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Smut Bunnies

Author: Chris Cook
Rating: NC-17
Copyright: Based on characters from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, created by Joss Whedon and his talented minionators, and all manner of things including the James Bond series by Ian Fleming/Eon Productions, and The Avengers by Brian Clemens. All original material (I'm sure there's some in there somewhere) is copyright 2005 Chris Cook.

'Special Regulation #101 (aka 'Licence to Thrill'): Providing such activities do not result in mission failure, Agents of Bunny rank may at any time undertake whatever consensual pleasurable activities they deem apt for the occasion, with fellow agents and/or civilians.'
- Special Ministry for Unconventional Threats agent training manual

Manhattan, New York City
Willow & Tara's Suite, Carlyle Hotel
1000 Hours

"I love wild berry sauce," Tara explained, smiling fondly at the pancakes in front of her and Willow on the breakfast table.

"Never tried it," Willow commented idly. Tara regarded her with an expression of disbelieving shock.


"This," Tara said seriously, "is something you'll remember forever. This is my favourite... actually, my second-favourite taste in the whole world."

"Gotta be good then," Willow smiled, flopping a pancake onto her plate and offering it to Tara. "Wild berry me up!" Tara beamed a smile and gently squeezed the plastic bottle, dripping sauce over Willow's breakfast.

"Second-favourite?" Willow asked, lowering her plate. Tara gave her a steamy smile.

"I recently discovered something that tasted better," she admitted, licking her lips. "But it's not something you can order up from the kitchen."

"Oh?" Willow looked confused. "So, is it... oh! Oh, right..."

"Uh-huh," Tara grinned at Willow's blush.

"Heh... well, the kitchen may not have it," Willow went on, "but, I know where there's a steady supply..." She cut a piece of pancake and popped it onto her mouth. "Hey... hey! Wow, this is good!"

"Yes, it is." Tara gave one of her lop-sided grins and set about her own meal.

Willow took a moment between bites to simply sit and stare. Secluded in their room, neither had bothered dressing to any great extent, except for the long dressing gown Tara had donned for five minutes to open the door for breakfast to be delivered, while Willow was in the bathroom. Once it was just the two of them again the gown had quickly ended up back on its hook in the wardrobe, leaving Tara gloriously naked. Willow's eyes strayed from her lips, busily consuming pieces of sauce-covered pancake, down her neck, over her breasts - 'Mmmm, Tara breasts...' - down across her abdomen, and then, impeded only slightly by the glass-topped breakfast table and the various plates and cups on it, lower still. Tara sat with one leg folded beneath her on her chair, the other stretched out ahead of her. Willow watched as her toes idly traced the contours of the wrought-iron table leg.

Willow herself wore just a light, loose crop top. She had been intending to put on boxers, or panties, or something, but seeing Tara wandering about their suite naked had derailed those plans, not to mention led to all sorts of other plans, some of which had already been carried out before breakfast arrived. Quite by accident, though, Willow had discovered it was oddly exciting to be just wearing her top - the feel of material on her shoulders, on her back, grazing over her breasts as she leant forward to take a bite of pancake and leant back again, served to remind her just how naked she was otherwise. And being so, in Tara's presence, was very exciting indeed.

Feeling bold, she reached out with her own leg and placed her foot just beneath Tara's, keeping her eyes steadily averted when Tara's foot found hers. She heard a little intake of breath, then a quiet chuckle deep in Tara's throat, and her toes began to move slowly up and down Willow's foot, from toes to ankle and back again.

"Enjoying your breakfast?" Tara asked innocently. She gently nudged Willow's foot up and began stroking the back of her calf.

"Oh, yeah," Willow smiled, trying to sound like there was no subtext, "uh-huh..."

"Pity about the round pancakes," Tara said idly.

"Round is bad?" Willow asked. Trying to appear casual - and, she had to admit, probably failing fairly obviously - she shifted her chair so that she was a little closer to Tara, and stretched out her leg straight ahead. Her toes just reached the edge of Tara's chair, and she rested there, her leg stretched between them.

"Pancakes are never bad," Tara explained with a subtle smile - her leg lifted and she began to stroke her toes along Willow's thigh. "But round is... well, it's round, you can have round pancakes wherever you go. When I'm at home I like to make funny-shaped pancakes."

"Funny-shaped?" Willow asked, breathing a little harder.

"Uh-huh," Tara murmured. "You know... stars, hearts, diamonds... actually," she admitted, giving Willow's leg a little tickle by wriggling her toes, "they usually turn out just a blobs. But they're clearly blobs, not just round pancakes gone wrong. I like 'em - they're my own personal pancakes, not just anyone's. Even if they are odd blobs."

"Blobs are good," Willow nodded, reaching down to stroke Tara's foot and ankle.

"Maybe," Tara ventured, "once we get back, you might like to have breakfast at my place? I promise blobby goodness."

"Can't resist that," Willow smiled widely.

They ate together for a moment more, before both their cellphones rang at the same time. They both jumped like they'd been caught, exchanged identical blushing grins, and got up to answer them.

"Call from Head Office, secure line one," the voice on Willow's said. She glanced at Tara, who had already closed her phone and picked up one of their suitcases.

"Tara honey?" she asked, as Tara put the case on the suite's dining table and undid its latches. She gave Willow a questioning look.

"Clothes?" Willow prompted. Tara looked down at herself, stifled a giggle, and went to the wardrobe.

