Return to Scheherazade Part One


Author: Salamanda
Rating: NC-17.
Disclaimer: Oh the usual: They ain't mine, none of, not a one of 'em - still wishin' tho'. They belong to a whole mess of other folk, too numerous (and lucky) to mention. There's not a bean o' profit in it - ain't that the truth! I'm a just doin' it for the love o' the smut.


Tara sat uncomfortably again at the desk. Her naked buttocks ached against the wooden seat despite Willow's earlier healing spell. Not that the spell had failed or anything like that. As the copper haired witch had explained: "It's just that there's no point in punishing you sweetie if, once it's over, the pain is just kinda... gone."

Tara had nodded her agreement as Willow continued: "But we don't want you to suffer too much. After all we need you to be ready for your next session don't we?"

The red haired witch's hands glowed magically as they stroked Tara's butt, soothing away the worst of the pain. Still, the residual effect was less than comfortable.

It was hardly surprising the pretty blonde mused to herself. After spending a significant period of time over her lover's knee the night before, Willow's firm hand emphasizing to her the need to be very thorough in writing her fantasies, a long and particularly uncomfortable afternoon had then been passed as her hind-quarters renewed their acquaintance with Willow's favored leather strap. With a spell cast to prevent Tara's tearful, pleading cries being heard beyond the room they shared in the Summer's house, the red-head had wielded the strap energetically, displaying all her growing expertise, making her girlfriend bend, stretch, spread and pose herself in a range of humiliating, awkward, but most of all painful, positions. By the end the pain had been a beacon on which Tara's arousal had burned with a pure, white heat.

The result had been a tearfully aroused blonde witch, bound by her wrists to the head board of the bed she shared with Willow. Tara had found herself bent double, Willow lifting her ankles to rest them on her shoulders and ploughing into her hungry, grasping centre with a newly acquired strap-on.

The massive dildo now rested on the desk next to Tara's page, distracting her still further. Its slick finish seemed to glisten as if wet.

She shuddered as she contemplated it, her core throbbing dully at the memory of it inside her. Her sap seeped from her to cover the seat again with the sheen of her arousal.

Yet again Willow had been fiendish. She was keenly aware of her girlfriend's aversion to anatomically accurate sex toys. Their realistic masculinity disturbed her. The new one was both authentic and huge. Tara swallowed the lump in her throat. Despite her discomfort she was keenly aware of the fact that she was highly aroused by the recollection of her lover pounding it into her. She knew that soon she would be learning to fellate the mammoth cock - something of which she had no experience, but at which her mistress would compel her to become skilled. Tara was no fool. She understood what Willow was doing to her - training her to take pleasure from something that disturbed her. Still, what was a new kink on top of her many others?

That said it was not simply the maleness of the dildo that scared her.

"You like it, don't you baby?"

"Ahhhh... yeh... eh... eh... ehhhhss."

Each thrust of the red-head's hips drove the fearsome cock deep into her, causing her response to break up every time.

"You like my big cock inside you don't you?"

"Ohh... ohh... yeh... ehh... ehhhhsss... mi... iss... stresss..."

Willow continued her stream of obscene questions.

"Yes baby, you like it, big and hard, deep in your cunt don't you pet?"

The ruthless pounding continued, harder, faster.

"Ohhhhhh... ye... yeh... yeh... ehh... ehhsss..."

"Tell me Tara... tell me you like being fucked hard with my big cock..."

"Oh... ohh... ohhh... I... I... lo... o... ove... bee... ing... fuh... uhked by y... ou... or... co... ock."

"Good girl Tara. Now beg for it Tara"

"Aggghhh... puhr... puhrp... please... mi... i... fuh...uck meeee..."

"Beg for my cock Tara!"

"Ohhhh... goddess... purh... please mistre... ess... please gi... ive me your bi... i... ig... co... ock..."

"That's my girl Tara."

Tara had squealed as Willows thumb snagged, squeezing on the shiny pearl of her clit.

"You want to come Tara?"

"Ohh... ohhh... ohhh... ple... ease... Mii... iistre... ess... sss."

Willow strummed on the blonde's clitoris.

"OK baby you can come now... just remember baby that... this big cock will be in your ass tonight..."

The words were almost lost on Tara as she crashed into the oblivion of her climax. The skilled fingers on her clit and the deep, distending strokes of the strap-on sending the world blank around her as she screamed her lover's name, back arched, arms straining against their bonds, before subsiding dumbly beneath the red haired witch.

The words were almost lost... but not quite.

So Tara viewed the dildo with considerable trepidation. The tight ring of the 'O' shaped mouth of her bottom seemed to pulse, fluttering nervously in anticipation of its imminent ravaging. She knew Willow too well to hope that she might fail to be a good as her word; that she might have meant merely to tease her girlfriend as she came.

"Oh fuck..." Tara's hand reached to smooth over the heated flush of her brow.

It was not that her ass was virgin territory, nor even that, kept magically taut, it would feel that her virginity was being taken yet again but simply that the new toy was hugely bigger than anything she had taken before.

Despite, or more likely because of, her fears Tara's arousal grew.

"Oh shit..."

Willow was nothing if not a natural at this game.

"We're going shopping!"

So here we are in a mall full of people. In my hand is the small bag from the lingerie store.

"We're going shopping" - code for "I want you to have some new underwear and I want to choose it."

A plum lace bustier, matching panties and garter belt later here we are standing at the railing looking down over the Saturday afternoon crowds. Your hand is light around my waist.

