Slippery When Wet

Author: SithLordWiccan
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. No money is being made off of this.
Pairings: Willow/Tara, Buffy/Faith, Xander/Anya.
Feedback: It's always nice to know people like the crap I write. It helps convince me that I'm not as bad a writer as I think I am.
Summary: Summer Time has arrived. And Willow, Tara and the gang get wet and wild.
Note: This fic was written in response to notl33t's fic challenge on the Kitten Board, which required the fics to have the following somewhere within the story: Tara drenched by a water gun, Willow falling into a body of water, a "Buffy" cast member going sailing down Main Street, a hydrant being opened and releasing water, Willow and Tara swimming through a library, Buffy saving the day without any help, Willow getting all the credit for saving the day, a discussion involving the various uses for a shower head, the addition of the name of a favorite summer vacation spot and Willow and Tara kissage. Special Thanks to notl33t for giving me something else to worry about besides schoolwork and dealing with my other fics (not trying to say that I didn't enjoy writing this, because I did), and to Little Jea (kindagay) for the very helpful beta comments and corrections.

Buffy stepped through the mesh screen door and closed it behind her, walking across the backyard towards the pool. She was clad in a very modestly cut white bikini and had a wrap tied around her waist, in every way the perfect model of a blonde beach bunny. Lowering the sunglasses she wore over the bridge of her nose, Buffy caught sight of the other people sitting around the pool. Smiling, she walked over to her friends, all of whom had come over to her house today to celebrate the beginning of summer.

One of them, a stunning brunette with full pouty lips and wearing a black bikini that did little to hide her impressive cleavage, got up from where she was sitting as Buffy approached the group. Moving to wrap her arms around the blonde's waist, the brunette delivered a passionate kiss that Buffy eagerly and hungrily returned.


The pair turned towards the source of the shouted cry, which had come from the redhead sitting down near the edge of the pool, with her feet immersed in the water and the fingers of her left hand intertwined with those of the blonde sitting beside her. The redhead wore a one piece swimsuit the same color as her hair while the blonde wore a crushed power blue tankini. The blonde, like the redhead, had her legs in the pool, but she gently kicked them every so often, sending small ripples towards the other side. Both wore bucket hats in order to keep the sun out of their eyes, though they could not mask the smiles they had on their faces.

"Public display of affection!" the redhead said with a smirk on her face. "Though I gotta admit that it's kind of a turn on to see you two sucking face." Her fingers gently pressed against the back of the blonde's palm, showing the love she felt of her in a less overt manner than the other couple had done.

"Yeah. Hot, but definitely taboo," the blonde added. Despite their attitude, both of them were nothing but happy for their friends' antics, knowing that it was much better than having the two of them walk around trying to deny what was pretty much obvious to everyone else.

"Like you're one to talk, Red," the brunette replied with a smile.

"Yeah, Will," Buffy added. "You and Tara go at it more often than bunnies in heat."

"Don't mention bunnies, Buffy!"

Everyone turned to look as two others entered the backyard through the gate. One was a dark haired young man carrying a cooler and wearing a tank top and bathing suit, his companion a blonde woman wearing a green bikini who was, at this very moment, looking positively disheveled.

"You know how I feel about bunnies, Buffy. All twitchy and furry and hoppy. And you never know what evil they'll be up to next. Xander, tell Buffy to apologize to me."

Putting the cooler down, Xander turned to wrap an arm around his wife's waist. "Come on, Ahn. You know Buffy's only kidding."

"But you don't make jokes about bunnies, Xander," Anya insisted. "Jokes are supposed to be made about something funny, like when someone slips on a banana peel or gets hit in the face with a pie or..."

"Excuse me, Anya" Faith interjected as she stretched her arms behind her back, the act causing the brunette's chest to become more prominently displayed to everyone, though Buffy was the only one taking particular attention to the sight. "I can't speak for anyone else, but I came here to have a little summer fun, not to listen to an argument."

Xander moved to open the cooler, taking out a beer from among the cans contained within and tossing it to the Faith, who caught it with one hand. "If it's fun you want, Faith, then fun you shall have."

Flashing a smile, Faith opened the can and took a swig of its contents. As she did, a small trickle ran from the corner of her mouth, slid down her face, and fell from her chin into the crack between her breasts. Buffy, who was still staring at the brunette's chest, watched the entire sequence of events with genuine interest and a clouded look in her eyes.

As she finished her drink, Faith looked over and saw Buffy staring at her. "Hey, B," she said, gesturing to her barely covered breasts with her free hand. "Like what you see?"

The blonde turned away and blushed at the question, Xander trying desperately to maintain a straight face at what was going on. Ever since learning that all of his best friends weren't, as Faith so eloquently put it, driving stick anymore, it was all that he could do not to make jokes at the sight of either Willow or Buffy making rather obvious sexual innuendos to their respective partners. The only thing that kept him in check was his wife, who turned to look at him now, saw the goofy stare on his face, and smacked him in the head.

"Ow! Damaging a vital part of my body here, Ahn!"

"Not the one I'm really interested in, Xander."

Xander was about to retort when Buffy's voice broke through the commotion. "Come on, guys. We've done enough arguing over the past few months. Today's the first day of summer. We should be enjoying the time we have together, not arguing like we're back in grade school."

