Light Saber

Author: Lauren J
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own anything! Except maybe the plot, but probably not even that. BtVS characters are property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy, Star Wars is property of George Lucas/LucasArts.
Summary: Tara is an upstanding Jedi frmo Dathomir studying at Luke's Jedi Academy. Willow is a Corellian scoundrel hopping from planet to planet to avoid gambling debts. When Faith shoots Willow in the leg, Willow ends up the hapless patient of Tara, the best Jedi Healer at the Academy.
Note: What Tara reads from others' minds through the Force are in italics. Numbered links throughout this story lead to footnotes at the bottom of the page.

Tara looked forlornly out the temple window. She could see the tall Massassi trees, and the various animals that inhabited them. She could see the younger students practicing their meditations out in the yard with their more seasoned Jedi Masters. And most irksome of all, she could see the one thing that she couldn't have, Jaina.

Jaina and her twin brother Jacen were not only strongly gifted in the Force; they were also the niece and nephew of Master Skywalker himself. Their mother was the esteemed Chief of the New Republic, Leia Organa Solo, and their father was the famed General, Han Solo. There was no way that Jaina would even consider being with Tara in "that way." Tara was just a simple girl, from a backwards planet. Not to mention that Jaina was painfully straight.

It wasn't that she was in love with Jaina, Tara mused to herself. Rather she was attracted to her. That, however, was in and of itself confusing and terrifying to the young Jedi Knight. It wasn't as if Tara was unaware of lesbians, in fact her mother was one, And come to think about it, so was her friend Faith, but it would be impossible to explain these things to the others at the academy. Things were just different once one left Dathomir[1]. Tara groaned and flopped onto her sleeping cot, grabbed a pillow and hid her face in it.

"Ugh, I should never have left Dathomir." Tara groused to herself. "At least there, I had Tenel Ka to talk to."

Tara smiled thinking about Tenel Ka, her best friend, and her first love. Back on Dathomir they were known as the Terrible Two. They rode rancors[2] out among the grassy hills, and practiced their "magic" together. While Dathomir was ignorant to the teachings of the Jedi, they tapped into the Force in their own ways, believing it to be magic. While the other girls were learning how to hunt and take husbands (For men were an inferior slave caste on Dathomir, in custom more than anything else.) Tara and Tenel Ka had no apparent interest in the business of men and carried on by themselves.

It was thought by both of their parents that they would ultimately end up in love and life-bonded. They did fall in love, but never completed the bond. In the back of their minds they knew that they would one day go their separate ways. And so they did. Tenel Ka became head of the council at 17, at the same time Tara made the decision to venture off-world and try her hand at becoming a Jedi Knight. Tara's mind wandered as she thought about her friend, and wondered how she was doing, when the door to her room was opened.

"Tara?" a soft masculine voice asked tentatively. "Are you awake?"

Tara chuckled to herself. "Yes Dap, I am awake."

"Oh, good." Dap smiled, letting himself in the door. "Master Kenoc wishes to speak with you in the yard."

"Really?" Tara frowned and bit her lip. "Did he say why?"

"No." Dap frowned and shook his head. "But I'm betting it has something to do with the freighter that just arrived. I don't know why it would land here, there's nothing here except the Academy, and it's not one of our suppliers."

"Now that is puzzling."

"I wouldn't worry about it too much Tare." The younger boy smiled. "Besides I saw the pilot, she was pretty cute. There's absolutely no WAY that a girl that hot could be a bad thing." He waggled his eyebrows up and down.

"Dap!" Tara cried in disbelief, but she broke into a smile. "Tenet 46 of the Jedi Code, beautiful women are ALWAYS trouble."

"Should I be writing this down?" Dap smirked. "Because I think that this is just one more of your... how shall I put this... made up Jedi Tenets."

"It could be." Tara let on cryptically. "Hustle out of here, I need to get changed so that I can go and speak with Master Kenoc."

"Yeah, yeah..." Dap began to walk out the door, all of a sudden he turned around smiling. "You sure you don't need any help getting changed?" He asked with a wolfish grin.