"I would have remembered," she insisted playfully, wrapping the dressing gown around herself. She returned to the table, where Willow had opened the case, which unfolded into a satellite communications suite, complete with antenna, video screen and camera, and a state-of-the-art encryption module. "What about you?"

"I've got a top on," Willow pointed out, suppressing a mischievous grin. "The camera doesn't see down that far."

"Naughty girl," Tara laughed. Willow switched on the suite, checked the frame of the image of herself and Tara just in case, then nodded in satisfaction and keyed in her access code.

"Good afternoon agents," Winifred Burkle said as the screen lit up with an image of her in her A-Branch office. "Actually, it's still good morning for you girls, isn't it?"

"Ma'am," Tara said, hiding a smile, "I take it the news is good either way?"

"Yup, all news is good news. We've got some results back from the data you uploaded to us last night. Obviously there's a lot of standard corporate stuff - some questionable dealings, they tell me, but nothing unusual for a big company, and nothing we need to get involved with. But, one whole memory core was devoted to AI programming, and not just to make a better computer. We're still analysing everything, but it looks like this network was the testbed for our anti-smut chip."

"Is there enough to start work on a countermeasure?" Willow asked, leaning forward to study the lines of code and hierarchy diagrams that began scrolling past in a new window. As she leaned her elbows on the table, Tara covertly glanced down to admire her bottom, obscured from the camera's view but unconsciously displayed very nicely to Tara herself.

"We're working on it," Fred explained, "but it won't be quick or easy."

"Yeah, so I see," Willow nodded, studying the code.

"Plus, this is work-in-progress data - this network wasn't the one they used to create the final programming for the chip. This'll give us a lot of help, but we need to extract more information from Osbourne if we want to be sure we can block the chip's functioning. Ideally, of course, we'll be able to keep the chip's programming from going live in the first place, but it pays to be prepared."

"Ye-um! Uh, yeah," Willow agreed, blushing as she felt Tara's hand leisurely stroking her ass.

"So," Tara said from behind her, perfectly composed, "our next move is to pursue Daniel Osbourne further?" Willow bit her lip to stifle a whimper of pleasure as her fingers slid between her ass cheeks and ran up and down the crevice.

"That's our assessment too," Fred agreed. "We regard a second mission to Osbourne Tower as having a low probability of turning up anything useful - the 2% of data we didn't get is unlikely to shed any new light on this, and it's far more likely that the network has been cleansed of anything incriminating by now."

"Uh-huh," Willow nodded vaguely. Her eyes widened noticeably as Tara's hand strayed lower, between her legs, and her fingertips began gently stroking Willow's lips.

"'Human intelligence', then?" Tara asked. "What leads do we have on Osbourne?" She insinuated a finger between Willow's lips and stroked back and forth, smiling to herself at the gathering of moisture there. Willow struggled to control her breathing.

"We've got what our analysts think is a promising lead," Fred said. "Your upload was commendably thorough, Agent Adorabunny - among the data we got Osbourne's entire appointment schedule from his personal system."

"H-he... wouldn't he ch-change his ah- appointments?" Willow asked.

"He knows his security has been compromised," Tara explained, teasing Willow's opening.

"There's one we think he won't. He has tickets for the Wonder Ball, tomorrow. Given that we now know Osbourne is anti-smut, and the ball has a reputation for being a bit of a wild night, within the confines of respectable behaviour of course, we think the only reason he'd attend would be for an arranged rendezvous."

"Can you get us tickets?" Tara asked. "What do you think, Willow? Would you like to go to the ball?"

"Uh... yeah," Willow nodded distantly, "yeah, I like... I'd like... yeah..."

"Tickets, no," Fred explained, "the guest list is secured months in advance. But we have got a scenario to get you in regardless. Jenkins is preparing an equipment package, you'll pick it up in LA. You've got a flight there at 7pm, your time, the operation will commence the next morning. Details will be in the package."

"Thank you," Tara said politely.

"Ye-yeah, thanks," Willow managed.

"Good luck, Bunnies," Fred wished them. "Have fun at the ball, too - don't forget your Licence to Thrill applies, so you shouldn't have any trouble blending in with the party-goers." Her image disappeared from the screen, and the communications suite automatically folded back into its case.

"You naughty agent!" Willow laughed, looking back over her shoulder at Tara.

"Who, me?" Tara asked, all innocence. "Our breakfast got interrupted, remember? I was feeling a bit hungry." She extracted her hand from between Willow's legs and delicately licked her fingertips clean. Willow took a shuddering breath and rolled over, lying back on the table.

"Still hungry?" she asked, as Tara's eyes raked the length of her body.

"For you?" Tara replied, lowering herself between Willow's legs. "Always."

Manhattan, New York City
Willow & Tara's Suite, Carlyle Hotel
1100 Hours

Willow strolled into the bathroom just as Tara had finished drying herself off from her shower, with her hair still wet and dark, clinging to her neck and shoulders. Tara gazed warmly at her, taking in with considerable desire her outfit - a thin gold chain around her waist - and with some curiosity the fact that she was obviously holding something behind her back.

"What've you got there?" she grinned, leaning elegantly against the basin.

"I was thinking of a quote from the great Bard," Willow said.

"Cacofonix?" Tara asked with a guileless smile. "I'll introduce you some time," she added at Willow's blank look.