Stepping over, Willow nodded in agreement. "Yeah, I mean, we've spent so much time at college, at our jobs and doing other things that we hardly ever get to see one another anymore. I mean, for all we know, today's the last day that we'll all be able to get together. So I say that we stop the fussing and the feuding and just enjoy the sun, the surf and everything else this day has to offer."

Faith put her arm on Willow's shoulders, flashing the redhead a winning smile. "Couldn't have said it better myself, Red."

"Hey!" Buffy retorted, giving her girlfriend a look of mixed confusion and hurt, having thought her words alone would have been enough to save the day and impress Faith. "What about me? Don't you think that my inspirational speech was good enough?"

Turning to look at her life partner, Faith flashed a smile. "Yeah, B, it was. But I kinda figured that you deserved a special gift for your inspirational words. Then again, if you want Red to get into a three way with us, then I'm ..."

"Never mind," Buffy interrupted, blushing fiercely once again as she turned to look at Tara, who surprisingly didn't appear at all concerned about the idea of Willow being taken from her. She obviously knew that Faith was just kidding around, something that was very much in her nature to do, so she didn't need to worry.

In fact, they were all good at having fun, ever since high school. Buffy, Willow and Xander had been best friends ever since Grade Nine, and when Faith, Anya and Tara had arrived at their school in their senior year, they had readily accepted them and had managed, despite some hang ups, to stay together ever since.

But lately, things had been getting difficult. Even though they still hung out a lot, there was never a day that they could say was one that was entirely special for them all. So when Buffy and Willow decided to plan a day where they could all get together, have a burger or two, swim around and generally relax, they all knew how important it was, so nobody bothered to argue or say that they had other plans.

Faith slapped her hands together. "Great. Now fire up that barbeque, Xander. I wanna get me a big hunk of meat."

"I thought you didn't swing that way," Buffy giggled, suddenly yelping when Faith turned around and swatted her lightly on the arm.

It had been about an hour later, and the group had split apart to do their own things, knowing that they were all together and were enjoying each other's company. Buffy was swimming in the pool while Willow and Tara were lying on a large towel nearby, soaking up the sun. Xander was busy tending to the grill as Anya and Faith sat near him, munching on their food.

"So you've never used it for that sort of thing?" Anya asked, poking through the Cesar salad on her plate.

"Not really," Faith said, putting the medium rare burger she was eating down on her plate. "Though I gotta say, it doesn't really surprise me that people would do that sort of thing. Whatever's the best way to get you off, I guess."

Anya nodded, picking up several leaves of her salad and putting them into her mouth. Swallowing, she continued, "And it's especially good if you can get one that detaches."

"One that...detaches?"

"Oh, yeah," Anya nodded absently, waving her fork around. "You can just detach it from the wall, stick it right in your love button and just let go. And the best part about that is that it means you don't have to be a contortionist or break anything in order to give yourself lots of orgasms."

Faith, who had gone back to eating her burger, nearly choked at hearing Anya's words. Not because of what she said, far from it. When it came to bumping uglies in the sack, the brunette held no shame about her exploits. But at least she could claim to have some tact in how she voiced them. Anya, however, often made her look like a Catholic nun by comparison.

"Excuse me?" she choked out, reaching for her drink to try and clear her air passage.

Anya looked at Faith. "You know, you stick the shower head down there and let the water stream hit you when you least expect it. I've done it before, and let me tell you, it get's me off quicker than Xander does."

Looking up from the grill, Xander shot Anya a look. "Ahn, you remember what we've talked about before? We don't talk about that sort of thing in front of others, especially my friends."

"What?" Anya asked innocently. "You don't want me to them how quickly you can get me hot and wet and screaming your name out loud?"

Xander paused, a goofy smile forming on his face after a few moments contemplation. It certainly wasn't what he was expecting to hear, and he was rather proud that his wife would talk about him in a manner such as that. After all, there weren't many guys that he knew who could get their girlfriends all hot and bothered that quickly. "Oh. Well, you can talk about that, Ahn. You can tell that to whoever you want." Helping himself to a burger, he looked at his wife one last time before moving off to join Willow and Tara at the pool.

As soon as he was out of hearing range, Faith whispered in Anya's ear. Turning to the brunette, Anya held her thumb and forefinger mere centimeters apart. At that, Faith started laughing. A moment later, Anya joined in, though she didn't understand why.

After all, didn't they say that it wasn't the size that mattered, but how you used it?

"So have you thought about where you're going to take your honeymoon?"

Sitting down beside Willow, Xander looked over at his redheaded friend, who was staring into the sky, a task better aided by the fact that she had slipped on a pair of sunglasses. Xander was glad that Willow had found someone special in her life. After all, they had spent the better part of their adolescence believing that they were meant to be together, so it was somewhat comforting to know that the redhead had found a soulmate in Tara, as he had found one in Anya. Until recently, however, Willow and Tara couldn't get married. But when same sex marriage had become legal three months ago, Willow proposed to Tara. And after a three year courtship, they had finally had their wedding two weeks ago. They both had made a lot of choices, both while dating and preparing for their wedding. But the one they couldn't seem to agree on was where to have their honeymoon.

"Willow wants to go to Florida," Tara replied. "I don't think it's a good idea to go that far, though."