"Mmmm you're going to look so nice baby. I'm looking forward to watching you put it on just for me to take it all off again."

A shiver, almost imperceptible, passes through you. I feel it where your hip leans against mine. An answering tremor rises from the pit of my body and my center tightens moistening in anticipation of you undressing me, touching me, bringing me gasping to pleasure.

"Ooooh yeah... you like the sound of that Tara?"

I turn to nuzzle against you, kissing your neck.

"Mmmm... yes please Will."

Your eyes sparkle in response and your eyebrow arches as that lean, predatory, feral grin curves your lips. I swallow nervously at the sight.

"That's my baby, Tara... you want me to take you home and fuck you baby?"

I moan softly against you.

"Or perhaps I'll take you home and put you over my knee Tara. Put you over my knee and spank your pretty ass 'til you cry sweetie? Would you like that Tara? Mmm?"

"Ohhh, Will..." I groan, grinding my belly against the jut of your hip. "Ohhhh yes please Will." I repeat my earlier plea.

Your eyes burn as you stare deep into my needy soul.

"Or perhaps I'll just fuck you here Tara..."

I start in reaction, my eyes widening in shock. Not that it would be the first time you've fucked me in public; but there's a difference between a dark, dykey night-club and a shopping mall in broad daylight.

My belly turns over, my cunt contracting as my juices seep to moisten my panties.

My renewed groan betrays me.

"Ohh you'd like that wouldn't you Tar? You'd like me to take you just here wouldn't you? Fuck you like a desperate little slut, right here over this railing."

"Ohhh Goddess..." is all I can gurgle in response.

Your eyes hold me as you turn to face me, your arm holding me tight against you now. You mouth brushes my face before your lips claim mine passionately. Your kiss sears through me laving me breathless as my mouth opens compliantly for you; to receive your questing, hungry tongue. Shopping for underwear always turns you on. I am helpless in the gale of your arousal.

Your hand is firm, grasping tightly at my butt rocking me softly against your thrusting hips. Passers by stare but I don't care. I'm yours and we both know it. You could make good your threats, taking me there and then and I would not resist.

Eventually you break off the kiss allowing me, panting, to gulp in lungfuls of air and your hand releases me as you turn back to lean on the railing again.

My heart rate slows from its manic trip-hammer to a mere racing maelstrom.

Your next words confuse me.

"Panties Tara."

Panties? The ones we've just bought? What about them?

"S-sorry Will... not with you baby."

"Panties Tara... give me your panties... now Tara."

I hesitate briefly, still confused, before the light of realization dawns, my eyes widening in comprehension.

"Uh-uh I-I..."

I look around me in panic.

"Bu-but Will... th-there's p-people..."


Your continued calm as you survey the crowds is maddening. Your fingers snapping twice, the only indication of your impatience.

"B-but Will... here? Now?"

"Yes Tar... here! Now!" Your reply is a hiss of impatience that sets me in motion. Finally I begin to fumble reaching beneath my skirt.

I have to raise my skirt slightly, drawing it to my knees, my head bowed, hiding my flushed cheeks, trying to draw as little attention to myself as possible. Reaching up under my skirt I hook my fingers into the waistband of my panties to tug them with a slight wriggle past my hips.

A small group of high school boys, swagger past staring, sniggering, enjoying the show, my humiliation. I color a deeper pink and you grin at my humiliation as my panties fall down my legs to pool at my ankles. Halting me as I bend to recover the simple cotton, you to crouch picking them up from the floor as I step out of them.

"Good girl Tara." You wink at me as you stand again.

Your fingers sample their dampness and you lift them to your nose to inhale the fragrance that my arousal has infused into them.

"Mmmmm..." You rumble again. "Very nice. You know I think you must be very wet baby."

My blush deepens still further. You know only too well how I react to such embarrassment.

Against my will my saps rises lush, slick from the tender hollow of my cunt.

"Y'know you're so pretty when you blush baby."

With another wink you slip my underwear into your purse.

"C'mon babe I've got an idea... more shopping!"

Your hand, firm at my elbow, you lead me, reluctant, trembling, into the adult store.

Studiously avoiding eye-contact, the clientele observe with sly interest as you lead me to the racks of magazines. My jaw drops as you pick up the first to thumb trough it.

My face flushes again as you slowly browse through the pictures of girls performing a succession of sex acts, but I cannot keep the interest from my face despite my chagrin at the pictures in the first title: "Lesbian Gang-bang"

"Interested baby?" You tease as you move on to the next shelf. You know I am.

"Now this is more like it... English I think..."

Sapphic Spankings is devoted to girls spanking girls. My jaw drops.

"Mmmm... you'd look good like that..." You point to a blonde. Bent double, her legs lifted high in the air as her partner holds her ankles to display both her nether mouths. The photographer has captured the moment of impact of the paddle on her bottom. Her face is racked with pain.

My center pulses, throbbing heavily, wetly, leaching my sap onto my thighs. My imagination sparks, the idea of you posing me so to punish me flares in my minds eye.

Your eyes sparkle knowledgably at the misty, distance in mine.

"Shall we get this one too?"

I simply nod feebly in response. Your eyes are bright reflecting the fire in my cheeks.

"Now what else?" You hum as you turn to look around the rest of the store. "Oh yes. I know..."

The dildo is massive, lifelike I guess.

"It's about time we had a new toy. That little pink one of yours is altogether inadequate isn't it baby?"

You stroke the rippled, veiny silicone of the faux cock obscenely.