Tara just laughed. "I'm sure. GO." Dap's face fell in mock hurt and he sniffled as he walked out the door. "Why don't you go see what the girls YOUR age are doing?" She asked with an arched eyebrow.

"That was my next stop." Tara laughed as he retreated out the door, and began to change into her more formal Jedi tunic and robes.

"Hutt-spawn[3]." Willow cursed as a blaster bolt narrowly missed her ear. Chunks of permacrete scattered with the resulting blast.

"Rosenberg!" a particularly ugly Rodian[4] shouted at her.

"Whaddya want Quinjaro?" Willow snarled turning abruptly to return some blaster bolts of her own. "Don't you have someone else that Nuurba would rather be collecting debts from?...say someone who actually has the money?" The last part Willow muttered under her breathe so that only she could hear. Another flurry of blaster bolts from Quinjaro sent her running again.

She ran through the crowded streets of Coruscant[5], the capital city of the New Republic. She dodged crowds, and hover cars, old ladies with their protocol droids dutifully carrying their groceries behind them. Her red hair, pulled back in a pony tail chasing behind her, and her green eyes flashing. She turned a corner and slammed right into the chest of a large man, with scars all over his face.

"Ouch! Watch where yer goin' ya big goon-face..." Willow's indignant snarl turned into a surprised stare. "Oh, Hey Roscoe, how ya' doin'? You know, I was just thinking about you-"

Roscoe picked her up by the collar, her slender legs kicking in the air. "You know what I gotta' do eh?" Roscoe asked, almost but not quite apologetically.

"Nope, can't say that I do." Willow wheezed, in the way that one who's been grabbed and lifted into the air by the throat just might.

"You know that you owe Nuurba, neh?"

"Oh is that what this is about? Look, there's been a big misunderstanding, you see-" Willow was dropped abruptly as a blaster bolt tore into Roscoe's hand.

"Take many steps away from my bounty, Roscoe." Quinjaro leveled a blaster at Roscoe's head. "This one is mine."

"Not a chance!" Roscoe growled, drawing his own blaster they began to shoot at each other. Willow lay forgotten on the floor for moment.

Stupid boys, she thought to herself. She quickly scampered away and headed out to the docks. She had to get off of Coruscant fast. She was only there for two days and already Nuurba's thugs had managed to find her. If there was one thing that she knew about Hutts, it was that they were not forgiving.

Willow's heart was pounding in her chest as she finally managed to reach the boarding ramp of her small freighter, the Fantastic Kat. A sharp tendril of pain shot up the back of her thigh and she fell forward smashing her nose into the ramp. A booted foot made contact with her ribs, and then rolled her over. Willow's breathe caught when she saw just who it was looking at down at her.

"Willow." A dark haired woman looked down at her. She had large breasts that almost fell out of her black tank top, and tight fitted blue pants. She was, in a word, gorgeous. "Fancy seeing you here, on Coruscant." Willow's leg burned in pain where the bolt had struck her, blood trickled from her nose, and her ribs throbbed, but still she stared defiantly up at the deceptively beautiful woman. "Thought I told you not to come back here?" She questioned with another kick to the ribs.

"Faith." Willow managed to cough. She struggled to sit up and leaned her body on her elbows. "I know that we had a falling out but-"

"A falling out!?" Faith asked with her mouth agape. "Willow, you cheated on me with a Twi'lek dancing girl!"

"Ok, there was that, but that hardly-"

"Then you lost all our credits playing sabaak."

"I was trying to get enough to buy you a really nice present?" The redhead tried hopefully. Faith arched an eyebrow at Willow. "Ok, Ok! Look I know that I messed up bad, and I would really, really like to stay and talk about it. But now is just not the time ok? There are these bounty hunters-"

"I heard about that." Faith nodded sagely.

"What is it with everybody and cutting me off?" Willow shouted. "I might like to finish a thought sometime in the next-" But Willow was cut off as a blaster bolt hit the ramp. "Shit it's Quinjaro, now I'm spaced!" Willow let her body thump back onto the ramp. Faith regarded her calmly.

