Driving Sideways

Author: Suzy G
Rating: Overall R, for now PG to PG-13.
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon et. al. are the owners. I simply write non-profit work.
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Summary: AU; Willow and Tara are acquaintances. Willow finds out Tara is going to be alone for spring break and invites her home with her. On the four-day trip the two become close friends, which eventually evolves into romance. What they don't know is that someone has been following them since they left campus and when he sees that love has blossomed between them things become dangerous.

Boredom is the word that best described my state right then. Sitting atop my small single bed, watching my roommate as she packed her things and left, with no more than a wave in my direction. Woe is me, the lonely 20-year-old college student with nowhere to go for spring break. Doomed to sit on my bed for two whole weeks, I sighed; that's when I heard a knock, which was truly the last thing I expected. It was my next-door neighbor Willow.

Willow was smart, and kind, and beautiful, practically ethereal, and her eyes were the greenest I'd ever seen. Bright red hair down to her neck and a perpetual smile, I couldn't help it that the girl gave me butterflies. She wasn't really the kind of person that I thought would ever really want to hang out with me, she had lots of friends, where I really had none, and a boyfriend, even though recently they had broken up. We never really talked much, except for a few times on the way to a class, or at the Coffee House, most often it was on the way to or from the bathrooms. Without fail every time I saw her, my tummy did gymnastics.

"Hey Tare," Even though she had only known me for a while she was comfortable enough with me to call me by a nickname, it was so typically Willow of her. "Can I come in?"

"Yah sure," She tucked a piece of bright crimson hair behind her ear and stepped through the doorway. "Do you need something? I kind of figured you'd already be halfway to wherever you were going by now." She was walking around my room fingering the little trinkets and pictures that littered my walls and surfaces.

"I could say the same to you," She flashed a smile "I just wanted to say goodbye before I left, I'm going to miss not seeing you on the way to the bathroom," She full out grinned at me over her shoulder, I couldn't help but grin back.

"Oh yah me too, it's become so routine now that I might not even be able to go to a bathroom without becoming completely disoriented," She laughed; the most beautiful sound in the world. When I wasn't too busy being shy I could be pretty damned witty.

"So what are your plans for the break?"

"Nothing really I guess I'm just hanging around here," Her eyes turned from the object she was holding, to me, she was shocked.

"Nothing? You're not even going home?" yah right, go home to the monsters waiting for me in Oklahoma? I think not, I'd rather do nothing for two weeks than have to see my family again any day.

"I uh I d-don't have much family a-a-anymore, so there's uh r-really no point in going back," My shoes had suddenly become very interesting, my blonde hair fell in my face effectively hiding my blushing cheeks, oh how I hated my stutter. She just stood there for a moment looking at me, I knew because I could feel her eyes on me, and then suddenly she spoke.

"Hey crazy idea but, why don't you come with me? It's a four day trip, I'd love the company, and I'm sure my parents wouldn't mind." My head snapped up, my eyes were wide, was she really asking me to come with her or was it just my imagination. All she did was smile, and I knew it must be real.


"Of course silly, now I'm not taking no for an answer, so pack your things and meet me next door in an hour, we've gotta hit the road soon." With that she walked out the door, leaving me standing in the middle of my dorm room in total shock. Finally the shock wore off and I ran to my closet, retrieved my duffle, and threw anything I thought I might need in the bag, when I was done I jumped up and down on my bed like a gitty little schoolgirl trying my hardest not to make any noise for fear of Willow hearing me. After I was done freaking out, I went to my mirror and tried to make myself look presentable, before calmly walking next door. I was greeted by a beautiful smile.

"So are you ready to go"

"Yah," I replied, trying not to grin too hard.

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