We are now clearly the center of attention. All eyes are fixed on us as you select a harness to accompany the dildo. I stand, almost lost, next to you, my entire body flushed with embarrassment and arousal.

"Take these to the counter sweetie. Then come back here."

You hand me the two magazines, and the dildo and harness and with a pat on the bottom direct me towards the cash desk.

"I- I-I'll be back in a minute." I stammer as the guy at the counter leers at me and turn to rush back to the protection of your side.

My insides quake as I rejoin you. The multi-thonged flogger trails between your fingers. I freeze at the sight.

"Hmmm..." You pause in thought. " this one I think."

My breath catches in my throat as you select a black, spit-tailed, leather strap.

"What do you think Tar? Ready to feel this across that pretty ass of yours?"

I am unable to reply. My mouth is dry and I feel myself shaking.

"Come on baby..."

Leading me back to the check-out you reach into your purse for your credit card.

"Hi!" You beam at the guy behind the desk. Of course he returns your smile. Who wouldn't? "I'll take these please - to keep my baby entertained. She needs a lot of... attention, you know... dontcha baby?"

I blush again before, eyes lowered, I stammer the answer I know you want to hear.

"Yes Willow..."

"Mmmm... that's right sweetie. When we get home we're gonna make good and sure to warm up that pretty fanny of yours before you get your fucking, aren't we?"

You continue a renewed smile of innocence playing on your face while you hand over your card to speechless leering guy. He bags up the purchases and I squirm uncomfortably as he finally finds words:

"Have real nice afternoon ladies!" He remarks with emphasis, unable to disguise his enthusiastic approval, a new leer distorting his features.

I am breathless, as if we had run all the way home and not just the length of the driveway as you propel me through the front door.

"Come ON Tara!" Your words are stern, making me tremble with fear. My cunt throbs dully, needful, heated again.

Buffy's face peers around the living room door as we enter to head directly for the stairs.

"Oh hi guys!"

Your reply is as bright as her greeting.

"Hey there Buff." But underneath the cheerful response is a note of tension that reveals your need to me.

"Would you mind just looking something up for me Will? Y'know Slayer stuff. I could kinda use your hacker skills." The Slayer continues, oblivious.

"Err sorry Buffy but can it wait 'till later? Promise I'll help you before you go on patrol."

"Well..." The Slayer tries again but your mind is set.

"Sorry Buff..." You turn to me eyes flashing. Your hand points the way up the stairs. "Tara, upstairs, stripped... NOW!"

My insides flip at the command in your voice and I turn quaking, to the stairs. My knees shake as my core spills my sap, scenting the air with musk.

Your nostrils flare at the hint of my aroma on the air and your eyes burn again as you turn with a grin towards Buffy. If you can detect the scent of my arousal the Slayer certainly can.

"Yeah sorry Buff but I've got a girlfriend who needs a spanking before I fuck her."

Your comment is as casual as it is calculated.

I can't be sure who blushes deeper; the Slayer or me. She colors crimson to her hairline as I gasp in shock at your frank crudity. Not that our love life is a secret. The whole house hears me scream most nights.

"And you girl... what are you doing here still? Didn't I make myself clear that I want you upstairs, naked?" You turn to me enraged, your brows darkening with fury.

"S-s-sorry mistress." I stammer, turning to hurry up the stairs.

Your sigh is deep, heavy with displeasure, impatient with exasperation, behind me.

I turn stepping out of my skirt to reveal the shaven nakedness of my mons to you. My hands move hurriedly fumbling with the catch of my bra. You fold your arms below your breasts as I struggle with its restraint. My heart races as, dry mouthed, shivering with fear I watch your frown deepen and I shake uncontrollably, rendering the removal of my bra an impossible task.

Finally you snort in frustration. Your impatience overflows.

"Get on with it girl... or I'll just have to remove it for you."

"I-I'm s-sorry m-mistress." I stutter again as the catch finally surrenders, allowing my breasts to fall free, tumbling full and heavy. Their points jut stiffly aching with arousal and my chest heaves as I gasp for air.

You eyes rake my body. Exposed now to your lustful gaze, I stand still shaking as you drink in my nakedness, scrutinizing every inch of every curve, every detail. Your eyes are hungry, vulpine, darkly lecherous.

Small, helpless, I shiver. I am your prey.


The instruction is clear, simple and your tone allows no hesitation.

Obediently I comply to show you my back, my buttocks. I tremble again at the realization that soon they will be blushing, covered in aching, burning fire. My center tightens again in expectation.

"Mmmm such a pretty ass Tara..."

Your hands are cool, smooth, soft; their gentleness belying their strength and the pain they can inflict. My buttocks flinch at their contact and I gasp low as my guts twist again, sparks of fevered arousal firing along the pathways of my nervous system, rendered acutely sensitive by your fierce presence.

"...Gonna look so nice when it's all pink and raw..."

Your grasp becomes firmer. You begin to squeeze, to kneed, to pinch the tender swell of my cheeks and I gasp again at your harsher treatment of them. I begin to wriggle against the discomfort as your hand reaches into the cleft of my buttocks, dipping lower to pinch cruelly at the softest flesh of my lower, inner curves.

"Ahhh Mistress..." My sigh is ecstatic, agonized, involuntary.

Your hand releases me to strike sharply with a stinging spank on my buttocks.

"Did I give you permission to speak girl?"

I whimper at the impact.

"N-no Mistress." I reply, compounding my error.

Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack

I groan aloud but wordlessly, realizing my fault.