"But baby," Willow said, trying desperately to not sound like she was whining. "I've always wanted to go to Disney World, but my parents could never afford it. Now that we're pulling in a combined $25 000 a year, I think we can afford to take a week and go to Florida."

"Why not go to Disneyland, Will?" Xander asked, helping himself to a handful of grapes from a nearby tray.

"It's just not the same, Xand," Willow said, turning over onto her stomach and sliding down the straps of her swimsuit. "Tara, could you?"

"Sure," Tara said, reaching over to take the suntan lotion from where it rested. "But Willow, before I do, I want to ask you if we could just go to Disneyland. I mean, it's closer and we won't have to travel far. And you know how much I...I hate to travel. Ever since..."

Turning her head around to look at her wife, Willow realized how insensitive she was being. Tara had not made it a secret that her family had been killed in a plane crash when she was younger and that she had been raised in Sunnydale by an adopted family. She had been afraid to travel on planes ever since, and this had made having to live through the experience of 9/11 particularly hard for her, made all the worse by the fact that she and Willow had been scheduled to go to Canada that day on a business trip. Ever since then, Tara couldn't even think about boarding a plane without breaking out in a fit of uncontrollable shaking and a cold sweat.

Getting up, her hand moving to cover her small breasts for Xander's benefit, Willow moved to run her free hand through Tara's honey blonde hair. "I'm sorry, baby. I should have been thinking of you and what you wanted. I'll tell you what, you choose where to go, and I'll say yes. Wherever you want to go, I'll say yes. If you want to go to Disneyland, we're there. If you want to go to Santa Monica, we're there. If you want to go downtown..."

She paused, and smiled as Tara did likewise.

"OK, maybe not downtown."

Lying down on her chest again, Willow settled herself into a comfortable position as Tara began to apply suntan lotion to her exposed back. Xander watched the sight for a few moments before moving off. Continuing to apply the suntan lotion to Willow's back, Tara paid him no mind. But her attention was quickly diverted as she felt a stream of water hit the side of her face. Turning around, she saw Xander pointing a water gun directly at her. Pulling the trigger again, a stream of water erupted from the barrel, impacting directly into her eyes.

"Xander!" Tara fumed, wiping away the intrusion that obscured her vision. "That's totally immature!"

"I know, but it was fun," Xander replied with a smile, then ran to the opposite side of the yard just in time to miss the bottle of suntan lotion that Tara had picked up and thrown in his direction.

Faith slid into the pool, watching as Xander and Anya moved through the gate to join Willow and Tara on the street and walk away. The brunette neither knew nor cared what the four were up to. All that mattered to her was that with them gone, she was free to sneak up on Buffy without anyone alerting her.

Standing waist deep in the cold water, Faith adjusted her top as the water lowered her body temperature, causing her to shiver slightly. As she watched Buffy approach her, however, the brunette wasn't sure whether the cold she felt was because of the water, or the sight of her wet love.

Rising to the surface, Buffy arched her back impressively, sending her hair flipping over her head and spraying the immediate area with water. Faith smiled at the sight, feeling wetness in her lower body that had nothing to do with the fact that it was currently immersed in water. Watching the water drip from Buffy's hair and nose, along with seeing the blonde's wet body turned Faith on immediately.

Looking at Faith standing in front of her filled Buffy with a sense of excitement and lust, and she struck a provocative pose that showcased her wet body in a very sensual manner, much like Faith had done before. "Like what you see, Faith?"

Faith swam over before Buffy had finished asking the question, enveloping the blonde in a passionate hug and planting her lips on the blonde's, kissing her intensely. Buffy kissed back, tongue darting into the wet confines of Faith's mouth as her hands moved to unite the brunette's bikini top and toss it aside, exposing her breasts, nipples already fully erect due to her aroused state, to the world.

"Shit, B," Faith chuckled. "You like to move fast."

"What can I say, Faith?" Buffy replied, delivering another quick kiss to her girlfriend. "You've taught me a lot about letting go of my inhibitions. "

Taking that as an invitation, Faith's hands moved to the knot keeping Buffy's bikini top on, her nimble fingers working to untie it. Finally loosening the knot, Faith let the cloth drop from the blonde's chest and onto the water, watching as the breeze caused it to float away. The brunette's gaze quickly turned from the cloth to the sight of Buffy's small but undeniably perfect globes, nipples sticking out as great as her own were. Moving to take one of Buffy's erect peaks into her mouth, Faith played her tongue across the pebbly skin of the blonde's areola and bit down on the nipple, eliciting a moan of pleasure from her lover.

"You love this, don't ya, B?" she asked as she moved to suck Buffy's other nipple for a moment before moving up to the blonde's pulse point and beginning to suckle away at it, knowing full well that Buffy enjoyed the idea of making love in water. They had, after all, done it so many times before, not only here, but at public swimming pools after hours and on the beach in the middle of the night. It was such a turn on for them to be doing it in a public place, the fact that they were doing it outdoors where anyone, especially their best friends, could walk in and find them at any moment only served to drive them even madder with desire.

Buffy, unable to form words due to the incredible sensations playing out across her nervous system, let out a moan of indescribable pleasure in answer to Faith's question. Like Faith, she too felt the arousal begin to build in her nether region, and knew that it would soon move from her body to join the water around her. The blonde let out a slight giggle suddenly as she felt Faith's tongue graze her neck. "Oh, Faith," she moaned.