"Schutta!" Faith threw her hands in the air. "I can't BELIEVE that I'm doing this. Come on Red!" She shouted and grabbed Willow under her armpits. She dragged her up the ramp and hit the close button. She heaved Willow up and threw her in the co-pilot's seat.

"Hey!" Willow began to protest. "No one flies this ship but me! A-and you." She said as Faith stared her down.

Faith powered up the Kat, and shot her out of the spaceport. Once they had cleared the planet's atmosphere she finally slowed down.

"Faith..." Willow started.

"Look Red, it's not a big deal." Faith said. "Yeah I was pissed. But it's not like I was lookin' to marry ya'. You made your atonement when I shot you."

Willow couldn't help but grin. "Thanks. So where we headed?"

"I was thinking that we should get you healed up. I think I may have cracked your ribs pretty bad, and it's wicked obvious that you can't go near any inhabited planet without Nuurba's goons spotting you... And Coruscant? What were you thinking?"

"Hey, better than Nar Shaddaa right?"

"Only because Nar Shaddaa is where Nuurba lives." Faith cracked. "Well, I know somewhere that they can fix you up real good. I got a friend there. Good healer. She'll help us out."

"Since when do you hang around with healers?" Willow asked incredulously.

"Not only is she a healer, she's a Jedi."

"A Jedi? Faith, you know I don't believe in that Force crap."

"Well maybe you should."

"Faith, what I need is a med-bay, a good droid surgeon, and lots of hard liquor. So how about we go to Telos instead? It's not much for the night life, but it has to be better than going to see some Jedi. Unless she lives on Telos, in which case I vote for a different planet."

Faith sighed. "Wills, I know that you don't like Jedi, and that's understandable. But these Jedi are different. They're not Sith. They're on the light side, or whatever. I'm not a hundred percent on it, but they're not evil."

"Yeah? Well Vader wasn't evil either. Until he was. Then there was the random killing, and slaughter and mayhem, and then they blew up Alderaan in their stupid Death Star. Yeah, my mom and dad weren't supposed to be there, but they were. Now they're dead. That Jedi, Skywalker, couldn't save them, Leia Organa Solo couldn't save them, and a fallen Jedi was responsible for killing them. What good could the Jedi possibly do?"

"A lot of good." Faith said quietly. "And Willow-babble is only good when you're happy."

"I know." Willow sighed. "I just... have a hard time, trusting them is all."

"It'll take time." Faith offered. Go find yourself a clean bunk and rest, we'll get there soon. Then as soon as you're better, we can leave, and you'll never have to see Tara again. I promise."

"Tara?" Willow asked.

"The Jedi." Faith said. "Her name is Tara."

"Pretty name." Willow mused.

"For a pretty lady." Faith finished.

"Huh." Willow said before limping off to the back.

Tara walked through the halls of the old Massassi temple at a quicker pace than she normally would. She was in a hurry to meet Master Kenoc and discuss whatever it was that had gotten his attention. He would not have summoned her if he didn't think that it was important. Her beige cloth pants hugged her hips, and her simple tunic clung to her form. Her hair was down and settled on her shoulders, and the brown robe that she wore over her Jedi garb. Her worn brown leather boots made no sound as she walked purposefully down the halls.

Tara stretched out with her mind, she felt the jungle, she felt the Massassi, who inhabited the world before the Rebel Alliance and later the New Jedi Academy, she felt the turmoil of young sentients struggling to learn the ways of the Force and keep their hormones in check, she felt... Faith. Tara smiled. She had not seen her friend in a long time. They met by coincidence when Tara was just a Padawan on a mission with Master Kenoc. The two girls had instantly known that they shared common... interests, and talked about it in earnest while Tara and Kenoc had stayed on Coruscant. She missed Faith, and wondered if she would have time to talk to her during her visit.

Just then Tionne turned the corner followed by a small herd of tiny aspiring Jedi.

"Tionne!" Tara greeted the young, silver-haired, Jedi Historian. "How are you this morning? And how are all of you?" Tara asked the children.