"Silence girl. The only thing I want to hear from you is your cries." Your voice is heavy with command and authority as you slip fully into the persona of my cruel Mistress. I shake, the thrill of my submission coursing through me, leaving me quiescent, compliant before you.

My groan is low, soft as you resume your fierce exploration of my bottom. Your fingertip traces the dusky cleft of my buttocks to nudge the tender, puckered 'O' of my anus, probing lightly at its resistance. I moan again, thrusting back slightly against the intruder. My bowels tighten as my cunt pulses again.

Without warning your other hand brushes renewed flame across my behind, landing with a fat, hot spank that leaves my gasping.

As you probe deeper into me you begin to beat out a rhythm on my behind and I rock, thrusting as I pant, gasping, whimpering, moaning with lust at this dual assault.

Each blow, each stabbing thrust of your finger sets me quaking, careering towards a climactic release.

"You like that baby don't you?"

Your lips are soft as your voice teases, almost soothing in my ear, but I hold my tongue, obedient. I know the rules. They have been hard learned. I gurgle. Your finger eases out of me leaving me empty as you deny my mounting pleasure. The denial of my pleasure is a cruelty you mastered long ago.

Leading me across the room to the chair your voice is light as if you are discussing the weather or the time of day rather than plunging me into a tear-filled abyss of torment.

"I think it's time to warm up your bottom properly sweetie. We'll start with you over my knee for a thorough spanking before you bend for the new strap. And then if you're a very good girl maybe you can try the new dildo."

My mouth salivates. Your tone leaves no doubt as to the meaning of "very good".

You take your seat patting your lap to indicate where I should place myself. Recognizing the hunger in your eyes I hurry to drape myself over your knees, my legs together, straight behind me, my hands braced on the floor in front.

Hardly a day goes by without my finding myself in this position and thus presented I feel your hands resume their fiercely intimate exploration of my already warmed behind.

"Ahhh... so pretty..."


The spank is much heavier than the earlier ones and I gasp, grunting as my buttocks flatten and the heat flares through me.



I jerk on your lap at each successive impact, my moans growing quickly as the intensity of my punishment grows.

Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK

My cries rise, my legs kicking as you rain fire, agony, torment on my proffered flesh.

"Ahhhhh... Ohhhh... Unnnhhhh... Ohhhhh... Owwwww... Hahhhhh... Nnnnnnnahhhh... Owwwwwch... Oooooohhh... Ohhhhhhhh... Arrgghhhhnnnnowwwww..."

I am wracked with the sweet, excruciating anguish of the relentless hardness of your hand.

That familiar confusion of emotions sweeps over me.

'Oh Goddess' I plead silently in the dark echoing, recesses of my soul. 'No more... oh please no more... oh please... oh please... oh please... more... do not stop... force me... compel me... oh please... my love... no more... oh please... ohhhhh punish me again... and again... and again...'

Not that you would listen to my pleas even if you could hear them. You decide, you control, you choose the duration, the form, the severity of my punishment. I simply receive, writhing, sobbing, oozing with the wetly in my tortured arousal.


Eventually, when time has lost meaning and all that exists is the hurting, roiling fury of my needful sexuality, my bottom, my thighs red and burning, you pause the unforgiving salvo of spanks.

"Mmmmm... beautiful baby..." Your voice is husky, brimming with lust. "I think that will do for the warm up... mmmm... stand up Tara."

I clamber, stiffly, tearfully from your lap to stand before you, head bowed, penitent, waiting. My eyes are raw, puffy, my face tear stained, flushed, my core hot, hungry.

Your hands stroke lightly over my belly, my thighs, the smooth nakedness of my groin. The slightest touch on my pouting vulva leaves me shaking, my hips bucking lewdly symptomatic of the depth of my needy arousal.

"Very nice Tara...". Your voice at first soft, contemplative becomes harsh, commanding again. "Hands on your head, legs apart girl."

The power of your voice sets me trembling and hesitant I struggle in my arousal.

Impatient your hand snaps a stuttering rattle of spanks on my belly, the front of my thighs, my proffered mons; and this sudden explosion of new pain has me hurrying to obey you.

In my new position your hand has access to the tenderness of my inner thighs, the sensitive flesh at the apex of my legs and the base of my belly, the soft, soaking, pouting lips of my womanhood. The rain of spanks continues as you stand to add weight to the slapping cadence of your hand quickly taking me from whimpering pitifully to crying aloud as my belly, legs and cunt are subjected to a withering assault that has my knees weak and my heart pounding with the fury of my excited state.

Your face breaks into a new wolfish grain as a long wordless wail is torn from my throat by your practiced attack on my over sensitized body


But as quickly as this stage of my torment begins, it ends, leaving me perched again on the brink of orgasm, ready to plead for you to enter me, to fuck me, fist me, ride me to oblivion and to crisis. But obediently silent, my pleas left unspoken, I wait while you observe me as I fall back, gasping, breasts heaving, from my impending peak.

The weight of your hand on my neck presses me forwards.

"Bend now Tara..."

I reach forward for my hands to rest on my knees. With my legs parted my new position displays my cunt to your lusty gaze. A low groan of need filled admiration catches in your throat as your eyes fasten on my treasures.

You cross the room in silence to extract this afternoon's purchase from its bag. Out of the corner of my eye I observe you as you test its weight. Adjusting your grip to swiftly become comfortable with its heft you flex it before testing it on your palm. It swishes in the air as you practice swinging it. My eyes bulge as it travels to land with a crash on the dresser.

You nod with a soft grunt of satisfaction at the impact and return to me.

