Conquest at Sea

Author: Nika
Rating: NC-17
Summary: AU on the high seas, a lot of pirates and falling in love.
Copyright: They don't belong to me but I play nicer with them than the original owners, so M.E. and Joss can bite me if they don't like me using the girls for personal enjoyment.

All on the Fair Maiden slept soundly, even those that were not supposed to. Raymond the new lackey and lookout snored whilst the ship was stealthily boarded by those who would be its new owners, he stirred feeling a slight tickling under his nose. The short, brown-eyed boy opened his lids only to find the tip of a sword staring him right in the face. He opened his mouth to scream a warning to the rest of the crew and found his mouth promptly silenced by a heavy hand, he struggled the best he could but could not break free and found himself being hauled to the main deck where he could see several of his mates already bound and gagged to the ship's center mast.

Below deck some crew-members had risen and the fight was beginning to spread trough out the ship. The element of surprise had given the pirates the winning edge and the fight was meant to be short lived.

The most frightened members of the cargo ship were the three accidental passengers who fate had decided to place on the Fair Maiden just the night before. They were three British youths who had been expelled from their respective boarding schools and were now on route to the Indies Colonies as punishment for what their families considered to be savage behavior. The parents of the unruly threesome had agreed that if 'wild' was what they wanted then 'wild' was what they should get. The aristocratic elders figured that a year of roughing it away from home would teach the youngsters just how good they had it and it would tame their impulses so they would be fit to interact in polite society again. Parents are often wrong about their children, this was of course one of those occasions. The three had seen this journey not as a punishment but as a chance for adventure. Because that was the coil that bound them together as friends, their thirst for danger, for the forbidden, for the adventurous, they yearned and wished to have experiences outside of their boring little world. Right at the moment hearing the yelling, the clashing of the swords and the general debauchery outside of the cabin where they had huddled together they were quickly becoming weary of getting exactly what they had wished for.

Lady Elizabeth Parry let out a high squeak when the door moved and a loud thump resounded from behind the wooden surface. She put a hand to her pale chest, taking in a gulp of air. "Someone just got smashed into our door," she said in a frightened tone.

Lord Charles Melville held her hand in what was meant to be a comforting gesture, but this intention was underplayed by the uncontrollable shaking of said appendage. "There, there Liz, I'm sure the captain and his mates have everything under control." The high pitched tone and the beads of sweat falling from his fore head gave his women friends no real belief in his words.

Lady Joanna Mackenzie none the less scooted closer to the young man and grasped his arm tightly, wanting to believe that everything would be alright in the end.

As the sounds intensified outside the cabin so did the fear inside. Lady Elizabeth was close to tears and her usually vibrant green eyes were clouded by awful visions of what the future could hold for them all. She had heard and read enough pirate tales to know what could be expected of such thieves and barbarians. She was especially worried about her fate and the fate of her friend Lady Joanna. Lady Mackenzie was a very attractive, petite, blonde haired girl who naturally captured the attention of the men around her and Lady Parry was convinced that the pirates would not be an exception to this rule. Lady Elizabeth didn't consider herself nearly as fetching as her dear friend, she had always considered herself too thin and had never cared much for the fiery red color of her hair, but now she seriously doubted that these sea criminals would mind about her figure or her hair. She shivered as a million unpleasant thoughts drifted through her mind.

Explosions and cheers could be heard outside, suddenly the door burst open and a tall bearded figure wielding a broad and curved sword spoke to them in a menacing tone. "You three get yet arses to the top deck now and don't be trying anything unless you want to taste my steel." He led the frightened lot to the deck and lined them along with the rest of the defeated crew-members.

The pirates hooted and hollered thoroughly enjoying their victory. The former captain of the ship hung his head low and surveyed the saddened faces of his crew. He wished right then that the head pirate had not spared his life. The three British youths huddled together as tightly as they could and both Lady Parry and Lady Mackenzie fought back the urge to cry.

Two of the pirates were assessing the girls with interest and the younger of the pair leered at both of them looking them up and down. "Well, look at that... we'll be having some fun tonight," he said chuckling and nudging his older companion.

"I fergot that yer new, lemme give ya some advice... look but don't touch," the seasoned pirate warned.

