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Sodas and Snack Machines

Author: Onyxsundrops
Rating: PG-13 and up.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters, other characters are my own.

From the corner of her small room, Tara spoke quietly into the telephone as she watched Willow lay across her bed, apparently lost in deep thought.

I kissed a girl. Tara-girl. Girl. Tara. Soft. Pretty.

If only the blonde knew how shallow Willow's 'deep thought' went.

Smiling to herself as she finished speaking with her father, Tara continued watching the redhead from afar. Her first kiss with Willow had been amazing, everything she dreamt it would be. Tender and sweet, she could still feel the gentle lips upon her own.

"Okay, I'm ready," Tara announced, smiling as she approached the bed. Fighting the urge to rush forward and claim her girlfriend's lips once more, the blonde bit her lip to silence her hormones.

"Aw, do we hafta?" Willow asked with a tiny pout. She looked up pleadingly into amused blue eyes. Tara grinned down at the still pouting and partially smiling redhead.

"Yes, we do," the blonde kneeled down to brush the hair away from Willow's forehead as her friend's head lopped from side to side in disagreement. "We do." Tara insisted, giggling as she lowered herself fully onto the carpeted floor.

Willow's head hung off the edge of the bed with her bright eyes staring upside down at Tara. Wordlessly, the redhead continued staring at the blonde, smiling. Her lips slowly began to tremble as her smile grew and the soft laugh barely stayed behind her grin.

"What?" Tara asked, subconsciously smoothing back her ponytail to make sure the stray pieces of hair were in place.

"You have the cutest ears." Willow chuckled but because of the position of her head, it sounded more like a gurgle.

"I do not." Bashfully, the blonde ducked her head. Her bare ears burned red without trusty blonde hair to cover them. Tara's face soon brightened to the color of her ears and she pressed them to her head. "They stick out." She removed her hands and felt her ears spring back.

"No they don't... stop it." Quickly flipping onto her stomach, Willow reached out to stop Tara's hands before they had a chance to cover the adorable ears again. "They're cute." She scooted closer, nearly halfway off the bed but still having balance. "Can I touch them?" The redhead asked, eagerly.

Although incredibly embarrassed, Tara nodded as if she couldn't refuse the redhead. Willow let out a gleeful squeak and within seconds her hands were touching the blonde's ears. "Am I weird?" She asked as her fingers gently pulled.

"Um, you're really...," Tara paused, searching for the right word, "quirky."

"Is that nice for 'crazy'?" Willow arched an eyebrow while continuing to caress her girlfriend's ears. Tara made a noise that she assumed was a 'no' and the redhead shrugged.

In actuality, the blonde wasn't sure what she had just uttered or tried to. She had forgotten how extremely sensitive her ears were and the way Willow was touching them, set her skin to prickle.

"Okay, I'll stop now," pulling back, the redhead smiled and sat up. It wasn't that Willow had a fetish and made it a habit to fondle people's ears, she just found Tara's too cute not to touch.

Blushing anew, Tara looked up and found herself facing Willow when the redhead slid down to join her on the floor. The blonde dipped her head once more but felt Willow's eyes seek her own, and succumbed to the green.

"I like everything about you," the redhead whispered.

The sincerity in her voice made it hard for Tara to breathe. Breath hitching, caught on the dryness within her throat, the blonde traced the curve of Willow's jaw. "You're so beautiful."

"Quirky, yes. Beautiful, n-."

"Willow?" Tara paused after silencing the redhead, then smiled. "Kiss me." The plea bounced against Willow's lips, begging for entry.

Anticipating blue searched the redhead's face before landing on Willow's approaching mouth. Soft, yet thirsty lips gently pressed together as if it was the first time. Magical. Synchronized. Lips slowly regained function, moving together, teasing, savoring the familiar taste.

The kiss lessened into scattered pecks, but never lost its intensity. Only breaking apart to allow breaths to catch and smiles to form.

"Sorry, I just...," Tara leaned her forehead against Willow's, "had to...," lips stretched, briefly connecting again, "kiss you." The blonde finally got out before her eyes flickered down to her wristwatch.

"We should go." Unmoving, Tara sighed, unwilling to let go so soon.

"Uh-uh," Willow shook her head, firmly disagreeing. "They won't even know if we're missing." Her pout returned as she referred to their last seminar for the week.

"Our names are on the list." Although she tried to be the voice of reason, strangely, Tara had yet to move an inch. "Besides, it might be fun." She added, mentally willing her legs to work and her mouth to stop reaching for Willow.

"This fun?" The redhead murmured, her lips barely grazing over Tara's.

"Uh," Tara sputtered. Her brain told her to do the responsible thing, while her hormones kicked and shouted 'no'. "We'll have the whole weekend." She answered as her hormones lay temporarily defeated in the corner, while her lips screamed and struggled to jump across and onto Willow's mouth.

The other girl's ears perked as she considered Tara's last words. "Okay, we'll go... after," Willow paused to moisten her dry lips, "another kiss... or two... okay, three." She grinned when Tara playfully rolled her eyes.

The first kiss was soft and soothing but too short. The second was longer, sweeter, and left both sets of lips tingling. And the third...

Peach. Vanilla. Powerful. Beautiful. Sensual.


...was heaven.

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