Terrified, ice forms in the pit of my being in anticipation of this new instrument of my pain. My bladder tightens. Oh goddess. I realize I need the bathroom.

"Well Tara, shall we begin?"

I close my eyes tightly nodding my acquiescence.

The strap whistles softly in the air. My reaction is delayed. A sort of peace settles briefly over me. I hardly hear the sharp pistol-crack of the leathern impact. Slowly, almost imperceptibly pain blossoms within me. Then exploding rapidly, it coruscates from my bottom, intensifying, to burst from me with a howl of agony.

A stripe of scarlet flame sears across my cheeks from top left to bottom right, curling splitting as the twin tails part to brand me, marking me forever yours.

"Aiiiiiyyyyyeeeee..." My cry is shrill, a scream of anguish that echoes around the house.

Quickly, it is succeeded by another as the strap rises and falls again and then again, painting my fesses deeper and deeper with stripes of heated wrath.

Quickly adjusting to your new toy you cover the presented expanse of my buttocks and thighs with an even covering of stripes. With a skilled flick of the wrist the tails of fire snake beneath my buttocks, scorching my inner thighs with their flames. Each successive stroke scorches new territory, burning its savage way into the depths of my submission.

Wailing with the extremity of my new distress I quickly loose count of the number of strokes.


Snap, snap, snap, snap, snap, snap, snap. The strokes are metronomic, unremitting a rattle of agony. The strap lashes across, beneath, between, around and into every sensitive nook, cranny, expanse and cleft of my presented body. Neither my shoulders nor my calves are spared as I dance and sway and twist under you ministrations.

My voice is hoarse as I cry out my still wordless pleas for mercy and for ever greater cruelty.

My cries and the relentless whistle, crack of the tawse ring out in the afternoon air as my body is wracked with agony for you to drink in the extremity of my distress, the depth of my lust.

Snap, snap, snap, snap, snap, snap, snap, snap

My torment, my submission is absolute. My surrender complete as you punish me ruthlessly, immersing me in pain, in misery, in ecstasy.

It threatens to overwhelm my consciousness. All reason lost, my existence is condensed to the simple reality of my submission, my pain, my need. Only your words keep me anchored to reality, to my agony.

"Does it hurt girl?" The question is hissed from between your lips. Repeated it is harsh, demanding. "Tell me Tara... does it hurt girl?"

I wail my reply, satisfying you.

"Ohhhhh... yu-yuh-yesss m-mistress. It hurts... ohhhhh Mistress yehhsss... it hurts..."

My tears flow unabated as the strap continues to sing in your hands, blazing a dance of agony across my behind.

My body, heated, frantic, flinches as your hand softly caresses the burning agony of my flanks. Gently, tenderly you sample the heated flesh as you croon softly, a satisfied song beneath your breath.

Your hand worms its way into my core, easing gently into the drenched lushness between the swollen flesh of my tormented cunt-lips. I groan again as you tease me towards my crest. Slipping two then three fingers into me you begin to fuck me as your other hand reaches round to my front to close avidly on the pulsing, jutting nub of my clitoris. As you pinch it your hand withdraws from inside me to bring the strap into play again.

As it scalds my flanks again the twin points of ecstasy are too much for me and I cry out pleading, begging.

"Ohh yes... ohh yes... mistress... more mistress..."

Acceding happily to my beseeching request, your hand a blur between my legs you tighten your body to me, holding me in place while I thrash at the impact of the strap.

"Ohh... please... more mistress... more mistress..." I cry out as you finally deliver me to my orgasm.


"Yes... yes mistress... ohhhh... oh more please mistress... more mistress... more mistress... ohhhh... more... oh more... ohhhhhh... ohhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhhh... yesssssss... yes... yes... yesssssssssssssssssss... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..."

I come wildly, screaming, tense, spasming. Shaking I buck like a feral creature, unconstrained by any restraining influence, released to the primeval, ancient forces of nature by the most fundamental power in the universe. It scours through me leaving me limp in its aftermath as it burns away the relentless build up of erotic energy that my punishment has fashioned. I sag against you dying in your embrace.

A voice whispers inside my head; the words nonsense, the sound soft, soothing easing me from the dark womb of silence that shrouds me. Awareness pricks at the corners of my mind as the languor of my state of mind holds me deep and dark.

"Mmmmm... that's my baby... such a good girl... so precious... so perfect baby..."

The words float formless into my mind to assume a meaning as I drift back to you, awakening slumped to the floor in your arms.

"Oh Will..." I whisper, moaning.

"Shhhh Tar..." You reply as you nuzzle softly against the crook of my neck.

"Mmmmm..." I moan again. "Oh Will..." I struggle to form the word of thanks. "Oh Will... oh goddess... my goddess... thank you... oh... thank you."

"Shhhhh baby."

My passion, my love flares as the words spill from me, an instinctive outpouring, a half a coherent torrent.

"Oh no Will... I need... want to thank you... to show you... oh Goddess I love you... show you oh my Goddess!"

"I know baby. I know."

I lift my face to yours. Beautiful, your features perfect, your lips kissable, your skin porcelain smooth, your eyes shine, burning with lust unsated, but restrained, patient. My heart swells with love for you.

"Oh Will... please let me show you... let me adore you... let me service you... mistress... let me..."

Your lips swoop to capture mine. Your tongue is hot, strong in my mouth as your lust flares, free, unfettered at my renewed submission. I subside in your arms as your kiss plunders my soul, plumbing new depths of my spirit.