"Shakespeare," the redhead clarified. "It seemed appropriate - 'Tickle me, do I not laugh; lick me, do I not squeal-'"

"You do indeed," Tara giggled. "Did Shakespeare write that?"

"First draft," Willow said, "it was going to be 'The Sexy Jewish Hottie of Venice', and Miss Shylock and Portia - who just happened to be a breathtakingly sensual blonde - fell in love and lived happily ever after."

"What happened to Antonio and Bassanio?"

"Oh, they came out of the closet, and Antonio stopped being a jerk thereafter," Willow explained airily.

"What happened to that version?" Tara asked.

"Censors got wind of it, some stuffy people complained," Willow shrugged idly, "Shakespeare took all the hotness out, and it went all spiteful and nasty. That happens when you don't get enough sexiness in your day, you know."

"Uh-huh," Tara nodded, "luckily I don't have to worry about that myself, what with a certain sexy Jewish hottie parading around in a lovely little gold chain and nothing else." She gave Willow a knowing smile.

"You like it?" Willow beamed at the compliment. "I thought you'd appreciate a little decorative touch."

"I appreciate you," Tara said, standing before Willow and tenderly stroking her cheek, "decorated or not. It does look beautiful on you though."

"Thank you," Willow sighed happily, leaning her face against Tara's gentle touch.

"You're welcome," Tara murmured. "So, are you going to tell me what you're holding behind your back, or do I have to guess?" She craned her neck a little to peep over Willow's shoulder, but Willow was too quick for her, swaying to one side to keep her view obscured.

"Well I was," she said, "you never let me finish my quote." Tara laughed softly, and stood back.

"By all means," she chuckled, "proceed."

"As I was saying," Willow nodded, raising one hand in the stereotypical soliloquy-delivering posture while keeping the other hidden, "'Tickle me, do I not laugh; lick me, do I not squeal; have your wicked way with me while I'm in front of a communications console and have to pretend that nothing untoward is going on," she paused for breath, "shall I not get you back?"

Tara's smile broadened into a sexy grin, and she crossed her arms, regarding Willow speculatively.

"Oh really? And just how do you plan to get me back?" she asked. Willow brought her hand from behind her back, and held a soft satin blindfold up for Tara to see.

"If you want to find out," she offered. Tara smiled, bit her lip, then reached for the blindfold and lifted it to her face. She paused, just before covering her eyes.

"My safe word is 'aquarium'," she said softly, and slipped the elastic strap over her head, pulling the blindfold tight across her eyes.

"Aquarium," Willow repeated. "I wouldn't have done anything without-"

"I know," Tara interrupted her gently, "I know, sweetie. I trust you. I'm telling you so that you never have to stop and ask... about anything. Just do." She gave Willow, who had not moved since she donned the blindfold, an inviting grin.

Willow took a step closer to her and gently brought their lips together, opening just to nibble on Tara's lower lip and breathe in her sigh.

"Thank you," she whispered. Then she stepped back and looked slowly up and down Tara's full height, from her feet to the top her head, missing nothing in between.

"Now, are you ready for the Hottie of Venice to have her way with you?" she grinned.

"I am," Tara nodded, "for your quality of hotness is not strained, it droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven. And sweetie, my heaven is gently raining just thinking about it." She chuckled, and Willow laughed out loud.

"Come on then, my beautiful bard," she said, taking Tara's hand and leading her out into the bedroom, "I've got a play consisting of several acts that I intend to perform."

"I'll do my best to be an attentive audience," Tara murmured.

"Oh you get to do more," Willow promised, "it's interactive. Bed, honey." She led Tara gently forward until she found the bed in front of her and sat on the edge. "Lie down, relax." Tara obediently lifted her legs onto the bed, shifted towards its centre, and stretched herself out atop it. Willow's grin widened alarmingly as she studied the nude form before her. 'Oh yes baby,' she promised herself, 'this is going to be fun!'

"Act the first," she said, kneeling next to Tara and leaning down to murmur into her ear, "in which we introduce our players... those being your senses, my darling. Seeing as your lovely, lovely eyes are indisposed for the moment," she stroked a finger over Tara's blindfold, then down to the tip of her nose, "we'll confine ourselves to your other senses. The first... sound... in which I whisper in your luscious ears..." Willow lay down and rested her head beside Tara's on the pillow, close enough to reach out and lick her earlobe, "...all kinds of delicious, delightful, naughty things." She chuckled to herself. "And just because it's kind of in the right theme, I'm going to be playing with your ear, a lot," she added, beginning with a kiss.

"Mmm," Tara moaned, grinning.

"Like that?" Willow asked. "You know I've heard people compare ears to seashells, but I never quite got that until now... I mean, the shape obviously, but why it's a sensual observation to make... oh, but now I see why... it's all to do with the curve..." She ran her tongue along the top of Tara's ear, around from the front to the back. Tara whimpered happily.

"Lovely curve," Willow whispered, leaning in close to her breath wafted across Tara's skin, "so smooth, perfect, round, so delicate... but strong too, firm... it doesn't give way when you lick it, oh no... see-" she gave Tara's ear another lick, to demonstrate, "-it's not just me to you, it's you to me as well... you feel me running my tongue across this lovely ear of yours... I feel you on my tongue, firmly... it's exciting... it's saying 'yes, come on, I can take it', isn't it?"

"Yes," Tara breathed.