"We're hungry!" "We want to go outside!" "We're good." "I levitated a rock today." A hundred little greetings assaulted Tara, and she laughed.

"Well that's good to hear then." She turned to Tionne. "And you? How is your morning?"

Tionne groaned softly. "You cannot imagine how much trouble these little ones are." She sighed in her Alderaanian accent[6]. "But I love them, each and every single one. Don't I children?"

"Yes Master Tionne." The little Jedi chorused dutifully, causing Tara to giggle.

"Now, are all of you keeping up with your meditations?" Tara asked mocked sternly.

"Yes they are." Tionne stated proudly.

"That's very good. I will report your good progress to Master Kenoc when I see him this morning..." she said with a wink to Tionne. "And I have a special treat for all of you. If it's alright with Tionne of course?"

"Oh, alright." Tionne played along.

"Yay!" The young ones cheered.

Tara reached inside her robes and pulled out a sack of candy. "I'm giving it to Tionne, I'm sure that she'll make sure all of you get her fair share. Or she'll just eat it all up herself." She teased as she handed the bag to Tionne.

Tionne noticed a slight tugging on the bag as she held it. "Gabe." She said sternly. "You know that you are not supposed to use your Force techniques unless it is to do good, or disarm an enemy. Floating the candy to yourself is neither of those things."

"Yes Master Tionne." A young Devaronian hung his head.

Tara covered her mouth to suppress a giggle.

"So." Tionne said, turning to Tara. "You are off to see Master Kenoc?"

"Yes, Dap came in this morning and told me that he requested to see me in the yard. I am just on my way now."

"Do you know what it's about?"

"No." Tara sighed. "Actually I was hoping you would."

"I haven't the slightest." Tionne apologized. "I'm sure it's nothing too dire. Not much goes on here that we need our expert healer. Everyone is healthy as far as I know."

"I'm worried that the problem stems from somewhere other than here. I know that a shuttle has landed, and Faith is on it."

"Tara, you need to be less frightened of the galaxy. Sure it's, huge, and vast, and filled with all sorts of people-"

"Not helping!" Tara smirked.

"Look, the point is you have trained 6 years now to become a Jedi. AND you trained for 14 back on Dathomir whether you knew what you were doing or not. Why should you have done all that if not to go out and help people?"

"I don't know." Tara sighed.

"You should think about it." Tionne smiled warmly and put a hand on Tara's shoulder. "Alright children! Say goodbye to Tara, we're going to go the pond and see Master Skywalker about our Force Sensitivity Lesson."

"Goodbye Tara!" They chorused and unison. They then proceeded to scatter and run down the hall.

"You little monsters! Come back here!" Tionne chased after them.

Tara watched as the children and Tionne stampeded down the sunlit halls. The cool clay bricks that were used to build the temple were warmed by the sun, but kept the hottest part of the day out. The windows had no glass, and a cool breeze flowed through the temple, filling it with jungle smells and sounds.

Tara shook her head, and continued down the hall to see Master Kenoc.

"I'm awake!" Willow yelled, she was jolted out of her sleep as she felt the Fantastic Kat touch the ground. "Ungh... my head." She moaned. "And now we're off to see the Jedi. Great! I bet they're all stodgy, don't like to have any fun. At least not my type of fun..." She trailed off thinking of the types of fun she might like to have. "Faith is here after all. She's still looking good. She's not mad anymore." She reasoned with herself. "I mean it's not like it would... great now I'm babbling to MYSELF. Just terrific." She sighed. She was lucky that the door opened just then.

"Hey Red, how ya' doin'?" Faith asked from the doorway.

"You know... pretty good." Willow stated. "I just have this headache, oh... and I've been shot in the leg, and I've got some fractured ribs, but other than that. I'm good."

Faith laughed. "Shouldn't have cheated on me."

"I get that now."

"Just sit tight. Master Kenoc is off to find Tara. They'll take you to the temple on a repulse-gurney."

"I didn't know Jedi built temples?"