"That's right, B," the brunette snickered, cupping Buffy's ass in her hands and pulling the blonde's body closer to her own. "I'm your mermaid. I'm your underwater fantasy goddess. And I'm gonna make you come so hard, you're knees are gonna give out and make you sink to the bottom of this pool."

Looking into Faith's chocolate eyes, Buffy smiled and feigned a look of shock and horror. "But I might drown."

Returning the smile, Faith planted a kiss on Buffy's lips. "Don't worry, B. I know CPR."

The pair began to kiss once more, their hands beginning to roam across each other's bodies. Faith brushed her fingers over Buffy's taut stomach as the blonde moved to cup the brunette's breasts, eliciting a moan of delight from her. The pair continued to caress their fingers against one another and kiss for several minutes more before Faith, deciding that the time for games was over, took a deep breath and dove underwater, blinking her eyes as the chlorinated water hit them and clouded her vision.

Undeterred, she quickly moved to unite the knots keeping Buffy's bikini bottom in place. Finally accomplishing this, Faith tossed the clothing away, her eyes focusing on Buffy neatly trimmed sex, clitoris fully exposed and the lips blossoming like flower petals. The brunette let some bubbles pass through her lips as she felt her smile widen at the sight of Buffy's homemade dew, with the removal of the bikini bottom, leaking out of her slit.

Diving back to the surface, Faith took a breath of fresh air and shook her head, water droplets dripping from her hair with the action. Faith rubbed her thumb and forefinger in her eyes in order to clear her vision, growing momentarily alarmed when her vision cleared and she discovered that Buffy was no longer standing in front of her.

Her panic soon transformed to surprise as she felt a swat to her rear. Looking down, Faith could see Buffy blowing bubbles up to the surface, working to untie the knots keeping her thong in place. The brunette could only watch as Buffy worked the knots undone and tossed the thong away, exposing Faith's sex to the water. Instead of getting back to the surface, however, Buffy moved to stare directly into Faith's love canal, tongue slipping through her clamped lips as she took in the sight.

Taking Faith's hips into her hands in order to steady herself, Buffy blew out a breath, sending a series of bubbles directly onto Faith's exposed clit. The brunette twitched and moaned with pleasure at that. Despite the fact that she was underwater and couldn't hear what she was doing, Buffy knew how much this was making Faith happy and bringing her to the height of sexual ecstasy.

Despite what was going on, Faith was starting to grow concerned for Buffy's well being. She had been underwater for over a minute and a half, and was no doubt running low on air at this very moment. As she looked down and moved her hands to remind her of that, Faith watched in surprise as the blonde brought the tip of her nose to Faith's slit, sticking her tongue out and bringing it across the brunette's folds.

Faith gripped Buffy's shoulders, partly out of reflex to the sensations working their way across her body, but mostly to let Buffy know once again that she might want to rise to the surface. But Buffy didn't. If anything, she continued her feast on Faith's sex, not letting up for a moment the exploration her tongue was playing across the brunette's lower lips, teasing her clit every so often.

Despite the incredible sensations this was bringing her, Faith was beginning to get worried. She shouldn't be feeling this way, not with the possibility of Buffy drowning in the act of doing it to her

A few moments later, Faith's dug her nails into Buffy's skin, this time grunting as she came hard. Twitching uncontrollably, she discharged the collection of arousal that had been building directly into the blonde's mouth, closing her eyes and biting her lip in order to fight down the urge to yell at the top of her lungs. Faith opened her eyes as she heard a splash, seeing Buffy above water and gasping for air in an attempt to try and get oxygen into her aching lungs.

Once she could breathe normally, she turned to look at Faith, finding the brunette smiling at her, a smile that slipped from her face as her knees buckled and she fell into the water. Buffy quickly moved to help Faith get to her feet.

"Wow," Faith said between gasps, shaking her head.

"Wow indeed." A grin formed on Buffy's face. "Was it good for you?"

Faith was about to reply when a sudden noise erupted from outside. Moving to get back into their discarded swimsuits, she and Buffy got out of the pool and headed out onto the street, seeing Anya, Xander, Willow and Tara standing around a fire hydrant, which had somehow become opened and was even now leaking its contents out onto the street.

"What the hell happened?" Buffy asked incredulously.

Tara jerked a thumb at Xander. "Xander decided that, since you two were so busy in the pool, we should find an alternate water source to cool off in, seeing as how the four of us had just come back from a trip to the corner store and worked up quite a sweat."

Buffy and Faith's glances turned to the sidewalk, upon which rested a collection of grocery bags containing pop and chips. Buffy wondered for a moment why they had gone to get more food. Didn't they have enough already?

That question was soon replaced by a more important one. "Wait a minute? How do you know what Faith and I were up to?"

Anya scoffed. "Please, Buffy. Everyone knows that you and Faith would give each other orgasms in a second if you knew nobody was around to watch. Though, for all we know, you'd get it on in a crowded room just as easily if you though that you could get away with it. And even if you knew you couldn't, you'd still do it because everyone knows that making out in a crowded place is such a turn on. I couldn't begin to tell you how many times me and Xander have..."