"Then we move down," Willow purred on, "and we have your earlobe... soft, pliable... some people would overlook this, but that'd be silly of them, wouldn't it? We can have so... much... fun... right here... like this-" Willow took Tara's earlobe into her mouth and sucked on it, running her tongue back and forth over the little nub of soft flesh, nibbling, but always sucking, keeping up the strong, steady sensation as Tara moaned, then drew shuddering breaths, then writhed, and finally couldn't keep herself from arching her back off the bed and crying Willow's name out loud.

Only then did Willow release her, smiling to herself as Tara settled back down, murmuring contentedly as her breathing steadied.

"See?" she asked. "I bet some people would think it's kind of odd, devoting all this attention to your ear... nuh-uh, not me - there's not a single bit of you I don't intend to make love to, fully and exhaustively..."

"I love you," Tara whispered.

"I know, sweetheart," Willow replied, "I know... and I'm going to show you just how much I love you... oh yes I am... but you have to be a good girl, and not distract me... because you could, very easily... I wouldn't even try to stop you, you could just roll over, kiss me... run your hands all over me... all over, everywhere and anywhere... squeeze my breasts, make me gasp in delight, that much easier for you to taste deep inside my mouth... trap my tongue between your teeth, trap me and play with me... work your way down my neck, sucking my skin, marking me, while you squeeze and knead my breasts, roll my nipples between your fingers, squeezing and pinching and tormenting me, yes baby, sweet torment just how I love it, making me moan like a wild thing and buck beneath you, pressing into you..." She chuckled to herself, and brushed her lips very softly over Tara's ear, eliciting a desperate whimper from her. Tara was breathing rapidly, swallowing, barely able to keep still as she lay beside Willow.

"You'd move lower then, wouldn't you?" Willow went on. "Now that my nipples are all... prepared... for your mouth... your hands would grip my waist, firmly, commandingly, you'd hold me to keep me still while you slowly, oh god torturously slowly licked your way down from my neck to my chest, kissing me every inch of the way. Little kisses, little reminders of who's claiming who, kisses on my skin saying 'Mine, mine, mine', isn't that right? Yes, that's right... and finally you'd come to my breasts, my nipples, standing up so hard and firm, so that just the tiniest touch would rock through me. Oh, but no mercy for me, oh no... no, you'd give me just one feather-light lick to let me know what's in store, then... then take me, you'd close your mouth around my poor, straining nipple, and suck, suck, suck, oh god endless, like a hungry baby, as if you're sucking my soul out of my body, sucking and drinking my essence as it flows into your mouth, down into your heart, filling you up... you've got such a vivid imagination," she quipped, smiling as Tara abruptly giggled.

"And of course the best thing is that I have an endless supply of soul for you," she continued. "You can suckle to your heart's content, and I'll never deny you, I'm always yours for the taking... always so willing and eager and ready to be consumed by you... so from one nipple to the other, as I'm gasping for breath, tears of delight streaming over my cheeks, I can scarcely believe you're about to begin again, but you do, and amid all the wonderful pleasure, I barely notice you nudging my legs apart, reaching down, testing the waters, the well of hot juice brimming over from my pussy... but I notice when you touch me..."

"Yesss..." Tara sighed dreamily.

"So concludes act one," Willow grinned, "hearing... did you like it?"

"I wanted to know what happens next," Tara pouted adorably.

"Ah, what happens next," Willow smiled, "well, the first act is a tease, it's got to leave you wanting more... and maybe you can find out for yourself, some time... would you keep me on the edge? Or make me come right away, because that would only be the first of so many, many times I'd feel myself contract, shudder, around your fingers, your tongue, feel myself flowing out into your waiting mouth... I wonder..."

"You'll just have to wait and see," Tara chuckled.

"I guess I will," Willow agreed. "Ready for act two?"

"I'm ready for anything, sweetie."

"Good," Willow murmured, sliding to the edge of the bed and getting to her feet. "Good, because act two is where we move up a gear. You've had your teasing, now it's time to deliver... can you guess which sense act two will be? I'll give you a clue." She reached over and ran a single fingertip from Tara's hip down her thigh.

"Ummm, touch," Tara trembled.

"Very good," Willow giggled, "touch... and it just so happens that I have some props that I think you'll enjoy, very much."

"Yes?" Tara asked, stretching her limbs, her hands pressing against the head of the bed, her toes pointing straight down, almost reaching the foot.

"Patience," Willow smiled, "you'll find out soon." 'God only knows what Anya was thinking when she packed some of this stuff,' she thought, retrieving the items she had selected earlier from the dizzying array of bits and pieces in their luggage. First she pulled onto her hands a pair of gloves coated with the most exquisitely fine imitation fur. Willow had tested them on herself, briefly - she would have lost track of time had she been any less brief when she stroked the gloves across her stomach - and found them marvellously soft, silky and sensual. According to the manual, they could generate enough static discharge to wipe any magnetic disk within five metres of them when rubbed together, but only when connected to a pair of bracelet, which Willow had left safely packed away. 'We don't want to be electrifying, except in the metaphorical sense,' Willow sniggered to herself.

"Touch," she said, getting back on the bed and straddling Tara's calves, "the skin, as you know, is the body's largest single organ, so I can hardly ignore such a prominent part of you, especially when it's so smooth, so silky, so delightful to stroke, caress, rub, grip, kiss, nip, bite, lick..." She took a deep breath to steady herself, and chuckled throatily. "I did have this formula all ready to tell, roughly, how much surface area there is, but you know, something about having you all stretched out and naked beneath me just drove it right out of my mind." She laughed casually. "Rest assured, though, I won't ignore a single square millimetre of your beautiful... soft... smooth skin."