"They don't. It was just there, so we decided to move in." A gravelly Mon-Cal[7] voice interjected. "I am Master Kenoc, and you must be Willow. Faith has told us many things about you."

"How many things?" Willow panicked, and looked at Faith.

"All good things I assure you." Master Kenoc attempted to calm her. "Our healer, Tara, is on her way as we speak."

"Master Kenoc?" a feminine voice called into the craft. Willow heard light footsteps coming up the ramp. "Faith! How are you?"

"Pretty good Tare. My friend s'all banged up though. Mind taking a look?"

"Not at all, is Master Kenoc here with you?"

"Tara." Kenoc greeted.

"Yes Master Kenoc?" Tara asked.

"Would you mind looking at this young woman? She has a gun shot wound in the back of her leg and-"

"I sensed it Master Kenoc." Tara smiled.

"My dear, you never cease to amaze me. I'll leave you to it then."

Tara waited for the Mon-Cal Jedi to leave before attempting to enter the small cabin with Faith trailing slowly behind her. Willow stiffened, expecting to see some homely Jedi who would judge her as a ruffian. Boy, was she wrong.

"Hello. I'm Tara." The beautiful goddess said, just as Willow passed out.

"I bring her here to get fixed and you just break her even more!" Faith chortled. "What's up with that, Tare?"

"I did nothing! I merely touched her mind with the Force to ease the pain!" Tara protested. She moved about the room, gathering bandages, and anti-septic. "I didn't know that she would be that sensitive to the Force."

"I'm not sure it's the Force that she's sensitive too, Tara." Faith smirked.

"Faith!" Tara scolded. "She is beautiful though." She sighed.

"Tell me about it." Faith grinned. "That and she's a wildcat in bed." She said waggling her eyebrows.

"You and her then?" Tara asked, slightly disappointed.

"No way Tare. Don't look at me like someone killed your puppy! I'm through with Red. She was way too wild for me."

"Too wild for you?" Tara teased. "She must be awful wild."

"Oh... she is... HEY!"

Tara just laughed and went back to seeing about her patient.

"Tara?" A familiar voice called from the doorway. Tara turned around, surprised to see Jaina standing there.

"Oh." Tara was surprised. "Jaina. W-what are you doing here?" she asked.

"I just..." Jaina trailed off. "You know, I heard you had a new patient. I wanted to help. So I thought that I'd stop by and see if you wanted me to fix that broken med-droid?" She asked pointing to a droid, covered in a thin layer of dust, slumped in the corner.

"Well, I'm not sure we're going to need it. I don't think her injuries are too severe..." Tara said assessing the sleeping red-head.

"Tare." Faith interjected. "You never know. Wills could be in real trouble, and if not, we'll have the droid around for the next patient." Faith said with a wink at Jaina. "So me and J will just mosey on out of here and take a look at that droid."

"Uh... sure." Jaina stammered out.

"See ya' Tare!" Faith grinned. "Have fun with Wills!" With that, Faith turned on her heels escorting a flustered, blushing Jaina out the door.

"...but, the droid..." Tara heard Jaina protest.

"Forget the droid." Faith said, "It's a beautiful day outside!"

Tara waited until they were well on their way to begin shaking with laughter. Faith was so predictable, hopping from one girl to the next. Oddly enough she didn't feel jealous of Faith spending time with Jaina either. She suspected it had something to do with the beautiful, single, red-headed patient she had laying on the cot in front of her. She placed her hands over her patient and closed her eyes. She reached into Willow's body with the Force, starting with her ribs; she began to slowly mend the bones. First one, then another, and then another. She turned her attention to the blaster wound, and increased the circulation to the area, and checked for infection. She found nothing. She was just about to pull back when she felt a glimmer of Willow.

"Ungh..." Willow groaned.

"Hello." Tara greeted her patient.

Huh? Oh, Jedi. She's hot. "Hi... where's Faith?" Willow asked groggily.

"Um," Tara looked toward the door. "You just missed her. She left with a friend of mine about 20 minutes ago." Tara blushed from the thoughts that she heard scampering through Willow's naughty brain. "H-how are you feeling?"

