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Driving Sideways

Author: Suzy G
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon et. al. are the owners. I simply write non-profit work.

Willow had planned out every single stop and route we were to take for the entire trip. I didn't realize at first when she was just suggesting which places to get gas or grab a bite to eat. But it was pretty obvious by the time we reached the hotel where she had already made reservations. Then she told me she had reservations for every hotel we were to stay at for the next three days. She also told me that all the reservations were for single rooms with queen sized bed, and unless she could switch rooms we would be sharing a bed. Oddly enough I didn't mind at all.

Before we came to the hotel we stopped at a little diner down the road, which of course was in Willows plan. I ordered the vegan lasagna and she had a steak. I liked that my being a vegan didn't make her uncomfortable. The conversation was casual and comfortable. I was glad I had been able to open up to her earlier. I told her some things that I had never told another living soul, mostly because nobody ever wanted to listen, but also because I felt some sort of bond with her, like I could tell her anything and it would be ok. When she looked at me I could tell she cared, when she placed a comforting hand on my shoulder I actually felt comforted. Even better though, when I was talking I sometimes caught her staring at my lips tehe.

"So your vegan huh?" she said scarfing down a bite of steak.

"Born and raised, my mom was a hippie," I laughed

"Your mom sounds like she was pretty cool," she gave me just about the warmest look I had ever seen, it made my heart stop beating entirely.

"She was, s-she was beautiful and kind, she taught me how to cook and ride horses, and she loved me, she loved me so much" from across the table Willow reached over and took my hand, I looked up and smiled. "And I loved her too."

We talked about my mother throughout the entire meal. It didn't make me feel sad at all talking about her to Willow. I reminisced about all the good times, and we talked about some of the bad times, but it felt good to talk about her, like talking about her to Willow made her a little more alive, and it felt good just to share with Willow. We also talked a bit about her mom. I found out that Mrs. Rosenberg was a psychologist and Mr. Rosenberg was an archaeologist , so her parents weren't around much. She told me how her mom was always psychoanalyzing her, and how she would sit at home alone when she was only ten years old. She said it helped her become independent quickly and that because of her parents absence she knew that anything she did was for herself be it how she did in high school, what college she went to, or what career she chose, it was all her. But I could tell that the way her parents ignored her had left a scar.

While we talked at the table she held my hand and when we were leaving the restaurant my hand was still in hers. Then when we left, we took a walk so as not to stop the conversation, and she laced her fingers in mine. It was a nice night out, the moon was full, the stars were shining, and we found a nice little bench to watch the sunset. We sat close on the bench, logically it was for warmth, I think we both knew it wasn't that cold.

After going on a walk I went into the office of the hotel and signed the papers for the room I reserved. I didn't even bother to ask for a room with another bed. I figured we could use the one bed as a sort of... bonding experience. I knew something was happening between us, and im sure she felt it too. I held her hand almost the whole evening, and when we were walking sometimes she would lean in real close to me like she was cold, even though we both had light jackets on, and there was just a small breeze. We kept our voices low the whole night, staying close, almost whispering. I swear every time I touched her I felt an electricity flowing between us, when I touched her nothing had ever felt so right. Comparing the way she looked at me, and spoke to me before this, I knew she had to be feeling something. I decided I wasn't going to push her at all but I was going to try and subtly let her know I was interested, or at least as subtle as I can be.

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