Pausing you breathe softly, your voice filled with concern.

"Are you certain my love?"

I nod quietly against you sighing.

"Oh yes... oh yes mistress."

"Come then, my love." You help me to my feet to lead me towards the bed.

"M-may I undress you mistress." I stammer, anxious to give myself to your pleasure.

A nod of your head grants permission and hands trembling once more I unfasten the buttons of your shirt and ease it off your shoulders then unzip your skirt, allowing it to fall to the floor. I release your small perfect, firm, high breasts from your bra my mouth lowering to lavish their fine hard points with my tongue. A gasp catches in your throat as I suckle at your sensitive buds and you revel in the ecstasy that my adoring mouth affords.

Impatient though, your hands soon weigh heavy on my head and shoulders as you press me to my knees before you; the proper place for your odalisque, your concubine, the slave of your body, of your love. The satin of your underwear is damp aromatic before me and I fall forward to bury my face at the juncture of your thighs. Inhaling deeply, your musk fills my senses firing ever higher my need to please you. Without thinking my tongue pokes forward to sample the heady, honeyed sap of your arousal as it oozes through the silken material of your underwear. Again you gasp but this contact is not enough for your now raging need. Your voice rasps as you remind me of your control that dominates me providing subjugation I crave.

"Take them off girl..."

They slide down your thighs to reveal the neatly trimmed russet curls crowning the pink, lush lips that enclose the sweet, aromatic, lush flesh of your womanhood.

Lowering yourself to the edge of the bed you spread your legs and your hand, imperious on my head, draws my mouth to the molten liquid center of your femininity.

My lips meet yours in a kiss that draws a groaning sigh from your other mouth. I venture forth with my tongue, gingerly, tenderly slipping between your labia to probe in a tentative French kiss.

Your inner flesh is lush, slick, almost greasy, lubricated by your oozing essence. The sweet honey of your liquor courses over my tongue, filling my mouth with the heady sap of your long nurtured arousal. Softly, reverentially my tongue swims in your hot moisture, sampling your flavor. My senses fill with the unmistakable scent of your musky aroma; the essence of Willow.

Slowly I explore the complex contours of your folds, tracing the sculpted flesh of inner and outer labia from the bottom to top. Briefly I snake my tongue around the erect button of your clitoris causing you to jerk, moaning above me before I move, more confidently now, to skirt around the taut hunger of your hidden orifice. Your groan rumbles again as I probe its mouth and your muscles contract, tensing against my invasion.

Sinuous, strong, muscular, my tongue probes inside and then thrusts strongly, deeper into you, stroking velvet, inner walls at your urging.

"Ahhhh... deeper... harder Tara... ahhhh... yes... that's it!"

My jaw muscles bunch, working ever harder as I fuck you, reaching face upturned, for your sensitive, inner sweet spot.

My lip grazes on the pulsing jewel above your vagina and you buck at the dexterity of the double attentions of my mouth.

Your breathing is ragged as you gasp for breath. Your voice breaks as you urge me on, your hand heavy, demanding, on my head, a reminder of your authority.

"Nahhhh... y-uh-yesss Tara... g-good...oh that's good baby... ahhh just there... just there... I-I-I'm there... ohhhh yehhhhssss...Coming... I'm coming Tara... Oh Goddess Oh... Ohhh... Ohhhhhhhhh!"

I look up into the ebon coal of your eyes... your power washes over me and I plunge deeper as you tighten fiercely around my tongue, contracting in a frenzied, involuntary spasm, lifting your hips to take me deeper as you crest, crying out and filling my mouth with precious bitter/sweet liquor. Hungrily I gulp it down as it flows silken and smooth across my throat.

Kneeling between your thighs my face pressed to your cunt, licking, lapping up every drop of your release I feel transported to my own paradise. Every time you fill my mouth this way I am carried away, as if it is the first time. I would not spill a drop of your gift.

Falling backwards your hand releases my head but my mouth continues its act of worship as it calms the aftershocks of your quake. Eventually you stop me with a giggle.

"That tickles baby... mmmm... c'mere."

I look up again from between your thighs to see you beckoning and I finally leave my place to clamber onto the bed beside you.

"Ahhhh... so good pet... always so good."

You croon happily and I simper softly against your shoulder as I curl my body against yours.

"Oh... thank you... mistress."

"Mmmmm..." Your growl is low, hushed. "You still want more baby?"

My lips flutter softly on your breast bone before I rise to my knees beside you.

"Only if my mistress permits." My head bows, supplicant, offering you my submission.

"Mmmm baby... yes pet I think we can permit that."

Your hand reaches to grasp my chin and raise my eyes as you lift yourself up onto your elbow.

"Tara, you are soooo perfect sweetie."

I smile grateful, happy; happier, in fact, than I ever dreamed I could be. The sense of belonging, of being held, kept, safe, is warm, comforting.

"Go get my new cock then pet." You continue with a dark smile that sets my heart pounding with love and desire.

I almost skip across to the dresser to recover the new dildo and its harness from the carrier. Quickly discarding the packaging I return to you as you rise from the bed to stand before me.

"Put it on me, love." You command and with a nod instruct me to my knees again.

The red harness straps are soft, tanned leather. Supple, comfortable they are easy to fasten and the sight of you sporting the impressive erection sends shivers down my spine and sets my insides tingling. My knowledge of male genitalia is nothing but my knowledge of dildos has grown recently. My mouth salivates. My seepings well up in my cunt as it itches in anticipation.

