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Spark to a Flame

Author: Auburn
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters but the story is mine.

Willow laid in bed as comfortable as she could get, her inability to sit still was making her so restless she contemplated biting off her good arm just for something to do. Tara had left a few hours ago after spending the entire afternoon with the redhead. Willow enjoyed Tara's company immensely, she found the blonde easy to talk to and eased her worries about her recovery process, if Tara hadn't of helped the redhead pass the time in hospital Willow knew she would have worried herself to the point where she was convinced she'd never make it out the hospital with all her appendages intact. Instead of worrying she had been intrigued by her new friend, the more she knew of Tara the more she wanted to know.

Mrs Rosenberg walked around Willow's bed tucking in blankets to try and make her daughter more comfortable. She studied the redhead who was obviously lost in a world of her own and realised for the first time that she hadn't once mentioned what she called 'that boyfriend' and had in fact been more focussed on her new friend.

The older woman smiled to herself, it was about time her daughter started to socialise instead of locking herself in her office all day and it was also about time she realised Mr Osborne was not the type of person she needed in her life.

"Mom." The older woman almost hit the ceiling as her daughter stared at her with expectant green eyes. She blushed a little at having been caught off guard.

"Yes Willow?"

"Will you do something for me?"

Mrs Rosenberg sighed and thought 'uh oh' "Of course, what is it?"

"Will you go to the bookstore for me sometime tomorrow, please? There's something I'd like to read, maybe it'll help pass the time a little."

The older woman relaxed having not been presented with a totally ludicrous request which her daughter usually took pleasure in sprininging on her when she least expected it. This request however was reasonable.

"Of course I will, is there anything in particular you would like me to get?" Mrs Rosenberg lifted the blanket up to her daughter's chin and kissed the top of Willow's head.

"Yes, it's a book called 'From Hell To Heaven' by Tara Maclay."

Tara stepped past the threshold of the Rosenberg home carefully carrying something in her hands hidden by an old blanket. Mrs Rosenberg eyed the large rectangular object suspiciously and received a wink from the blonde as she passed towards Willow's room.

Stepping inside the room Tara was greeted by a huge smile which was quickly interrupted by an even bigger yawn as Willow laid in bed, propped up by a mountain of over stuffed pillows. The redhead had been waiting for Tara to come visit, as was the norm since her accident, she had come to expect the blonde's presence at some point during the day and looked forward to the time they spent together, but today she had been especially anxious.

"You look tired Will, what could you possibly have been doing that would ware you out? You've been laying in bed all day."

"Reading." Willow answered bluntly feeling her cheeks flush. She had indeed been reading after her mother took the requested trip to the bookstore and retrieved the book which had been written by Tara, the redhead was excited when she heard her mother coming down the hall and immediately took the book and began reading, it was after only two pages she became aware that the only characters were those of two woman and she specifically remembered Tara saying the book was about romance. It then slapped her in the face that this was a 'lesbian' romance novel. Her immediate reaction was that of surprise, she supposed for Tara to write about such a subject, that she was perhaps a lesbian herself. Willow noticed that this discovery seemed to stir up something within herself, but she wasn't willing to admit it and firmly shut the closet door in her mind. However she did go on to read the book and had been reading it right up until she heard Tara's footsteps coming down the hall.

"You're blushing, just what were you reading?" The red tint to Willow's cheeks grew stronger and Tara had to tease. "Was it a dirty magazine? Oh, or was it something on that laptop you keep besides your bed? I always wondered why you're so attached to that thing."

"Will you stop!" The redhead pleaded managing to connect her pillow with Tara's shoulder, although that only served to make the blonde laugh out loud. "I have that laptop to converse with my employee's and see how the project is going I wouldn't abuse it by showing it dirty pictures."

"Ok, ok... oh I have something for you." Tara exclaimed forgetting that she was in the middle of an interrogation when she saw the rectangular object she had placed on the floor to take off her bag and coat.

Willow watched the blonde lift the object and place it on the bed, careful not to go near anything that may hurt, Tara lifted off the blanket and was pleased to see the redhead's face light up at the unexpected surprise.