"Ooh!" Tara exclaimed as Willow's gloved hands closed on her hips and began sliding down her thighs, "oh god... oh that feels, oh... divine..." Willow grinned with satisfaction as she massaged Tara's thighs with long, lingering strokes, gently kneading the firm muscles as she drew the silken fur across her skin.

"You know what," she said, stroking her way down to Tara's knees, "this really emphasises just how beautiful you are... head to toe..."

"Rea- ah! Heh!" Tara suddenly burst out laughing as Willow caressed the backs of her knees.

"Ticklish, eh?" Willow grinned, moving further down to her calves, again giving the muscles a good, firm grip as she moved back and forth for a moment.

"A bit," Tara admitted, relaxing again.

"Uh-huh, I'll file that away for future reference," Willow promised, "just in case you should ever somehow discover that I'm not entirely immune to the effects of the common tickle myself... mmm, look here, lovely feet." Willow lifted Tara's feet one by one, using her free hand to caress each all over while she held her heel, while Tara shuddered her way through various reminiscences of breakfast, and dreaming about dream-Willow's stocking-clad foot rubbing against her naked sex.

"Moving on," Willow said, bestowing a kiss on each big toe before sliding her hands back up Tara's legs. "Onwards and upwards, lift up baby..." Tara obediently lifted her hips off the bed as Willow slid her gloved hands under her thighs, and up to cup her ass, which she gripped firmly.

"Oh this is lovely," she murmured, alternately squeezing and stroking Tara's cheeks, "some time in the not too distant future I'm going to spend a long time indeed just loving your beautiful, sexy ass."

"Uh-huh," Tara sighed, writhing slowly in Willow's firm hold.

"Oh yes," she went on, "you're truly remarkable, baby... so..." she nudged apart Tara's legs and knelt between them, letting Tara's thighs rest atop hers, leaving her hips suspended off the bed without any strain on Tara to hold her position.

"So," she repeated, her voice thickening with desire, "I'll stroke and caress... kiss... lick... nibble... you'd like that, my sweetheart? Feel my teeth grip the flesh of your ass, bite every so gently... grrr," she growled, trying not to giggle.

"Grrr!" Tara enthusiastically echoed.

"Maybe not just the cheeks," Willow said softly, slowly, "if you want... I could..." She gently ran one hand down over Tara's ass, her fingertips trailing along the crevice between her cheeks, and she slowed and rubbed a gentle circle when she felt the indentation there, tenderly stroking Tara's hidden rose.

"Ahhhh," Tara sighed, "mmm..."

"You like that?" Willow whispered.

"I... yeah..."

"Then I certainly won't neglect you there," Willow promised. With slow, gentle motions she slid her legs from beneath Tara and lowered her hips to the bed, moving up to straddle her waist as she stroked the gloves up her sides, skirting around her breasts.

"I love you," Tara whispered, and Willow's heart melted at the smile on her lips.

"I love you," she echoed, "and I most certainly will love you, in every way... every possible way you want, my darling Tara..."

"Oh god," Tara whimpered, arching off the bed to press herself into Willow's hands, "god, take me..."

"I will," Willow promised, "I absolutely will." She reached beneath Tara, caressing her back, then lowered her to the bed and took each arm in turn, closing her hands in a ring around each and sliding from shoulder to the tips of her fingers. Lastly, and most delicately, she cupped Tara's face, stroking her fur-covered fingers up and down her cheeks, and held her gently while she brushed a fleeting kiss across her lips.

"You'll notice," she whispered, "we've skipped a couple of, shall we say, 'crucial areas'..."

"Uh-huh," Tara nodded slightly, as if this kind of thinking was a bit beyond her at the moment.

"That's a little clue that the act of touching is not yet complete," Willow smiled, removing the gloves and tossing them on the floor. "Because there are, of course, many kinds of touch, many sensations to try..."

"They're all Willow-touches," Tara sighed, "I love Willow-touches..."

"Then Willow-touches you shall have," Willow promised, "many and varied."

"Yes," Tara smiled, "yes, all kinds, sweetie... I love them all..."

Willow chuckled, and moved to kneel next to Tara, reaching over her shoulder for her second 'prop', a jug of iced water she had positioned on the bedside table. She stifled a giggle as she put her fingertips into the icy water, and drew out a single cube of ice.

"I wonder if you know what I've got in mind," she said, "or will this come as a surprise?" Half-way through 'surprise' she touched the corner of the ice cube to Tara's left nipple for just a second before lifting it away.

"Ah!" Tara exclaimed, jerking, "ah! Oh... oh... ah, sweetie..."

"Like?" Willow enquired.

"Exciting," Tara gasped.

"Sent a chill down your spine?" Willow joked, applying the ice to Tara's other nipple, again just for an instant.

"Ahh! God... yes... ah!" she exclaimed again, as Willow quickly touched the ice to one nipple, then the other, sometimes for a second, sometimes holding it there as icy water trickled down onto her crinkling areolae. By the time Willow sat back and admired her work, Tara was a writhing mass of desire, with her two nipples painfully erect.

"And what goes with cold?" Willow asked. "Like night and day... black and white... cold and..." She leaned over and closed her mouth over Tara's left nipple, sucking hungrily.

