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Sometimes you just can't help it

Author: Amazonaa
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

Nicki took a nice long hot shower that turned into a cold shower due to the longness of it. She went to her room to get dressed finding no one in there. Which was a relief.

After she got dressed she slowly made her way downstairs to the kitchen where everyone, minus herself, was sitting at the table eating breakfast.

"Well hello charming, alcoholic daughter of mine." Tara said motioning for her to have a seat. "Haha mom. Very funny." Nicki said sitting down. "At least she wasn't getting all freaky on the kitchen counter. Which I hope you washed thouroughly." Jenn said.

Tara blushed as Willow walked in with a basket of clothes in her arms while kicking another one at her feet.

"We really need a system for this Tara." Willow said setting the basket down next to the other one. "Or maybe we should just get rid of a few teenagers."

"When everyone is done eating I want you all to grab your own clothes and put them away. Except for Cali since she doesn't have any clothes hear." Tara pointed out. "Yet." Willow grumbled.

"Aww. Poor Willow. Sit down and eat." Tara said handing her a plate of pancakes and eggs.

Willow took the plate as well as a kiss before sitting down followed by Tara.

"So Cali. How is it that you ended up meeting these freaks and coming home with them?" Willow asked. Getting death glares from each one of the teenagers.

"Well I sorta know Nicki from school and let's just say I helped her get out of a tree and home safely." Cali said smirking at Nicki who was staring intently at her plate.

"Intresting." Tara said also smirking at her daughter.

"Okay. Enough talking about me." Nicki said standing up and taking her plate to the sink.

Tara started talking to Cali about where she was from and what classes she took and what not before they heard a scream and the sound of a plate hitting the linoleum floor and shattering.

Everyone looked over to the sink area.

"Mom! Why is there chocolate all over the floor?" Nicki said standing up. Chocolate all over her hands and shirt.

Willow and Tara blushed as Jenn and Kay giggled.

"What? What!? Am I missing something!?" Nicki said getting frustrated.

"No Nik. Don't worry about it." Jenn said. Nicki huffed and stomped up the stairs to change her shirt.

"Well thank you so much for the breakfast Ms. Maclay. I appreciate it. But I should be getting home. My mom is probably worried sick." Cali said standing up.

"We'll drive you." Jenn said grabbing Kay's hand. Tara gave her a look. "Right after we clean off our dishes."

"Cali if your mom wants to call me to make sure she knows where you were and stuff tell her to feel free and come over anytime." Tara said.

"Will do Ms. Maclay. Tell Nicki I said goodbye and that I will see her at school tomorrow." Cali said before walking out the door. Jenn and Kay trailing behind.

"Ya. Tell Nik we'll call her later."

Tara stood there.

Willow came up behind her wrapping her arms around Tara's waist. "What'cha think? Nicki's mystery girl?" Tara nodded and turned around to face Willow.

"I like her." Tara said giving Willow a kiss.

"Me too." Willow said.

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