"Better... actually." Willow smiled. "Probably due to your Jedi skills." Willow's eyes were transfixed on the woman above her. Especially on her chest, which Willow found quite nice, and enjoyed the way her breasts pushed at her simple beige tunic. "So about getting better, what do you think would be breast? Er... BEST! What do you think would be BEST? For me, to... y'know... do? Because, hey, gotta get with the healing, and the getting better and what not." Willow mentally smacked herself. Smooooth Rosenberg, I'll bet she thought that was real cute. She's really cute though... I'd like to-

Tara quickly shut off her Force sensitivity. "T-to get better? I'd recommend rest. Lots of rest. In bed. Bed rest." Images of her and Willow in bed frolicked through her mind. Sweating bodies, fingers, tongues...

"Ok." Willow grinned wolfishly. "How about your bed?"

"Um... m-my b-bed?" Tara stammered. "I don't think it would fit the both of us."

"Oh, I'm sure we could work it out." Willow winked.

"I... um..." Am I really about to invite her to join me? Tara thought to herself, when suddenly she was saved by Master Kenoc.

"Tara." The gravelly voice announced it's presence. "Any success with the patient?"

"Yes, Master Kenoc." Tara sighed in relief. "But she's quite a handful, I'm not sure I can handle her all on my own." Tara laughed.

"Oh you can handle me any time." Willow muttered. The joke flew over Master Kenoc's head. Hell, if I could handle you... alright Willow bring it in. These Jedi read thoughts. You don't want them reading THOSE thoughts. 1+1=2. 2+2=4. 3+3=6...

"Well then, Tara." Master Kenoc bowed. "I will leave Ms. Rosenberg in your capable hands. I will you see you for afternoon meditation?"

"Yes Master Kenoc."

"Very good, and I hope you feel better soon, Willow."

"I'm sure that I will." Willow smirked at Tara, who blushed and turned away.

"Yes, well. I'm off to find Jaina. She was supposed to be in here working on that broken med-droid. It's not like her to shirk her duties."

"Master Kenoc. Faith wished to be shown outside. I am sure they will get to the droid later on in the day." Tara covered for her friends.

"Ah, say no more." Master Kenoc grinned. "It is a lovely day out isn't it? Well... I'll be going. Rest up." Master Kenoc turned and walked slowly out of the room, humming an old Mon Cal fishing song in his head.

"So, what to do you want to do now?" Willow asked.

On a trail about fifteen minutes into the woods two brunettes were rolling about under the Massassi trees. One had dark brown hair, the other had lighter hair. The couple was clearly making "whoopee" and they were clearly Faith and Jaina.

Faith was on top of Jaina, one hand tangled in her hair, the other cupping the apex of her thighs. She kissed Jaina like she was her life line, her tongue roughly exploring Jaina's helpless mouth. For her part, Jaina could only moan, and grasp the back of Faith's shirt as Faith had her way with her. Consumed in her arousal, she bucked her hips in an attempt to gain some sort of release

"Faith!" Jaina cried out, when Faith finally let her breathe. She trailed her lips to Jaina's neck and began nipping along her collar bone. Jaina moaned raggedly. "Oh, uh... Faith..."

"Yeah Baby?" Faith asked between nips.

"I... wha- I..."

"Just relax." Faith soothed her. Faith moved her face back up to Jaina's. "You're really pretty..." She said as she traced random patterns on Jaina's cloth covered stomach with her fingers. Jaina reached up and grabbed Faith by the hair, pulling her down for another searing kiss. Shifting her weight, and using a little bit of help from the Force, Jaina flipped them over, effectively pinning Faith as she straddled her hips. Still plundering her mouth Jaina moved her hands over the buttons of Faith's pants and opened them. Faith broke the kiss when she realized what Jaina was doing. "Are you sure?" She asked with genuine concern.

"Oh, hell yes." Jaina growled, continuing to remove Faith's pants

"Come ‘ere." Faith said. Grabbing Jaina by her Jedi garb, she quickly undid the tunic, discarding it across the path, and stared slack jawed at Jaina's perfect breasts. "...Wow." Was all Faith could say.

