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Saving Us Both

Author: Rosemary
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimers: Not mine. They're Joss Whedon's.
Feedback: Okay. This is my first story ever. I would be happy to get any tips or let me know how I can improve or just say 'Stop writing. There's no hope for you'.

Author's Note: This chapter has nothing to do with this story. I actually laughed my ass off the whole time I wrote it. It's just so bizzare. I've now frightened myself. Anyway I hope you don't think I'm some kind of wierdo person. I hope you guys get a laugh out of it also.

The hotel room was huge. There was a living area, two bathrooms and an enormous bed. The two women probably couldn't tell you about the living area or two bathrooms but they damn sure could tell you about the bed. Love making was pretty much a nightly occurrence for them and on the weekends Willow's parents had Abby they would frequently have marathon sessions.

They had enjoyed the freedom to be able to have sex anywhere in the house while Abby was gone. That was until Spooky started to repeat the impassioned words and sounds of said sesions. They made love in many different fashions. They had wild sex, slow drawn-out loving sex, and yes some very kinky sex. Willow was indeed a kinker tinker. Tonight however they had chosen to have slow, passionate sex.

Willow was on her hands and knees at this point and Tara was behind her on her hands and knees as well. She had been teasing Willow for a good fifteen minutes with frequent entries with her fingers, giving one or two quick probes and rubbing at the rough part of her sex, just enough to maintain Willow in the state of desperation.

They had chosen to use the wedding gift that Buffy and Faith had given them and Tara was the first to strap it on. She had just finish giving it a quick lube with the tube of lubricant that had been provided with their new toy and she was ready to stop the teasing and get on with the penetrating. She placed one hand on the bed to support her and she used the other to guide the tip of the pleasuring device (a word Willow had insisted on using because the word 'dildo' just didn't get it done for her) at Willow's entrance.

"Are you ready sweetie?" Tara gasped out. The device was designed to provide pleasure for the prober as well as the probee. The little bit of teasing that Tara had been giving to Willow had brought her to a point where she wanted inside almost as much as Willow wanted her in.

"Yes, yes baby, I want it. I want it right now. Please stop messing with me and just... ummm oh God," she never finish the sentence as Tara suddenly without warning slid it up into her about halfway.

"Oh Tara, I, oh God, this, this, oh God..."

Tara had stilled herself with the first entry and was trying to regain some kind of control of this situation. Her aroused state was telling her to just thrust up into her and get to the fucking but her mind wanted it to last. She had now put both hands, one on either side of Willow on the bed. Her legs were resting in between Willow's spread ones and her hardened nipples were grazing the flesh of Willow's back causing an amazing sensation that ran from them straight down into her center.

She took a few calming breathes and opened her eyes as much as har aroused state would allow them to be and she slowly began to pull out of her. Her eyes looked down at where she was connected to Willow and as she saw the toy coming slowly out of Willow, she had to once again close her eyes. Her mouth hung open and her breath was coming in short slow pants.

She opened her eyes once more and asked, "Is that hurting you sweetie, tell me if it is. I don't want to hurt you."

"No, no hurt, please go."

With those words Tara pulled back almost all the way out and she slowly pushed back in. Again she pulled back slowly and again she went back in. She was putting it into Willow a little deeper with every re-entry and she had now been three-quarters of the way in. She pulled out yet again and held there for a moment. This time when she went back in she pushed it to the hilt up into Willow.

"Oh fuck yes!" Willow screamed and Tara pulled out and then thrust back in. She was building a rhythm now and as she began to rock back and forth into Willow her breasts began to sway across Willow's back. It was stimulating her nipples and she had to bite her lip to keep from screaming.

"It, it's good then sweetie?"

"Yes it... umm... yeah it's... good."

"I'm going to go faster now, is that okay?"

"gjjjekkktnnnskkwsss," was what came out of Willow's mouth, which led her to the conclusion that it was indeed okay.

She began to move a little bit faster and she could hear Willow's approval. She was letting her weight be slightly supported by Willow's back and she was trying to concentrate her movements to just her hips, with rapid short thrusts. She was tightening the muscles of her ass to provide a firmer jab as she again increased her pace.

She slowly began to raise herself up and she was now on her knees upright. Her hands now held onto Willow's hips, trying to keep them still so as to better increase her level of pleasure. The curved tip of the device was now sitting directly on her clitoris and with ever thrust the her own pleasure increased.