"Lightning!" She beamed, opening the cage and lifting the energetic hamster to her face where she placed a gentle kiss on its head. "Thanks for taking care of her Tara, I know she can be a little-miniature handful at times."

"No worries Will, she kept me company while I snooped around your house, but tell me something... Lightning?..."

Willow smiled proudly at the name she had picked for her pet and nodded enthusiastically. "Lightning because she's all with the moving really fast, like... 'whoosh!'"

The women were interrupted by a knock and Mrs Rosenberg's head peered through the door.

"Carl's here." She said imply before stepping aside and letting the young man enter.

Tara frowned involuntarily and turned to Willow with a raised eyebrow. The redhead noticed this action and explained;

"Carl's my nurse, the son of one of my moms friends. He's going to be coming over a few times a week just to make sure I'm making progress. He'll be giving me physiotherapy to stop my limbs from getting stiff through lack of mobility." He was also there to give Mrs Rosenberg a little reprieve although the older woman wouldn't admit it.

"Oh." The blonde nodded at the explanation and smiled politely at the young man, fighting with the jealousy that was burning her insides. She picked up her bag and coat, "Well I best leave you to it I don't want to get in the way. I'll probably see you tomorrow Will." With that the blonde left leaving Willow with the unexplained urge to go after her. Her heart telling her to go, but her head asking what for?

The redhead shook it off and turned to Carl who had removed his coat and was ready to start the session.

Tara slammed the Rosenbergs' front door and slapped her hand against her forehead, her behaviour was not acceptable and she was pretty sure her weirdness had been noticed by Willow.

Tara knew a long time ago that if she ever spoke to the woman in the park she would undoubtedly be drawn to her in more than a friendly way, after all, this woman was someone who inspired her to write until her hand ached and her eyes burned, someone who she admired from a distance and, if truth be told, fantasised about.

She had told herself the day Willow woke up in hospital and looked at her with those big green orbs that she would keep her feelings in check. She would admire how beautiful Willow was, there was no harm in that, but she would not allow herself to become to attached, or let her feelings spin out of control. But at this moment, as she was walking down Monroe avenue, her feelings were spinning out of control, they were telling her to go and make sure that young man didn't hurt Willow in any way or make her uncomfortable, she wanted to make sure he was giving the redhead the best care possible. She knew she couldn't. It wasn't her place.

Instead Tara carried on walking and thinking, internally her heart and her head were at war. A very messy war.

Willow read her book in peace, her mother only came in every hour if she wasn't called just to check if Willow needed anything. The redhead was glad her mother hadn't read the description of the book when she purchased it because she didn't have an explanation of why she was reading it at all. Or at least not one that she was willing to admit, in fact, at first, the only reason she wanted to read it was because her new friend was the author, but now she was hooked, although Willow told herself it was because of the story and not the characters themselves even though she shyly doubted that the book would be half as good if they were male and female. She couldn't explain that theory her mind had concluded. She didn't want to try.

The redhead puffed out a breath of air between her cheeks and checked the clock on a wall opposite the bed. It was 5:30 and Tara hadn't been over at all today, Willow felt an overwhelming disappointment knowing that she probably wouldn't stop by either as it had gotten too late.

The phone rang besides Willow's bed, she let her mother answer it from the other room not really feeling like talking to anyone, but a few moments later Mrs Rosenberg popped her head around the door and pointed at the phone.

"It's Tara for you Willow."

The redhead's face immediately lit up, something that didn't go unnoticed by her mother who had been trying to think of the reason behind the pout that had stuck to her daughters lips for the past few hours.

"Hello?" Willow tried not to let her excitement show, feeling a little silly. Her finger idly twirled the cord as she spoke.

"Hey Will, sorry I haven't been by today. Wednesday is grocery day for my landlady and it took a little longer than I expected. It's been one of those days you know where you just want to curl under a rock until everything passes?"

The redhead let out a little chuckle. "At the moment Tar, every day is like that for me."