"Hot!" Tara exclaimed, "oh god hot! Yes! Oh god... yes..." she trailed off as Willow sat back again.

"That's right," Willow grinned, leaning back down over Tara's heaving breasts, "cold and hot, hot and cold, which comes next..." she let Tara feel the heat of her breath wafting over her right nipple, then quickly touched the ice to her left. "...nobody knows," she concluded happily, as Tara gasped and moaned and writhed.

"Oh god baby," Tara whimpered, "god, I- ah! Oh, god..." Willow began quickly stroking Tara's nipples to an even more urgent state of attention, licking, sucking, running the rapidly-melting ice cube over them, left and right, hot and cold, in no pattern at all, catching Tara by surprise each time. "Oh baby, ye-es! Yes... ah! Oh my god, oh my- oh! I... god! Willow- ah! Ah, sweetie, yes- yes!"

"Like that, my lovely?" Willow asked, dropping the remaining tiny lump of ice in Tara's belly button, earning one last aroused squeal.

"Oh Willow, god... I feel... god, I've never felt anything like what you make me feel... is there some special training at the Ministry I don't know about?"

"No baby," Willow laughed, "you're just pure inspiration... how are those delightfully lickable nipples feeling?"

"Oh sweetie you have no idea," Tara moaned, "I... god, like they're pumped full to bursting of white-hot molten steel, like if they're just touched I... god, I can't even imagine it..."

"Touched like this?" Willow asked innocently, dragging a fingertip up the underside of the left straining nipple to the tip.

"Ah! God!" Tara yelled. "Oh baby, sweetie, that's bliss and torture, I almost came baby, just from that, just from that I swear I'm so close..."

"Are you," Willow breathed, "well... I did have one more step in mind, but..." Tara swallowed, gripped two handfuls of the sheets beneath her, and arched her back, presenting her breasts to Willow.

"Do it," she said in a trembling voice.

"Are you sure?" Willow asked, her teasing tone giving way to genuine concern. "If it'd hurt-"

"It won't," Tara promised.

"You don't even know what it is," Willow pointed out, caressing Tara's shoulder idly to let her know their debate wasn't upsetting her.

"You do," Tara said, "and I trust you, completely."

"I love you so much," Willow whispered. She quickly scuttled off the bed and retrieved her next 'prop', a pair of slim silver nipple clamps linked by a delicate chain that, connected to the proper socket, would serve equally well as a radio antenna. Willow had tested them on herself earlier, to be sure they didn't bite too hard. Now she bit her lip, contemplating closing the tiny metal jaws on Tara's waiting, straining nipples. She got back on the bed and once more settled herself atop Tara's hips, straddling her.

"Are you ready, sweetheart?" she asked first.

"For you, sweetie," Tara whispered, "I'm so far beyond ready..." Willow leaned down, held the two clips in each hand, keeping the chain up with her wrists, so that Tara wouldn't feel it training on her skin before she was ready. She swallowed, suddenly nervous as she stared in wonder at Tara's luscious, full breasts, and her nipples which still stood so proud and erect it was a wonder Tara could endure it at all.

"Now, hold still," Willow breathed, opening the tiny clamps and slipping them onto Tara's nipples, not yet letting go. Tara gasped at the tiny touch of the metal against her nipples, and made a quiet, urgent keening sound in the back of her throat.

"Now?" Willow whispered, afraid almost to speak in what seemed suddenly to be a sacred moment in time.

"Now," Tara replied, her voice equally hushed. Willow let the clamps close on Tara's nipples.

"Oh GOD!" Tara yelled at the top of her voice, bucking like a bronco beneath Willow. "God! Oh ghh... ah... AH! YES! Oh god yes! Yes!" Her whole body shook uncontrollably as she squirmed and heaved beneath Willow, and Willow recognised the signs, in her body and her voice, of her climax breaking over her. She quickly swung herself off Tara's waist and pressed her palm against her sex, feeling an uncontrolled flood of juice already coating her soft, swollen folds.

"Yes!" Tara cried out, feeling her touch, "yes do it, do it Willow, oh god, god, fuck me!"

Willow was so surprised to hear Tara, normally so soft-spoken, say 'fuck' that she didn't even realise for a moment that she had slid two fingers into her pussy and was vigorously thrusting, stroking inside her, searching for and finding her g-spot as was quickly becoming second nature since their first time together. It was a combination of the feeling of Tara's second orgasm, flowing over and between and past her fingers, and Tara's full-throated appreciation, that brought the realisation to Willow. And in turn, she was so surprised by that that she didn't realise her other hand was between her own legs, firmly pressing against her soaking labia, her palm rubbing her clit.

She bit her lip when she realised, holding herself in check - 'Hers,' she fiercely promised herself, 'this belongs to her!' She turned her full attention back to Tara, who was rapidly reaching the crest of a third climax, which Willow determined to make most spectacular. Aided by Tara's copious lubrication she added a third finger within her, feeling with each thrust the heady sensation of Tara's tight passage welcome her, and with her free hand, still dripping with her own juices, she quickly undid the clamps from her nipples, earning another ear-splitting yell of ecstasy. Tara's hands flew to Willow's wrists, holding her tightly, one hand pressed flat against her chest, between her heaving breasts, the other pumping between her legs, guiding Willow's fingers to drive into her, to mercilessly release another orgasm which crashed and rocked and broke through her like a huge wave striking a cliff and thundering high into the air. Tara literally rose off the bed, on her shoulders and heels, the rest of her body taut as a bowstring, then she crashed down and thrust her hips wildly against Willow's penetrating fingers, each thrust accompanied by a surge of hot nectar from deep within her core.

