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Author: eklipsej
Rating: PG for now... will up that if necessary.
Disclaimer: All Buffy characters were created by and unfortunately belong to the creators of BtVS, other characters that might pop up are mine.
Note: Thoughts in italics.

Willow was staring. She knew it, but she couldn't stop, nor did she really want to. Her fears that the blonde's presence was a dream or an illusion were assuaged by the fact that the girl was laying on top of her. She could feel the other girl's chest moving against her own as she breathed in and out. Oh my. And she could feel the weight of the other girl pressing down on her lower body. Oh my indeed. And she could feel the other girl's skin on her fingers. Skin! Oh that's definitely skin! Willow's breath hitched when she realized that the blonde's shirt had ridden up when Willow reached out to break her fall her hands had caught her just under the hem of her shirt. Yep, definitely skin... kinda nice.

Tara knew she should get up, but her body refused to cooperate. She could feel the girl beneath her breathing, and she could feel fingers grazing the skin at her waist. Oh fingers... And she could feel the other girls' legs tangled up in her own, pressing into interesting places. And something else in interesting places too. Tara realized. She shifted a little to get her bearings, but the fingers at her waist tightening ever so briefly caused her to pause. The redhead's breath caught, she had just realized where her hands were. Tara could feel her tense up, so she smiled a little before speaking.



"A-are you okay?" Tara asked.

"What?" Willow strained to hear the girl above her. When did the music suddenly get so loud? Her breath hitched again and her heart started racing once more as she felt the blond press into her further.

"A-are y-you okay?" Tara had moved closer to allow the redhead to hear her better, not knowing the effect she was having on the other girl.

Willow nodded. She felt tickling on her nose and reached up to tuck a strand of hair back behind the other girl's ear.

"Are you?" She asked as she let her hand fall back to the blond's waistline.

Tara nodded. "I-I'm sorry. I sh-should get up. I m-must be t-too heavy. I'm p-probably c-crushing you." She was surprised to feel the hands near her hips tighten as she shifted to stand.

"Wait." Willow again tightened her grip on the other girl briefly. "Not too heavy." She smiled. "Besides, you think it's safe to get up yet?"

Willow could feel the blond's laugh reverberate through her body, and she fought to the urge to moan at the reaction her own body was having.

"I, um, I think the c-coast is clear?"

Willow could feel her own smile widening, and she gave the blond another squeeze before nodding that she was ready to stand. She sat up as the girl above her rose to her knees. She gasped when she felt the blond press into her again. She was essentially straddling Willow's lap, and whether she knew it or not, the motion had given Willow an interesting view.

By the time Willow was done mentally chastising herself for thinking it, the blond had already shifted back and was resting her weight on her own calves.

"D-don't want to l-lose that." Tara said, handing the redhead's bag to her. She knew that reaching for the bag behind the other girl would bring their bodies closer together again, but hey, give her a reason right Jo?

"Thanks." Willow took her bag and slung it over her head and across her body, securing it firmly in place. She reached out for the hand being offered by the blond, who was now standing above her once more. As she rose to her feet she felt a sharp pain in her right ankle. She would have fallen again had the blond not reacted so quickly.

Tara saw the redhead wince in pain. She tightened her grip on the hand in her own and wrapped her free arm around the other girl's waist.

"I guess I'm not as okay as I thought." The redhead shrugged sheepishly.

Tara looked around and saw a first aid tent nearby. She tightened her grip on the redhead and draped the other girls' arm over her shoulder.

"L-let's get that looked at." She said, motioning with her head in the direction of the first aid tent.

After only a minor struggle, Willow and Tara found themselves at the entrance of the first-aid tent. They checked in with a volunteer and were told they would have to wait a few minutes before someone could look at Willow's ankle. As they made their way to an examination station, Tara felt something tickling her hip.

"I-I think you're, um, you're v-vibrating?" She told the redhead.

It took Willow a moment to realize that the blond was referring to the cell phone in her left pocket. Her attention had been focused on the arm around her waist and the hand holding her own firmly. Willow tried to reach into her pocket with her free hand, but found the maneuver difficult, as she was forced to contort her right arm to dig into her left pocket.

"Here, l-let me." Tara offered, seeing the redhead struggling to get her phone. She let go of the hand on her shoulder. "D-Don't let go, okay?"

Not a chance... Willow thought as she nodded her head in agreement.

Tara reached into the redhead's pocket with her now free hand. She bit her lip at the awkwardness of the situation, the phone had fallen deep into the other girl's cargo pants and... Just try not to cop a feel accidentally Tara.

Willow felt the blonde's hand go into her pocket. She tried not to blush when she realized that the other girl would have to dig around a bit before she could get a hold on the cell phone. Hands! Hands in new places!

Finally Tara managed to pull the cell phone out. She held it out for the redhead, who took it in her free hand. Tara again held onto the arm resting on her shoulder, just to be sure... as the redhead talked on the phone.

"Hey... Yeah, no, I did go... No, I'm in the first-aid tent... What? No, I just tripped... it's okay, someone's helping me... No, I'm okay... Yes, really, just enjoy the show... Yes I can hear her from in here... I'll come find you when I'm done... It's probably just sprained, I just want to be sure... Don't worry, I'm in good hands... Okay, bye."

Willow returned the phone into her other pocket and returned her attention to the girl holding her.

"Sorry, my friends got a little worried. They said I was taking longer than usual to go to the bathroom. Not that it takes me a long time in general; usually I'm very quick. I try to multi-task you know? It's just I was taking a long time, and you didn't need to know that, and did I say thanks again?"

Tara was already half-smiling from the side of the telephone conversation she had overheard. Yes, I'd say you're definitely in good hands. But hearing the redhead babbling made her smile fully. There it is again, that babbling. If I wasn't sure before, I certainly am now. It's definitely her.

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