"Sorry sweetie, How are you doing?"

Willow smiled involuntarily at being called 'sweetie' and immediately frowned at the growing warmth in her chest at just hearing Tara's voice.

"I-uh... well yesterday Carl cleaned my cuts, most of them are healed now but my knuckles are still a little sore, and my body aches a little because of the effort of the exercises, its amazing how quickly your muscles deteriorate."

"Yeah, did the doctor say how long the casts have to stay on for?"

"Well he said at least six weeks depending on how quickly they heal, then after that I'll have to have physiotherapy."

"It's been three weeks already, keep your chin up and we'll get through the rest in no time."

The 'we' statement didn't go unnoticed, but yet it didn't make Willow feel uncomfortable, it only made her smile and a rush of warmth to engulf her chest leaving her light-headed and giddy. Finally allowing Tara to hang up after almost an hour, the only reason she had allowed her to go at all was because her arm was beginning to ache from holding the receiver to her ear and after her fifth yawn the blonde had ordered her to go to sleep and promised she would be by tomorrow. Throughout the conversation and even the comfortable silences Willow's bathed in the musical sound of Tara's voice and her pulse raced when the blonde's melodic laughter floated into her ear, it was as gentle as a caress and as comforting as a hug.

Willow shifted as much as she could without causing herself pain, both her leg and arm were elevated by pillows making it almost impossible for her to get comfortable. Settling the best she could, the redhead closed her eyes and didn't realise it was the angelic face that danced behind her eyelids that finally helped her sleep.

Tara stretched wholeheartedly, her muscles tight from being sat in one place for too long, she couldn't imagine what Willow must be feeling having been bedridden for the better part of a month.

Standing up, the blonde made her way to the kitchen, almost stepping on Missy in the process, the feline meowed it's irritation and walked away to find somewhere less dangerous to sleep. Making herself a cup of coffee Tara went over the details of her conversation with Willow, she felt guilty at not visiting the redhead today, but her excuse hadn't been entirely a lie, she had been running back and fourth to the grocery store because Mrs Brown had forgotten something she needed, but Tara also knew that she could have made the time to see Willow if she had tried.

The truth of it was, the blonde had spent the day on auto pilot, not really thinking about what she was doing. Her mind had been on Willow and for all she tried to think of something else, it just wouldn't work. Her plan had been to spend less time with Willow until she got her feelings in check, but she realised that only served to upset the redhead and herself.

Realising once again that her mind had totally disobeyed her Tara Decided against coffee and trotted towards the bathroom, opting for a nice, long soothing shower before bed.

The warmth of the water engulfed Tara's soft, supple body. The droplets of moisture cascaded down her back making her skin tingle and her temperature rise, her mind wandered to the redhead she knew would be innocently sleeping, dreaming and breathing softly. How she wished at this moment she could be the blanket that warmed Willow's body, the air Willow breathed, the pillow Willow rested her head on. Anything that meant she could be near her friend.

The tantalising sights she had seen whilst the redhead was sleeping were playing through her minds-eye one particular image making her pulse quicken and a distinctive ache begin to rise within her, decending upon her most intimate area and though she felt guilty for the way her body reacted to such an image, there was no denying its need.

Her hand travelled involuntarily down her neck. Strong, slim fingers glided down her collarbone and sternum to the swell of her breast. The soft full mound seemed to rise to her hand and she consciously avoided a firm, pink nipple begging for attention.

Teasing herself, Tara circled the nub until the want took over and she grasped the delicate flesh between her thumb and forfinger, squeezing hard and eliciting a moan from herself. She bit her bottom lip as her right hand stroked down her stomach, her mind picturing Willow's sleek hand, the redhead's face only inches from Tara's as the blonde's breathe came in gasps.

Willow's stepped closer to Tara, her green orbs reassuring, loving, caring as her hand slid down the blonde's silky skin and dissapeared between her legs, parting Tara genltly, timidly with one finger. Feeling, exploring, learning.