The advice fell on deaf ears as the young rouge's libido overran his brain and he approached the ladies with a predatory interest. He eyed them both up and made his selection, he stepped up to Lady Joanna and smiled. "You're both very pretty, but I think I'll start with you. So come on darling gimme a little kiss before I take you below deck," he said reaching out to play with an errant lock of blonde hair.

Lady Joanna winced both from the fetid breath being blown her way by the young and filthy pirate and by the meaning in his words. On reflex she recoiled and pushed him away. "Oh come on don't play hard to get darling... give us a kiss," he said pushing himself on the girl.

Lady Parry stiffened at sight of her friend being molested and then automatically reacted to her small cries for help. The redhead threw herself at the pirate and pulled at his hair. "Let her go you animal!" she screamed. The pirate turned and smacked her across the face sending the Lady flying through the air and landing head first on the deck. Lord Charles finally reacted and faced the pirate flinging his clenched fist only to miss and have the pirate draw his sword and point it to his neck. Lord Melville shut his eyes anticipating to take his last breath on earth when a loud voice rang from behind him.

"Put that sword down now!"

The pirate hesitated and found his sword being taken from him by the pirate captain in one swift move. "What did you think you were doing?" the captain asked in an angry voice looking at the frightened passengers and at the girl lying on the floor with a bloody nose and a cut on her head.

"I was just having a little fun is all," the young pirate retorted without a hint of remorse for his actions.

Two steely blue eyes stared back at him with a menacing glare. "There are rules on my ships. Rules that you were warned about, rules that you will obey."

He sneered in contempt, yet answered in a meek tone. "Yes Captain," he said while looking for his fallen sword with the corner of his eye.

The head pirate nodded and turned to the fallen girl extending her hand to help her up. The redheaded Lady blinked her eyes not quite believing the site looming above her a woman pirate with eyes the color of the ocean and hair the color of gold flaying wildly in the wind.

Meanwhile the unruly pirate stood and muttered under his breath while the captain turned "You bitch I never should've signed up with a woman pirate. I'll show you." He reached for his sword and silently stood. Lady Parry was uncertain about taking the proffered hand of the female pirate and she hesitated, she saw that the man that had attacked her was about to strike the woman that was offering to help her from behind. On impulse the redhead shouted. "Look out!"

Captain Seneca Connor turned with lightning speed her sword drawn, she deflected her enemie's blow and in one effective swing sliced through his midsection leaving him to stare with disbelief at his bloodied stomach before falling dead on the deck.

The older pirate that had been his battle companion in the taking of the ship shook his head and muttered to himself. "What a waste. I tried to tell him, well the sharks will have a feast tonight."

Captain Connor wiped her sword down on the fallen man shirt and addressed the crew who had gathered to see commotion. "To all crew-members new and old let this be a warning. We do things my way or this is your fate," she said pointing with her sword to the dead troublemaker.

Everyone stood silent. Captain Connor looked towards the redheaded girl once more who was now intently staring at the dead man on the deck and turning paler by the second. Just as the pirate expected the girls features turned impossibly white, her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she fell back on the deck with a thump. Lady Mackenzie and Lord Melville rushed to her side. Captain Connor assessed their clothing and manners deducting that they were nobles she made a decision to take special care of these passengers who could prove to be useful in the long journey ahead.

"Alright I don't want another incident like this happening again. Madrigal you will take care of the blonde girl, your cabin will be the one that used to belong to the first mate. Willis you will look after the boy and I will take care of this one in my cabin." She leant down and picked the thin girl up with ease in her strong arms. Lady Parry's friends were about to protest when the captain silenced them with a single stare and a promise. "I won't hurt your friend. I mean to tend to her wounds and make her comfortable, at least for this night. None of my crew will bother any of you, but you will be expected to earn your keep around here so tomorrow you will work like everyone else. Madrigal and Willis will show you what to do. Goodnight."

The captain carried the Lady to her cabin and set her down on the bed, she cleaned the girl's wounds and studied her face with rapt attention. The pirate realized that the Lady was quite beautiful; she had white skin, like porcelain from the lands of the far-east, hair like the setting sun on the far horizons and she remembered eyes of green gem stones found in the most valuable of treasures. The pirate had to fight the urge to lean down and kiss the slumbering face.