"Then don't," Xander interrupted.

The group laughed before Willow pointed at the hydrant. "Guess you'd better put that back together, Xand. Now that Buffy and Faith are done, I think the pool's become free again."

Willow, Tara and the others moved to collect the groceries as Xander moved to pick up a wrench lying near them and began to work closing the fire hydrant.

Faith took a look at the tool. "I was wondering how you got that opened, Xander. Where did you get the wrench?"

Tara shrugged. "He snuck into the next door neighbors' yard and swiped it from their toolbox. He figured that they wouldn't mind, seeing as how they weren't home."

Buffy tilted her head and looked back at Xander, struggling to put the fire hydrant back together. She let out a quiet chuckle. "Hey, Xander, I guess it's true what they say. It's better to get it off than to put it on."

Xander remained composed as Buffy and the others walked back into the blonde's yard, laughing at the joke they had just made at the expense of their friend. Inwardly, however, he wasn't really laughing at the situation.

"Sometimes, being a guy among a group of women isn't a good idea."

"So where's Cordelia?" Faith asked, sitting down on the lawn chair and helping herself to a handful of potato chips. "Wasn't she going to be here today, too?"

"Yeah, she told me that she was coming," Buffy answered, taking a bite out of the hot dog she held in her hands. "But then I got a call last night from her, and she told me that she was going to go sailing down Main Street today instead.

Faith's expression turned curious. "Sailing down Main Street?"

Buffy nodded. "Apparently, all the stores are having a two for one sale on all their merchandise today. And you know Cordy. The minute she finds out about a sale, there's nothing more important to her."

Faith finished the last of the chips she had taken and got to her feet, moving behind the chair that Buffy was sitting on. After wiping her hands with a napkin, she placed them on the shoulders of her lover and began to gently massage them. "Glad she went, because if she didn't, she would have stayed here when the others had left. And that means we never would have been able to...Well, you know."

Buffy set her hot dog down on the plate and put the dish on the table beside her, allowing herself to fully relax as Faith began to knead the flesh of her upper back, straightening out the kinks that real life had worked into her.

Pausing for a moment, Faith asked, "I gotta ask you a question, B."

Turning to look into the eyes of her love, Buffy said, "Yeah?"

"You sure you're a dyke? Cause the way you were working that hot dog..."

Squealing, Buffy leapt to her feet and reached for one of the many inflatable pool toys strewn about the yard. Picking it up, she threw it at Faith, who ducked the projectile coming towards her. Looking up, she smiled and moved at a half run to Buffy, who turned around and began to run in the opposite direction, shrieking all the while.

Inside the house, Willow and Tara tuned and looked out the window, seeing Faith chasing Buffy around the yard. After a moment, however, the chase quickly became a grope fest as Faith's grabbed Buffy's arm and spun her around, pressing her lips against the blonde's as their hands moved to caress and explore the territory that they knew so well.

"Do you ever miss it?" Tara asked.

Willow looked up from the computer monitor she was staring at into her blonde Goddess eyes, seeing the crystal blue in them twinkling in the faded light of the room.

"Miss what, Baby?"

Tara gestured outside. Willow turned her head and craned her neck to watch Buffy and Faith in the midst of yet another make out session. "Making love like they do, as if you hadn't a care in the world and didn't care who knew?"

Swiveling around, Willow got up out of the chair and enveloped Tara in a kiss, parting the blonde's lips with her tongue and exploring the moistness of her luscious mouth. Hands drifting to Tara's waist, Willow stuck her thumbs under the waistband of Tara's bikini bottom.

"It's a good thing that Xander's still out there trying to get that fire hydrant back together," Willow thought, feeling Tara's hand's on her own petite waist. "I'm not sure if we'd be able to get away with what we're doing if he was here."

Suddenly the touch was gone, and Willow was left to whimper as if she was still two years old. "Tara!"

"I know, baby, I know," Tara soothed, running her fingers through Willow's hair and massaging her scalp gently. "I know how much you want to have Tara kisses, but I think I have a better idea."

Willow looked up at Tara, only to find her love looking out the door. She turned to look at what Tara was staring at, and found that the blonde was staring out at the pool.

" can't be serious, Tara. In the pool?"

"Why not? If Buffy and Faith can do it there, so can we."

"But...But I'm not sure it would be safe. I mean, I can swim, but I don't think I can swim good enough to...well, you know. I'd feel more comfortable if someone flooded the library and we went swimming there. At least there we'd be around things that could calm me down. Not to say that you don't calm me down, Tara. You do. Just not when we...And besides...this is Buffy's house. What if we...what if we get caught? What if the neighbors see us? What if Buffy and Faith see us?"

Tara's smile turned positively lecherous, her sapphire blue eyes darkening ever so slightly. "Then we'll put on a show for them. After all, sex is fun in and of itself, but if you have an audience, it just becomes more fun. After all, if someone watches, doesn't that mean you have to work harder to perform?"

Willow thought about Tara's question for a moment, and realized that there was some truth in what the blonde was saying. Besides, she herself had been wondering if their sex life had gotten stale, and what better way to reinvigorate it than by making love in the weightless environment afforded by a pool where anyone could watch them?

Looking into Tara's eyes, Willow smiled and kissed her full on the lips once more.