She yet again changed her placement of her hands. She now wrapped one arm underneath Willow and her hand sat flat on Willow's stomach. The other hand sought out and found one of Willow's nipples and she held on to it with her middle finger and thumb, lightly rolling it in between them.

"Oh God Willow. Do you know that I love you baby? Do you?"

"Ummm oh yes I know I can feel it. I can feel it with what you're doing to me right now. I know what you want, you want me to cum, I know that."

"Oh Willow, God, I'm... I'm almost, I'm, Oh God!"

"What, what's happening to you Tara? Tell me?"

"I have, I have to stop. I want to be in you, I want to do it myself. Can I please?"

"I want that too baby. I want it to be you too."

Tara then stopped and undid the strap and flung the toy across the room. She retook her position and thrust three fingers up into Willow.

"That's it, Tara, I want it like this. You, it's you now. I can feel you in me. That's what I needed."

Tara was still positioned upright on her knees and she raised a hand to her own chest. She ran it downwards and began teasing the nipple of one of her own breasts all the while trusting powerfully into Willow.

"Tara, Tara are you... are you doing it to yourself? Are you?"

"Nggh ohh no... no not yet. Should I? Do you want me to?" Tara answered Willow as she continued her assault on Willow's sex and her own nipple.

"Oh fuck yes. Do it and tell me how you're doing it."

Tara slowly ran her hand down her stomach and paused as she reached the curls of her own sex. She shifted on her knees and now she placed them one either side of Willow's open legs so as to gain access to her own sex. She placed two fingers directly on her clit and began to swirl them in a circular motion.

"Oh God, mmm, uhh, God, okay, okay, there I'm, I'm, ohh fuck Willow. I can't, I can't... I'm too close... gotta wait. You first."

Tara stilled her fingers and then took them off of her own sex completely. She placed a hand flat on the bed and pressed her hips to the hand that was inside of Willow.

She bent forward and spoke into Willow's ear. "Tell me when you're ready. Then I'll... I'll do it... I'll do it to myself for you."

She then raised the free hand and placed it on the headboard so she would have improved leverage. Then she began to thrust her hips against the hand that was inside Willow. She was moving faster now and the headboard was knocking against the wall behind it. To Tara's own confusion the sound caused her to become more aroused.

"Oh God Tara, I'm there... almost there, please, harder, please a little harder." She increased her speed yet again and the banging of the headboard grew louder.

"Thats it, God, you know just how I like it. God you're good, baby, so, so good."

She could feel the muscles of Willow's sex beginning to grow tighter. She knew Willow was almost ready.

"Are you ready Willow? Are you ready for me to touch myself?" Tara asked as she pushed her knees apart preparing to pleasure herself.

"Oh yes, yes I'm... I'm ready. Do it Tara. Do it now."

Tara then placed her two fingers back in the position they had been in before. She again began to swirl around and around, applying light pressure to her clit.

"I'm doing it now Willow. I'm doing it for you. I'm, I'm, oh God Willow, I'm going... going..." Tara then pressed her fingers down harder and added an up-and-down motion to the swirling. She could feel Willow's sex growing tighter and she knew it would be only seconds now.

Willows head was up and her neck was stretched out as far as it could go. She now had one hand on the bed and her other hand now pressed into the headboard. She was slamming back into Tara's hand now and her legs were beginning to shake. The knocking of the headboard grew louder and Tara cried out. She held back for a moment and tried to wait for Willow.

Willow was thrashing now, pushing back against Tara's forward motion and she was flying at the fingers inside and then she froze. Her mouth hung open and her eyes shut tight and then she erupted. The scream escaped her lungs and she thrashed wildly against Tara's hand and then she collapsed flat down on the bed.

Tara was grunting now as she continued rubbing herself with her fingers. She became frantic and she screamed out in a shuddering moan that seemed to go on for minutes. Then she to collapsed atop Willow. They both lay there, Tara resting on top of Willow. She rolled over and turned to face Willow. Willow smiled at her and moved her mouth to Tara's and gave her a deep passionate kiss.

"Well that was... whew. Oh boy. I love you. I love you so very much. Thank you for marrying me," Willow said.

"I love you too baby. And I am honored to be married to you. You never need to thank me."

"So, what do you want to do now?" Willow asked.

Tara rolled slightly over and grabbed the list off of the nightstand.

"Seven?" she said pointing to the list.

"Good choice baby. You wait here. I'll go get the whipped cream."


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