Seneca Connor shook her head and chastised herself. "What in blimey Hell is wrong with me? I see this girl for a few moments and already I'm composing songs in my head. I must be going soft. What I need is a good keg of rum and a feisty wench at our next port. Yeah that's it." She made sure that the redhead was sound asleep and set off to check on her men.

Captain Connor stood at the helm breathing in the sea air hoping t dispel the visions of red dancing in her mind. Her thoughts were interrupted by her first mate Madrigal DeSoto. "All is well captain the men are all settled as are the captives. We got a good loot here a lot of merchandise that we can get a good price for and we didn't lose any men. Well except for... you know."

The pirate sighed heavily. "It didn't have to happen like that."

Madrigal the chocolate haired Spanish looking pirate shook her head. "No, but it did because he asked for it. It was a good lesson to the new and a reminder to the not so new." She looked pensive for a moment before continuing. "These three passengers...I wasn't expecting anything like them on a cargo ship. They were very scared. I almost felt sorry for the lasses." She said in a semi-amused tone.

Connor smiled. "They do look wet behind the ears don't they?" she thought for a second or two, "though it was brave of them to face a 'fierce' pirate unarmed, there might be more to them than meets the eye," she concluded

Later that evening captain Connor entered her cabin and as silently as she could began to get ready for bed. She undressed and placed her weapons near in case she should need them, she climbed into the bed mindful of her sleeping companion and soon succumbed to slumber.

The morning came and Lady Parry was the first to awaken. She felt sore and disoriented; she opened her eyes carefully and nearly screamed when she saw someone's naked back lying next to her. Suddenly a flood of memories from the night before came crashing down on her making her feel light-headed. She gulped and took in a steadying breath, she traced the naked back with her eyes and the golden hair that cascaded down its length told her that the back belonged to the woman who had saved her and her friends from the young pirate who wanted to claim her friend Lady Joanna. But why was she in bed with this woman?

The redhead touched her aching temples and tried to remember. The last memory she had was of the blonde pirate slicing trough the young brute and his bloodied form falling just a few paces from where she was on the deck floor. The Lady had many questions but she dared not voice them. She thought it would somehow be unwise to rouse a menacing pirate from her sleep, so she stayed as quiet and as still as she could, staring at the smooth muscled back and at the long locks that really shone like gold in the sunlight. The more Elizabeth stared at her companion the more strangely unsettled she felt. Images of the pirate's eyes kept dancing in front of her own orbs. She saw the captain tall and commanding, wielding a sword and an icy glare, baring perfectly white teeth and a lopsided smile formed by full, enticing lips, Lady Parry's thoughts were confusing to her and her breathing changed from steady to rapid and shallow.

"Good God what is wrong with me?" she thought without taking her eyes off her bed companion. The captain shifted in her sleep and the flimsy sheet that was barely covering her form slid off even more so revealing her torso and her naked breasts were exposed to a now gasping Lady. Elizabeth's eyes nearly bulged out of her head and she blushed from head to toe. It wasn't because she had never seen another naked woman before, she and Joanne had seen each other many times, but this was different somehow the sight of the pirate's body caused a myriad of sensations in Lady Parry's whole being, sensations she had come to think she would never experience. Sure she had read the 'forbidden' novels in the library and had heard other girls talk about words such as passion, desire, longing, etc and sure she had accepted a few invitations from a Lord here or a Duke there for a walk in the garden which led to kissing and such, but she had never felt all that rubbish about lights and music and fire coursing through the veins that all those books and her friends talked about. Well she was very certain she was feeling a heat of some sort now and from looking at a woman. This was like an epiphany for the sheltered Lady of the court and she felt like she was being set free as her heart hammered almost painfully in her chest.

Captain Connor chose this very moment to awaken. Lady Parry turned her eyes away a soon a she saw the pirate woman pulling out of her slumber. Connor opened her eyes and saw that the redhead was well awake and that she had turned her face away. "Hello there girl," the blonde pirate said. The Lady was still having trouble breathing and said nothing, highly embarrassed at having ogled the sleeping, naked, woman.

