bandage back in place and as she leant over to place the moisturiser on the bedside table, the shirt she was wearing, which she had to take from Willow, showed a large portion of her thigh.

The redhead smiled to herself as she realised the extra perk of stealing Tara's shirt and received a playful swat when the blonde discovered the reason for her girlfriend's devilish grin.

Willow's mouth widened in mock outrage.

"So if my shirt were riding up you wouldn't look, you can't say you wouldn't because that would be such a lie. You'd make big with the looking and - what are you doing?"

The blonde rested herself carefully on top of Willow, hovering slightly as her hair cocooned their faces creating their own little den, she lightly kissed the redheads soft lips then pulled back with a devilish grin of her own.

"You're right I would look, but the difference between you and I is that I wouldn't get caught."

Willow felt a wave of arousal shoot through her stomach at the tone of Tara's voice, her eyes, her expressions they said more than her words and as the blonde lowered herself fully on top of Willow, the redhead felt a burning heat where everything touched. Their breasts pressed together and burned, their stomachs grazed and burned, their hips touched and burned, but the place that burned the most was her thighs as she felt Tara press her own thigh between hers, the soft skin almost scorching its imprint onto her as it slid further and further towards its target. Willow knew what it was aiming for so she parted her legs slightly and gently raised her hips assisting Tara's thigh's progress and as it pressed against her center she sighed and felt the sensation wash over her as her body responded wholeheartedly to how Tara skilfully manipulated it.

Tara watched as the redheads eyes closed tightly and her mouth parted as Willow concentrated on the sensations running through her body. Tara knew she should stop, knew it was too soon to be doing this, but the way the redhead was responded to her made rational thinking a hard thing to do. She sucked in a large amount of air to give her the strength needed to pull herself away, but as she did so Willow raised her hips and thrust herself onto her thigh, an action which caused a moan to escape the redhead's throat and make its way to Tara's own center.

Giving in, the blonde captured Willow's lips with her own and kissed her with abandon. The redhead's tongue immediately thrust into Tara's mouth as her hand wrapped itself in blonde hair pulling them closer together. Their breaths came in sighs and hitches as their bodies responded to every little thing, but as Tara heard one particular gasp, it seemed to pierce through her cloudy mind and forced her to abruptly pull away.

She hovered above the redhead, Willow's warm breathe caressing her lips, but Tara studied the woman beneath her and in turn was studied by Willow.

A knock on the door forced both women to avert their attention, they stared at the door then back at each other and Tara removed herself from Willow altogether, straightened out her shirt then pulled Willow's back over her thighs.

Mrs Rosenberg came in a moment later smiling politely.

"I just came to say goodnight and to see if you needed anything before I went to bed Willow?"

"Uh..." The redhead tried to think, her voice was a little croaky. "No if I do I'll just ask Tara." She shot a look at the blonde and felt her cheeks burn, then looked at her mother hoping the older and usually perceptive woman wouldn't notice her blush.

"Ok sweetheart, I'll see you tomorrow, goodnight Tara."

The blonde mumbled her goodnight and watched as the older woman closed the door and left, she then bit her lip and looked at Willow apologetically. To her surprise the redhead just laughed and pulled her down for a kiss, when they parted Tara had to ask what was so funny.

"You look like a naughty school girl that's just been caught with her hand in the proverbial cookie jar." Willow teased.

Tara half smiled self consciously and quietly responded with her cheeks blushing the colour of her girlfriend's hair.

"A few minutes later and I would've been caught with my hand in the proverbial cookie jar."

The redhead laughed again and shook her head at the cuteness of Tara. Shuffling in the bed she made room for the blonde to lay comfortably beside her then pointed at the lamp beside the bed.

Taking the hint, Tara flipped the switch and pulled the blankets over their bodies settling herself comfortably snuggled against Willow.

A few moments passed and the blonde began to drift slowly off to sleep, her body began to feel heavy, her breathing slow and deep until a light poke on her shoulder pulled her to a more alert state.

"Tara, are you awake?" The redhead whispered into the darkness, she was facing the blonde but couldn't quite make out if her eyes were open.

Tara shifted closer to the smaller woman and gently pressed their lips together, her view aided by the moonlight coming in through a gap in the curtain and casting shadows over the redhead's face.

"I'm awake."

"Good because otherwise you'd be sleep kissing me."

The blonde giggled then spoke softly. "Is there something you want Wil?"

Nodding her head Willow bit her lip then said quickly. "Water."

The blonde lifted her head off the pillow and studied her girlfriends face in the dark,

"You want water? Now?"

"Kissing is thirsty work y'know it's all with the lips and tongue."

"So I have to get out of bed in the freezing cold and go through the house in the dark to get you water?"

"Uhm... Yeah?" The redhead smiled her best angelic smile and was rewarded with a deep 'Tara laugh'

"Ok I won't be a minute." The blonde threw back the covers and kissed Willow before existing the room.

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