Willow gently withdrew and hugged Tara, who clutched her fiercely as her body shook, whispering, "Willow, sweetie, oh god, my Willow, my Willow..."

"I'm here," Willow whispered back, "right here..."

"That... Willow... that was... I... god..." Her hands, roving around Willow's back, went to her waist and held her tightly. "I want you Willow, right now, I want you so bad... please Willow, I need you, I need to love you right now..."

"Well," Willow admitted, "I did have one more act planned, scent and taste - they're very closely linked, you know-"

"Yes!" Tara whispered intensely. "Taste, sweetie, let me taste you."

"Let me just get one thing?" Willow murmured. "I promise you'll like it." Tara took a deep breath to steady herself, then let go of Willow's waist and smiled a broad, sensual smile.

"Don't take long," she breathed, "I want my tongue in you when you come... and I want it really soon..."

'Oh god,' Willow marvelled. "You'll get it," she promised, sliding to the side of the bed, "you'll get everything I've got, sweetheart, and more."

Just beyond Tara's reach she rolled onto her back and reached for her final 'accessory', the half-filled bottle of wild berry sauce from breakfast. 'How do I think up these naughty thoughts?' she mused, as she upended the bottle, keeping her fingertip over the opening. Looking back at Tara - stretching once more, taking deep, luxuriant breaths, her chest heaving in anticipation - she parted her thighs, gently slipped the smooth top of the bottle into her opening, and squeezed.

"Ooooh!" she exclaimed, fighting to keep her voice to a whisper as she felt the warm sauce flow into her pussy. Tara, still blindfolded, nevertheless turned her head towards her, hearing her hushed delight. Willow bit her lip to keep silent, and carefully squeezed the bulk of the remaining sauce into herself, removing the bottle while a little still remained in it. 'Don't want to accidentally give myself an air embolism just when I'm about to have the greatest experience of my life,' she giggled silently. 'Play safe, play happy... oh god this is going to be... no, not going to, this is now!'

"You want to taste me, my Tara?" she asked, clamping her palm firmly over her sex as she rolled back over and moved to straddle Tara's shoulders, kneeling above her head.

"I need you," Tara whimpered.

"I've got a surprise for you," Willow grinned lasciviously, "I think you'll like my flavour even more." She withdrew her hand and lowered herself, tilting her head back and, idly, licking the trace of sauce that had leaked onto her palm, when she felt Tara's lips and tongue make contact with her.

"Mmm- Mmmmm!" Tara moaned in surprise, and then utter delight. All pretence of passivity left her as she reached both arms around Willow's thighs, holding her tightly, and pressed her open mouth squarely over Willow's sex, engulfing her folds, while her tongue eagerly parted them and sought more of the heady combination of flavours within her. Willow lost her voice for a moment, completely helpless as Tara held her and devoured her, reaching as far into her as humanly possible, coaxing her simmering release quickly to fruition.

"Oh..." Willow sighed, her voice returning, "oh... uh, uh, oh yes, yeah, yeeea-oh, oh, oh, Oh, OH YES!" She started to fall backwards, then sat suspended, held upright purely by Tara's strong grip on her thighs and hips, her arms trailing behind her, head lolling back, giving voice to a shapeless wail of delight as Tara ceaselessly, remorselessly consumed the bounty of her sex. The soft glow of the ceiling light played in her open eyes, becoming streaks of light, stars, waves of light, flashbulbs going off in her head, and always, always the constant, unyielding sensation from her core, as if her inner being itself was swelling up, pushing along her passage, flowing from her into Tara, deep into her, joining them...

"Willow?" Willow heard. She blinked slowly, focussing on the most beautiful sparkling blue eyes she had ever seen. "Willow?"

"Tara," she whispered.

"Welcome back," Tara grinned, cuddling Willow.

"Never left," Willow sighed contentedly, "just... I was with you, so with you I had to stop being everything else, I think... you get it?"

"I get it," Tara nodded. Willow smiled, then blushed.

"Did you like?" she asked shyly.

"I loved," Tara replied. "Wild Willow sauce, definitely my new favourite."

"Good," Willow murmured. "Well, you just let me know whenever you're feeling saucily-inclined, and I'll be more than happy to serve some up for you."

"Just so long as it's always 'served' in the same way," Tara giggled. Willow joined her laughter, and snuggled closer to her.

"We still don't have to leave for hours," Tara went on, "if you want... maybe we could order up some more sauce, and you can tell me what wild Tara tastes like?" Willow's eyes widened almost as much as her grin.

"Definitely," she promised, "I love wild Tara..."

Long Beach, California
Life Guard Station #14
0800 Hours (Next Day)

Tara took a long look at the cruise liner moored half a mile off the beach, then handed the binoculars to Willow.

"Have I mentioned how hot you look, Baywatch babe?" Willow quipped.

"Once or twice," Tara smiled, "or, maybe, a few hundred times this morning... about as many as I've said you're scorching."