The Captain stood and mistook the girl's silence for fear. She furrowed her brow and spoke to her more sternly than she really meant to. "Look you don't have to be afraid. None of my crew will try anything again and I would appreciate it that you look at me when I speak to you."

Parry took in the captain's naked form and blushed again, struggling to find her voice. "I'm sorry captain." She set her eyes down and concentrated on breathing so she wouldn't pass out.

The captain looked at the girl with an odd expression and approached her. "What's your name?"

The Lady kept her eyes down. "Lady Elizabeth Parry."

The pirate smiled. "Lady? Well... that's interesting," she said enigmatically.

Elizabeth spoke up in a timid voice. "May I ask your name captain?"

The captain bowed and introduced herself. "I am Captain Seneca Connor, also known as the pirate Queen by those who like me or the bitch of the sea by those who don't and you're still not looking me in the eye, why is that?"

Lady Parry really didn't know how to begin to answer the question and her answer was a prolonged stammer. "I-uhm-well-you-see-I-uhm..." she stumbled with both her words and her eyes not knowing where to set them.

Connor finally realized what might be wrong and let out a hardy laugh. "I see... well you Ladies of the court certainly are sheltered. If my body upsets you then I'm sorry. There's not much room for modesty in my trait and I am the captain and this is my cabin. So get used to it."

Lady Parry could only think. 'Oh you don't know how much I could get used to it.'

The captain stepped even closer to the Lady and inspected her nose and forehead. "Well now that blow wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, there'll be some swelling, but nothing grand. You probably have a headache today, so you can take it easy here. But this will be the last time, tomorrow you work like everyone else." That said the captain put on her clothes and donned her weapons. Before she walked out the door the redheaded girl dared to look at her and speak.

"Captain Connor... would it be alright... I mean could I speak to my friends later on?"

The captain turned and assented with her head. "Yes, but much later there's a lot to do on the ship today. I'll send them to see you when there's time."

When the pirate left the room Lady Parry plopped herself down the bed and mumbled into the pillow. "Oh God what am I going to do now? I'm infatuated with a woman and not just any woman a pirate at that, a pillaging, plundering, blue-eyed swashbuckler... Daddy will be so proud I'm sure." She would have laughed if she didn't feel so much like crying. She may have been sheltered but she wasn't blind, deaf, and dumb. She knew that it was possible for women to love women. It was the sort of thing that was frowned upon publicly, but that was from the rumors that circulated in the court practiced a lot privately. The rumors had always piqued her curiosity and now she knew why. But would the captain feel same way? Just because she was attracted to the pirate it didn't mean that the feelings were mutual. She wondered and hoped. And her friends how would her friends take the news? Her head ached and her belly rumbled making her aware that she was hungry. So the Lady put aside her thoughts of romance with the rogue beauty and set out to search for some breakfast.

On her way from the kitchen Lady Parry heard some unusual noises coming from a small storage room and her curiosity got the better of her, she turned the knob carefully and pushed the door open just enough to peek inside. What she saw made her freeze on the spot from surprise. The tall bearded pirate that had hauled them on the deck the night before was fervently kissing a young man of shorter stature and long blonde locks.

Elizabeth was so caught up in the sight that she failed to notice when captain Connor came up behind her and Lady Parry nearly died of fright when the captain spoke up behind her in an angry voice. "Morris and Kildare, get yer arses on the deck right now if you don't want to end up walking the plank!" The two men broke apart with a start and that moment no one would believe that they were mean sea pirates. They looked at their captain with frightened and penitent eyes, like kicked puppies or naughty children waiting for their punishment. "Today of all days sneaking off to make with the lip dueling... Have you lost your minds somewhere inside your pants? GodDammit!" The two pirates uttered a bunch of sorry captain and yes captain aye, aye captain while adjusting their clothing and scurrying off as fast as their legs would take them to the main deck.

Lady Parry stood perfectly still not knowing exactly what to do at the moment. The pirate eyed her carefully as if gauging her reaction to the situation. Not bearing the silence any longer Lady Parry started to carefully search for words. Maybe this would be a perfect opportunity to see how the captain might feel about her. "Well that was...." She left the phrase lingering.

