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Driving Sideways

Author: Suzy G
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon et. al. are the owners. I simply write non-profit work.

Now I don't mean to seem like some sorta redneck but to me two girls kissin is just plain weird. I'm just a simple southern boy, and seeing my girl sitting in a car with some little redheaded broad was pissin me off a little. At the beginning of this little journey I still wasn't quite sure why I was doing what I was doing. Her daddy was the one done convinced me to come up and get her. Said she was up there in her little college drinking and partying and whoring about campus. Now Tara had never seemed the type for parties and drinking but her Pa was right, we had no idea what she could be doing up there, with no one up there to keep an eye on her she could get herself in whole heaps of trouble. But the moment I saw her kiss that little redhead, I knew what I was doin was right. I had to stop Tara, keep her in god's good graces. After all that's what her Pa was doing, and seeing as I'm gonna marry her I reckon its my job, I've got to protect her. She just don't know any better. And besides all that she hurt my feelings. Kissing this girl when she should be kissin me. I'm gonna think of a way to stop them, then I'm gonna corner her, then I'm gonna make her pay for what she's done, I'm gonna get rid of the meddling redhead, and I'm gonna take Tara home and marry her.

"Hey Will, do you recognize that blue truck behind us?" I asked just as we crossed state lines.

"Actually yah, I think I remember it being behind us a little ways through Idaho, Why?"

"It's just that I remember it from yesterday too, and it was in the parking lot this morning, but I don't remember it being there last night, and now it's right behind us, it just seems a little strange to me."

"Are you saying you think it's following us?"

"Well not exactly but it might be."

"I doubt it's following us, they're probably just going the same way, in a couple of miles when we hit the freeways we'll probably never see them again."

I looked back again, studying the strange blue truck and thought it looked familiar, too familiar. Just looking at it gave me this terrible sinking feeling and just knew things were not right. But just then Willow took my hand in hers, bringing it to her lips and I turned to her and smiled before looking back at the road in front of us. "You're probably right."

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