"OK, Tara. We can wait till later. And if anyone wants to watch, we'll give them one hell of a show."

"That's my Willow," Tara purred, kissing the redhead's pulse point before taking Willow's hand into her own. "Now I say we leave everyone outside to their own activities and take a swim in that new library Buffy's mom has."

Willow followed behind Tara, thankful once again that Joyce, as a professor at the nearby university, had a fully functional library stocked with all the latest books in the house. It certainly afforded a great deal of opportunities to read new and interesting books.

And plenty of hiding spaces to cuddle and snuggle in.

Later in the afternoon, Buffy, Willow and Tara were in the pool as Tara and Anya sat on lawn chairs working on their tans. Xander, with little else to do, alternated between cleaning the grill and helping himself to the last few potato chips. All of their heads turned as they heard the gate creak open, a small figure with straight brown hair wearing short shorts and a tank top walking through, a backpack on her shoulders.

"Hey, Dawnie!" Willow shouted. "Tough day at school?"

Dropping her backpack by the gate, Dawn walked over to the pool. "Yeah. Math was the hardest, though. The teacher assigned three chapters to work for class on Monday. Sometimes I wonder if it would be easier to learn if we sing about it."

"Did you need any help, Dawn?" Willow asked, a look on her face that most of the others around her interpreted as overly happy. Tara, however, saw it for what it really was: the redhead's attempt to get out of their earlier arrangement.

She made this known to Willow. "Um...sorry, Dawn. Willow can't help you out. We need to go do...something later."

The teenager's face dropped noticeably, doing so even further when she saw the lack of munchies remaining on the tables. "Guys, what happened to all the food? Didn't you save me any?"

"Ah!" Xander clapped his hands and walked inside the house, stepping out a few moments later with a paper plate containing a burger and some potato chips in one hand and a can of Coke in the other.

Giggling, Dawn took the food and set it down on the table, giving Xander a hug. "Thanks, Xander! You're always looking out for me."

"Not a problem, SuperDawnie," Xander chuckled.

Letting go, Dawn walked inside the house. "I'll be back. I just got to change into some more comfortable clothes."

With the addition of Dawn, who had come out of the house several minutes later dressed in a one piece blue swimsuit, the rest of the day proceeded rather well, though the young brunette seemed to have somehow encourage Xander's over excitable urge to spray others with water, as she had appropriated his water gun and every so often gave each of them a face or lap full of water. The only ones to escape her antics were Faith, whom Dawn had been deathly afraid of ever since an incident last Halloween when the brunette had played a rather nasty prank that had nearly gone too far (and for which Faith had apologized at least twice a week ever since) and Tara, who, after giving Dawn a warning glance as she crept up to her, had told the young brunette that she was in no mood for it.

Eventually, however, the day began to wind down. Xander and Anya had been the first to leave, the pair needing to get to sleep early in order to wake up at the crack of dawn the next day in order to get to their respective jobs. The look the pair had exchanged, however, told everyone, even Dawn, that there wasn't much chance of either of them actually getting any sleep that night. Dawn had gone to her room to start on some homework a half hour later, Buffy and Faith retreating into the house some time after.

That left Willow and Tara alone. Both of them sat beside the pool, but while Willow sat cross legged, the blonde's legs were immersed in the pools water. Tara slowly looked around the immediate area, then gave Willow her full attention.

Willow looked over and saw Tara staring at her, a look that belonged more on a runway fashion models than it did her blonde lover. She felt uncomfortable at seeing Tara look at her in this manner, but she couldn't deny how arousing it was making her feel. "Tara?"

Tara's grin widened even further, batting her eyelashes in a sexually provocative manner. As she did, she raised one of her legs out from the pool and brought it towards Willow, tilting her ankle in order to showcase her wet foot, the angle of which caused water to drip from her toes.

Tara pointed at the foot, waggling her toes in an exaggerated fashion as she brought her gaze to rest on Willow.

"Suck them."

Willow's cheeks turned a dark red, her nether region suddenly growing as wet as the sexy foot displayed in front of her. It was such a turn on for them to do what they were about to do, but the redhead wasn't sure what excited her more: the fact that anyone, especially Buffy, Faith or Dawn, could catch them at any moment, or that Take Charge Tara had appeared and didn't seem to care in the slightest about the possibility of that occurring.

Moving closer to Tara's outstretched foot, Willow enveloped the blonde's big toe in her mouth, sucking at it as easily as she sucked on a popsicle. Arching her back as Willow slowly moved to envelop her other toes, Tara let out a deep throaty groan of pleasure, letting the redhead know how much she was enjoying the feel of her lips against her skin. Her forehead crinkled in surprise, however, as she felt those very same lips leave her toes. Looking up, she saw Willow standing up, a look of intense fear on her face.

"Willow?" Tara asked, more annoyed than curious.

"Tara...we can't do this. Buffy...Dawn....The neighbors...They might see..."

Getting to her feet, Tara moved over to Willow, her blue eyes piercing the redhead's soul immediately and letting her know without argument just who was in charge in the current situation. Willow's heart thumped against her chest, feelings of panic and arousal mixing together in her soul as if it had just become a giant blender. Take Charge Tara was certainly a turn on, she knew. But in this context...