The captain's interest was peaked this was the perfect opportunity to answer a vital question about the redhead. "That was what Lady Parry?" she asked fixing her blue eyes on the other woman's green ones.

The younger girl was nervous and her brain failed to produce a word that would be pertinent to what she was trying to achieve. "That was... well I mean it was so...."

The 'pirate queen' grew impatient and she began to mistake the redhead's hesitance for something else so she changed strategies to see the other girl's reaction. "So... what? Strange maybe?"

Lady Parry's heart sank 'strange' wasn't one of the words that she was looking for. Afraid of disappointing or turning the captain away she simply settled for meekly agreeing with what the captain was offering. "I guess strange, but also..."

The captain was disappointed now and also a bit angry, she ventured further. "Also... unnatural?"

The Lady was now completely deflated and hesitated once more ' unnatural' was a word she wasn't sure she wanted to agree with.

Again the captain misunderstood the uncomfortable silence and with a heavy sigh she frowned. "I see... well you better get back to the cabin." She said curtly and left to finish her many duties.

Later in the day Lady Joanna and Lord Charles visited Lady Parry in her cabin just like the captain had promised. They hugged each other and talked excitedly about everything that happened in the short span that they had spent on the ship.

"Oh I know just what you mean. It's been days, but it seems like months or even years," Lady Joanna said.

"I don't mind admitting that I've never been more frightened than I was last night. My word, that brute..." Charles said running his hands through his dark hair.

"Yes but the Captain sure took care of him. I'm sure anyone will think twice before bothering us." Elizabeth interjected with a dreamy look in her eyes thinking about the dashing pirate.

Charles furrowed his brow. "Yes, but I'm afraid we must consider why she is going through such trouble to see that we are unharmed. I'm quite afraid that we'll be sold into slavery or worse. We can't forget that these are pirates after all."

Lady Parry hadn't thought about this, yet she was ready to voice her protest when Joanna beat her to it.

"You've read one too many novels Charles. Not all pirates are cut throats. We've been treated very kindly if you ask me and besides that I do keep my eyes and ears open. I've asked around and it seems that captain Connor is not so bad as far as pirates go. I've heard that she'll trade or sell the cargo and as far as passengers and captured crew she'll trade them off for ransom either to their families or to the ship's owner."

The thought of going back to her family suddenly made Lady Parry's throat go dry. Lady Joanna continued, "Madrigal told me last night that we have nothing to worry about and I believe her."

Lord Charles still looked far from convinced. "Madrigal, hey? I'm glad you're on a first name basis with our captors and that you're comforted by their reassurances," he said cynically.

The petite blonde pouted and retorted by sticking out her tongue. "Look we've all sat around whining about the lack of adventure in our lives and now it's here. I say let's embrace it and learn from it. Pirates or no pirates I still would rather be here than back at our boring Villas, hearing droll piano recitals and doing needlepoint by the fireplace."

"Here. Here!" Lady Parry agreed enthusiastically.

"Take last night, Madrigal showed me some defensive maneuvers should a man ever attack me again and she promised that if I was good and did all my chores right she would each me how to handle a sword. Now isn't that much better than the bloody opera?" Lady Joanna added practically glowing with glee.

Elizabeth laughed at her friend's enthusiasm. "So I take it you and Madrigal are getting along?" she asked.

Joanna's face lit up. "Oh yes! She was wonderful last night. I was really scared and even though I could tell that she was tired she stayed up with me and she was very gentle. She told me stories to distract me and...."

"Yes, yes... why not just marry the thieving scoundrel then Joanna?" Charles scoffed.

Joanna blushed at the comment and quickly changed subjects. None of this was missed by Lady Elizabeth who brightened at the thought that perhaps she wasn't so 'strange' afterall.

It had been a long and hard day the captain returned to her cabin in a less than friendly and the thought that she would have to share her bed with an unavailable woman did not help her to unwind any.

Lady Parry on her part had also both dreaded and anticipated the nighttime. When the captain entered the cabin with a somber look about her the redhead's nerves increased by a ten fold.