Jaina laughed and kissed Faith again. Faith continued to undress Jaina, her boots, her rough cloth pants, her underwear, and finally once she had Jaina naked, she stopped to take off her own clothes. Jaina eagerly helped as they fumbled with Faith's buttons and zippers. Naked now, Faith jumped onto Jaina smashing their lips together.

"Please... Faith." Jaina looked into Faith's eyes. She didn't know what she was doing, or even what she wanted. But Faith did. "Unnngh... aaaah..." Jaina moaned as Faith gently slid her pointer finger into her wetness. "...Faith..." Jaina panted.

"Jaina," Faith moaned. Slowly she began to move her finger in and out, reaching just up a little to stroke Jaina's g-spot.

"Oooh... Sith-spawn that's... unnngh... by the Force!" Jaina shouted to no one in particular as she continued to ride Faith's finger. "Please... Faith... more."

Faith was all too happy to oblige as she added another finger. She began to pump into Jaina more vigorously now, causing her to writhe and moan on the forest floor. Bits of dirt and leaves were stuck in her hair, and her nails were digging into Faith's shoulder. Faith didn't mind at all. Jaina reached between their bodies and found Faith's clit. "Holy shit!" Faith yelled. Jaina rubbed Faith furiously, quickly bringing Faith close to the edge, but not quite over. They moved in tandem, pushing and pulling, Jaina's fingers dancing quickly over Faith.

"FAITH!" Jaina shouted as she screwed her eyes shut. Her core contracted tightly around Faith's unrelenting, pounding fingers. Jaina's body shuddered as she experienced her orgasm, and she bit into Faith's shoulder and rubbed her clit harder and faster. Faith soon fell over the edge with Jaina.

"Wow." Faith groaned, dropping herself onto her back next to Jaina.

"Yeah." Jaina panted, as she curled up in the crook of Faith's arm.

"Wow." Faith said again.

"So, what do you want to do now?" Willow asked Tara.

"Umm... would you like to go for a walk?" Tara asked hesitantly.

"That would be delightful." Willow sat up, and winced. "On second thought, maybe we should just sit here, and talk? At least until my ribs feel a little better."

"Oh dear, do you need some pain killers?" Tara asked.

"Me? Pain killers? Oh no, I'm fine. Absolutely." Willow forced a smile. Gotta be tough, Jedi are tough, so I gotta be tough. Gotta be macho.

Tara smiled.

"What's so funny?" Willow asked.

"Oh nothing." Tara giggled. She looked at Willow demurely. "There's a lot going on up here isn't there?" She asked stroking Willow's hair.

"Yeah, sometimes... oh Hutt-spawn, you can hear my brain can't you? Damn brain." Willow muttered. "Sometimes my thoughts just wander, and really... I shouldn't be thinking about those kinds of things. I mean I hardly even know you. It's just not right. Now don't get me wrong, I'd really like to do those things, it's just-"

"I like your babble." Tara smiled, pressing her lips softly to Willow's.

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1: Dathomir is a prison planet that the Empire sent it's worst convicts to. It is ruled by warrior women, in a woman dominated society, men are considered slaves and property. There are two factions on Dathomir, a dark faction, and a light faction. Tara comes from the light faction. They assess themselves through battle. Think Amazons.

2: Rancor: large tyrannosaurus rex looking thing.

3: Hutt-spawn: A common curse used in the galaxy. A Hutt is a huge slug with little arms. They are notorious crime lords.

4: Rodians are an alien species, usually associated with bounty hunting and gambling, and mercenary work. They are green, (though the color can vary) and have large black bug eyes, a long proboscis, and two antennae that are longer than the much shorter ones that populate the area where a human's hair would be.

5: Coruscant is one huge city. The entire planet is city. The city, is built upon ruins of the older cities, so far there are about 7 layers of cities.

6: Alderaanian accent: would sound like a British accent to us.

7: Mon Cal are tall, salmon colored humanoids, they are water dwellers by nature and master ship builders. Remember Admiral Ackbar?

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