As you grasp the shaft in your hand, proffering it to my mouth you groan as the nodules on the strap that passes between your legs chafe on the still sensate flesh of your core grazing your nubbin to a renewed erection.

"Suck!" You command and my face colors with embarrassment as I open my mouth, obediently, to receive your erection.

Fellatio is not a skill I have had to learn for real. The very idea leaves me appalled, but this is not first time you've made me simulate the act on a dildo. It seems a simple matter to twine my tongue around the shaft as I close my lips on it. You thrust forward, eyes fastened on me, sliding it deep within my mouth. I do know, at least, that the term 'blow-job' is a misnomer and my cheeks hollow as I build suction on the shaft. Your eyes narrow, as your hand twining in my hair, you watch closely. Thrusting forwards into me again with a groan, you cause the wickedly stimulating nodules to caress your inner flesh again.

"That's right pet," you gasp. "Suck it like that... y'know you look just like an expert ... a pro... oh yeah..."

My head boobs in time with your hand in my hair as your hips thrust in counter-point. The silicone is neutral, flavorless in my mouth but my nose samples the mixture of scents of leather and woman close to my face.

As your arousal raises again you find the strength of will to stay the bobbing rhythm of my head and withdraw the cock from my mouth with a renewed gasp.

"Come with me baby." Your voice is strained, breathless.

You turn, beckoning me to follow as you cross again to the chair. Briefly I quake inside, fearing another taste of the strap, but as you seat yourself I grasp your intention.

"I want you to ride my cock Tara... come here... now straddle me... good girl... that's it!"

Swinging myself over you I position myself above the length of your erect faux-cock. At the tilt of your head I begin to lower myself, groaning as it engages with the wet heat of my lush folds. I gurgle lightly and you answer with a groan as the pressure on us both grows. My weight drives the shaft down against your mons causing the nodules between your legs to stroke over you while the girth of the cock nudges my inner mouth wide, stretching me as it fills me.

With a gasp you groan out the word "Down!"

Despite our agitated state I know an order when I hear one and drop myself to sink onto the impaling shaft with a cry.

Buried deep inside me nudging the center of my being, my inner walls wrap tight around it with a velvet grasp.

"Ohhhh..." I cry out falling forwards onto you.

Your arms circle around me, holding me tight as I writhe on the dildo's shaft, my head resting on your shoulder, your nipples jutting against the lower curves of my breasts.

Your hands roam my back as you hold me still, exploring my shoulders tracing the raised outlines of the stripes painted there with your strap before they descend to the furnace of my buttocks.

I jolt, jerking, head snapping back with a cry in your one armed embrace as your hand rises and falls to land with a spank on the wide spread of my buttocks. The motion of my protesting body sets me gasping as the dildo rocks within me. My inner walls ripple as I rise and fall, riding the hard silicone shaft.

Each spank now urges me on, rising and falling to impale myself, the head of the erection engaging deep within me. With each stroke you grunt in response to my motion and your hand falls in a heavy rhythm that drives us both on.

Your hand is hard, ferocious, bringing renewed agony, as it blazes on my burning flanks. Breasts bouncing now, my nipples grazing on your breast bone, I struggle, pumping on the faux-cock.

Your eyes are dark, heavy with lust and stimulation, watching my face intently as it strains, distorted by the agony and the ecstasy of the rhythm of your hand and the deep thrusting strokes of my wet grasp on your cock.

Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank

"That's right, ride it baby..." Your voice is guttural, hungry, avid as you goad me onwards.

Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank

"Ohh Will... Ohh Goddess... I lo-o-ove you Will... Oh yes... oh yes... ohhh... ohh please..."

I feel my renewed climax building deep in the pit of my abdomen as your barrage of spanks sends shock waves of heated arousal from the tortured spread of my buttocks to the sopping, grasping, needy center of my sex.

Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank

Groaning, sobbing, crying out now in my lust filled distress, I respond again, as you know I will. Tears fill my eyes again at the pain, the humiliation of being brought, once more, to pleasure in this way.

"Oh Goddess, Will. Oh Goddess... Ohhh I'm-going-to-come. Ohh yeh-yeh-yehhs."

The skill of your domination forces me to work to maximise the pleasure derived from my pain, compelling me to rise up the shaft of the dildo only to sink, squatting, down again onto its length, legs aching, cheeks burning, magnifying the humiliation, the shame as I crest, screaming, pleading, writhing, coming.

My orgasm sears through me again as your hand falls silent and you shake, hips twitching, belly tight beneath me. You come more quietly but the intensity that burns like fire in your eyes reveals the extremity of your peak as you drink in my fevered gyrations. My body quakes as those internal spasms surge up from my depths overwhelming me. My head snaps back again, mouth wide as my stomach tightens and churns. My breasts juddering, my legs seizing I howl in ecstasy.

And my soul soars, abandoning my body for that magical realm of rapture that only you can show me.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... yeh-eh-ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhssssssssssss!!!!!!!"

My decline from my height is slow, lazy, languid as my epiphany passes and I slump, falling forwards against you. Your hands are gentle again now as they stroke gently over the sweat sheened expanse of my back and down, softly, to the inflamed, punished flesh of my behind. Your voice becomes a song, the rhythm of your words, soft, in my ear, calming, soothing as I return to the real world, waking to the loving comfort of your arms.

"Mmmmm baby." You murmur and I respond with a wan smile and an echoing moan.

"Mmmmm... Love you Will."

"Ohh you to Tar... you too."

"Ohh fuck..." I groan. "That was amazing..."