The pirate washed in silence and watched the young girl from the corner of her eye. She had tried all day to get the other woman out her head and failed. Now she saw that the vixen had chosen a light material gown to sleep in and it showed off her lithe body perfectly. 'Is the Lady trying to drive me mad?' the pirate thought to herself as she splashed water on her face. The frustration she was feeling turned almost to anger as she thought about similar situations she had already faced. 'All these damn nobles are the same. She'll warm my body but not my bed. Bugger this!'

She turned slowly and took one long and lingering look at the girl before speaking. "I want you to do something for me." She said.

Lady Parry's pulse was racing and the look that the pirate had given her body had made her spine tingle. She swallowed and answered shakily, afraid and excited at the same time. "Yes?"

"I want you to sleep in the first mate's cabin tonight," the captain said evenly.

Elizabeth was shocked to say the least this was very unexpected. "What? But why?" she asked in a pleading voice.

The captain's face turned red. She was not used to having her orders questioned and she hated to feel like she had to explain. But if the 'princess' wanted an explanation then fine she would provide one. "Well my Lady I am a woman of needs and since you made it clear this morning that you find these needs 'strange' then I will have my bed warmed by someone who welcomes this strangeness and you shall free of waking to the sight of my naked, 'unnatural' body. There is a cook's apprentice with a fabulous body who will be more than happy to take your place on my bed. So get going."

Lady Parry took in all the information that the pirate queen had just thrown in her face and quickly came to one conclusion. "Like Hell!" throwing her nerves out the out the window, Elizabeth strode with purpose towards the standoffish captain and stood toe to toe with the pirate.

Connor looked curiously at the girl standing before her and was just about to repeat her order when the smaller girl spoke in an absolute tone of authority. "Captain do shut up and stop putting words in my mouth, cause frankly I'd rather have your lips."

The pirate smiled like a mad bandit and complied with the well executed order. She claimed the mouth that she had been dreaming about and it tasted better than any fantasy her mind could conceive. The Lady's mouth was sweet and tangy and it warmed the pirate's body with a liquid kind of heat. Their mouths opened and closed on one other, their lips touching and retreating over and over again.

Elizabeth was in a haze of ecstasy. This was what all those musky pages spoke of only a million times better. A few kisses were making her feel lightheaded and drunk with life, the life that she had never tasted, the life that she could not even dream of. She was just discovering what life could be within the captain's strong embrace. She could feel her body awakening from a nap that had lasted a lifetime and it felt beyond wonderful.

The blonde sought entrance into the redhead's mouth by running the tip of her tongue over her soon to be lover's lips and they granted their acceptance by parting ever so slightly. The pirate did what she did best; she seized the opportunity and conquered. Her tongue slid into the Lady's mouth with a velvety ease and the younger girl surrendered with a sensual groan on contact. Their tongues dueled and danced exploring the power that they had when they banded together. Both women swayed on their feet, shivering from excitement and anticipation. Parry clutched at Connor's back and Connor ran her hands over Parry's sides, every once in a while cupping her buttocks. As the kisses grew deeper and wilder their bodies reacted in unison and still standing they ground against each other. Their centers naturally gravitated towards each other and they both drank the other's moans of pleasure. The pirate queen had had many sexual conquests in her lifetime but none had been like this. Nothing could or would ever compare to what she felt with this woman whom she had just met a night and day ago. The sensations coursing through out their bodies spoke of centuries of power not days. The pirate felt her nipples harden and strain against the silk material of her shirt and with each movement or sound that the other girl made her core became wetter and readier for her Lady.

The redhead felt the captains ample cleavage pushing and brushing against her own and her nipples stood at attention like pebbled peaks. She longed to be able to see the blonde's naked form once again, but this time laying on top her or writhing beneath her. She felt something else that she had never felt before; her sex was wet with a warm and sticky substance that seemed to flow freely and have no end. When she thought she couldn't stand any more sensations the captain pushed her thigh in between her legs making contact with her center. Parry gasped and instinctively pushed her self down on the captain's leg increasing the contact. "Oh my God!" she rasped out. The pirate smiled and her Lady establish a rocking motion, even more liquid poured out of Parry's sex and she knew that she needed more but didn't quite know what. She tried to voice her desires between, ragged breaths and soft moans. "Oh... I... oooh... I need... I... w-w-want... ah."