Slowly backing away, Willow began to stutter, a near perfect recreation to how Tara acted when she was nervous. "Tara...I'm sorry...I just can't...I can't..." The redhead's words were cut off suddenly as she took a step back only to find empty air greeting her. Too late to correct her balance, Willow let out a yelp and fell into the pool.

Tara immediately dropped her dominant persona and rushed to the pool's edge, looking into the water below. She was immediately glad that they had decided to sit near the deep end of the pool, but that didn't make her feel any better about what had just happened. In fact, it made her more nervous. Willow had said that she wasn't much of a good swimmer, and Tara was afraid that the redhead would let panic overcome her and cause her to drown while she did nothing but watch.

So it came as a great surprise when Willow broke through the surface of the water and got out of the pool, water droplets dripping from her wet tresses and arms. Tara had only a moment to take in this sight before she felt the redhead's arms around her waist. Tara could only yell as Willow forcefully moved her to the side, disrupting their equilibration and sending them both falling into the pool.

Tara felt the rush of chlorinated water enter her nose and invade her mouth and eyes. She quickly began kicking her feet desperately, trying to get back to the surface. As soon as she did, Tara closed her eyes and swam to the side, arm outstretched and reaching for the side. Once she found it, she grabbed onto it with one hand while raising her other hand to wipe away the water from her eyes, spluttering as she tried to force the water that had entered her lungs out of her system.

When she had cleared her eyes sufficiently, Tara turned to look at Willow, finding the redhead approaching her from below. She paused, wondering what the redhead was up to. She quickly got her answer as she felt Willow reach out with her hands to tug away at the knots holding her bikini bottom to her ass.

"What the hell's going on here?" Tara wondered. "One minute, Willow's saying she can't swim and is afraid of making out where anyone can find us, and the next she's become an Olympic competitive swimmer and taking the initiative? What kind of backwards dopplegangland universe did I fall into?"

As this thought left her brain, Willow surfaced beside Tara, who wasn't exactly surprised to find the redhead holding her bikini bottom. Casually throwing it away, Willow gave Tara a look that told the blonde that the game had definitely changed, and she was the one who was now in control.

"Willow, what...?" Tara began to ask, only to have the redhead place a finger on her lips, which then pointed to the water below.

"I took yours. Now help me take mine."

Confusion spread across Tara's face before she realized what it was Willow wanted her to do. Taking a deep breath, and flashing the briefest of smiles, she submerged her head and made her way down until Willow's cloth covered nethers lay directly in her field of vision, clouded as it was by the chlorinated water. Tara looked up and saw Willow move the straps of her swimsuit down her arms and bring it down over her breasts. As the redhead brought it over her belly button, Tara moved to take it into her hands and began working it the rest of the way down Willow's body, something that was taking her considerable time in light of the fact that she had her eyes focused on Willow's sex the entire time, the lips of which were engorged and all but begging the blonde to lap away at them.

The need for oxygen quickly became more important, however, and Tara worked Willow's swimsuit the rest of the way down her legs and resurfaced, gasping for air as she broke through the water. Turning to look at Willow, Tara wasn't surprised to find a smile on the redhead's lips as she moved to give the blonde a kiss and began to gently guide them towards the shallow end of the pool.

During a break in which the pair tried to catch their collective breath, Tara said, "But Willow...I thought...I thought you said..."

"I know," Willow replied. "'re right. Our sex life has been getting rather...bland lately. And I spent a lot of time online researching new and exciting ways in which to make love. And while I was doing that, I stumbled across a website devoted to...underwater sex."

Tara's eyebrows arched. "Underwater sex? You mean, there are people out there who..." She was genuinely surprised to hear about this. It didn't occur to her when she wanted to make love to Willow in the pool that there were others who found that arousing. OK, Buffy and Faith did it, but like Anya said, they would do it anywhere.

It didn't really surprise Tara as much as she realized, though. What had been surprising was how much Willow's attitude had changed in the space of mere seconds. Putting that aside for a moment, she asked, " did some research?"

"Yeah," Willow sheepishly grinned. "And I found it...interesting. And to be honest, I always found it kind of...erotic. You know, making love in water. Especially in a situation like this, when you're dependant on your lover in order to make sure that you don' know, die or anything. You kinda need to have a trusting relationship in order to do something like that, right?"

The redhead looked into her love's eyes, seeing a growing understanding in the blue crystal of her irises. Knowing that Tara understood what she was saying, Willow asked the question she had wanted to ask since the others had left. The one she had been afraid to ask out of fear of getting caught. And she asked it to the one person who made her worries and concerns evaporate as if they had been water itself, put to a boil by the heat of the blonde's soul and piercing gaze that promise so much and asked for little, if anything, in return.

"Tara...can we make Now? Underwater?"

Tara felt the liquid heat of her arousal collecting at her center and slowly leak out of her. The blonde still didn't quite understand how Willow's inhibitions had disappeared and how her attitude had changed, but if this was the result, she wasn't terribly concerned how it happened, just glad that it did.

Moving to envelop the redhead in another hug, Tara moved her hands and untied Willow's top, tossing it in the general direction of her bottoms. Willow likewise lowered the straps of Tara's tankini top and tossed it away. Once their chests were free of their sopping wet clothing, Tara moved to deliver a kiss to Willow's right breast, moving down with every subsequent kiss until she reached the redhead's erect nipple. Taking it into her mouth, she causally played her tongue across it, biting down on it gently every once and a while. Each time she did so, a squeal came from Willow, though Tara wasn't sure whether or not it was out of pleasure or pain.