Tara imagined sliding one hand over Willow's guiding her to the place she had to be touched, showing her what she needed. The tip of Willow's finger collided with the sensative bundle of nerves that caused the blonde to jerk her hips, push towards the hand that was pleasuring her, the tip of the finger pressed more firmly against her clit and began a circular motion.

Tara lifted her left hand to her mouth and bit down as the intensity of her need increased. She imagined her hand to be Willow's shoulder and so her bite was gentle, yet forceful and full of longing. Willow's finger between her legs changed momentum, ceasing its circular motion and instead sliding along the length of the blonde's sex. With each stroke the pressure hardened and the finger began to linger at Tara's opening, her hips tried to coax the digit to relent, to fill her, to give her what she needed and each time it would press into her a little, a little more... more...

Until Willow filled her whole, took her with no mercy and thrust with intent only to withdraw and leave Tara begging, crying out until her finger filled her again.

Tara braced herself against the shower wall, imagining it to be Willow's body holding her tight, steadying her. She thrashed harder against the hand between her legs, the palm attacking mercilessly against her clitoris until... until her breath caught in her throat and her body stiffened, her head lolled back, eyes shut tight and the world disappeared around her. Her orgasm, hard and fast engulfed her like a flame and left her gasping for air.

Placing her hand against the shower wall Tara leaned against it heavily, biting her bottom lip her mind imagined a devilish grin on Willow's face at her accomplishemnt.

Willow winced as Carl took her aching limb and flexed the joints, rotating them as gently as possible to help restore them to their previous state, his hands were cold against the bare skin of her right knee and it was beginning to make her shiver.

"I can do this on my own you know." The redhead pouted as he took her ankle and began rotating that too.

"I know you can, but I'm just making sure they are done thoroughly so your uninjured side is ready when your injured side needs supporting."

"Oh." Willow pouted even more at his logic.

A knock on the door followed by a familiar voice eased the pout a little and the redhead shouted that it was ok for Tara to enter.

"Am I interrupting?" The blonde asked unable to take her eyes from where the young mans hands were touching her friend, she hadn't even noticed that Willow was in a wheelchair and not in bed, her broken leg sticking straight out in front of her resting on a stirrup of the wheelchair.

"No, we're all done here." He smiled and stood whilst grabbing his coat, "Willow I'll be back on Monday, that'll give you the weekend to rest, but if you can, try and do the exercises I showed you."

Tara's eyes followed the young man out of the door making sure he really was gone, her jealousy was highly unusual, but she recognised it in it's ugliness and berated herself for being so silly.

Finally turning to face Willow, the blonde's face lit up at expectant green eyes waiting for her to realise that the redhead was out of bed.

"Wow nice wheels, the rest of the chair's nice too." The blonde joked, walking around the bed and plonking herself on the edge of it close to Willow, she then noticed that the redhead's skin was paler than usual and that her smile was slightly marred with tiredness.

Taking Willow's hand, Tara held it gently with her own and stroked her thumb over the soft skin.

"Was that session hard today?" She asked, her voice full of tenderness and concern.

The redhead let out an enthusiastic sigh and nodded enjoying the feel of her smaller hand been enveloped by a larger, soft one.

Thinking for a moment, Tara came up with an idea. "If you could have anything right now what would it be?"

The redhead bit her bottom lip and a playful smile tugged at the corners of her mouth.

"This may seem silly, but if I could have anything I'd have my hair washed, it's all with the yucky and that's just... unpleasant."

The blonde jumped up instantly and took the handles of Willow's chair.

"Your wish is my command, lead me towards the bathroom ma'am."

Willow moaned uninhibitedly while her scalp was being firmly massaged by strong, dexterous fingers making her skin tingle and her head fuzzy.

The sheer bliss of having her hair washed was enough to make her want to thank every goddess under the sun for having sent Tara Maclay her way.

As the pads of the blonde's fingers worked the shampoo into a soapy lather she gently hummed a sedating tune, making sure Willow was comfortable and not too tired.