The pirate knew what her Lady needed, the same thing she did. She stopped their rocking motions and lifted the slight girl on her arms kissing her soundly all the way to the bed. She lay on top of the girl and looked down at her with a mixture of perfect love and perfect lust and was greeted by the twin expression of a pair of emerald mirrors staring up at her. The blonde smiled and under her lover's close scrutiny began to undress. The redhead licked her lips and practically salivated every time a piece of clothing was discarded by the beautiful captain. The pirate also licked her lips when she finished disrobing and began to make quick work of discarding the other girls sleeping gown. The pirate loved the young girl's body it was smooth and lean. The breasts were pert, with rosy colored nipples that invited you to bite them and so she did.

Parry arched her back and thrashed her head from side to side as the pirate made love to her breasts, kissing them, biting and sucking at the nipples, taking turns from left to right. The redhead was beyond the realm of reason; she was just a body in need of release a release that only her rogue lover could bring. The captain took her time, mapping out and exploring every expanse of skin. Leaving just one place untouched. She wanted her Lady to be completely ready. When Elizabeth again began to whimper and plead for something she didn't even understand Connor knew it was time. She gently parted her lover's outer folds and her tongue from top to bottom of the opening. The pirate reveled in the taste and got lost in it. Just as Parry thought she couldn't take any more pleasure Connor circled her tongue over the redhead's pulsating bundle of nerves. The Lady lifted her hips off the bed and her thighs began to quiver. The captain knew it would be a quick wave she shifted her position and teased her Lady's opening with a finger, Parry moaned her approval and the pirate entered her carefully and lovingly. Elizabeth felt a sharp bolt of pain, but the pleasure she was feeling fueled her senses more than any other sensation and the pain soon mingled with the pleasure and her hip began to rock in tune with the pirates sliding finger. The captain took this as her cue and inserted a second finger, she entered and exited the warm heaven at a steady pace. Parry's cries became more urgent and movements more frantic, suddenly her body tensed and relaxed in that one perfect second that every living being chases with fervor, usually under the cover of the night. After the spasms subsided and her body exhaled a beautifully long breath her pirate lover came up on the bed to greet her with a kiss.

And there they were an unlikely pair at first sight, but if you looked closely enough you could see that one was a Lady of the court, but the other was the Queen of the sea. One was conqueror that had claimed the other's body, but the other was a conquistador that stolen the other's heart.

They made love countless times that night and met the morning with a smile on both their faces.

The three British youths met on the top deck later that day and they stood looking overboard each unusually quiet and yet giddy at the same time. Lady Joanna who had always been the boldest of the three finally decided to break the silence. "Oh this is ridiculous! I'm just going to say it and please understand that I won't change my mind so don't try to persuade me. Hear what I have to say and be happy for me... Erm... I've fallen in love and it's with a woman. Madrigal and I consummated our love last night and I've decided I'm not going home. Madri says that Connor and she are close to retiring, that they are hitting a few more merchant ships and then settling down on some land that they've already bought. I'm staying with her and that's that." The blonde crossed her arms across her chest expecting to find resistance from her friends and finding warm, beaming smiles all around instead. "Well what's wrong with you two? I just announced some mayor, life changing news and all you can do is stand there with silly grins on your faces... you didn't happen to smoke some opium did you?"

They grinned some more and then hugged he tight. She was dumbfounded and repeated her question in a worried tone. "You didn't really happen to smoke opium did you?"

Both Charles and Elizabeth laughed and spouted out. "No it's just that me too!" "You too?" Both Charles and Elizabeth said simultaneously again. They all hugged again.

Charles raised his hand. "Me first. I met the most wonderful girl yesterday. She's like no one I've ever met before, refreshingly honest, straight forward, a good cook and a scoundrel in... well you know what I mean. She has the same plans as the captain and the first mate so there we are." he finished with a smile.

Elizabeth was beaming not only had she met the love of her life, but her friends had also found happiness and they would all get to share it in the years to come. "Well I guess you already know who I'm in love with and is my always."

All the friends smiled and turned to see the captain at the helm who turned to see her love staring up at her with adoration and in her mind and in her heart the pirate whispered at a distance. "I'm yours my Lady."


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