As their current disguise, each wore a red one-piece swimsuit, with a life guard logo, and had a pair of standard red life guard floats resting by their feet in the sand. Standing beside one of the beach's life guard stations, none of the beach's many local and visiting patrons seemed to take them for anything but what they appeared to be, though truth be told, Tara was getting a little tired of the teenage boys staring at her and Willow. The disguise had seemed an odd choice when they unpacked the mission kit waiting for them in LA - but then again, Anya had managed to fit a phenomenal amount of hardware into the floats.

"The kids at ten o'clock are trying to take pictures of us with their cellphone again," she muttered to Willow.

"Oops," Willow said idly, pressing a hidden button on the whistle around her neck, "cellphones are so unreliable." Tara couldn't quite resist a grin as the teenagers frowned in confusion at their phones, for the third time this morning.

"She's a beauty," Willow went on, drawing Tara's attention back to the distant liner.

"The Disco Volante," Tara said, "the liner of the disgustingly rich and famous - provided the famous are also disgustingly rich."

"And every year she hosts the Wonder Ball," Willow added, "the biggest and most glamorous costume ball this side of Venice... you sure you're not telling me what costume you asked Anya for?"

"You'll find out," Tara grinned, "all in good time. What about you? The theme this year is 'sex symbol', who will you be dressing up as that turns you on?"

"There's one obvious idea," Willow shrugged, "but it wouldn't really be a covert operation if I went dressed as Agent Shy Bunny, would it? You'll see mine when I see yours, all in good time."

Tara chuckled, then turned to look back at the street behind a beach, looking for the source of the sudden sound of squealing tyres. A bright red Lamborghini Diablo had screeched to a halt fifty metres further on, and now reversed quickly to come to a halt directly behind the two agents.

"Can't be," Tara muttered, as the driver's side door swung up and the driver emerged, a tanned brunette, her hair done up, whose outfit left her back bare.

"Hmm?" Willow asked, turning to see what Tara was looking at. Her eyes bugged out somewhat as the driver turned towards them and sauntered down from the street. Her tan was all-over, which was evident simply because her attire was almost exactly the opposite - she wore a red thong bottom, about as revealing as possible without breaking any local laws, and the reason her back was bare was that her front was too, except for a thin gold nipple ring adorning the left of her full, firm breasts.

"Tara?" she said as she drew closer.

"Cordy?" Tara replied, stunned. Willow was herself stunned when the half-naked nymph threw her arms around Tara and hugged her tightly, Tara returning the hug, a little hesitantly at first.

"Um, Cordy," Tara said as she extricated herself, "this is Willow Rosenberg... Willow, Cordelia Chase."

"Hi," Willow said nervously.

"Hi Willow," Cordelia replied brightly, shaking her hand vigorously, apparently oblivious to the effect this had on her assets. "Let me guess, stakeout?" Willow looked at Tara, surprised.

"Cordelia was with the Ministry," Tara explained, "she used to be a Bunny. My mentor, in fact, when I was first promoted."

"And she was my best student," Cordelia smiled warmly, "though, shy, hence the codename - I gave it to her, you know."

"And you're still quite the opposite," Tara smiled, regaining her composure somewhat.

"Hey, if you've got it, flaunt it," Cordelia said, living up to the motto. "So, you two are partners?"

"You know we can't discuss that," Tara said, mildly reproachful.

"Sorry," Cordelia smiled, waving it off, "force of habit, you know me, gossip queen... no problem. Hey look, I can't stay - gotta bend a few driving laws, I'm late already - but we'll catch up if you're still around in a couple of days, huh?"

"Sure," Tara nodded.

"Nice to meet you Willow," Cordelia said, giving her a bright grin, "Tara, looking great, see you soon. Bye girls!" She turned and headed back to her car, while Tara shook her head with a rueful smile, and Willow stared after her in mild amazement.

"Okay," she said at last, as the Diablo squealed its tyres and took off at breakneck speed, "between you and her, yes, I can see why you got the name 'Shy Bunny'."

"That's Cordy all right," Tara shrugged. "For a moment I was wondering if we'd have to rename you 'Stare Bunny'," she added with a chuckle.

"I wasn't- okay I was," Willow admitted, "but not in a wrong way, just, yikes, breasts where breasts weren't expected to be- well, expected, but clothed would usually be the thing, out in public in broad daylight-"

"It's okay," Tara assured her, "just teasing... Cordy's like that, she's... well, she's not shy, in a big way with the 'not'. She was one of the best, you know - Queen Bunny."

"That was Queen Bunny?" Willow asked. "I didn't realise... I mean I'd heard the codename talked about, but... wow. You were trained by Queen Bunny?" She grinned at Tara. "No wonder you're amazing."

"Sweet-talker," Tara smiled. She glanced over Willow's shoulder. "Oh, watch out, I think they've got their phones working again."

"I could just shoot 'em," Willow said idly, pressing the button on her whistle again.

Long Beach, California
Some Distance Away
0815 Hours

Cordelia swung her Lamborghini into a parking spot and switched off the engine, glancing around to check for anyone who might see her. She then cupped her left breast and lifted it, leaning down at the same time. At a squeeze, the ball in her nipple ring glowed red.

"Report," Daniel Osbourne's voice emerged from it.

"They're here," Cordelia told him, "they've got the Disco Volante under surveillance."

"They can't get on board," Daniel said, "they're not on the guest list, and security it water-tight."

"They'll manage," Cordelia replied, "Bunnies can get anywhere they want to be."

"If you say so. Alright, come aboard, I'll have security clear you. If need be, you can take care of them once they're on the ship."

"My pleasure," Cordelia grinned.

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