Taking the moans as a sign, Tara moved to Willow's left breast, first peppering it with kisses, then moving to take the nipple into her mouth and doing to it what she had done to the redhead's other peak. Tara then felt something press against her neck, slowly and agonizingly grazing its way over her pulse point. Casting one eye upward, she saw Willow's head buried in her neck, her tongue obviously the one responsible for what her neck was currently feeling. This only caused the blonde's tongue to wag faster, bringing the nipple in her mouth further into its ultimate state of erectness.

The two broke apart shortly after this and began to circle one another, as if each was a shark in pursuit of prey. After doing this for a few moments, and giving not only themselves but whoever may be watching a good shot of their bare asses, Willow and Tara dove under the surface of the water, kicking with their powerful legs to reach the pool's floor.

Maneuvering to get into the sixty nine position, Tara blew a cloud of bubbles directly into Willow's sex as she felt the redhead's tongue and fingers begin to explore her own folds. Wasting no time, Tara began her casual exploration of Willow's inner channel. It soon became obvious to both of them that it was quite difficult for them to accomplish what they were doing, given the fact that they were immersed in water that found its way into their lungs every time they opened their mouths, but both fought to try and hold back their gag reflexes, intent on giving their partner pleasure no matter what they had to suffer through.

Tara felt Willow's fingers play across her ass then, and burped out a great deal of her air when she felt the redhead stick a finger into her rectum. Caught off guard for a moment and twitching out of reflex, Tara quickly relaxed and even allowed herself to enjoy what was going on as Willow maneuvered her digit around inside the enclosed space. Moving to insert a finger of her own into Willow's rear, Tara heard a waterlogged yelp as her finger found and worked its way inside the redhead's ass.

"So this is what it's like to make out underwater?" Tara thought, as she continued to feel Willow-tongue on her sex and Willow-fingers in her rear. "No wonder Faith and Buffy get it on in here so many times. If this is what it feels like to make love in this environment, it's a wonder why they never come...ah...AH!...AH!!!!!"

So intent were Tara's thoughts on things other than what was going on around her that she didn't notice the building pressure in her legs until it became almost unbearable for her and she felt herself pass over it. Moaning in ecstasy, Tara felt her entire body shake as her orgasm ripped through her, more powerful than any she had ever experienced before.

Continuing to casually explore Willow's folds, Tara could feel the redhead's fingers clench on her skin, indicating that she was close to coming as well. Knowing this, the blonde continued to explore Willow's glorious sex at a quicker pace despite the beginnings of a tightening chest from lack of oxygen telling her that she and Willow should rise to the surface.

Tara ignored her feelings, wanting to bring Willow to a climax as powerful as the one the redhead had just given her. It did not take long to accomplish this, as she heard an unmistakable Willow moan as her tongue played across the redhead's clit, sending the redhead's little body into a series of spasms. At the same time, Tara felt herself rise to the height of pleasure, a second orgasm, more powerful than the last, crashing through her.

The two let go of one another and floated away, physically exhausted from the act of their lovemaking. They too quickly became aware of the fact that they desperately needed air, and moved to the surface.

Breaking through the water, Willow and Tara gasped for air and looked around, a shocked look forming on their faces as they saw Faith and Buffy lying down on a pair of towels nearby, fingers inserted into their centers and rapidly stroking them. All they could do was stand in shock at the sight of their friends naked in front of them, obviously masturbating to what they had just done.

Willow watched as Buffy and Faith brought themselves to orgasm, knowing that she should be feeling incredibly embarrassed about what she was doing. Not only was she watching her best friend and her lover masturbate, but she knew that it had to have been seeing her underwater and making love to Tara that had made them decide to do it. It was everything that she had feared would happen: getting caught making love to Tara in a public place, getting caught naked in a public place.

She should be ashamed. She should be afraid. But she wasn't. In fact, it gave her a sense of pervasive pleasure to know that she could make other people besides Tara happy, if only through a sense of voyeurism. And voyeurism was something that Buffy and Faith obviously knew a lot about. Willow couldn't help but think about what other situations the pair had done this to.

Breaking the rather uncomfortable silence that had been building between them, Willow gave the pair a sexy smile on her face as she asked, "Enjoy the show?"

That was all it took to bring a round of laughter from Buffy and Faith. Tara joined in soon after, and Willow, not wanting to be left out, found herself laughing as well. It was good to know that the four of them could do what they had done without feeling either ashamed or afraid. It would make the next time she made love to Tara underwater all the more pleasurable, after all. Knowing that Buffy and Faith not only were watching, but pleasuring themselves to what they were doing made Willow feel less afraid.

And if they wanted to join in as well, then Willow would let them. But there wouldn't be any swapping of partners or three of them making out while the fourth fingered herself to orgasm. Buffy would have Faith, and she would have Tara. It was she that allowed Willow to break free of her inhibitions and her shame, and it was something that the redhead would spend the rest of her life thanking her for.

And Willow knew that, because of this, the phrase "'tis better to give than receive" would take on a whole new meaning for her.


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