Soccer Camp

Author: beckhamfan7
Rating: PG
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Summary: This fic is completely AU. Buffy, Willow, Tara, and Faith are all normal teenagers.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characers. I will not make any money from this...
Author's Note: My first fic. I don't have a beta so bear with me.

"Hey great game last night Summers!" said another boy who she didn't recognize.

"Thanks." replied Buffy, who could not for the life of her remember ever seeing him before. "Willow do you have any idea who that was?"

"No clue Buff, just another of your adoring fans" guessed Willow. The red head wished that she could be as good as Buffy as a soccer player, but no matter how hard she tried she just couldn't keep up with her. In the end Willow was still the geeky computer nerd, while Buffy was living it up in the soccer world.

"So Will, you never answered me." Buffy said, changing the subject.

"Sorry, what were we talking about?" replied Willow.

"Soccer Camp Willow! Do you want to go with me?" exclaimed Buffy

"I don't know Buffy, I'm not exactly up to your playing level." said Willow with a gloomy voice.

"What are you talking about Will, you have the second most amount of goals on the team!" Buffy replied enthusiastically.

"Alright, yeah I'll go." Will said giving in to the Blonde's sad eyes. "But I've got to get to class, I'm gonna be late for calculus!"

"Ok, I'll catch up with you later." responded Buffy happily.

Good thing that there was only a week left of school because Buffy could not wait for soccer camp, Willow on the other hand was becoming sadder and sadder as she counted down the days till she and Buffy left. After a while Buffy started to pick up on her best friend's gloominess about going to camp, and finally confronted her about it.

"Will I don't understand why you don't want to go, it will be fun." Buffy tried to sound positive.

"Promise?" was all Willow managed.

"Of course. It will be a bunch of girls our age who enjoy playing soccer, it will be like one big slumber party." Buffy responded thrilled at the idea.

"Ok, yeah your right this will be fun." replied Willow who looked a lot happier.

"Plus you never know you might meet someone." Buffy said grinning.

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