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Search and Rescue

Author: Rosemary
Rating: NC-17
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Willow stood up and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. She couldn't deny it now. She was attracted to Tara. She knew the only way to fix this was to get this job over with and get out. She would talk to her tonight. She had to. They hadn't discussed a thing about how they felt about the case. She wanted to get Tara's gut reaction on it. She knew what hers was and she was curious to she if Tara was picking up the same thing. That was the number one reason she wanted to talk to her. But there were others.

The truth was she just really wanted to talk to Tara.

She thought about the conversation she had over heard on the radio, and she knew what it was that she felt when she heard the "Cutie"/"Sweetie" thing. It was jealousy. Plan and simple. How can you be jealous over someone that you didn't want anything to do with?

Willow decided that what she needed was to go and clean up a bit in the creek. She grabbed a change of clothes and her soap and headed down. She stripped down and headed into the creek. She bent down and was working up a lather for her soap.

Tara was confused. Very confused. She had been here for the last fifteen minutes watching Millo play in the creek. He was really kind of cute. The thing that had her confused was not the dog, but its owner. She was the most unlikable person she had ever meet in her life. But she just couldn't stop thinking about her. There was something about her that seemed so sad.

She noticed that earlier on when she had gone over to see her after she had fallen asleep. The sound of her voice, the way she was looking down, the shaking. It was almost as though she she screamed for someone to just hold her. Love her. But how could you? She wouldn't even let you like her. But Tara did like her. She was starting to think she was liking her to much.

Tara realized it was probably just the fact that she was just absolutely beautiful.

She closed her eyes and tried to put Officer out of her mind. She was busy not thinking about Officer when she noticed that Millo was begin to make that noise thing he does whenever Officer came around. She looked up and sure enough, there was Officer. Every glorious naked inch of her body.

Tara's eyes froze in place.

Oh my God. She was stunning. The shape of her body was outlined by the moonlight and Tara thought that perhaps she should turn around. Not look. She had no right to do this.

She couldn't. She couldn't take her eyes off of her. She found her view was currently placed on the outline of her breast. She slowly moved them downward and when she reached the outline of her ass, she felt her mouth go dry.

Oh God. I can't do this. It's wrong. I need to leave. She had decided that was what she was going to do. As she stood up , she saw that she was beginning to lather up.

"Ooh come on now? There's no hurry Tara. Go on, sit down," The evil part of her mind told her.

"You're probably right," she agreed with Evil Thought and sat down.

"Tara get your ass up and stop staring at Officer," Good Thought said.

"Yes. I know. I'm sorry I didn't... I'm sorry," she answered Good Thought.

She stood up to leave again, and Officer was now lathering her breasts.

SIT!" said Evil Thought.

"Okay," she agreed and was now sitting again.

"TARA! STOP RIGHT NOW!" screamed Good Thought.

"You're right." She was standing again.

Was she? She was washing her...

"GGGRRROOWWWLLL!" said Evil Thought.

She was down again.

Good Thought agreed with them both.

Tara watched as Officer dried herself off, thinking she could use a little drying off herself. She watched as she got dressed and headed back toward her tent. The coast was clear now. She could get back to her tent undetected. She made her way down and was almost to her tent when she heard, "Tara. Do you have a minute?"

She turned around slowly and said, "Why?"

"Because I think that there's something's we should talk about. Don't you?"

"I wasn't watching. I mean I didn't even know you were over there," Tara answered .

"Watching me what?" Officer was confused.

Tara looked at her. "Bathing. I mean I see that you have your stuff there. Soap, towel, and well, I can smell the perfume from the soap and it's not what someone who hasn't been bathing would smell like." Tara winced to herself.

"Wait," Willow had to repeat the last sentence in her head to be sure it was right. "Oh yeah. Lilly something or other."

Phew! Tara thought to herself.

"Anyway, you want to come over here and maybe have a coffee or something? I have instant."

Tara looked funny at Officer. "Okay, just give me a minute. I need to radio up real fast."

Ahh, okay. She has to call "Sweetie", Willow thought.

Officer look angry now. One eye squinted almost closed, and she did the lip curl thing again. "Whatever, just never mind."

"What? Now what?" Tara said shaking her head.

"I mean I'm just tired now. "

"Tired? I'm supposed to believe you tired."

"Believe what you want. Goodnight."

"No, no you don't," Tara said pulling on her shirt sleeve.

"Don't touch me!" Willow said angrily.

"Touch you ? You think I want to touch you?"

"That's not what I meant. You know it."

"I don't care what you meant. What is wrong with you? Why are you such a bitch?"

"Well aren't you ladylike."

"God. You are just unreal. You are so stubborn. I can see why no-one likes you."

"People like me."


Willow was stuck. Truth was no-one did.

"Fuck you Maclay"

Willow went for her tent again.Tara stopped her.

"You are not leaving til you answer me. What just happened?" Tara said as she pulled her shirt from the back.

Officer spun around and said, "I just told you not to touch me."

Tara stuck out her hand and poked Officer in the shoulder with her finger.

"I just touched you."

Officer stared at Tara.

Tara repeated the motion.

"I just touched you again."

"You are really mature. Wow, maybe we can play jacks after nap time." Willow turned around and started to leave again.

"Hey, Officer. I just told you you don't leave till you tell me what the hell just happened."

"You told me?" Officer said pointing to herself. "You do not tell me, little Miss Forestry Ranger. I will throw your ass in jail."

Tara laughed. "For What?"

"Assaulting an Officer."

"That's very possible. Just give me a couple more days with you."

"What? You think you could hurt me? Ha. I'll kick your ass."

"You could not kick my ass."

"Of course I could. Look at you?"

Tara looked at herself and tried to figure out what she meant by it.

"This, this is just ridiculous. I do not believe I'm even doing this. I'm out of here."

Tara felt something hit here butt and she turned around and Officer had her towel in her hand and was twirling it around preparing to snap it at her again.

"You want a piece of me? Huh? Come on," Officer said using a hand gesture that implies 'come here'.

"Do I want a piece of you? Do I want... that's it."

Tara was coming at her now. Willow looked at her face and she said to herself, "Uh oh."

Tara reached her and grabbed her shirt with both hands at the collar. She was preparing to pummel her but suddenly it was something else. She held her shirt tight in her fist and was staring into Officer's eyes. Her nostrils were flaring and then suddenly she could take it no more. She wanted her so badly at this moment she thought she would catch fire.

Willow saw something in Tara's eyes and she knew just what it was. They were both standing there, staring at each other, and Willow's breathing began to change. Tara kept her eyes on Willow's.

Tara remained in position, mouth closed tightly, nostrils flaring. She started to move her head down, intent on kissing Officer.

Oh God. She's going to kiss me, Willow thought. No I can't do this, Willow told herself. She tried to escape but Tara held tight. Willow was panicking now.

"Please Tara, please let go of me," she said in a whisper. She closed her eyes and turned her head away and down. Tara held tight.

"Please Tara, I'm sorry. Just please let go." She was starting to cry now.

Tara didn't budge.

Willow looked up at Tara and Tara saw the panic and tears in Officer's eyes and she realized that Officer was terrified. She was terrified and it was her fault.

"I'm... I'm sorry. I don't-" she let go of Officer and ran back to her tent.

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