The redhead was sitting in her wheelchair, propped up by pillows under her bottom so the nape of her neck could rest comfortably on the sink, a towel had been placed over the porcelain so the hard, cold surface was comfortable for Willow to rest on. The warmth of the water seemed to sooth most of her aches and pains making her feel better than she had in weeks.

Tara decided to rinse off the vestiges of shampoo from the redhead's hair when she noticed the familiar change in her breathing. Slower, deeper intakes of breathe indicated Willow was asleep.

"Will, sweetie, wake up." Tara spoke softly, turning off the steady stream of water.

"Hmm?... oh... OH!... Tara I'm sorry. That felt so relaxing that I must have drifted off, I tried hard not to." The redhead apologised, frustrated with herself for having fallen to sleep when she really wanted to stay awake so she remembered every moment of Tara's hands upon her.

"Don't worry about it sweetie, I'll take it as a compliment. I guess I haven't lost my touch." Tara winked and received her favourite full Willow-smile in return. "Would you like me to comb your hair or do you want to do it yourself?"

"Well it would probably be quicker if you did it." The redhead answered, although she was really just trying to prolong the feeling of Tara's touch against her. There was no reasonable explanation she could come up with to defend why that was, so she instead ignored it.

Tara smiled, glad Willow wanted her to comb her hair, the feeling of the redhead's softness gliding through her hands was like a dream come true, many times she had wanted to brush a stray strand from Willow's face when the wind blew at it mercilessly in the park, this moment seemed surreal and she relished every second.

Tara sat in the chair watching Willow's eyes close as she unsuccessfully tried to stay awake. The blonde had helped Willow into bed and get comfortable and Willow had insisted she liked to let her hair dry by itself, not wanting to take advantage of Tara's generosity.

Sitting quietly the blonde enjoyed the uninhibited view of Willow's angelic face peaceful in rest. She missed the dancing green orbs that seemed to look straight through her, having been admiring the redhead from afar for so long her senses seemed to be on overdrive as she bathed in the smell of strawberry shampoo that emanated from the resting redhead. Her fingers still tingled from the feeling of them running through silky hair and brushing against the soft scalp, occasionally massaging the back of Willow's neck. She loved the little moans that sealed the approval of her actions and she blushed at her behaviour in the shower the night before.

"You're not writing." Willow's voice penetrated the quietness making the blonde almost jump out of her chair.

"HUH... w-what?" Tara began to panic at thinking she had been caught staring, but she calmed a little when she saw the lids of the redhead's eyes were shut.

"You're not writing, usually I can hear the pen scraping along the paper. It sends me to sleep." She admitted finally opening her tired eyes and turning her head towards Tara. "I can't sleep."

"Would you like me to write?" The blonde chuckled raising one eyebrow. "It drives everyone else I know crazy."

"Well I guess they don't appreciate your uniqueness. Come here." Willow instructed, patting the bed and internally chastising anyone who would frown upon one of the many things she found endearing about her new friend.

Tara's eyebrow arched even higher in question causing the redhead to wave her hand to entice her forward.

"C'mon I can't sleep with you staring at me."

The blonde's mouth hung open in surprise, she had been sure that with Willow's eyes closed she hadn't been noticed, but the redhead had felt Tara's eyes upon her, instinct tells you when someone is staring intensely. Blushing profusely Tara made her way to the bed and sat at the edge frigidly

"I can't sleep with you sitting there either, kick off your shoes and scoot over here." The redhead ordered with an authoritative tone leaving no room for argument. Tara did as she was told and climbed onto the bed in the space Willow had provided when she scooted over as much as she could without making herself uncomfortable. Grabbing the stiff arm of the blonde Willow lifted her head and wrapped it under her neck settling herself on Tara's shoulder. "That's much better." She stated with a yawn feeling the blonde begin to relax. "When I'm asleep you can go if you want to, but for now stay put, understood?"

"You know, for a little woman in two casts you're awfully intimidating." Tara joked snuggling into the embrace.

"I get cranky when I'm tired." The redhead pouted.

"Note to self- stay away from tired, cranky Wil."

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