I sigh and you smile nodding your agreement, your face lighting with joy as my glorious Goddess shines from every cell of your being.

Your hands help me as my legs, weakened, feeble now, struggle to lift my body from the hard, impaling shaft of the dildo. Groaning at its loss, you reciprocate with an answering moan as I move, staggering to my feet. Your erection glistens, slicked with my juices as you stand to take me in your arms, kissing me deeply before leading me to the bed. There we fall together, curling around each other, bodies entwined. I unfasten the straps of the harness to remove the shining length of the dildo as your hands smooth over the sweet agony of my tortured body. Lips still married, tasting, testing, soothing loving, a leg slides between mine to hook behind me while I drape a leg over your hips and our bellies meet. The cinnamon curls of your pubes scratch lightly on my naked groin. With a soft sigh into your mouth my hips thrust, gently, responding, against you. Your arms draw me close my larger breasts melding softly over your perfect petite mounds. This is another bliss, a taste of another paradise, a sharing of complete intimacy, of peace, of love without question, or demand.

Sleep to claims us. Silence, a soft grey blanket of peace, falls softly over us, our lips still joined, our bodies one.

Your eyes are deep shining brightly again as I wake to feel them resting on me. Propped on an elbow you watch me with a smile.

"Hey!" I whisper.

"Hey yourself."

"You OK?"

"Mmmm... sure... you?"

"Ohhh yeah..." My voice is heavy with satisfied, catlike fervour.

"Kitty got the cream eh?"

"Mmmm... yup!" I reply with a smile.

"I'm glad baby."

"Me too... I like shopping." I waggle my eyebrows at you.

"Oooh good a-and y'know... you still haven't tried on your new underwear."

It's funny how you change from my, oh so assertive, mistress, back to my shy little Willow. I grin happily.

"Hey that's true!" My reply is bright. A happy shiver plays down the keys of my spine.

"M-maybe later you can give me a little show... y'know if you're feeling up to it."

You flush slightly.

"Oh I think we can manage that." How can I resist that bashful smile? It is as compelling as the iron command of your other persona.


"Mmmmm." I mumble again, snuggling against the warmth of your slim body, subsiding again into sleep.

The bed trembles slightly and I wake again. My eyes open to fix on your back. Your arm moves languidly between your legs as you flick casually through the pages of Sapphic Spankings. A spark of lust fires again, as if for the first time in days, inside me. My insides twist, tightening and I slide my hand over yours to join it in the slick, wet heat of your core. Two sets of fingers twine inside you, thrusting, probing, stroking, coated with your sap.

"Hey... can I help with that?" I mouth into the ear of my porn hound.

"Mmmmm... ahhhh." You moan in response as you flick over to the image of the girl bent double, legs in the air for her paddling and I remember your earlier words.

"Ohh Goddess." I think to myself, that familiar heated, pricking sensation stirring inside me. "Oh Goddess... here we go again..."

Tara waited impatiently for her lover's return. The effort of committing her new fantasy to paper, distracted by the baleful presence of the huge silicone cock, had left her, yet again lustful, burning for sexual release.

"Oh shit." She muttered. "This is turning me into a nymphomaniac... a nymphomaniac, whip bitch... well if the cap fits!"

The urge to touch herself, to steal an illicit moment of self-derived pleasure was almost too much. For what seemed like the hundredth time she tried to put it from her mind, to avoid the insidious worm of thought that burrowed into her consciousness, telling her that a spanking was inevitable and she knew it, so she might as well earn it. Somehow, though, her obedience held sway again and despite the racing urgency of her need, she maintained her self-control until Willow returned.

The red-head's step was steady, measured, slow even, on the stairs. Not this time the breathless, careless rush to return. Each step built tension in the waiting blonde. Willow entered the room her eyes hard, her gaze set. Her voice was cold, austere. Tara shivered, tightening inside in fearful expectation.

"So girl, have you finished it?"

"Y-yes mistress." She stuttered in reply.

Willow clicked her fingers.

"Well girl let's have it then!"

Tara passed the pages to her lover, her hand shaking, with a bow of her head.

Willow nodded curtly, silent as she accepted the offering before speaking only to dismiss her slave to the corner of the room.

The blonde witch scurried to stand facing the wall, hands behind her head, as instructed, the still red markings of the red haired witch's earlier predations clearly evident.

Behind her Willow sighed as the pages rustled in her hands.

"Well pet. I must say I'm quite impressed. I think you've earned a little reward baby."

Tara stood stock still, awaiting permission to move.

"But tomorrow girl... use your imagination... I want to know your wildest... darkest... fantasies... let your imagination run... wild! And I'm not sure I like being described as a porn hound!" A note of ire entered her voice.

The sound of a leather harness being donned came from behind her.

"Come here pet..."

She turned to see her flame haired lover standing naked before her, the peaks of her nipples hard, stiffening from the slim curves of her petite breasts. The massive erection stood proud from her groin.

The blonde swallowed nervously as she approached.

"Still... some ideas there for later then aren't there baby?... but for now..." her hips thrust the strap-on forwards lewdly, suggestively.

The lube was cool on the tight ring of her sphincter. On her hands and knees she grunted as Willow used a finger to open her working the now warming gele into tight ring of her anus.

Willow was as good as her word as the head of the strap-on pushed cruelly against her newly slicked, but always tense. She cried out in pain and fulfillment as, with a thrust, it pierced her resistance and she was lost. Welcoming her lover's deep, fiercely loving thrusts, she gave herself up again in pleasure to her mistress, her goddess.

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